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  1. ... or Dunne, or Keith Lee, or Riddle, or Lorcan ... insert the vast majority of the male talent in NXT.
  2. Shit, this complicates the recovery much more.
  3. Seriously, the timing was so perfect too. Dunne just proved he can carry anyone to a great match. Not that Priest was bad; instead of thinking of him as a big man, I really should think of him as similar to Edge, really tall lanky guy who could sell. And the most personality I've seen out of him was his demonic shiteating grin near the end...
  4. Are we gonna forget Dream singing his version of the national anthem? Or when he was basking in the sun and getting dunked in the pool by EC3? Like him using a dick joke on Strong is somehow not in character? (Especially with all the double entendre he always uses.)
  5. Probably the most network feeling NXT of the live NXTs so far; the pacing, setups, match choices, etc. Rhea is such a great beast now. Like did she develop this in her UK stint? Gulak/Rush: I seriously wish they didn't have that windowed commercial format, like I rather they just cut in and out cause watching the thumbnail of the match is frustrating since it was legit good! Where the hell did Swerve come from? I don't remember him being this good in that breakout tourney! They worked really well together too. Kushida /WALTER was fantastic. Dunne wrestles so much bigger than he actually is so I couldn't appreciate just how freakin versatile Walter is: Kushida's best NXT match to date. How long has Walter been around? He wrestles like a well seasoned veteran.
  6. Yeah, it's about autonomy but the unfortunate truth for HK is that there really isn't any. There's no buffer zone that was agreed upon. The only thing preventing this from turning into Tiananmen Square (any mention of which is wiped out of the books in China) Massacre 2.0 is that everyone has a camera and some form of VPN in HK. Seeing people massacred in the streets streaming live, even the world can't turn away and pretend it doesn't effect them (unlike how nobody is doing a damn about minorities and the disenfranchised getting hauled away to camp nowhere). So yeah, at this point, I don't care if they know the context of the protest, let the social media idiots tweet the shit out of it. The inconvenient truth is any publicity is better than the apathy. Got a couple friends going to Blizzcon this year... it's gonna be fun
  7. The fact that we're having this discussion shows just how much China has been able to influence the news. Yes, the situation is complex and many who spout off often don't know the context but that in no way makes the struggle any less relevant and worth pursuing. 99% of the shit on social media is irrelevant and out of context but that doesn't automatically make the subject invalid. Sure, when you get down to it, it's a business decision by the company. I can say more but it'll be completely off subject so I'll just say just because it's a good business move, it doesn't mean it's a good move. The Blizz boycott and such will be meaningless and will not force Blizz to do anything (at most a cursory comment). Now the protestors using Blizz characters as mascots? That will force Blizz to do something or more like the Chinese government (they will over-react to anything and everything so something like this will get OW to be banned).
  8. Wait, in this instance(s), isn't it the 'wokest' being hypocrites? Or at least the ones dressing up as the wokest. When money is on the line, that's when you'll find the truth.
  9. Just saw the first episode, it's glorious. It could easily be set in the same world as Konosuba.
  10. I freakin LOVE the low angle, crowd silhouette camera shots they are using for their production. It's so dynamic and intimate.
  11. You weren't kidding! Is there a documentary on Regal somewhere out there?
  12. What's with these fantastic curtain jerkers? 3 weeks in a row. Chiampa certainly didn't skip arm days. Of all the in windowed commercial breaks, the Io/Mia match was the worst, prob was Mia's best match to date. (I love how Io looks more and more like a Spiderverse character.)
  13. Wait, they have more than one female referee? Or were they trying out new ones....
  14. Such a huge contrast this week between the two hours. Hour two felt so retro NXT. Another fantastic curtain jerker. I have a feeling Keith Lee's NXT carreer is gonna have a very similar trajectory as Big E :\
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