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  1. Olympics Omnibus thread

    I know next to nothing about hokey but that deke was filthy... ...

    When/if he moves up to 205, he should team up with TJP and name themselves Medium Blends.
  3. [NXT] Feb 14, 2018 TV SHOW

    It's probably me but it seems the current thing in NXT is selling of injured body parts. Maybe because the influx of new coaches? Either way, freakin love it and hope it spreads to the mains.

    Any notables?

    I wonder how well they sell since they've been doing it consistently.
  6. Best NXT Matches Ever.

    Oh yeah, that deep mining booking was crazy! I'm trying to remember other instances of that... could of swore they did more.
  7. Best NXT Matches Ever.

    Dana was fantastic putting over Asuka... and she was wrestling injured too! I really wish Dana had stayed a little longer in NXT, I had high hopes for her after that. Joe/Ciampa straight up sold me on Ciampa; it totally believe he would hold his own vs anyone of any size.
  8. [NXT] 02/07/18 TV SHOW

    Yeah, that looked like it hurt.

    Finished mainlining Altered Carbon. It's a Blade Runner world with GITS tech, stylings of Neuromancer, and grunge of When Gravity Fails. I mean, this is the most cyberpunk anything I've seen in a long while (even more so than the superb Bladerunner 2049). There was a middle slump but overall a must see for fans of the genre. They went full bore into the transhumanism aspects of cyberpunk and there's some beefy stuff to chew on.
  10. Top 20 NXT Characters

    Oh Jebus, I totally overlooked Regals brief but glorious stint on commentary. Those fantastical, self deprecating stories (most of which involved his family) really drew you in and help look past some green talents in ring. I swear Graves took that ball and ran with it.
  11. Top 20 NXT Characters

    He gets often overlooked simply for the fact that when he's on, its usually in service of some other character. He's been a fantastic GM.
  12. Top 20 NXT Characters

    Not a 20 list (I suck at those) but.... The Wyatts: even with their limited time in NXT, they were such a huge impact. They didn't lose any of that momentum going over to Raw either, if anything they picked up the pace... until the grind hit :\ Bo Dallas: he told his full story in NXT. It was like a fantastic parody version of Rock's early career. He really helped bring the crowd into it, forced them to participate. Corey Graves: he was the voice of NXT and played a major role in selling NXT to the audience. He was there from the beginning and helped us get committed to the characters on screen, its really amazing how he wove a story with practically every wrestler. His unfortunate in-ring career and Hollywood story-ish discovery of his true calling is inspiring.
  13. WWE All Purpose YouTube Thread

    Meet Shanquis, and envy the Royal Rumble weekend he had ... Everyone basically lined up to meet these two cool cats.

    This week's match was a great reset debut for TM61. New gear looks slick as fuck and they came out with some much needed fire (as appose to their previous outing which they came off tentative at times).