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  1. Probably half the UK division would work well in it too.
  2. That N64/PS1 crowd... surprisingly worked. F'N fantastic storytelling with the tourney, seriously freakin fantastic. Leon Ruff sells like a videogame rag doll, love it! The Fight Pit is freakin great! I would love for it to be used again.
  3. Kross' suplexes are so freakin brutal. Shotzi comes off like early NXT, which I don't mind... just sticks out a lot. Strong shows again just how much of a freakin stud he is, the guy works well with anyone. I freakin love the Interim Cruiserweight Title!!! The storytelling in the Kushida/Maverick was freakin top notch, made the match a MOTY contender for me. Kushida came off like the Terminator, the way Mav sold it. If Gargano runs around karaokeing people's theme song... he's legit gonna become the top heel easily. Shirai looked so tiny compared to Ripley but they both made it look so believable.
  4. When I grow older, I want to be as chill as the dude in teal....
  5. Priest is also the White Hummer driver. Hartwell is so deceptively large... what's with NXT seemingly choke full of big gals?! Balor/Grimes was freakin fun. Did we just get an impromptu Pancrase match for the main event?
  6. Fav comment: "I bet the next game is gonna be called: Paper Mario: Independence Clay"
  7. It's free to play and gonna be on Steam so guarantee some traffic at least. I'm interested in both since my game group is getting sick and tired of OW.
  8. Wait.... wait just a second! Kross' jobber, Leon Ruff, is the boyfriend of the female ref in the same match?! No wonder she stopped bothering to raise Kross' hand when he stink eyed her.
  9. Definitely no, but it'll be an inside joke from my buddies from now on.
  10. It's unfortunate that my play group doesn't have many who play it but I had a blast playing Apex when I tried it. It's brutal and honest and no BS. Closest I got was #2 but I felt like I learn something new every time.
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