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  1. I can't help but think that if they actually had gone through with NXT Kids, Ruff would have really shined. Grimes and Ever-Rise would be the ultimate heels, etc.
  2. Kai and Shirai worked really well together. Absolutely loved Gargano/Strong, Strong was a beast. Scott/Atlas was really good. Good storytellin in the triple threat. Really interested in how they will handle the ladder match now.
  3. Used to watch and enjoy Rollergames. Since they bringing old content back... who owns WMAC Masters?
  4. Breezango/Ever-Rise was probably one of the most entertaining match this year. The commentary was on point (goofy af) and both teams was a freakin blast to watch. Aliyah is basically playing the role of the great supportive girlfriend (who is juggling her career and her love life) with a leech of a boyfriend that's Robert Stone. Seriously love this storyline. Totally dug the triple threat, everyone looked good. Bronson win was left field. Kross/Dijakovic was the height of male soap opera and I loved every second of it.
  5. Absolutely loving the Robert Stone B plot... it's incredibly entertaining. There was some legit good grappling there in the Thatcher/Dejournette. Good first title defense by Io, Nox looked good in the lost too.
  6. Fantastic main event. This is amongst the funniest segments ever... EDIT: i can not stop laughing every time I hear him yell as if his leg was ripped off by a gator.
  7. Note to self: watch previous matchs of Lorcan/Thatcher Does Escobar do audiobooks? Cause damn is he silky smooth on the mic. I so want a clean match between Banks/Shirai!
  8. Overwatch + Warzone, with an even more forgiving rez system (emphasizes team wipes). All the movement powers from OW are taken (and a couple done better), even some weapons too. Powers are mix and match. Really can't wait to try this out.
  9. ACNH guide is thicker than an oldschool phonebook (and sold over 600k in Japan).
  10. The way Bivens says ambulance gives me the giggles every time.
  11. I'm starting to really dig Cameron Grimes character, always loved his in ring. I can watch Raquel Gonzalez toss around fools all day. She's such a n incredible big gal. The more I see of Kross, the more I miss the old NXT crowd. Would have loved to see how they react. Roderick Strong is the smartest cat in the whole roster! And I think that's how Dexter hugs/shows affection towards people. Triple Threat was a ton of fun. Lee was like Godzilla.
  12. There better be a freakin 3rd season! (And hopefully beyond... the novel is epic... at least 10 seasons worth of stuff.)
  13. Dude... season two of Ascendance of a Bookworm is legit awesome. So much feels.
  14. KLR and Niven. And more Toni.
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