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  1. HBK will henceforth be referred to as Hartbreak.
  2. It's been one great episode after another ever since Halloween. Really love what they are doing with Ruff. The longer they can stretch this out, the longer the line will be for his contenders, which would be great. Hartwell should really wrestle more heavy, she's selling like a gal much smaller than she is; she looked great before wrestling more heavy. Shirai/Riple: why are the women consistently more hardcore than the men? Such a great, long match.
  3. Those two actually did that in TNA? I gotta track that match down....
  4. One of the most entertaining Takeover they've done. Gargano the Halloween Grinche was superbly done (and thank you for getting rid of that dumb pumpkin). And nice lighting... Whoever handled the cinemtography and editing in the Haunted House of Terror needs a raise. Grimes hamming it up by 200% really helped sell everything. Seriously needs to be an annual match now. MOTN was Ripley/Gonzalez. First time I've seen Ripley being manhandled convincingly (her match with Charlotte was simply a stiff fest). Gonzalez is way too good, she's my fav wrestler right now. Shirai/LeRae..
  5. Just wanted to pill in on the fantastic O'Reilly/Finn match. Those two were made for long grueling matches. Again, Finn is such a weird dude, like he just seems to lower has pace/style down to his opponent. Every time he gets a great opponent, he ups his game to match or even push the pace (depending on if the opponent can keep up).
  6. Everything about Dain/Drake was gold. They're basically a real life Chester and Spike.
  7. Neville coming back obliterating Balor out of left field would be fantastic.... then again, I would also react just as ecstatic if it was Bo.....
  8. Both big gals shined in the battle royale. Blackheart is becoming a great contender with every match. Really dig Ridge Holland, is that a new finisher? Play off on what happened with Gargano? Great main. Everyone brought their working boots. Another multi-man where Grimes was the facilitator, they really trust the dude.
  9. From what I read, Nintendo started putting 3D All-Stars collection together at the beginning of this year, then the shit hit the fan. The European division of Nintendo were the ones who created a new emulator for the package (many conject that they will use this for N64 games for Nintendo online and such).
  10. Microsoft's reaction to Sony moneyhatting exclusives...
  11. This is like the 3rd time she's been off her mark. She seems to have better accuracy coming from inside the ring to the outside. Wonder why it's off for her, different ring springiness?
  12. Again, Ripley just excels in cage matches (Kai seems to have put a lot of points in this too). Okay, Velveteen is totally channeling The Warrior's Cyrus.
  13. Imagine the rage in this one when blue shells are used. Can't wait for the videos of ex-friends/family kicking the karts. Also, random pets/boss monsters.
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