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    Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle The best game to movie adaptation ever. It's like a great 80s action/comedy movie. Fun factor is comparable to Stardust.
  2. [NXT] DEC 6 2017 TV SHOW

    Never said it adds to the show (I'm in the " don't care one way or another"). But at the very least, its at the end of the count and not in place of the count so it doesn't get in the way. I can't wait for someone s gimmick leading to a "3" chant* with every pin fall count, that'll be fun. *"5" doesn't count...
  3. [NXT] DEC 6 2017 TV SHOW

    I repeat, the "10!" chants are almost as bad as the "what?" chants (seriously, who were those 2 assholes doing that during Almas' speech?). The "10" chants really takes away from a tried and true wrestling trope, it's like the opposite of the "sweet" chant since its akin to yelling to drown out a promo. Gargano/Ohno was freakin awesome.
  4. DC TV Thread

    Reign's costume was kinda first pass meh but like this was what they had to work with, it's a wonder they actually managed to incorporate some of the elements. The fight was pretty bitchin for sure thou. It seems when the Kryptonians throw down, their power levels are so high that the differences are practically negligible, it's the drive/desire that wins out: like Supergirl got the better of Superman because she had a strong reason to while Superman was just a drone, Reign won because her conviction was stronger than that of an emotionally destabilized Supergirl.
  5. DC TV Thread

    Crisis on Earth-X: Nazi's were always on point with their costume designs- Overgirl's threads were freakin fantastic! It's interesting that Overgirl didn't go All-Star with the sun overdose. "Oliver in the High Castle"... heh. It's too bad they don't do mini-series, because I'd love to see their take on Superman: Red Son. EDIT: Oh yeah, what a difference between S1 Supergirl Red Tornado and Crisis X Red Tornado. Crisis X RT was legit scary. Hopefully, Freedom Fighters: The Ray expands on the background of Earth X because it's ripe with plot. And absolutely love Berlantiverse homages and cameos. If this was an anime, there would be pages and pages of sub notes similar to Zetsubou Sensei.
  6. Not a good comparison for Broken Matt shenanigans. A much better example would be the rights for the Daleks owned by Terry Nation when he wrote for Doctor Who. I wouldn't be surprised with how incompetent TNA could be, that their contracts end up having Image Comics clause (i.e. the talent owns the rights to what they create... or something that clearly says otherwise).
  7. [NXT] NOV 29 2017 TV SHOW

    Street Profits vs. Moss/Sabbatelli ... I don't know which I enjoy watching more. The future is bright for both. Is Kairi bulking up? I see a lil more muscle definition on her. The UK guys can do no wrong.
  8. WWE All Purpose YouTube Thread

    They seriously need to have an on-going series around Regal's scouting. I don't care if 1/2 the footage has pixelated censorship for various reasons, I'll watch it religiously.
  9. WWE All Purpose YouTube Thread

    Always love these behind the scene vids.

    With the recent call-ups and new champion, it really feels like a hard reset for the NXT women's division. Hopefully, they roll out the introductions for the new signees from the MYC soon.

    I swear I've seen Kayla interview before; I dig the two Latin ladies they hired for interviewer.
  12. NXT Takeover: WARGAMES~~~!!!

    Not the first time I see this and it makes me wonder every time: by WWE-style garbage match, does everyone mean a suitably brutal looking match that is relatively safe? Because that's what I would define this NXT Wargames match and if that's "WWE-style garbage match"... then fuck me, but I want ALL hardcore matches to live up to this level.
  13. NXT Takeover: WARGAMES~~~!!!

    It's great to see how she really helps sell Almas. She does for Almas what Bliss did for Blake and Murphy. I really hope WWE finally realize the importance of managers/handlers and it leads to a new age.
  14. NXT Takeover: WARGAMES~~~!!!

    Great show. Just when I thought "how could you one-up the Road Dogg Defense", Adam Cole went and did it. Aleister Black vs. The Velveteen Dream: this is why I watch NXT. You don't even need to know the story going in because they told it with the match. The emotion was there and they had the crowd hooked. The style/character contrast was fantastic. Dream channeling Rude was inspired. The ending was perfect example of how to win despite losing (also a great way to not make your face an asshole).

    Retroactively too soon.