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  1. Godzilla: glorious, glorious fan service. You can tell the writer(s) were huge fans (not just kaiju but anime fans too).
  2. You gotta appreciate what's good in front of you. Like, I'm still super pissed that Bo got the worst end of the deal but it's not gonna take away from the fantastic stuff he was able to accomplish when he was in NXT (yes, even when he was the drizzling shit in the beginning).
  3. You know, NXT is pretty freakin awesome. I also realize part of why I love NXT so much is that things don't overstay their welcome... and if they do, they always change.
  4. ^^^Still my fav of Nak's WWE run.
  5. Am I the only one who thought the new council meeting was amongst the most entertaining part of this season? Everyone was an oddball/worst choice for their seat but the repertoire was fantastic. A spinoff around this group would be great; just them talking it out, no violence, lot of facepalm or speechless reactions, etc. The Thick of It Westeros edition.* *Capaldi cast for one of the missing seats of course.
  6. The charisma was practically oozing out of the ring with Dream/Breeze in it. I would totally love for them to form a stable. Delinquent Shirai would be totally dope.
  7. John Wick... I heard you liked visceral joyful violence, so I gave you violence on top of violence... and some doge violence for desert. I totally would love to work as the secretary staff, badass tats requirement included (my head canon is they are employee milestone gifts).
  8. Man, that was a doozy. Also, does he have a one eye pug?!
  9. VanAli needs a big gal enforcer/bodyguard to really make them a threat because as they are, the only thing threatening about them is maybe some half arse mean words. Thank goodness there's a couple big gals signed who can easily fill the role. Right now Jessie is as create-a-wrestler mode as you can get. She did have a geeky dork thing going the 1st time we saw her but she's way too tall and athletic for that to sell. Her options are limited since she's so green; if she had more miles, going with a professional business type ace character would fit well with her.
  10. I was thinking the exact thing! Both are so conscientious with their hair. Bring back Carmela for a cameo to cut the loser.
  11. Another good episode. Moss/Mendoza was incredibly fun. Moss seems to be having way more fun with his new gimmick and it shows. Very good main event. Strong did everything right, can't throw a bro under the bus for that, Cole.
  12. I thought Dija was corpsing a lil, trying to not laugh and stay in character. And I can't believe Velveteen and his couch floozies hasn't been criticized, love it thou.
  13. Mansoor had that sick bump and he plays a great babyface. I cannot wait for Kushida to throw down with the UK guys.
  14. Dude, I'd feel bad for Riddle, he's got a family!
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