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  1. Dakota Kai is so much cooler ever since she got her 80s badgirl make-over. Cameron Grimes has quickly become amongst my favorite to watch wrestle.
  2. Seriously, Keith Lee was dead in the water when the injury bug bit both him then Dijakovic. Whatever momentum was there became negative and It felt like such an huge hurdle to overcome. It's obvious he isn't going to stay in NXT for long, he's just too great of a package (especially with his size).
  3. Roddy really stole REDragon's thunder when he replaced Fish after the 1st injury and showed himself to be a fantastic tag partner. At this point, I feel UE needs another member. Despite criticism, I think they have a really nice dynamic that's hard to balance. Not sure who would fit in the group; maybe someone with decent size, veteran mat tactician, but isn't too charismatic (unless they want to replace Cole eventually)?
  4. This episode was so damn good, especially when everyone was expecting it to be a throwaway holiday show. So many people brought their A game. Mansoor has developed really well. I remember him from his first Saudi appearance, almost came off like a fan pulled in from the audience. Did Tozawa get knocked loopy for the one sequence?
  5. Yeah, the women's wargames was definitely MOTN. Dakota's turn was so well done; she's the first to put hands on Regal after his surgery, right? Shirai taking out her own teamate was so on character. KLR with the great heel table tease, I still remember first seeing her on Joey Ryan's youtube channel, she's so much more confident now. Why does Finn Balor's offense come off so much better as a heel? Reaper Chiampa. And I really feel for UE having to work Sunday after this.
  6. Is there any news on the ETA of Velveteen's return?
  7. Revival/UE was fire. Makes me wish they were still in NXT. Good main even ladder match. Undisputed ERA as a whole has been putting on their working boots and doing overtime for a hectic couple of weeks, really makes me respect them that much more. In a week where they had to throw out much of their storyline to setup for the big Survivor Series, I learn that NXT is shit now... ignoring the great run of live NXT so far.
  8. They have SO much stored away, they can have seasonal rotations, holiday themed and PPV themed.
  9. This is way too much badass in one picture.
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