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  1. Where is this? I would be interested in reading it. (and if you tell me it's Whedon's Astonishing, then I obviously need to re-read since I appear to have forgotten it)
  2. Supergirl, Book 2 Peter David I don't know yet how the rest of the series will be. But 20 issues in, this is everything I could want in a comic book. Alternately funny and dark. Well developed heroes and supporting cast. People who respond and react like human beings. Great fight scenes. A connection to wider DC continuity without having to be there all the time. Surprises. God. Angels. Demons. Mysteries. Emotions. Realistic family and relationship issues. Racial and sexual diversity without it being a thing (looking at YOU, America Chavez solo series). Terrific artwork - heck, even some Greg Land before he learned he could just trace Victoria's Secret models. Damn, this is good comics.
  3. I can hear it in Evans's voice. I might be tearing up already. . .
  4. I had not seen this performance. WowWowWow
  5. The screaming prairie dog really makes the video. Great song and great video.
  6. Why have I been sleeping on Dua Lipa all this time? (er, that sounds ruder than it was meant to be)
  7. Sean Penn pissed me off with MILK. Harvey Milk's story is so interesting, iconic, and important. And they made a friggin boring movie out of it - but it won him an Oscar, IIRC. I still have yet to see Button, Frost, or Reader.
  8. I have got to quit hanging out at the audiophile forum. I just spent about $70 this weekend on early CD pressings on discogs. It's not like I even have the proper equipment to appreciate the differences. (not true - I can recognize it when I am able to compare, but still) All of them were $11 or less - apart from a rare-ish 1980's Star Wars soundtrack, which was $28 after shipping. It usually goes for 2x that or more, so I am hoping this one is in decent enough condition.
  9. I have been listening to Sweetener and Thank You, Next all weekend, but this one is in my head this morning.
  10. That's just how she wants it. She needs to blend in. . .
  11. At the risk of going a little OT: To go along with what @Brian Fowlersaid, check out this video to get a taste of her natural voice and a bunch of her hits. Even if you don't like the more dancey ones, scroll to 12:35 for "A Million Reasons".
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