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  1. Captain Kronos


    What is an "Australian Type" match? What territory had Waco?
  2. Captain Kronos


    Such a die-early business. Glad to see some guys from back in the day still out and about, looking happy. Tugboat should wear Shockmaster shirts to these kinds of events (I assume they're all together for a convention/event). Might as well embrace it now. People will love him all the more for having a sense of humor about it all.
  3. Captain Kronos

    Feeling Poptimistic

    I’m watching the Reputation concert on Netflix. It’s really good - better than any previous concert footage I’ve seen from her. She’s currently doing “All Too Well” with just her guitar. It’s one of my favorite of her songs. Maybe my favorite, and this version is great.
  4. Captain Kronos

    NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 13 in Tokyo Dome 1/4/19

    White/Okada was terrific. It really helps when the crowd is behind everything that the guys are doing and responding just as they should (booing the heel, getting caught up in nearfalls, etc). Reminds me why it’s so hard to watch something like 205 Live, where the guys will pull off some really cool spots - and the crowd will just sit on their hands or surf their cell phones. Jericho/Naito hype vid over. (Is Naito a coolass mofo, or what?) *checks time* 1h38m left for two matches!
  5. Captain Kronos


    I will say that after having been burned out on women’s wrestling for months, I watched the Elimination Chamber match last night for the first time and had my spark relit. Everyone did great (Mickie looked more fired up than I’ve seen her in years), and Mandy Rose played plenty of part of making things entertaining. If Vince wants to push her for a bit, I’m good with it.
  6. Captain Kronos

    NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 13 in Tokyo Dome 1/4/19

    I just finished the young bucks tag, so I’m cruising right along through the show. I’ve seen some good stuff in this match and in some of the matches before it. But I will say that I didn’t even realize that I would get my money’s worth just by seeing Nagata and Suzuki stand in the middle of the ring and slap TF out of each other. I could’ve turned the show off right then following that, and I would’ve been happy. I probably would have fast forwarded the Cody Rhodes match anyway, but I cheated and read a couple of pages in this thread. So I think I’ll go ahead and skip it for sure.
  7. Captain Kronos


    Video, not GIF, but too awesome not to post here.
  8. Captain Kronos


    Cena's surprise entrance at #30 may be my favorite chills-inducing Rumble moment, depending on the day.
  9. Captain Kronos

    NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 13 in Tokyo Dome 1/4/19

    I have stayed out of this thread because I won't start watching the show until this evening. But I wanted to come here and mention the Cornette kerfuffle on twitter. It amuses me. I listen to both of Corny's podcasts most weeks. But I always have to remember that if one hated everything about rasslin as much as he seems to, it would make for a sad fan-life of watching nothing but the same MX matches over and over and over.
  10. Captain Kronos

    DC Comics omnibus thread

    I have not read it. Once I heard that Harley was able to outfight and outthink the Big Three all at once, I lost interest. I like Harley a lot. But c’mon...
  11. Captain Kronos

    Marvel Comics Omnibus thread

    That seems silly. This is a great opportunity to add a little bit of backstory to those paper-thin characters. I wanted to care about them more than the movie offered me.
  12. Captain Kronos

    Marvel Comics Omnibus thread

    The Qui-Gonn one felt kind of thin, but it's always nice to get a story about him. I liked his conversation with Yoda. I have not read the Obi-Wan issue yet. Looks like they're doing weekly one-shots this year. Could be good, especially if they do issues on the Rogue One characters.
  13. Captain Kronos

    RIP "Mean" Gene Okerlund (1942-2019)

    I came to this thread to post this video. Classic!