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  1. If AEW never did another weekly tv, it would have been worth it to see Tony and JR working together in 20-motherloving-19. Do we have Conrad to thank for getting Tony back into rasslin?
  2. Excellent on both counts. That Jubilee vamp story was interesting for awhile but it got boring.
  3. I am really liking Betsy dressed that way. Is this one of the upcoming series? And is Jubilee still a vampire?
  4. Friggin Turbo Teen. That show terrified me as a kid. Isn't that the one where he turns into a car if he gets ice cream spilled on him, or somesuch?
  5. I have tried to watch something like DragonGate with essentially this mindset. I didn't know the factions or feuds or most of the workers' names, so I was going to just enjoy the "dance" aspect of it. I got bored really fast. And I like figure skating.
  6. No need to be that way. Not everyone recognizes everyone every time. Thank you. I thought it was Charlotte, but I thought I would ask. Didn't recognize the dude.
  7. I don’t hate Michaels. But deep down, I relish seeing him get destroyed.
  8. @The Natural What's the context in that Spidey clip? And is it a current issue?
  9. Just saw this one in the Daisy Ridley subreddit. Don't know how old it is.
  10. Priceless! I like how confident Harrison Ford is, and I also like that the three seem to have a good time together. IIRC, Han does not join Luke in the "Tell Them!" line, though, in the end?
  11. I had to watch it a second time to make sure he really did bounce his way down the ropes, one at a time. That was awesome clap clap clapclapclap
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