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    I think the long and the short of it is the most of WWE mainstream programming is just bad TV. The only people left watching it are those that love wrestling, and the cool stuff wrestlers do is it. If there was a show on tv with as many terrible story lines and fake characters with horribly scripted lines as Raw that wasn't pro wrestling it would be cancelled in two minutes because nobody would watch it.
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    I'd say season 8 is worse by far, but the show started down a terrible path when they got further than the books. The entire Dorne plot, Barriston Selmy, and the Sansa/Ramsay marriage were all signs of things to come.
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    Sid was a legend. A great character actor, a star in blaxploitation films, television (he played 8 different villains on Mission Impossible!), Roger Corman movies, and even a Bond movie. He was a favorite of both Tarantino and Rob Zombie (Sid once said he would sign on for any movie either of them did, without even asking what the role was) He was one of the all-time great heavies in film and tv. A large man with a booming voice, dripping with charisma, able to switch from genial to menacing instantly, sometimes in the middle of a line. I knew this was coming from what I heard last week, but I'm still devastated.
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    Also gets some fresh blood into the tag title picture which has eternally been "Briscoes and whoever they're fighting".
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    Now we know who has Craig H blocked. I switched cable providers in July. The channel that airs Raw and Smackdown is no longer part of my package, and they wanted an extra 10 dollars a month for it. The channel shows pretty nothing else worth watching, so I took a pass. I haven't watched Raw or Smackdown in over two months. I catch clips of stuff I want to see on WWE's youtube page. If you don't like a show, it's very easy to just not watch it.
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    So I’m on the meds now. They include some stuff to treat my kidneys and blood pressure, a vitamin D supplement, and a higher dose of the Zoloft I was taking that wasn’t cutting it. (Did you know they can find your serotonin levels in bloodwork? I didn’t until a few weeks ago.) The Zoloft seems to be working. I’m not constantly aching and depressed anymore, and I actually have the energy to do stuff now. It’s weird. I’ve actually started doing some much-needed cleaning around the house and car, and soon I’ll probably be doing UberEats deliveries again for extra spending money/to pay down my student loans. Is this... adulting?
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    The God of wrestlers in jean shorts:
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    @The Natural Saw this and I thought of you. Saw this and I thought of everyone.
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    Seth looks like the world’s biggest dork lying there and looking over at the Fiend. And the rest of the time too. Huge dork.
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    I’m not watching, but I remember back in the day I would see ads on USA for Nitro, and that’s what got me to watch. It was perfect. 2-hours of wrestling, stars I grew up watching, and they used a clip in the commercials that would end up being burned into my mind for years. That clip being Lex Luger forearming the Giant in the head, and him falling like a giant redwood. If I had to guess, they are paying for these ads through local cable operators. So these aren’t necessarily going national. Just strategically placed during what is usually reserved for local ads. edit: I’ve been beaten to the punch.
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    Those are locally bought ads in certain markets, not national commercials. I know I didn't get them and I'm not in a big tv market.
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    Strolls onto Wrestling Twitter today:
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    I've gotten to where I keep it to DMs with friends for the most part. I do appreciate this board for insight on less-familiar products (Japan, Lucha).
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    I’d off myself before I’d ever go to another Dolphins game. The last time I went was such an awful experience. Not really because of the fans(This was right around the time of kneeling). The sport itself is such a bore to watch. You realize how much commentary, and replays help mask the dead air between plays. You also notice how preprogrammed, and robotic the cheerleaders are. *Play stops* *Turn to the crowd. Dance... Dance... Dance...* *Play resumes* *Turn, and face the field. Pom pom’s to hips, and stand still smiling.*
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    Part of why I don't go to WWE shows much any more besides NXT. I remember hearing a story from a friend about assholes bothering his kid for cheering Roman. That's way over the line.
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    1997 = bring back blood and steroids 2019 = bring back pyro
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    One of the guys at work was trying to get me to watch some current anime (my hero academia). Whereas I was talking up Gatchaman and Lupin.
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    The entire Paul Rudd interview from Between Two Ferns: The Movie has been released:
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    Without really even getting into issues with the product, what really drove me away was the increase in programming. It was not that long ago that Raw was a two-hour show that with a DVR you could get through in an hour. Smackdown was b-level content with replays of the highlights from Raw that was largely skippable unless there was a match with a little buzz. Monthly ppvs were usually a pass for me unless something big was happening (who was coming up with $60 to pay for these things?). So even when things were lousy (and they usually were), the time commitment of a fan to follow everything that was going on was 1 to 2 hours per week. That seems like a reasonable amount of time to expect a fan to follow a tv show. Now it seems like the requirements to follow everything have perhaps tripled or even quadrupled. It's quicksand. It can feel completely overwhelming to keep up with everything. And it's not like you are rewarded. It's the same lazy content with a little magic mixed in it always was except now you need to treat it like a job. So, while I still watch highlights and will continue to do so, unless WWE starts cutting down on content, I will never be a full-time watcher again.
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    That entrance is wonderfully wacky and I absolutely love him for that. I don't watch much NXT UK but did love his part in the match against Cesaro. If I'm going to see more it may as well be before next week. But I'd be down for another couple matches of his. Oh, and for added hilarity check out Botchamania 294 as the ending pairs up his entrance with "Who Framed Roger Rabbit". That had me in stitches.
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    Yep, I am all in for the upcoming season of Black Lightning. Season starts on Monday, 7 October.
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    I owe two people prizes that will go out on payday on Friday
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    I vote to start up a fed where there's only tough surly bastards potatoing each other.
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    That's going to be a problem because she's now a babyface again. On MJF, I disagree. I think there are a lot of people here saying he's a great heel for sure but that's what we are here to do, we are here to point out things like that.. When I was watching the Fyter Fest show I thought MJF got the exact kind of heat he was looking for and it wasn't in a "oh what a great heeI!" way. I could see people in the audience who were legit pissed off at this guy who was calling them video game nerds and they can't get women, etc.. Maybe I read it wrong but those people especially up front looked pissed off because maybe some of what MJF was saying hit home.
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    Pittsburgh is one of the test cities for the new KFC donut & fried chicken sandwich. I was down for the weekend so I had to try it. A KFC breast between 2 in house made glazed donuts. It was pretty great...wouldn't have one very often, but something one should try if the like the mix of sweet & savoury. Edit: I should've just added this when I first posted, my review of the sandwich
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    I'm never sure when SKnight says 'the fans' which particular fans he's talking about. If his argument is that the members of the WWE universe who attend tv events are to blame, that's one thing. But if he means all Wrestling fans, I'm not sure how watching Impact on 5Star every week whilst ignoring Raw, Smackdown and NXT's existence has me contributing to Vince's bad booking.
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    PWG stream? LOL it's 2019, buddy. PWG is still stuck in 2008. You'll get a DVD release in a few weeks and a stream on Highspots in 2022.
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    Beat Traunt first go. Surprising what being properly leveled, having a nice electric grenade, having a digi-clone AND running track laps around the area did for me. Definitely appreciate seeing how J.T. and Rippa are approaching some situations. Alternative ideas besides charge in and blow up things are , occasionally, useful.
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    JFC, that bump to the floor from the balcony was ridiculous. Even ECW would have put a table or three in between.
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    Jim Cornette created AEW (hahahaha) "Thanks AEW for speeding up the process" "Shout out to my bix hes a gang member MDK certified" "Cleaner I got this" All happened this week.
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    Yeah, that would be fine with a lot of people. Some might even be happy to help out.
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    I know remaking classics is lazy garbage and it rarely works out. But I don't understand the mentality that doing these things "damage" the original, as a tweet on the last page suggested. Its reputation is long since established, and anyone who wants to watch it has plenty of ways to do so. If some producer wants to set their money on fire, more power to them. I already own my copy. They can't take that away from me.
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    To be fair, no one was going to buy the PPV anyway so it's hard to say if we're collectively canceling him or not.
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    If they really cared a about ratings, they would have him throw Joe Buck into the moon.
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    Katakawa Ball can eat all the dicks in the world
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    The metal shirts are completely lost on me. I need someone to start rocking 90s indie rock shirts. They should have kept Simon Gotch around and thrown him in Archers of Loaf and Yo La Tengo shirts every week.
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    That is it exactly. When we were talking to my dad about his illness he even mentioned half jokingly how it was his job to worry about us and not the other way around. He knows better to some degree, but its a mentality that is hard for him fight since he has had it for decades.
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    If the pig kidnappers are Antifa and we get to see Cage kill the fuck out of them, that would be pretty great...
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    I am having this exact fight with my Mom right now. Her red blood count has dropped a couple points in the last year, and she doesn't believe it. Refuses to admit it might be happening. Doesn't want to see the gastroenterologist. Meanwhile she's getting more tired and weak, but it's because she's old, not because there's something going on, because she's fine, look, her palms aren't white, they're doing the tests wrong ---
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    My poor grandpa. He's 93 years old. In the past 4 years he has buried both his wife and one of his sons (my dad). He's been battling Parkinson's for years and now his gall bladder is shot. It needs to come out but doctors won't do the surgery because it's highly likely he won't survive it. So they have a tube in him to drain the bile, and at first it wasn't put in correctly so it got infected. This is a man who was always very active (travelling, working in his woodshop) even well into his 80s and now he's confined to a hospital bed. I know the poor guy is absolutely miserable and wants to die (and I don't blame him), but he's Harley Race tough so his body just keeps hanging on.
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