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  1. So Goldberg has hurt himself 3 times while barely wrestling, UT is held together with cotter pins and bailing wire and Shane-O is surely going to be pulling out the stunts (as well as concussing the fuck out of himself the last time he tried to wrestle). No way all three of those matches go to pre-determined conclusion.
  2. This is tremendous. The thing is, if they did a match/small card the matches wouldn't even have to feature any moves at all. Just all character work and it would be awesome.
  3. I think the medical term for that is "enabled".
  4. In another perfectly booked WWE invasion, he does so as the captain of ROH.
  5. I hear you. But let's also remember that no matter who is in charge, it would still take someone to organize and put in some kind of coherent complaint, which is unlikely. I laughed when I saw Dave make a comment about Linda, something about the independent contractor thing tabled for four more years but really, when the fuck has that ever been (seriously) on anybody's agenda except for message boards?
  6. Luckily WWE owns the WCW library so they could use a 1995 picture of Bischoff.
  7. TNA and all of these different groups working together is a great idea. It also guarantees a future addition of 12 pages to this thread when they fuck each other over and it all comes apart.
  8. Good points about too many top guys, but the way I see it, most of the time WWE has somebody at the top that isn't "their guy" (recent example of Owens) they treat him like a good and it's like he's just there eating for Roman or part timers to get back. They should have pushed Owens as THE guy this whole time. Then evening he's not, he still can be at a way higher level then he is now. Because then you end up with WrestleMania being the time when all the big stars IE old Guys come in to save the day.
  9. The thing about Cena, he's been great on top and all but it's not exactly ushered in the next boom period. If I was Vince I might want the next guy to be more than the guy overseeing the general decline of overall popularity of the product. But this is also the guy that is presenting the exact same TV product going on 20 years so, there it is.
  10. I get the whole thing, TNA Impact is broke and they need any revenue stream they can get. So they see the Hardy thing as a way to make some money and maybe fuck with ROH. But in total this whole thing is now 100%
  11. I actually think it has little to do with the IWC at all. But to dovetail on the problem is the WWE sees a guy they think has potential and they will destroy the guy through terrible booking and storylines, and that goes for Roman as well. There's no real evidence of "guy gets pushed as face and IWC turns on him" save for maybe Roman to a small degree, even though again, the booking sealed it. And I honestly think that Rusev does in- ring work, unscripted promos, scripted promos, twitter, life, and charisma better than Roman. The only spot he loses is hair and VKM masturbatory muscles/looks.
  12. Well my whole thing is that VKM has had a monopoly and been gaslighting fans for so long that people believe that "top face that sells merch and gets 50/50 reaction" is how pro wrestling works. I thoroughly disagree and think guys like Rusev could be properly booked as a heel until they start to get big pops, then pushed to the moon as a babyface and get way over. Like, you know, pro wrestling. But hey, Roman, whatever.
  13. Re: Rusev. I get the feeling this Vince fella didn't really care for foreigners all that much.
  14. I hear you, but I doubt Phil Nurse is teaching him about anything other than punching someone square in the face either, and that doesn't seem to help