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  1. I hear you, but I'm comparing him (Hunt) to WWE pro wrestlers.
  2. The last time Lesnar fought he beat Hunt who is pretty legit. And before anyone says he was on the gas, he'd be on the gas in a new Brawl for All situation. Paging @Elsalvajeloco for this one.
  3. They could get a private island and call it Fyre Fights. What could possibly go wrong?
  4. I saw WM was offered by Fox for 60 bucks and that probably signifies the deal Vince was talking about on the last conference call. My assumption is that's it for the big 4 on the network. From now on those jokers go back to 60 bucks. Has anyone read anything about that?
  5. I tried to watch the Funhouse match, but all it really made me want to do was go watch SNME's.
  6. I'm not a big fan of the King as an announcer. My favorite small thing that still makes me laugh was after the Austin heel turn he stuns somebody and Lawler is doing his best JR impression screaming "STUNNER! STUNNER! STUNNER!". And then he casually says, "c'mon, JR, why aren't you say it like you always do?".
  7. I watched 15 minutes of a belly flop contest from Norway or something. It was...something.
  8. I think it was believed that he would win the tournament and they would set up a a big match between him and Austin. Maybe that would have been the push, win the Brawl for All and then set it up off that.
  9. Also: Jim Ross. The Between the Sheets podcast did an excellent show on this topic with Jordan Breen, very worth a listen. One of the crazy things was guys trying to go from work to shoot within the context of the same show, and one second they are in the back chatting and the next minute they are supposed to be pounding each other for real. The whole thing is complete madness.
  10. I'm guessing Jericho beating AJ is somehow getting cut for time?
  11. When someone on the roster gets the corona virus, will they stop the program then? Because with all of the traveling and everything else they are doing, odds are it's happening.
  12. I'm a lifelong hunter, I would never harvest something I wasn't going to eat. I'm a little uneasy about trophy hunters. But, because everything in life is breaking bad, those Africa trophy hunts are outrageously expensive and are generally part of a management program. The money raised by those hunts sustain the parks where the animals live and without that money poachers would probably exact a much greater toll. Again, it's something I would never do, but it's hard for me to be against it based on the what it accomplishes.
  13. I'm not sure it's been mentioned anywhere but tomorrow night at 8 on Reelz there is an autopsy show about Chris Benoit.
  14. I am getting an estimate for a kitchen project, so I am getting unknown calls on my phone that I have to answer. So today I get the one where the guy tells me I haven't paid my taxes for 3 years and I need to tell him my social security number to clear it up or the police are going to come to my house and arrest me. Today is a really shitty day for this call, I'm not in the mood for this disgusting criminal who is trying to likely prey on uneducated/elderly people. So I snap into full promo practice. The police are coming? To my house? Are you coming? You should be the first. I hope you are the first one on the stoop. Are you coming? Sir I work for the IRS and I.... you know why PAL? Because when you you step to my door I'm going to teach you a lesson you won't soon forget, WOOOOOO!!!! I'll beat you from pillar to post and make you regret the day you tested the GREATEST MAN IN THE WORLD WOOOOOOOO!!! Click. Nope, not today. I call him right back. The same guy answers. He asks if this is Joe B? (My real name, so that's a little jarring) and I tell him to never, EVER let my name slip from his lips again and he is digging a hole. He cuts me off and says "Sir, you are wasting your time". I calmly say, "your right sir, I would actually like to resolve this situation. What do you think should be done?" Well I ju.. IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK because it's me and you tonight inside a steel cage and only one man will walk away!! Click. I called back but they just put me on hold and every time they would check to see if I was there they would quickly put me back on hold, and then they hung up again. I really wish federal agents would raid their facility and put them in jail. But in lieu of that, I can let off a little steam.
  15. If you take the 55000 dollar number, it's 27,500 for 40 players, 8 teams and 5 games. That comes out to 44 million bucks.
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