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  1. Remember that time people thought Moxley would never work with WWE again?
  2. It's an interesting thought, because although he may not be able to wrestle they can't stop him from say, being a personal trainer or something.
  3. Barefoot on an airplane is some quality, long lasting heel work.
  4. Anything said by the parties afterword can be discarded, IMO. Mauro disappears, comes back with a cush job that he wanted and JBL is "retired" several weeks later. No lawsuits at all. That's how big corporations do business.
  5. Cool, it's not for everyone, click it off and go find wrestling that you enjoy. From lurking here for years you probably know most of the posters on this board try to watch stuff with an open mind and discuss their likes and dislikes of what they saw. For the anger and vitriol hawt takes I think you'll find twitter.com is much more receptive to such things.
  6. I've often thought it would be an interesting science experiment to take someone who is a "smark" and have that person turn off everything wrestling related except the shows for six weeks or so and see if that persons enjoyment would go up or down.
  7. Wrestlers are in this weird spot where they want to be public, big time paid performers without any of the scrutiny that comes with being a public, big time paid performer. So instead of coming out and refuting it professionally, he tweets and sounds like the head girl trying to boost up a load of sixth-formers(I'm guessing this is a foreign english word I'm not aware of but I get the point). Rollins knows his current run is falling apart fast and the only rallying point he has left is to stir up all the anti Meltzer types.
  8. Because Meltzer said Seth made a speech but it was actually AJ? Wrestlers live in some kind of bubble. Good grief.
  9. The last Arn podcast was about Flair's return in 98. It was mostly about the feud between Flair and Bischoff and the weeks leading up to the return. It started by Arn telling Conrad that since he was close to Flair and an employee working for Bischoff they kept him out of it. So you can guess how that goes, not a great show to catch.
  10. It's not even a small stretch to think that this is an "inconvenience" from a section of the Saudi government for them running the women's match. At least let's just hope that is all that it is.
  11. You can hate on me all you want, but are Y'all really sure this isn't a short term ratings grab for Raw?
  12. I don't have the network but I am not going to lie, I cry myself to sleep every week when I see the content getting added to the Hidden Gems section.
  13. The thing about "ratings warz" is that it is an outdated concept that was kind of a dumb dick waving contest in the first place. I guess you could make an argument that in the 90's, the more people that watched your show, the more people might buy your PPV's. WCW went out of business in part because they were obsessed by the ratings which at the end of the day meant nothing. Move that to today, it's completely irrelevant except for message board fodder. WWE has two masters they have to satisfy by delivering ratings, and there could be 20 other companies running TV and that would not matter one bit. The money they have gotten from Fox and USA has basically rendered the network an afterthought at this point. When AEW's contract comes due, nobody will want to hear that they beat NXT this many weeks in a row, they will want to know what they delivered. And based on all this I really think that the TNA move to Mondays is one of the underrated all time dumb business decisions in wrestling history.
  14. I guess lots of people are living the "stopped watching wwe" gimmick.
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