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    This is one of the few times I remember enjoying HHH during that time and I laughed out loud when he was cutting a promo on the plant he thought was Bischoff.
  2. Riddle not wearing a shirt in this pic is pro wres as fuck.
  3. It sounds like they got the brothers Maharaja Ventura to call the action.
  4. I hope there's a sequel where the monkey wins the belt. And then he will be the World's ChampionChimp. I'll show myself out......
  5. Until there is evidence to the contrary, I still think Vince is of the mind that he needs a "top guy", and that guy has to look a certain way. We had a conversation here if that ever happened, and I think we came up with Yokozuna and that's really it. I just don't think they are going to go forward with a hillbilly monster as the ace.
  6. Needs more baby powder.
  7. Maybe this is the whole "he'll never be world champ, so he's shit" thing. He never will be world champ and WWE doesn't really do managers, but they have a lot of tv to fill and at least Enzo brings something different to the table. And you can like his promos or not, but they have been (for the most part) entertaining the crowd since he started. That's more than many others on the roster can say.
  8. They probably have to make room for the third hour of Smackdown after they cancel 205 Live
  9. PWInsider is reporting that Talking Smack is cancelled. This fucking company, I swear.
  10. I won't speak for anyone else, but for me when I say "like" him as a heel, it means like his character. I think many people would say they "like" the Miz, but I don't hear him getting many cheers. Roman suffers from a few factors, one being his character is portrayed terribly not unlike everyone else who comes off as scripted, plastic robots that are difficult to relate to. The other is he ends up representing the entirety of WWE (not unlike Cena), and thus easy to boo. And people can say that if they don't like it, why even go? But these are really the WWE's fans. This is what its come down to. It's also hard for Roman getting compared to Joe, a guy who's been wrestling around the world in front of every type of crowd for a long, long time. That's not a fair fight. The shit is what it is at this point. WWE blew their ultimate opportunity when everybody was universally booing Roman because he was the "hand picked" company guy, then they decided to run a summer long angle where they would have a heel that was the HHH "hand picked" guy on top. And they placed Seth Rollins in that position. Watch that ship sail away never to return. My issue is I don't want to dislike the top babyface and they don't really make it easy to like the guy.
  11. And the worst news I take from all these Twitter posts is this is going to end up like most domestic violence incidents where no charges are filed and everything is "fine". Until the next one. Edit: wine/spelling
  12. This. With all of his behaviour in the past all and the troubles he has had, it's not that hard to figure this out. Read through his Twitter feed, the guy is a loon. The good news for whatever the fed is called now, is that history strongly suggests that whatever they do, in six months they will still be irrelavent to anything and still have 300,000 or so weekly viewers.
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    Who knew a young Chris Farley was into pro wrestling?