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  1. As long as he wasn't completely gassed by the time he got to the mound........
  2. Face vs face I'll throw in Hogan/Warrior from WM 6.
  3. The average age of a Raw viewer is like 40 something, IIRC.
  4. During 1990/1991, when Vince turned the Gulf War into an angle. I happened to be be a part of that entire conflict and while we didn't have a TV the Stars and Stripes newspaper would write reviews the entire angle and controversy surrounding it. It wasn't an angle to me and it felt dirty and exploitative as fuck. So I quit the WWE full on and only watched WCW up until around late 98.
  5. It's like if during Major League Bob Uecker, as the announcer, said a batter won't be able to get a hit because he's a bad actor. It's Russo levels of idiocy.
  6. Main roster WWE in a simple sentence, everybody.
  7. Unless he's turning heel (and he's obviously not) pinning this announcement on Roman by Vince himself would be the most unfair and dumb thing of all time. And if it's Brock it kind of breaks all kinds on nonsense due to the fact that you know, he was already on the show.
  8. In a tag team called Religious Experience.
  9. Well, the first "acquisition" to SD was The Rock, so all they have to do is get somebody bigger than one of the most famous people in the world.
  10. Watching this latest Brock run, I'm pretty sure he's fine with whatever as long as the money is coming in. He's the opposite of the conversation sparked by the recent Sasha issues. Based on the length of his matches these days, I could even see a scenario where they told him he was going first and putting Seth over strong in ten minutes and Brock being all "Hey, if you want to put him over strong, let's do it in 2". He's done by 7, he worked 3 minutes and he probably got paid more than anyone on the show. SUPERWORKER.
  11. Since every word is capitalized, it must be a article headline and all I can think of is: "Scranton Area Paper Company Dunder Mifflin Apologizes to Valued Client; Some Companies Still Know How Business Is Done"
  12. So let's recap: Enzo and Cass have two atrocious nicknames to live their gimmick. Billy Graham is telling people to use steroids. Nia's knees are fucked but Tamina's are fine. Just another week in Pro Wrestling.
  13. But if it was a long standing rule that had been broken multiple times on the same platform, would you be fired? If not, maybe your boss isn't a lunatic.
  14. They were treated as independent contractors in wcw. For the record, NFL players get 52% of all revenue, MLB around 50 and NBA 57. Dave says WWE wrestlers get around 8%. I'm not sure how he gets that but I'm guessing from quarterly stock reports and stuff.
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