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  1. Some of the names thrown out to party with were cool, but guys like Piper and the Iron Shiek? Your fucking nuts. No way that doesn't end with "HEY JABRONI, LET ME SHOW YOU HOW FAR REAL MAN TOSS YOU IN A SUPLEX!"
  2. I feel very strongly that Roman will be on SD. Follow the money on that one.
  3. All this bullshit crowd blaming. Somebody help me out here because I'm not watching weekly TV, but it seems to me that the crowd has no problem booing Daniel fucking Bryan most of the time. Maybe I'm wrong, but if I'm not then I'm not really hearing any of these arguments.
  4. Larry's legacy won't be drawing houses, that I'm fairly certain of.
  5. I agree with this but I will put it more on the company than any performer.
  6. Or that's just a WWE excuse as to why their guys aren't as popular as they once were. I'm not even sure how they could put that idea into practice and it seems like it would take more work to accomplish it instead of just pushing their wrestlers. I think it is more to do with them getting away from being actual pro wrestling. If they just treated it as such and accepted it as such, they would be popular for that. Pro wrestling doesn't really work as well when it's some other sort of meta presentation.
  7. I think Dave's overarching point on the Reigns movie thing is how far WWE has fallen as far as mainstream exposure and he's not wrong. I'm not sure the reaction to one guy in one movie theater is the way to properly gauge that, but if anybody wants to argue that any WWE performer today has mainstream Q like their stars from years past, I'd like to hear it because you know they don't.
  8. IIRC, I think that is what I read with them planning on running house shows on Saturday nights.
  9. Someone should tell Vince that if he really wants the ratings he should put NXT as currently constructed on TV up against Raw.
  10. How dare you question the sanctity of this made for tv wedding proposal!
  11. It's WWE In a nutshell though. You can have the coolest character in the world but if it doesn't evolve and grow it will just get stale.
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