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  1. Seriously, my buddy's kids were high school wrestlers turned local MMA guys and I would take them over CM Punk any day. I like Punk as a wrestler, but there are tons of bad ass motherfuckers out there (especially prior wrestlers) who are legit.
  2. This. This is what makes the bookers the heels. You want a Jinder push? Cool. Then do a Jinder push. There is nothing here except the "let's see what the bookers do next". It's not good story telling and it's not good pro wrestling. (it's not a good movie either, before somebody says it lol). And I would like to remind everyone that no matter how over or how good of a wrestler he is the WWE could never be bothered to do this even once with Cesaro.
  3. I believe this to be true and it got me thinking about guys that would have been better back in the territory days. Kane is a guy that immediately pops into my mind for a guy that is versatile for many different characters and could be scary as hell, but after so many turns and changes to one audience, it just becomes "meh". The crown gets kind of sick of him and there's not much else people want to see without a "uhg, Kane" reaction. If the guy could have rotated in and out during his career, it wouldn't have gotten nearly as stale.
  4. It happens almost every time with WWE writers though. They try to write a character and it ends up being awkward, fake as hell and scripted to say shit that would never actually be uttered in a conversation with another human. I feel like the scripted promo thing has gotten worse the last few years, too.
  5. Oh Boy. Somebody better check the merch sales.
  6. Even if she went for the intro, I doubt she would have gone for the pyro synced up with crotch chops.
  7. I'm pretty sure Hogan is one of the all-time greats for a number of reasons and if you look at what he did vs what he could do it fits right into this conversation. Check out some of his Japan matches and he did way more then he ever did in the states.
  8. Or on fire.
  9. Lost in all of this is the above point, that the writers couldn't be bothered to explain this whole trade/draft thing. It's really terrible story telling. Edit: hell, or.maybe Kurt doesn't like Roman either.
  10. No, but the WWE is proceeding like its 2007 and Super Cena all over again. People are cheering Braun because he's a bad ass and it is something different. But the thing is, they don't care. They could have changed this course several years ago but as long as you don't cancel your network, it's full steam ahead. That promo from before WM was dripping with heelishness and it was aimed at a very specific set of fans to get a very specific reaction. They troll the smarks and then the smarks take the bait. I really don't see it getting any better, either.
  11. I think the first question has been answered.
  12. Sticking with current storyline plots, this is right up Randy's alley. If the match doesn't favor him, he can just come out and say "Nah, I'm not doing it, match is off". You see, it was all part of his MASTER PLAN.
  13. 207 balsa wood guitars and 414 1 lb containers of baby powder.
  14. Yea, you guys bringing up 2000 WCW and Russo is triggering the fuck out of me. I think now I will go beat up a tree in my back yard with a folding chair.
  15. He learned from Vince, not surprising.