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  1. I think he may be linked to these things, but I think he was the perfect picture for the counter culture movement of the 90's. It went from the glitz and glitter of the 80's to the grunge, no nonsense straight forward approach. Rock music would be my best comparison.
  2. I think so, but it was always booked in the traditional way of giving direction and letting the wrestlers go perform and get over the stories. It slowly morphed into the sterile, plastic robot show it is now.
  3. I think it was just a regular metal case, not too heavy. But if you think about it, if it hit you flush on the flat side, that is not a big deal. Anywhere else might suck though. Which leads me to a memory stuck in my head somewhere: I think maybe it was during the JJ/Horsemen angle, and Mongo was going to hit JJ with the case in a match against Benoit. Debra held the case back which made Mongo hesitate, and he accidentally hits Benoit. Except instead of hitting him with the flat side he blasts him with the edge of the case and puts a nasty gash right on Benoit's forehead.
  4. The greatest jobber bumpers were the Mulkeys, y'all are voting for second place.
  5. One thing about Juvi, that dude was always way over with the crowd in WCW. Even in throwaway cruiserweight matches he would get the crowd into it.
  6. I wonder if anybody in WWE actually understands real sports. When you get traded for "future considerations" in the real world, that means your a jobber and a team basically gave up on you. It's one step above just being fired or cut.
  7. I agree with this assertion. In an alternate universe I wonder what would have happened if you swap HHH's push with Jericho's. My take is that business would have been substantially better, and I would have enjoyed it more.
  8. FWIW, there are lots of stories about Kobe being almost exactly like Jordan, especially at practice.
  9. IIRC, the last time they made the wildcard rule, it was on the fly with little to no explanation, and the rules that were explained were quickly broken. It could work if they actually put some effort into writing stories around it. Spoiler: They won't.
  10. Great, they're going to ruin survivor series.
  11. I did 20 years in the USMC and the goal of leadership is always mission accomplishment and then troop welfare. It's fascinating to me that Jordan's leadership style closely resembled that. I don't have to tell anyone the difference between decisions in the military and the NBA but I was clearly getting that vibe. I forgot about the SI cover with Jordan "embarrassing" minor league baseball, what a joke. Minor league baseball has two objectives, make money and develop players. Trying to win is what they do, but nobody, including the parent clubs in the MLB really care if they win or not. So if I'm a team owner that can field at least a semi-competent player that can probably double my season revenue? That's a no-brainer.
  12. And honestly, "wrestler X won a match easily but gave jobber too much offense to be seen as a big star" is a quintessentially dumb 2020 wrestling talking point.
  13. My thought all along was she knew it was Moolah the whole time and the screwjob was the finish. Maybe they told Richter she would pin Moolah and she would unmask and get a pop from the crowd.
  14. What's bigger than China, Bish? We need to go big here.
  15. I would say it would have to be more than just a bit lower. This would be the definition of "selling low".
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