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  1. A hilarious moment...WWE Tweets And "Arn Anderson" has been trending for at least 3 hours.
  2. I stopped watching WWE a few years ago because at some point most of it felt insulting to me, in the way that it seems like they don't care about the audience. For example, I listen to one review show a week about the weekly programming and apparently WWE is doing the same old SS schtick about "the one time a year". An entire year of people moving back and forth from brand to brand and drafts and whatever else and now SS matches with no stakes and nothing on the line and who would care? It's obvious most of it is just last minute, thrown together dogshit, like 75% of the show. They don't
  3. Remember when Ryback debuted and the crowd clowned on him by chanting "Goldberg"? Then the WWE gave him a winning streak like Goldberg. Then he started getting over like Goldberg. Then he was getting the biggest pops on the show. Then they squashed that like they do with everything else, but my point remains. That big meathead Ryback got over as hell, and I'm pretty confident his winning everything was the biggest reason.
  4. I'm shocked that USA hasn't figured out that that they are basically paying Vince to be a dick to his competition. If I'm paying for the show and I can easily get more viewers on Tuesday, you're doing it Tuesday.
  5. 'My least favorite suplex is when it was called a suplay by Watts or Solie or the amateur wrestling smart mark who sits next to me at work. I know it's grammatically correct but it sounds terrible.
  6. My guess is Vince got up yesterday morning and realized he's spending all this money hoarding talent he can never use and like most greedy billionaires he wants all the money, Not just record profits.
  7. Well then there is that Kota Ibushi "match" where he went through an apartment and umm, wrestled a bunch of people. Unless someone slipped me a hit of acid and I dreamed that.
  8. After the Flyers game I turned on the show with 10 minutes left, with the wife. It went as you think it did.
  9. WWE is like the rich couple whose relationship is falling apart and the solution is to buy new cars and a beach house.
  10. I can't imagine a bigger difference in using old, established names on a show then the one between Jericho and JR. Jericho has established himself as an all-timer, really a unique career and has added so much to AEW. I know they have JR for the name value, but he comes across as an old, out of touch grouch. When the hell did he decide it was ok to talk about business exposing stuff? Bill Watts would punch him right on the throat if he heard that crap. At this point, they just don't need him and it's time to cycle him "down the card".
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