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  1. Hey guys, Eric thinks they're playing small ball if you didn't get it from that quote.
  2. Every time I see a picture of Bull Nakano I am amazed, it's like she took anti-steroids or something. That is not a typical post-career wrestler look.
  3. Dead? I didn't even know she was sick! I guess that's why she sold TNA. Heeeyyyoooooo!!!!!!!!
  4. Don't play WWE continuity/logic gap game. It's not healthy.
  5. I only turned it on right at the end and I think Rollins and Wyatt were having what appeared to be a slumberjack match. First one to put the crowd to sleep wins.Or loses. I didn't stay around to find out.
  6. I think the main answer to this question is that the tried and true HHH formula for a match is figure out the optimum length for a match and double it. Edit to add: I took the DB/Cena match because what it ended up giving us. Even though it was all bass-ackwards it ended up with the correct, amazing outcome. And of course they were well on their way to fucking it up, but at least we got something tremendous before the fuck up.
  7. Who knows what is true but what I heard was that all those guys had guaranteed contracts and there was no provision in them to withhold money, so even if they were suspended they still got paid. But really, the equivalent of this today would be Reigns burying UT before WM for being old and washed up and then saying NJPW had a better streaming service where real stars wrestled.
  8. While I certainly agree with you, I'll just leave this here. I'm pretty sure Scotty got suspended for two weeks though. With pay, of course.
  9. Then Jericho should've had a hair vs hair and went over lol.
  10. And yet there was no hair vs hair match. WTF Jericho.
  11. Jay Strongbow. Speaking of what's the most. If you could go back in history and count up the times it was said, which would be more- Announcer says "Wait a minute!" or Wrestler says "let me tell you something". Those two phrases seems to cross every period of wrestling and every company that ever existed.
  12. I've always felt watching it that the WWF went out of their way to keep the heels looking strong, even in defeat. And I honestly can't find fault in that, either.
  13. I think if you look back at the last four weeks or so it is obvious that shit changes so much week to week(I am sure because of VKM) it would be impossible to really do any good story telling. If you try to follow any storyline arc its clear to anybody the "superstar shakeup" was sprung on the writers at the last minute. Even all day Monday their website reported there would be a woman's tag team match which ended up being a 8 person deal, so you know that was changed last minute. I think it would be hard to book for this much content but that isn't anywhere near the problem right now.