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  1. And yet I wonder what the Sarge would think if I went around telling people I was a former WWF big shot or something.
  2. The thing is, after 2001 the WWE owned the wrestling landscape so hard they could have formed it into anything they wanted, but the shows are still very similar today. With the normal caveat that they've done well. It's always difficult to judge where any monopoly business could or would be.
  3. The Arn Anderson podcast is the best, you can't change my mind. I know you can only read between the lines so much but I think that Arn might be one of the most independently wealthy retired wrestlers there is. He bought one house in Charlotte in the 80's and still lives there, couple that with the money he talks about/infers that he has made the guy has to be living a nice retirement.
  4. The best part of the Arn podcast this week was the story of him slapping the dumb off of disco's face.
  5. I mean, that is the old school territory way. Bring a guy in, launch him to the moon and see what happens. It's a lot easier to shuffle someone down than it is to push them up. New idea: Put him in a 50/50 feud with Corbin.
  6. I think the likelihood of PCO wrestling at some point in AEW is high, and when that happens he should be presented with a trophy because that's pretty much all of them. The list of companies that guy hasn't worked for is longer than the ones he has.
  7. And you skipped right over the part where WWE is sending their heels out to get heat by using a foreign language.
  8. It probably would have been cooler to have the belt slowly morph week after week into something deranged but hey, subtlety is not WWE's middle name.
  9. Speaking of hair, I am trying to stay out of the heavy stuff for the rest of the month so I'm not going to bring up whether the mullet was an awesome thing in pro wrestling or the most awesome thing in pro wrestling history.
  10. If, and I say if again because I don't know, what was reported is what I wrote above there is no "story". What is Graves going to say? He didn't make those Tweets? Mauro is lying?
  11. I didn't hear what Dave said so I could be missing something here. If he hears directly from Mauro's camp that he missed the PPV due to the stuff Graves tweeted and he reported that, what's the point in contacting him?
  12. Maybe, but telling your "independent contractors" to not go to an event is petty BS. Why? TNA might show them on a PPV watched by 6000 people? Maybe WWE will sell 5 less t-shirts and Aurora Rose will have to use commercial air to go on her second European summer vacation? Was Bill Watts in charge at that time? The whole thing is disgusting.
  13. I agree and hopefully it shows that AEW respects their workers. What a petty, gross WWE/pro wrestling thing for them to do that time.
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