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  1. Funny thing, even after that terrible decision they made 30 million profit in 1998 which I think was their most profitable year ever. But I guess that ending was really the start of all the bad decisions to come. It's still hard to believe it only took 3 years to bring the whole thing down.
  2. He tried it on Raw but Morrison was having none of it. :55 seconds in. https://www.wwe.com/videos/jeff-hardy-covers-johnny-nitro-and-melina-with-paint-raw-september-11-2006 Dude, that's my painting!
  3. I hear you. Basically there's never been a company this successful monetary wise and this inept at certain segments of their business. No big successful company would ever go into a business plan saying that they are going to expand with no actual plan to do it except to hire people. It's just one more of those "only in wrestling things" I guess
  4. People.can say "it's just normal corporate greed", but this goes way beyond that. Again, somebody comp me a situation where a company was making record profits and decided to slash giant parts of their work force.
  5. I guess it's too much to expect a company that is making record money hand over fist to at least honor the contracts that they signed. I'd like a comp of any other company in the world, ever, if it exists.
  6. I think this is a fair assessment when it comes to network broadcast/cable tv. But when it comes to Peacock, I'm not sure that applies. WWE is just a bit part of giant conglomeration of programming. Peacock has 54 million subscribers, how many are there specifically because of WWE? I don't have the service, but I do have Netflix and I can't think of one single thing they could drop that would make me unsubscribe.
  7. Brady Booker should have been the manager for Creative Control.
  8. So if I'm reading the new NXT edict right, WWE's popularity has waned because people do too many drop kicks and 2 3/4 kick outs? If you can't create compelling characters involved in compelling stories, it really doesn't matter how tall/good looking the workers are.
  9. After Steph introduced the world to women's sports, she wanted to start the LGBT revolution.
  10. I remember when the WWECW reboot started sliding in the ratings and the rumor was that Kevin Dunn convinced Vince that the reason was because it didn't look enough like WWE. Which leads me to the NXT stuff. Maybe having a developmental brand with young, muscled up greenhorns is the best thing for future business, I leave that out of it. But 4th and 5th hour Raw with guys who have never done this sort of thing will be an absolute ratings disaster. There is no way they could put that on actual cable tv.
  11. Just to double back on an ongoing "just let it play out" conversation, while WWE scrambles madly for "real stars" to face Roman and Lashley, Big E remains on the roster. Still there, in exactly the same place he was 7 or so years ago.
  12. This was leaked out for the male side. Not leaked: Ace's "measurement" requirements for new female talent.
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