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  1. Cue the "WALTER carried Ryker" narrative.
  2. Lost two of the kindest people I've ever known in the last two days. One to a freak drowning, one to suicide. And my curmudgeonly ass still gets to walk around. Life is fucking stupid sometimes.
  3. There's a vast middle ground between "everyone loves Mauro" and "no one loves Mauro" - you'll notice that I wasn't suggesting the latter, or even saying "most." And the DVDVR bubble does exist in a variety of ways, but to suggest that most of Mauro's detractors are concentrated on this board seems like a little much. Stats that show what "most" wrestling fans like/dislike don't really exist in any way that is available to us. I don't have some super-insider hardcore wrestling fan reason for disliking Mauro. All of the reasons that Mauro gets on my nerves (shouting all the time in a manner that everyone shits on Cole for, pop-culture references, cultural appropriation, cringey phrasing) are problems that "casual" fans could (and do) have.
  4. I've been doing a deep dive on MonsoonClassic's channel on YouTube and there's a lot of WCW C-Show gold in there, ranging from 89 all the way up to the end. It's not in a particular order, but it's still a lot of fun. Seeing the team of Frankie Lancaster and Mark Starr getting their own jobber match is a trip.
  5. I don't think we can pin "Genius of the Sky" on Mauro - that's just Io's shitty WWE-style nickname. It could be worse.
  6. I don't know that anyone should be entertaining that post when it's clearly trolling, but I'm pretty sure the women main eventing WrestleMania for the first time this year got a little bit more buzz than Sasha saying "bitch" a few times.
  7. Nah. Mauro gets a lot of hate, and not just here. Full Sail crowd will pop for anyone, and getting a louder pop than Beth Phoenix isn't really evidence of anything. I'm hoping the live-every-week schedule will be too much for him and he fucks off back to MMA full-time where he can't ruin wrestling shows. Since it took two damn years to get to the tired Horsemen titles angle, I'm not holding out much hope that it'll be over soon. I love that when Triple H did this with Evolution in 2003 he was Satan cosplaying Ric Flair, but it's somehow innovative and fresh booking in 2019 when less talented people are doing it. I see with Lio Rush they're continuing their policy of "reward the wrestler that complains the loudest." How could that ever come back and bite them in the ass?
  8. Yeah, I don't know who's saying FOX has had any kind of creative mandates. This is the first I've heard.
  9. Yes, something along the lines of "If you can watch a Benoit match, and I know a lot of people can't..." basically every single time. He frames it up as if he's being sensitive, and then *picks a damn Benoit match every time*. If you're going to recommend Benoit every week (sometimes more than once a week), at least do away with the pretense that you give a shit that a whole lot of people don't want to watch or even hear about Benoit. It probably doesn't help that he has basically started only doing PPV-specific shows selected by their 20-year anniversary date. I'm sure that has a lot to do with Prichard and Bisch not having time for 3+ hour shows anymore, but it's not like his hands are tied. Nobody's forcing him to adhere to anniversary-based shows. Also, nobody is forcing him to do a "you have to watch this one match from this show" gimmick. You can talk about the strengths and weaknesses of matches without the Meltzerian ranked lists.
  10. "This way?" Like, having competitive matches in a mini-feud with a main eventer?
  11. Man, Conrad recommending a Benoit match every single show is getting really fucking tiresome.
  12. This is a wrong, bad, stupid opinion. Cole comparing Kanellis to the the Vols is a really shitty and mean thing to say about Kanellis.
  13. How do you think he got those forearms?
  14. NOPE. New Day breakup/dissension will never be a good idea. They absolutely do not. Keeping the intergender stuff out of the company is one of the few things they've gotten almost totally right. If it returns, I will gladly do what so many others seem to have trouble doing: stop watching WWE. I really don't understand what everyone is so hyped about. The only change that isn't cosmetic is the Mandible Claw. If we're going all in on the new presentation of Bray, shouldn't we wait until the actual important change is made, and he is booked to win some matches?
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