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  1. Well now you're just fucking with us.
  2. Take your pill, buddy. Opinions aren't right or wrong.
  3. Sure there were. I guess we have a different definition of "memorable" - note that the funny part about Lacelle and Sweetser's examples is that no one remembers those matches because of Bradshaw's work - any other worker on the roster could have been in his place.
  4. So why didn't everyone do it, then? Is it really outside the realm of possibility that Jinder, in his years at the company, has made some friends that think he works hard and want to congratulate him on his achievement?
  5. Rumblings were that they'll be keeping them apart until Mania, right? Heyman showing up during Balor's promo on RAW hints that it'll be Balor, unless they're trying to pull a big swerve and make it Rollins. Which would kill Rollins's heat even more.
  6. Name a memorable Bradshaw match before he fought Eddy. Just one. You can't.
  7. I mean, you're saying "I can tell what Randy was thinking and decided he is an intentionally reckless wrestler based entirely on the look on his face," so you're going to have to forgive me if I don't join in and call for his head solely based on that.
  8. Yeah, the Randy Orton hate is insane here. He didn't intentionally try to injure the Singhs just because you don't like him as a wrestler. Get a grip. If Nak had been delivering that suplex, there wouldn't be a single poster on here calling him reckless. The face in the gifs looks to me like legitimate concern turning quickly to "oh shit the camera is pointed right at my face and I have to kayfabe." Also, looks like Singh #2 rotated into a backflip when he could've just taken the back suplex bump. But Fuck Randy Orton, right?
  9. It was Dutch.
  10. There's also Heenan directing Race, Orndorff, Herc, and Bundy to beat down Ken Patera (starting at 23:30).
  11. Oh, I know the analogy was stupid. The restaurant one is too. I agree that there's better wrestlers out there than Orton, it's just that I don't think the indy flip scene contains any of them and indicating that the Young Bucks and their ilk are factually better than Orton and that everyone who disagrees must be some kind of simpleton is, yes, elitist.
  12. This bothered me too. They had him sell the shit out of what was basically just a forearm and look around dazed trying to sell the angle and the "WHAT JUST HAPPENED?" factor of it. Thought Goldust's attack should have been a lot more vicious, especially if they're really trying to get him over as a heel.
  13. This is some seriously elitist bullshit. No surprise that you're defending indy spotfest nonsense all over the board.
  14. Orton is infinitely smarter than the Young Bucks and their ilk and anyone getting offended by what he said is probably the exact kind of fan he was trying to troll.
  15. NXT

    "Prince rip-off gimmick" describes the act about as much as "bizarre movie buff" describes the original Goldust gimmick.