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  1. Johnny has been the star of the show for years, AND he's already been called up. Why on earth would he need protecting?
  2. Five damn years - and his partner Wesley Blake debuted the same year. Makes you wonder why they bother keeping both of them around if they won't do anything with them. Could've had a nice showing at Takeover, but I guess all of us really, really needed to somehow see even more of Aleister Black and Ricochet for some reason.
  3. This argument is rolled out after every bad Sasha match, which is annoyingly frequent. She's just not as good as she's made out to be.
  4. Yes. And it's been around at least since Austin, probably way before including before Vince. I'm a little surprised you think it's new.
  5. Man, the Deep Six is fucking great, though. He should always finish with that.
  6. This is baseless speculation but I feel like it's likely that Corbin was told to stop talking shit in the ring - similar to how Harper isn't allowed to do "Yeah yeah yeah."
  7. Sin Cara's been just fine in everything they've put him in, they just never put him in anything.
  8. Oh, they are in no way a necessary evil. There are two dozen wrestlers sitting on their asses in the locker room on weekly basis. They have plenty of ways to fill time without using obvious filler. And again: Why should this company *encourage* people not to watch their television shows? I think the most annoying part about this is how little effect it has. It's supposed to be good PR showing how great the company is, but their need to constantly put it in our faces just comes off as very self-congratulatory.
  9. Which is all well and good for fans of Gargano's style, I guess. It's just that when Gargano has worked 12 out of the last 13 Takeovers and half of those were epic main event matches, and there still seem to be more on the horizon, it's hard for someone like myself who isn't as much of a fan of his to get excited about Takeovers the way I used to.
  10. I hadn't really heard too much complaining about Takeover cards until the past couple of shows, and I think it all boils down to fatigue. We know Ricochet/Black are done after this. Ciampa's out for a year if not forever. But fucking Gargano is still main eventing this card? And still might be in the NXT title picture? And still might be the focal point of the show for another six months? I think a lot of the reason NXT has been enjoyable for so long is because they've been able to keep things fresh, and as long as Gargano is all over the shows, that's just no longer the case.
  11. I can see where you're coming from on just about everything you said, but the music they put in their tribute packages is fucking TERRIBLE. I'd rather follow Imagine Dragons around on tour than regularly listen to this. And it absolutely takes a whole lot away from the package, this being a great example of one that would have come off a million times better had they not felt the need to put some bullshit corny uplifting adult contemporary in the background.
  12. That's kind of the entire issue - the weekly shows would be much less painful if they weren't 30% video package filler. The context is only necessary for people who don't watch the shows, and the company shouldn't encourage that. People will feel like they should watch the shows or they'll miss something important instead of knowing for a fact that every important segment will get replayed to death on literally every single show for at least a month.
  13. They should cut 99% of the packages from EVERY show. It doesn't matter how good the video packages are when they eat up 45 minutes of every RAW and PPV, 15 minutes of every NXT, and 20 minutes of every SDL. It's a hugely overlooked problem with The Product and the main reason so many shows are fast-forwardable to me. Not every single match/feud/angle/show warrants a five minute fucking video package. If WWE is trying to cut time out of their shows, the matches should be their last stop. For all the complaining about entrances - the EXITS are far, far worse. At least two full minutes of music you've already heard playing after every single match, with every single big move from the match you just watched highlighted and presented in slow motion right up until the part where you can see that pro wrestling is cooperative. When the replays are finally over, make sure you cut to the celebration for another full minute too! And let's hope there isn't post-match attack, so that person's music can play for a minute while they pose too. The constant replaying of everything makes nothing on WWE programming must-see. You'll just get to see it anyway, probably five more times with stupid filters and terrible music in the background.
  14. Probably an even worse sign. He's been under contract for nearly three years, he's a RoW guy, and he's ex-football. What are they waiting for? Is he that bad?
  15. "We booked a guy that isn't over in the main event so we're going to replace him at the last minute with another guy that shouldn't be main eventing" isn't the best defense. And, I mean, I am complaining about Balls being in the main event. Me. I thought it was stupid when I was 14 and I think it's stupid now. There were 15 guys they could have plugged in there that would have made more sense and would have produced a match as good or better.
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