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  1. Particularly because there's a Takeover in three weeks. Also what was essentially a jobber match with Dragunov-Balor. Having Ilja "go the distance" with Balor doesn't do him any favors when every match in the company is laid out to go the distance.
  2. WCW 1999 had me convinced Enos was finally going to get that big push.
  3. You're right about the Coup de Grace, but I think it's a rare good call from the PTB that he not use the double stomp to end matches because it's a very babyface finisher. I'd rather it be phased out entirely, at least until he turns again. If you believe Prichard (I know), they sweeten the sound on every show and have done so for a very long time. I haven't watched an NXT program all the way through from start to finish in months now and that is mostly because of Mauro.
  4. No one said you were jealous. Everyone said you were creepy. Because you were being creepy, and still are. You weren't just saying she isn't a good wrestler - you were personally attacking her and spreading rumors that she slept her way to the position she's in. You very clearly have a weird personal vendetta against her. It's really scummy, and it just gets scummier every time you bring it up again. Again - please, please stop.
  5. Snuck that one in there, didn't you? It's a little late to still be a Bo-liever. For what it's worth, Jinder is far more credible to me than Sami Callihan, Eddie Edwards, or a half-crippled Foley.
  6. Having the ladder match with an over Rey on RAW and the normal match with not-over Humberto at the Rumble seems ass backwards.
  7. Don't know why they wouldn't just go ahead and make that a title match.
  8. Nah. The example I think of whenever people roll out "let people chant what they want to" is the post-Mania RAW where people were chanting "You suck _____" to various women in the ring. Fuck the people who chanted that and the money they paid to do so. Sometimes people need to stop chanting. You're free to disagree with me about that, but I think you and Craig can find it in your hearts to do so without personally attacking me.
  9. I'm not sure that someone who has been shitting on every single WWE show in every single WWE thread for at least a decade has any room to throw that particular stone. You attacked Greggulator until he stopped posting in the RAW threads, solely because he was positively reviewing shows. I believe "pumping sunshine" was your expression. There seems to be a lot of that sort of thing in the AEW threads, too, but I'm not going to join in with the "best show and promotion EVER" talk. I can see flaws in the presentation, so I'm going to point them out. And it isn't out of anger, either - I genuinely want AEW to put on better shows so I can be more entertained.
  10. If she's getting over, she isn't doing her job. The wrestlers are supposed to be the ones getting over. The referees are there to get the matches over, not themselves.
  11. They haven't switched the title one time yet, so no.
  12. Zero reason for fans to be chanting for refs, ever. If that's taking place, Aubrey needs to reign her shit in and leave the idiots to chant "we are awesome" or whatever dumb bullshit they're trying to get themselves over with.
  13. Charlotte's booking is fine, it's just that they should stop making all the non-Horsewomen look so shitty and meaningless.
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