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  1. So they got pulled from an injury inducing stunt show designed to bury them at Brock's expense. In doing so, they're pretty much guaranteed a PPV match at Backlash, where, theoretically, at least ONE of them is going to be put over. Why should they be upset about this again? The core of AEW's fanbase is essentially anti-WWE to the point where it defies logic. I doubt that 50-year-old AEW Main Eventer Jericho putting his foot in his mouth will make any AEW fans sympathize with WWE and their garbage booking.
  2. I don't think Stevie really needs rehabilitating. Booker being as good as he is doesn't make Stevie bad. Until today I hadn't heard that take in years. There are plenty of great Harlem Heat matches, one great Virgil match (DiBiase at SummerSlam 91), and zero great matches involving Crush or Horace.
  3. The Slap Jack wasn't a Pedigree. He lifts the opponent up by the arms, similar to a Tiger Driver '91 but not lifting as highly, and actually appears to drive their head down into the mat. Triple H just jumps and falls to his knees. The Slap Jack looks way more hurty. I'm sure it has a lot to do with who's taking it, but this one looks better than almost any Pedigree I've ever seen. There are at least two workers in the NWO B-Team alone that are worse.
  4. Goldberg had the benefit of people in the company actually wanting him to succeed. The DDP stuff is the only example I can think of as far as Taker playing politics (maybe the Kronik stuff too, I'm always skeptical of "backstage attitude" unless multiple examples come up), but the angle was ruined from the start. There was no logical reason why DDP would be stalking Taker's wife. The reveal made zero sense. And that was the biggest WCW star they had. Even if Taker had put him over clean, that angle was shit.
  5. I hope Fish is okay for obvious reasons, but also because NXT writers can't book around an injury to save their lives. I don't want the UE angle paused and dragged out for another year.
  6. Oooh, I like that Strauss/Moss/Matha combo. Lord knows it's now or never with Matha too.
  7. Oh, I didn't call you a racist, just said the things you were saying were more racist than the team name itself. I'm sure the world really needed the "happy ending" jokes. When I called you a misogynist, it was because you said that Stephanie seemed like such a bitch that Triple H probably wants to hit her. Because you don't like her television character. I'd think you wouldn't want to dig that back up.
  8. For the record - I do not ever read Reddit, for wrestling or anything else, and do not have a Twitter. If I'm referring to opinions on wrestling that I have encountered, I am referring to this board.
  9. I don't see why the word "pirate" has to be in the name of every team Kairi is in. Combined gimmick team names are as lazy as combined mash-up entrance music. Breezango and Mahalicia level lazy. They didn't call the New Age Outlaws the "Double Rockabillies."
  10. I'm just quoting this in the hopes that I'll never have to read another "Stephanie's putting herself on TV what a bitch in real life" hot take in any future RAW threads.
  11. Jarring hearing her instead of Percy during the 2-3 times per show that Mauro allows other announcers to speak.
  12. Not more than likely - Paige confirmed that the use of "Kabuki" in the name (aka the reason people are labelling it racist) came directly from them. You could break it down and be like "Well, the reason Vince teamed them up is because they're both Japanese and THAT is racist," but the name "Kabuki Warriors" in and of itself, is much less racist than say...the entire exchange between Mark and Nate earlier in this thread.
  13. Corbin is far higher on the totem pole than Ricochet. It makes perfect sense that he'd beat him. That's not why it's bad booking. It's bad booking because that match shouldn't have taken place at all. Corbin gains nothing from beating Ricochet and there are a dozen dudes backstage that wouldn't have been hurt by being on JTTS duty. Ricochet was. Unfortunately this kind of booking makes it seem like what we're in for with Ricochet's main roster run is "Evan Bourne 2019." He will likely be thrown into the gimmick matches to do cool spots and be an afterthought in any other context. But you know what wouldn't really have helped that much either? Ricochet going over Corbin. The overall setup of the roster is so stagnant and set in stone that no one is getting a push outside of the main event. The win would have been forgotten by next week, like the times they randomly had Kofi beat Orton. Want to hear some more scary shit for you Corbin haters? That's your top heel on RAW. Brock is gone ("back" next week, I know), Drew and Lashley are in the "stop" portion of the stop-start, and Shane doesn't really count. I promise this Corbin problem will get worse before it gets better. I still haven't watched this show. Almost all my WWE TV watching has been reduced to watching finishes of matches (sometimes) and the promos that are under 5 minutes. And I'm the one that is commonly labeled a WWE defender. I'm just about done with this shit, so...why aren't all of you?
  14. That would basically result in the opposite annoying effect: Everything Meltzer reports is true instead of everything Meltzer reports is false.
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