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  1. Is this the first NXT ladder match or am I blanking on something?
  2. If Rollins isn't important, why are all of his tweets dissected and rambled on about for pages here?
  3. I know y'all love WALTER, but calling Imperium showing up to beat up Heavy Machinery a big spoiler is being pretty generous.
  4. Were there? Where? He was under WCW contract, wasn't he? I also can't see Vince at the peak of his success bringing in a 40-year-old retiree who hasn't proven he can still go to feud with the biggest star in the business - especially after Rude showed up on Nitro during a taped Raw.
  5. The "CM Punk to return to Chicago RAW" debacle is probably the most egregious off the top of my head. And that's just the thing - people keep saying Dave is good about corrections and retractions, but I'm struggling to think of any official ones that occurred prior to this week. I do see a lot of "Plans changed/source was wrong/Dave was just speculating/Newzsites misquoted him" excuses. "People that don't like Meltzer's bastardized version of reporting are likely to be Trumpers" is one of the most idiotic things I've ever seen on this board, and a great example of the tactics Meltzer fanboys use to blindly defend everything that he says and does. There are people on the left that appreciate and understand what real journalism is - including not sending stories to print if the source/information is suspect. Have we officially thrown out the "no politics" rule on this board? These conversations get unnecessarily personal enough without going there. Since we're making these unflattering comparisons, the people that are suggesting that we extract Dave's news and reject his opinions sound like the Fox News people insisting there's a discernible line between their news and opinions. His opinions have peppered his news for the entirety of his career - it's the main reason it's difficult for me to view him as an actual journalist.
  6. Looking forward to the years worth of retractions we are owed from the innumerable amount of times Meltzer has been wrong and refused to take responsibility for it.
  7. Y'all hear Adam Page CUSSING on the mic? This stuff really is unscripted!!!!!
  8. Always nice to meet a fan. Nothing that has gone wrong with SmackDown on Fox can actually be traced to Bischoff. On JR's pod they theorized that he'd been set up as a fall guy the whole time. But yeah, decade old biker jokes or something
  9. Nothing? I guess I'll have to take your word for it, but I feel there is a lot of evidence to the contrary. Based on what? Your personal opinion of her, based on a bias that you admittedly have because you feel she's appropriating black culture? It's also not relevant, even though I guess it is the part of your post that resonated the most with dudes here, surprise surprise. It may be relevant to the argument that she's co-opting the body type of black women, but that isn't actually what the discussion was about. It's just your specific reason for disliking her. If you're really suggesting that Queen Latifah is has more to do with the popular shift in body image perception in recent times than Kim, I don't really know how to address that in a way that isn't dismissive. I know that's something you've talked about dealing with a lot on this board and in these kinds of discussions, and I am sorry, but I am legitimately dumbfounded here. ...so? How does that minimize the work she's done? Unless you're hinting at something that was already suggested - that it's all a part of some carefully coordinated PR campaign. Which kind of just seems like a way for people to confirm their bias against her rather than anything rooted in reality. It's not like she was dealing with some major scandal that she needed to do damage control for.
  10. I don't know what year some of you are living in, but Kim Kardashian has spent a large part of her time recently working to free unjustly imprisoned black people and reform the criminal justice system. She actually helped to free several prisoners (17 within a three-month period this year) and she went to talk to POTUS about it while the political establishment of the left spent the last two and a half years wringing their hands and accomplishing their usual nothing. The Kardashians also revolutionized the way that women's bodies are presented in media - thicker women are in style now, in stark contrast to the heroin-chic models that had been dominating the fashion industry for decades. You can't open up Instagram or Snapchat without seeing their influence. Kim is absolutely a feminist icon and there are a LOT of young women that would make that argument - whose opinions on feminism, by the way, are far more relevant than the opinions of any dude, let alone one pontificating on a wrestling message board.
  11. Anyone in Knoxville that looks down on wrestling ain't from around here.
  12. Was hoping we'd get our annual "Where's Sin Cara?" update.
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