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  1. 1994 or 5ish, I'm guessing? A Twin Cities local station mini-doc in which Lenny Lane is essentially called the next Bockwinkel
  2. I started posting on RSPW when I was 13. I'm 36. Two-thirds of my life is a long time to be under John's learning tree. Right before I hopped off the board for two years I made sure to send him a message telling him he's an asshole for coming at me after my ban. Wish I hadn't. Shit.
  3. Oh, did you take a poll? You can worry about whatever ridiculous thing you like. When the line gets crossed into misinformation, I'm going to speak up and correct it.
  4. Yes? I don't think you're actually disagreeing with me. I wasn't saying a recession couldn't possibly kill anyone. I was saying that comparing those numbers (which so far, AFAIK, is just one number and that number is zero) with the virus's death toll, as one poster keeps doing, is asinine. The narrative is part of an overall movement to reopen the country that will needlessly kill tens of thousands more. I'm tired of hearing it.
  5. "Assuming" "Probably" "Indirectly" "Sure" What a great bunch of smoking gun examples! My mistake, please continue to push this destructive false narrative
  6. What it isn't doing is taking lives, which was my issue with his post, unless anyone can provide examples? I'm guessing the amount of lives lost due to economic issues so far is substantially less than 65,000.
  7. He's perfectly fine as a worker and would fit right in with the "here are some matches" style of booking AEW falls into sometimes, but unless he's bringing something new to the table instead of his dorky goof gimmick there's not much of a real reason to bring him in. He did have a match during the John Cena US Title open challenge era that I remember liking a whole lot. There are worse choices to wrap up the Spears tag partner search. I'm hoping Cody and Slater are just working, because if they think bringing Slater in is a bad idea and bringing Ryder in is a good idea they've got it ass backwards.
  8. I'm going to blow Jacob's office up with phone calls that day just to make sure everything is okay.
  9. Brodie is turning 41 this year, too, and Archer is 43. If they opt not to sign Axel or whoever, I doubt it will be because of age.
  10. That's not how I remember it. Steiner started doing that after he turned heel in 1999, while Konnan had been doing his deal for most of 1998. The thing is, though - the New Age Outlaws were doing their thing before both. Like a lot of late-era WCW things, I think this is actually another example of them badly ripping off WWF Attitude.
  11. Why do you keep repeating this? It's literally based on nothing. We heard your dumb wrong opinion the first time.
  12. Kind of mad that I even had to imagine present day Doink being ruined by 20 minute promos and constant video packages with violins and dumb filters. Luger wasn't permitted to use the torture rack in WWF. I think Bruce addressed why at some point but I don't remember.
  13. The main comparison I draw between Styles and Mauro is obvious - the inorganic catchphrase that automatically sounds insincere because it's a catchphrase. But another thing that gets under my skin is the constant shouting of move names as if they are actually pertinent to the story in the ring. I don't care what the judo name of the hold is - for the purposes of wrestling it's called the Tazmission. The idea that names of moves are what makes an announcer good at his job has been a long-standing talking point I've never understood. It feels like a weird overcorrection of the issues people had with Vince's commentary.
  14. Almost certainly the most overrated announcer of all time, but it's ECW so that comes along with the territory. Most of his more obnoxious habits live on in his influence on Mauro.
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