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  1. NXT

    He missed the most recent tapings due to a death in the family.
  2. Braun has lost and remained over. The trick is to protect him instead of jobbing him out into oblivion to make Roman look stronger - we will see which one they decide on.
  3. Pretty much every "name" band that's still performing from before the turn of the century seems to charge an arm and a leg - presumably because the older crowd now has disposable income and will spend the money for the nostalgia trip alone.
  4. I agree with you, but consider this: how much more over would Braun be if he had steamrolled Roman and never dropped a fall to him? Braun is an "unstoppable monster" but because the booking revolves entirely around protecting Reigns from looking like anything less than The Best, he's been stopped more than once. Do you not see how fans might be frustrated at how the company insists on burning everything down around Roman at the expense of good storylines?
  5. He reportedly was fired for running afoul of both Cena and Orton - I highly doubt having right wing opinions alone will get anyone into that much trouble in WWE of all places.
  6. I am sorry for insulting you and being disrespectful. You're the one in the RAW thread every week bright-siding when everyone else here is fed up with the way Roman is booked, so you're the one I thought of - but I certainly could have been more delicate about it. I don't know where you're seeing the Roman can't work stuff on this board. I heartily invite anyone who doesn't think Roman can go in the ring to come and tell us why. His ringwork has never really been the issue. To suggest that hardly anyone's booking and characterization is good is untrue. SmackDown was on a fantastic hot streak top to bottom from the brand split until the shake-up. Joe and Brock just had a mini-feud that everyone has been raving about. Good work and characterization can exist in the current WWE environment, but it's not happening for Roman. Whether or not he "wins all the time" isn't the issue - the issue is that he is still presented as "The Guy" when the crowds have emphatically rejected him in that role. People can hold victories over Roman and it won't be helpful at all because Roman is still positioned as being better and more important than everyone else. Just look at the way they've cut Finn Balor off at the knees in favor of the Roman push. As far as what the detractors want him to be, it's pretty universally agreed upon that he desperately needs an actual heel run and WWE refuses to give us one. That's bad booking.
  7. When they stop booking him terribly.
  8. NXT

    Given that the non-injured one is being kept off TV until the injured one returns, I'd say it's a safe bet that they will remain together.
  9. I don't think I've seen anyone complain about Reigns's in-ring work on this board in years. His booking, however, is total garbage and only the Burgundys of the world would defend it.
  10. "Could those be PIECES OF PAPER FROM THE AUTHORS OF PAIN'S BOOK OF DOMINANCE?!?!?!?" I know y'all love Mauro, but god damn it
  11. This is a Jarrett we're talking about here. "We don't want to further damage the brand" = "We don't think the negative PR will be so bad that we have to pay for another set of tapings" Not only is this not the best option, it's not an option that fixes the problem at all.
  12. I'm not following what passes for storylines in GFW/TNA so I can't say anything specific but I imagine crowning a different world champion via tournament or whatever could also affect a number of other storylines/workers.
  13. I don't know what that dumpster fire company's taping schedule is at this point, but if they really want to save face they basically have to shitcan the tapings and strip him of the title.
  14. Lots of people on the board have been requesting and waiting for this.
  15. Not what I meant - I meant the discussion at the time was that when Neville eventually does drop the belt (many are predicting SummerSlam), Gallagher could have been a strong contender to be the one to take it off of him. A lot of that talk has died down in favor of Cedric and I think that can be attributed to Gallagher being treated like a sideshow. The comparison I was making between Gallagher and Funaki has nothing to do with their talent level. I meant that they were/are both treated as jokes instead of as potential title threats.