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    Lots of examples of worse Rumbles than 97. The AAA stuff definitely didn't work but the whole "heatless undercard people fighting randomly/terrible gimmicks everywhere/poorly done feud-building eliminations" stuff happens in basically every Rumble.
  2. HELL IN A CELL 2017 (10/08/17)

    I mean, you kind of were. Would the dumb finishes have been as offensive to you if Kevin Owens got the wins instead of Jinder Mahal?
  3. HELL IN A CELL 2017 (10/08/17)

    Fine, but you said yourself that it's all part of an overarching "WWE faces are idiots" booking strategy - one that's decades old. The spirit of these complaints are "Oh no Vince is holding one of Our Guys down again at the expense of some roid freak" when it's really just Shitty WWE Booking 101.
  4. HELL IN A CELL 2017 (10/08/17)

    Sure. That's a problem with overall WWE booking, though - not Nakamura specifically being made to look weak. He wasn't made to look any weaker than Orton a couple of months ago, and nobody on this board would ever argue that WWE books Orton to look weak.
  5. HELL IN A CELL 2017 (10/08/17)

    Okay, dude.
  6. HELL IN A CELL 2017 (10/08/17)

    I'm not stifling discussion in general, it's just that WWE has fucked over the fan favorites of the IWC for so long it seems to be hard-wired in some people's brains that it's all that's ever going to happen. This is clearly not the case with Nakamura. There will always be room for improvement, especially in the modern WWE environment, but that isn't what people are saying. They're saying Nakamura has been made to look "weak." The opposite of strong. J.T. started this conversation when he asserted that he finds it unlikely that Nakamura will be 1. treated like a main eventer, and 2. positioned above Randy Orton. *Both of those things have already happened.* cwoy2j then said that the real problem was that he isn't "consistently" winning. To suggest that he ISN'T consistently winning is flat out untrue. He has lost *two* matches since his debut, both through heel shenanigans. Every single thing in the WWE could be booked better, top to bottom, but that isn't the conversation we're having. The repeated assertion on this board is that Nakamura hasn't been booked strongly, and he absolutely has. It's just that for some people on this board the only acceptable booking is Undefeated Nakamura goes to WrestleMania as Champion to face AJ Styles.
  7. HELL IN A CELL 2017 (10/08/17)

    You'd find something else to bitch about if they booked Nak exactly like your fantasy booking anyhow. WWE does a whole lot wrong (the 20 minute talk segments are shitty for EVERYONE), so it won't kill you guys to admit when they've booked someone as strongly as they should be. Sorry you don't like Jinder, but a face losing via heel shenanigans is specifically designed to protect the face's credibility.
  8. HELL IN A CELL 2017 (10/08/17)

    Hey, I"m on your team, buddy. He should never ever lose or show weakness or sell.
  9. HELL IN A CELL 2017 (10/08/17)

    Hey, cut it out. Here on the board we advance the narrative that he isn't booked strongly.
  10. Smackdown Is Asian Race Relations - 9/19/2017

    You can thank the casual fans that showed back up to care about the cell match with Undertaker for this. I know we're all tired of seeing it, but there is an actual business-motivated reason to having the McMahons on TV. Remember that USA supposedly intervened when The Authority was initially taken off TV after Sting showed up to insist that the McMahons return. There's also supposedly a ratings bump whenever Vince shows up - don't know if that was the case last week or not.
  11. Smackdown Is Asian Race Relations - 9/19/2017

    Corbin cutting a promo bitching and whining and then ending it with "I'm not going to bitch and whine" was something. PERFECT ZERO!
  12. Raw Is Ask Alex Riley - 9/18/2017

    I think he's referring to "Silent Rage" being Andy Leavine's nickname, not Riley's.

    Hilarious that Vince Vaughn is third billed on that list. ETA: I also laughed at The Internship thing, as I hadn't even heard of that film until I read the post.
  14. SEPTEMBER 13, 2017 TV SHOW

    Is it really a quasi-face turn from Nikki when the whole of Sanity basically already did one?