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    Raw Is Balor, Clubbed - 1/14/2019

    Y'all are too much. This is probably one of the biggest examples of a triple threat being a horrible way to elevate someone. He never got the solid clean high profile wins over either guy and his reign suffered. If you want to argue for one that somehow managed to work, Bryan is right there.
  2. I appreciate you being able to make that point without saying the words "Johnny Valentine" once, @OSJ. A wordsmith indeed! I don't know that anyone really believes their own hyperbole when they say Ripley is doing a better Dunne than Dunne (feel free to jump in and correct me), just going a bit over the top praising someone who developed a great heel character seemingly out of nowhere. There are some saying they noticed her as early as the first MYC, but the general consensus seemed to be "meh" at that point. She's certainly very good now and they're clearly high on her, but she's still got a long way to go.
  3. I think I have a better guess.

    The Old School Questions thread

    Bruce talks about Tom on his podcast relatively often. Also he was working backstage for Tom's whole WWF run including when Tom ran developmental.
  5. And everyone here rightfully complained about it when he was main eventing.
  6. THANK YOU. A decade plus of fantasy booking the same main event run that will never happen over and over on this board. At least the IWC is finally getting their stable/team called the European Union that's been fantasy booked for years.

    Raw is #FTR - 1/7/2019

    I'd imagine even Vince still wants people to be able to think on their feet if something goes wrong out there, and there are also situations that still arise where people have to cut their own less scripted promos (house shows, social media stuff, Talking Smack-type shows, preshows, probably those cellphone promos) so that could be a reason why they're still doing promo classes. Another potential reason - the curriculum is decided on by HHH, who has openly come out and said he'd like a return to bullet-point promos, and he plans a return to that when Vince is gone, so he wants to make sure everyone is prepared.
  8. I think the word "generally" is probably the issue in that sentence. Quite a sweeping statement to make with nothing to support it but fear. "Better safe than sorry" doesn't seem like the best attitude to have when you're falsely accusing someone of being a white supremacist.

    All Elite Wrestling is official

    Why would running WW3 have cost WCW a shitload of Ted's money? They didn't have two extra rings and 60 contracted wrestlers lying around?
  10. Strong contender for the most pointless complaint I've ever made on this board, and maybe it's my imagination, but it kind of seems like almost everyone on this show has a similar look. Some combination of long hair/beard (maybe shaved on the sides) or pompadour/slicked back hair (maybe a mustache). I'm having trouble getting into a lot of these guys as characters because I can't differentiate them from one another.

    All Elite Wrestling is official

    Kind of a neat trick to be aware of Rusev's thoughts, feelings, and motivations, but not his name.
  12. I mean, Hayes is fine enough (I guess), I was more taking issue with the idea that was casually tossed out that he's on the same level as Gorilla, Brain, Gene, and Ventura. You could be the biggest Lord Alfred Hayes fan in the world and still have a difficult time making that case.

    Raw is #FTR - 1/7/2019

    Good I guess that they were actually dark matches and not ME, though the real issue wouldn't have been "Why are they on Main Event?" it would have been "Why is a debuting Lacey Evans dropping falls to fucking Nattie?"
  14. Nak debuted as a big deal in NXT, had a long run as NXT champion/ace, debuted as a big deal in the main roster, got clean wins over Orton and Cena, won the Royal Rumble, and challenged for the World title at Mania. I get that 1. the Dolph match sucked, 2. the racist angles and low blow stuff sucked, and 3. most on the board would only have been satisfied with him squashing Jinder for the title and getting a year long run, but this idea that Nak was somehow not pushed is silly - Omega would be in a great spot if he got similar treatment from WWE.
  15. I'm not sure how much you should hope for this in WWE - if it happens there, it's a squash.