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  1. The list of racist wrestlers is very long. I think the Hogan stuff is just people having a pre-existing distaste for him.
  2. It isn't even really a tombstone when the recipient is taking a flat-back bump.
  3. You think everything I say is disingenuous. I'm not going to ignore flaws in AEW's presentation because they're a WWE alternative. I'm not trying to "ha ha get" anything except a better wrestling show. Also Dusty Wolfe didn't have a gimmick and mic time IIRC.
  4. Creative has nothing for them, eh? At least we're getting all the librarian segments we could ever want.
  5. Do they? Most of the issues people have with Orton seem to be based on things other than his ringwork.
  6. The Ascension were in that stable with Cody for a bit, I'm sure the connection is there. I don't remember who suggested they go to NWA but I like that idea a lot better.
  7. This is the most annoying part about Emi for sure. I'm not big on cosplay in wrestling in general, but it damn sure shouldn't be a heel doing it.
  8. Ascension would very definitely need a strong repackaging in AEW - as has been pointed out, there are already way too many people working the dark pseudo-goth gimmick.
  9. I'm pretty sure he was kidding, but with the way some people post on here you can never really tell.
  10. You have a good excuse - he's only wrestled on TV once, to job to Raul Mendoza on NXT. He'd also been languishing at the PC and on the Florida loop for three years prior, so I'm not sure going back to being a wrestler is going to work out for him. Presumably still in trouble for their refusal to stop getting drunk and running into the police.
  11. That's shit in 2019 too. WWE isn't scripting the crowd, though, so the crowd is accountable for its reactions.
  12. I won't speculate about his motives, but that's the opposite of the old-school working handshake.
  13. Another for the "all wrestling crowds are shit" file - are we really doing "What?" in 2019 at all, let alone in response to people speaking a different language?
  14. April There are people that will accept nothing less than him actively trying to destroy the company.
  15. Somehow he's still jerking the curtain on the main roster almost 4 years later despite doing basically nothing, but I do remember enjoying the hell out of the one Takeover match they give him - which is, I believe, the next one you'll see. I think if they de-emphasized the gimmick and let him work instead of doing comedy spots, he'd have a lot more to show in the ring.
  16. Bray is fine. It's the booking that sucks. The horror movie stuff was terrible when Kane did it and it's terrible now. When your babyfaces are made to look like they fear for their lives just because Bray Wyatt put a mask on and gave them the mandible claw, they are completely neutered. The fuck finish at HiaC was a horrible attempt at overcorrecting that.
  17. I don't know what blood is, but I could easily see them having Bray cover Bryan in some kind of viscous red liquid.
  18. Chris Cruise was a perfectly fine WCW C-Show announcer and him being a dickhead doesn't change that.
  19. Cole's fantastic and fuck anyone who says otherwise.
  20. If a "no making fun of anyone on Twitter" rule is instituted, the entire roster gets fired except maybe Mustafa Ali, so maybe something a little bit less knee-jerk and a little bit more realistic? Also - I think you can all refrain from personally attacking people whose outrage levels don't match your own.
  21. No one here wants to hear it, but that makes the most storyline sense - Orton never wanting revenge after being shoot elbowed and bleeding buckets always felt strange.
  22. God, you guys are in pearl-clutch overdrive for the last couple of months. But again - only at approved targets.
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