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  1. I really hope the top matches from the 8/10 and 8/11 shows aren't an indication of how the G1 shapes out this year. BUT if it does, it looks to me as if Ibushi is taking it this year.
  2. b I don't remember him doing this move either but I guess he switched up his moveset when he was Black Tiger.
  3. If Piper never became a wrestler, I could see him working in a deli the way he was describing that sandwich.
  4. I think we get a prolonged title run for Eddie in which we see him turn into his true "lie, cheat and steal" character in order to keep the title. Kind of like the heel character he was during his 05 run. I wasn't a fan of the JBL run. He had his entertaining moments, but right around the time he won the title was when Smackdown started going downhill in my opinion.
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