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  1. Is this the tour where Austin broke Chono’s neck with the same piledriver Owen broke his neck with?
  2. That's not just Vicious, that's Vicious and Delicious!
  3. I really liked the pairing of Ross and Ventura in 92. They had straight-forward and serious dynamic (I'm sure Bill Watts had something to do with that) although Ventura wouldn't hesitate to take a shot at Ross any chance he got. I like them more than Ross and Lawler.
  4. The original Summerslam picture looks much better but that HBK picture is freakin egregious! The WWE knows how to make sure old school wrestling fans save their money.
  5. Rumble 92 Bret/Austin WM 13 Rock/Austin WM X7 Cena/Punk MITB 11
  6. Mine was pretty good when it came to Coliseum home videos. For WCW they had GAB 90, Wrestlewar 92, BATB 94 and everything from 98. As I started getting older I would record the tapes on a separate VCR. Too bad vhs tapes are worthless nowadays.
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