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  1. Hogan #1 is absolutely essential to any Hasbro collection. What a great figure!
  2. 25 years I’ve waited for this
  3. No Heenan jacket? What a missed opportunity.
  4. I love those retro rings. They’re very faithful to the original, but also an improvement.
  5. In the part where Cody’s opponent is blurred, look on the cabinet. When he comes in and plays with the dog there are some funko pops of the elite guys. When the shot goes to behind Brandi, there’s a figure in a pot that wasn’t there before. What figure is that? Is it a clue?
  6. This morning I got an email, a bunch of Bret Hart designs ive had up on Redbubble for years just got taken dow by Creative Ventures Inc, who I believe own Pro Wrestling Tees. But the subject matter given for the takedown was “all elite wrestling”.
  7. A long shot, but I wonder if anybody can help me out. My mrs is obsessed with rupaul’s drag race. Apparently there are 2 drag Funkos out at the minute that are Target/Hot Topic exclusives. We don’t have target/hot topic in the UK, so I was wondering if anybody would be able to pick these up and of course I would PayPal you the money for figs+shipping. - Katya - jinx monsoon
  8. Gonna need to see some pics there, fella.
  9. So, I finally bought this when it went on sale. Didn't bother getting it before because I knew Red Dead would take up all my free time. After a pretty humbling initiation, I have finally got to grips with the grappling system. It took me a while to nail the timing, so much so that my Mrs was beating the shit out of me- finding it very funny in the process. Now I must recreate every single WM2000/No Mercy CAW a bunch of us made of each other back in the day. It will take some time, lots of logic tweaking i have no clue about, but it will be a fun project. Also, thanks for the guide posted above, it helped me to understand the editing process a lot more.
  10. As someone deep into the story, let me give you this advice:
  11. I'm going to Global Wars this sunday. Gonna get to see Suzuki in the flesh, and I'm wearing this. I hope he's not overly protective of his IP.
  12. If it wasn't for this place I'd probably still be watching Raw. I can credit the posters on here for talking about guys like Okada, Omega, Young Bucks etc that got me interested in things that weren't WWE. 7 months later I've dropped the network, got NJPW World and haven't watched a minute of Raw or Smackdown. Quite honestly it has been bliss. I don't even read the Raw threads anymore.
  13. for the Hasbro fans, the holy grail is on its way.
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