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  1. Yeah this is from Chella who are doing the hasbro style figs.
  2. I never imagined I would come to a wrestling forum and read the sentence I just read.
  3. What about Steiner as an authority figure (hear me out) that stops interviews being interrupted. Call him PromoCop. He already has sirens.
  4. Retro Piper and Mean Gene? Just when I thought I was out...
  5. I loved Kenny’s breakdown this week. He’s so upset, he’s telling Don to hand him the microphone when he already has it in his hand. Silver/Darby was awesome. Silver looked emotional and intense throughout, really sold the importance of the opportunity he had. Sting needs to stay off the ramp. -1 was in his ear this week saying “bro, if you’re not in the match stay on hard-cam, bro”
  6. I’m guessing getting those to the UK is gonna be a bitch and a half.
  7. I believe Cardona said they’ll be made to (pre) order
  8. Lacey Evans, Miz, Baron Corbin, all graduated with honours from the school of modern day WWE heels. The class consists mainly of watching old 2001 era x-pac segments going “wow look at that HEAT!”
  9. I like Abadon a lot. I think her presentation is good, but could be better somehow. I think it could be more gritty and raw. It’s hard to kayfabe a zombie wrestler, but she could just be a psycho who likes to paint her face. No reason Shida can’t be intimidated by that. Shida is a very good wrestler, and I think she might be holding back a bit on the stiffness. In my opinion she could be more hard hitting. Really lay those knees in. as for the match, I don’t know how they finish it. It feels maybe too early for Abadon, but the division does need a kickstart.
  10. How about a stable of Mojo, Mongo, Mondo, and Mistico. Managed by Mo.
  11. What horrible news to wake up to. I am absolutely shocked, and devastated. I just can’t believe it. I have nothing to add, I’m just sitting here reading this in disbelief.
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