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  1. Pretty much what Alvarez was saying. It really is some remarkable arrogance.
  2. I’m absolutely loving Super Tennis right now. I’ve been playing my neighbour, and I also managed to win the circuit mode. It’s so much fun.
  3. That skit, looking back, was kinda lame. But it may seem more fun in my mind had it not been replayed ad nauseam for the last 20 years due to how "legendary" it was supposed to have been.
  4. Where do you get this game from? I've used wineskin before, so i could probably manage it.
  5. Mr Harms

    NJPW G1 2019

    Ok guys I need to get out of some plans...
  6. Please post a video of you taking a double stomp. I’d take an x-factor all day. You need to factor in the margin of error, and possibly taking both feet directly in the dick. Speaking of non-hurty moves; is there anything less hurty-looking than the sling blade? What makes it worse is a bunch of top guys use it.
  7. I'm already planning on going to the wrestling shop. The problem is how i'm gonna fit everything back in my luggage.
  8. Mr Harms

    NJPW G1 2019

    it looked like Mox was corpsing at the start, to me at least. I think he genuinely loved working with Yano and all his shenanigans.
  9. I'm going next month. Do you think he's there flogging his DVDs in his spare time?
  10. I feel pretty much the same. I wasn't as high on this season as the majority. I felt like Steve maybe got too over in the previous seasons, so they stuck him in the mid-card and threw a stupid outfit on him to cool him off.
  11. Masters of the WWE Universe is great and all, but it also means the retro line is dead. Which sucks.
  12. Has anybody seen Too Old To Die Young on prime? I watched the whole thing, and I'm not ashamed to say I loved it.
  13. Mr Harms

    NJPW G1 2019

    I think Juice read my comments and took them on board. His gear wasn't nearly as offensive as last week.
  14. The People's Elbow is a great move, but it should never get a 3-count on its own. If the opponent had taken a bunch of chair shots with the ref's back turned, then Rocky does this ridiculously arrogant elbow; thats perfect.
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