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  1. The sling blade is one of the worst looking moves in wrestling, in my opinion. It just looks like nothing. What makes it worse is how many people use it.
  2. I enjoyed the show, maybe not as much as I expected though. I thought the crowd sounded pretty flat all night, which took me out a little bit. I also agree with others who have said that should be the last of the lights out matches for a while. The style of Cody v Jericho was totally different to the rest of the show, it stood out - in a good way. Hard way or otherwise, i liked a bit of blood in the title match. Looked real gnarly. I do think Mox v Omega went a bit long, but they delivered on their promise. Where do Kenny and Moxley go now? Are they title contenders? Who is number one contender now?
  3. I'm loving the duelling factions at the moment. Some great brawls, a real believable hatred between them. I'm looking forward to a war-games type match, some taped fists, jeans, hopefully some blood. I wonder how long they can keep the Inner Circle v The Elite going if Cody and Jericho aren't feuding, maybe Omega or Page challenge Jericho. Or if Cody wins the title, Jericho gets a rematch somewhere down the line.
  4. When they announced Full Gear I just assumed it'd be a filler, IYH type deal and I wasn't planning on getting it. But TV has been really good in hyping up the 2 big matches especially, plus the rest of the card looks decent. After this week's Dynamite I was totally on board and I've already spent the £15 for the PPV. Even my Mrs has asked me not to stay up and watch it live, but to wait until Sunday morning so she can watch as well. I really like how I genuinely don't know who is going to win, but most importantly, I can enjoy the show either way. I also like speculating on who should be #1 contender, and it not being decided on who walks out and interrupts the champ on the next TV show. I believe the winner of PAC v Page (in my opinion PAC) should be challenging for the title next.
  5. I'd say its more down to the "move along, nothing to see here, people" attitude they have. Keep saying mechanical issues and eventually it becomes fact. People are naturally suspicious of this kind of thing in this day and age.
  6. LAX reminds me of that Rachel Stevens song. Not that I mind being reminded of Rachel Stevens. Settle down, Harmsernetico.
  7. Yeah I don't wanna go over too much whats been said already, but i really liked this show. I think it might've been the best show for me so far. Start to finish action, and the big promo segment ended in a great concessions brawl. Jericho was great on the mic again. I can't believe how quick it went. Its great to have a wrestling show i can watch all the way through again.
  8. Pretty much what Alvarez was saying. It really is some remarkable arrogance.
  9. I’m absolutely loving Super Tennis right now. I’ve been playing my neighbour, and I also managed to win the circuit mode. It’s so much fun.
  10. That skit, looking back, was kinda lame. But it may seem more fun in my mind had it not been replayed ad nauseam for the last 20 years due to how "legendary" it was supposed to have been.
  11. Where do you get this game from? I've used wineskin before, so i could probably manage it.
  12. Mr Harms

    NJPW G1 2019

    Ok guys I need to get out of some plans...
  13. Please post a video of you taking a double stomp. I’d take an x-factor all day. You need to factor in the margin of error, and possibly taking both feet directly in the dick. Speaking of non-hurty moves; is there anything less hurty-looking than the sling blade? What makes it worse is a bunch of top guys use it.
  14. I'm already planning on going to the wrestling shop. The problem is how i'm gonna fit everything back in my luggage.
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