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  1. Lacey Evans, Miz, Baron Corbin, all graduated with honours from the school of modern day WWE heels. The class consists mainly of watching old 2001 era x-pac segments going “wow look at that HEAT!”
  2. I like Abadon a lot. I think her presentation is good, but could be better somehow. I think it could be more gritty and raw. It’s hard to kayfabe a zombie wrestler, but she could just be a psycho who likes to paint her face. No reason Shida can’t be intimidated by that. Shida is a very good wrestler, and I think she might be holding back a bit on the stiffness. In my opinion she could be more hard hitting. Really lay those knees in. as for the match, I don’t know how they finish it. It feels maybe too early for Abadon, but the division does need a kickstart.
  3. How about a stable of Mojo, Mongo, Mondo, and Mistico. Managed by Mo.
  4. What horrible news to wake up to. I am absolutely shocked, and devastated. I just can’t believe it. I have nothing to add, I’m just sitting here reading this in disbelief.
  5. Yeah I’m sure he’s crying into his Grey Goose this morning.
  6. Fellow gooner, Arsenal are the football equivalent of watching Raw.
  7. Didn't anyone else just shoot Royce in the face when you met him?
  8. I haven't seen Dark yet, so I've not actually seen the Waiting Room, but a white coated Britt Baker talk segment set in a waiting room could be decent given the right guests and material.
  9. I loved this episode. Every week seems to feel more and more chaotic. I think they've got a great mix of promos and wrestling on the show now, it still moves at a fast pace, and the wrestling is rarely bad. Top to bottom on the card there are people I'm into, that other people might not be, and I think that's great for the show. I like Kenny's character, and I can't wait for the match next week. I'd like Kenny to win the title, maybe Mox gets laid out again after by the mystery assailant, and he can go and do Japan, maybe take a little break after. Ricky Starks is absolutely terrifi
  10. Just a note, don’t know if anybody’s said this before, but if you pre-order on Stadia they’re throwing in a chromecast ultra and Stadia controller. And it’s still cheaper than it is on PS4.
  11. AEW don’t do DQ’s, never mind in the main event. I think Allin was protected, because it was a total death move. Cage and Starks need some heat and some momentum before ultimately losing to Darby in the singles matches.
  12. Other than TheVileOne I don't think many people will be confused as to which one is which.
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