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  1. That was terrific TV. The main absolutely ruled. Not much to be said that hasn't already been said, but I just want Coach Tony to know I dug it. It's Natural Born Killers, right? Gotta be.
  2. I can't handle watching Sonny do that splits leg drop. He winces every time, and I worry about his knee popping out. Abadon is another.
  3. I think the Hardy match should've been stopped, and the stipulation worked out after. Matt looked fucked. However, the reaction here is a bit over the top, in my opinion. Of all the crazy things we've seen in wrestling, a guy being knocked out and continuing isn't all that nuts. Sydal eating shit on that SSP was unfortunate, it really killed his entrance. Darby taking that bump in a bodybag isn't my idea of a saturday night, but he's a madman and he probably does it for funsies in his spare time. I thought the women's title match was really good, and hopefully Thunder Rosa ge
  4. Guys, he's an Orient fan. He has suffered enough!
  5. "I'm gonna call my friend, Claudio" "He's Swiss" Cesaro is #AllElite confirmed? edit, where's the fuckin shadow when you need him?
  6. Man i loved that ending. Way to put Brodie and the Dark Order over absolutely huge.
  7. JR seems to have quite a few catchphrases he's been working on that he's trying to get over, or thinks the polite laughter from Tony and Taz means it is over. I was waiting and waiting for him to say "don't call me dick grayson", and for a little while i thought he might've actually dropped it. But no, he said it. Jericho had an off night, but we can forgive him one here and there, can't we? I know we're all mad at him for the concert but up until now he's been gold pretty consistently. Tully cut a promo that snapped me out of the tag-team circle-jerk and made me feel like somethin
  8. In the premier league a week or so ago, a guy got carried off the field on a stretcher and a neck brace, and the guy playing the sounds gave him a polite round of applause as he was carted away.
  9. Stop it, guys. These are brilliant.
  10. Yeah, I would, but shipping to the UK is the problem.
  11. I'd have that in my collection, no doubt.
  12. I have quite a few Bret figures, but nothing of the Mattel era. They just can't get him right.
  13. It may be the case that WWE, in terms of fan good-will, just can't win whatever they do. But, whose fault is that really? If you push the idea that the brand is the draw, and no wrestler is bigger than the company, then you're telling the fans "what you like doesn't matter". So, in that respect, why should I have any sympathy for WWE that whatever they do will face backlash? It came about, in my opinion, because Vince saw/heard some bad reactions from the crowd at their creative decisions and thought "thats HEAT!", and thought that if the fans are booing the end of a show, they must be en
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