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  1. Mr Harms


    If it wasn't for this place I'd probably still be watching Raw. I can credit the posters on here for talking about guys like Okada, Omega, Young Bucks etc that got me interested in things that weren't WWE. 7 months later I've dropped the network, got NJPW World and haven't watched a minute of Raw or Smackdown. Quite honestly it has been bliss. I don't even read the Raw threads anymore.
  2. Mr Harms


    for the Hasbro fans, the holy grail is on its way.
  3. Mr Harms


    I’ve only started watching NJPW this year and Suzuki is the stand-out, for me. I checked him out and found out the dude is pushing 50. Amazing.
  4. Mr Harms

    WWE ROYAL RUMBLE 2018 (Jan 28, 2018)

    Oh well, whoopsy daisy.
  5. Mr Harms

    WWE ROYAL RUMBLE 2018 (Jan 28, 2018)

    So WWE won’t even allow me to enjoy the women’s rumble since I’ll have to listen to Steph’s grating voice the whole time. Lets keep patting her on the back for creating the women’s revolution. Every entrant must bow to her on their way out. I don’t mean to be negative about the show before it airs, but surely WWE are aware she’s insufferable on the microphone.
  6. Mr Harms

    Nintendo Switch

    heh, i see what you did there. When i first saw the video I didn't know what to make of it. I just thought "it can do that?" Then i was like "its cardboard... in 2018". But then I started to think of the possibilities. IF this tech is opened up beyond just the games made for the cardboard in mind, it means you could be making your own peripherals. It doesn't have to stop at cardboard, really. Any material in the same template would work, in theory. Its genius.
  7. Mr Harms


    I believe this dude is a designer and that’s the first proper look at the new retro Macho.
  8. Mr Harms

    NJPW WrestleKingdom 12 in Tokyo Dome 1/4/2018

    This was my first ever Japanese show. I’ve only seen a handful of NJPW matches over the years. Despite it being long as hell I was always entertained. A lot of commentary-bashing but (Dave meltzer 5/6 stars discussion aside) I preferred it to Michael Cole by an absolute mile. Also getting bashed is the Jnr 4-way, but my girlfriend was in the room for that and she really enjoyed it. So maybe it’s not something for the purists but it certainly has its place. I quite liked it, wouldn’t want to see a whole card like it but one match was fun. My favourite match was the hair match. Considering I’d never seen either of these dudes before, I really bought into the story (partly thanks to Kelly and Callis). I’m really sold on NJPW and even watched New Year Dash today. I’ve not seen Raw for a long time, WWE PPVs have bored the hell out of me for a while now (even though I still have a network sub and will watch the rumble), so NJPW has an opportunity to hook me in long term for my wrestling fix.
  9. Mr Harms


    some new retros coming soon.
  10. Mr Harms


    I had to mention this. Had a dream last night where Kenny Omega signed for NXT and was given the name Flash Flanson. That is all.
  11. Mr Harms

    Rest of 2017 Wrestling Merch Thread

    some new retros and a new ring!
  12. Mr Harms

    Rest of 2017 Wrestling Merch Thread

    Some weird choices here. No sleeves on Mankind and Triple H with a jumper action. But all in all, this series looks pretty sweet. Will most definitely pick all these up whenever they come out.
  13. Mr Harms


    You brought up the roof in the first place.