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  1. I feel pretty much the same. I wasn't as high on this season as the majority. I felt like Steve maybe got too over in the previous seasons, so they stuck him in the mid-card and threw a stupid outfit on him to cool him off.
  2. Masters of the WWE Universe is great and all, but it also means the retro line is dead. Which sucks.
  3. Has anybody seen Too Old To Die Young on prime? I watched the whole thing, and I'm not ashamed to say I loved it.
  4. Mr Harms

    NJPW G1 2019

    I think Juice read my comments and took them on board. His gear wasn't nearly as offensive as last week.
  5. The People's Elbow is a great move, but it should never get a 3-count on its own. If the opponent had taken a bunch of chair shots with the ref's back turned, then Rocky does this ridiculously arrogant elbow; thats perfect.
  6. Mr Harms

    NJPW G1 2019

    Can't speak for the rest of the time, but when I met him he was a really nice bloke. Very approachable. I loved the Sanada match, ZSJ is such a throwback, but at the same time he seems totally new and fresh. Juice has the worst gear in the biz right now. That is some seriously hideous shit.
  7. As you can clearly see from my post it was the natural that had said issue.
  8. Guys, I loved Battle Dome. But I cannot find it to purchase anywhere (in the UK). I've looked up and down for on-demand services, digital purchases, even DVD (region 2). It drives me nuts that I'm sitting here waiting to give them my money. Are they gonna take it? Are they man enough to take it?
  9. Hasbros aren't cheap these days. They're getting rarer and rarer.
  10. As possibly the biggest mark for these retro figures on this board, I have to admit I am underwhelmed by Hardy & Elias. Also, Since when did JYD have those ripped abs? Having said that, I've waited 25 years for this Diesel, so I'll be buying at least a couple.
  11. I've been watching some UWFi on prime, which got me in the mood to play some fire pro. I love that I can just download Yoji Anjoh and Gary Albright with ease. I'm undecided about getting Fire Promoter, though.
  12. I've never really liked AJ's babyface persona. Is it real, is it a gimmick? I don't know. I've always thought he came across insincere and hiding his arrogance. Though, if you look like Anthony Joshua, its understandable being arrogant. He clearly underestimated Ruiz's power, overestimated his own finishing and chin, went out there and like Lennox in South Africa, just go through the motions, get the guy out of there, and move on. Hearn wanted to hold all the cards, so Wilder would come to them and take the smaller purse etc. AJ's lost all that momentum and leverage. In the post-fight presser, AJ's saying he doesn't know who is next, but "you know who i want". Eddie has to override him right there and then and get the rematch out there. I don't think AJ wants the rematch. And judging by how he stood there in the corner, knowing if he stepped forward like the ref asked him to, he would've had to have been punched in the head again, and he really didn't want that. So he just stood there, then did that stupid surprised face when the ref called it off. I really don't think he actually wants to get back in there with this guy. AJ knows if he goes into this rematch and gets knocked out again, he is absolutely bollocked going forward.
  13. "so my computer is old, get over it!"
  14. Its all been a long, gradual decline for me. I remember back with the CM Punk stuff, when his "contract was up" and he left at MITB, i was all excited about the possibilities with the angle. Then a few weeks later he turns up on Raw in ring gear, and that was it. Why was he in ring gear? He's not on the card, and the show is gonna end in 30 seconds. You're there to just show up, hold up a belt, then fade to black. Why are you wearing your gear? DAMMIT WHY IS HE IN RING GEAR?! As you can tell, it really bothered me. It opened my eyes to how watered down the product was. How formulaic it was. You couldn't say "belt" or "fans", you had to structure your promos in a certain way, say "WWE universe", "title opportunity". Nothing appeared organic. It all seemed written, and produced. Of course, its a TV show, so I know it is written and produced. But when I watch a TV show, I want to be immersed in it, not thinking about why it's so badly written or produced. The show became 3 hours long. 3 hours of wrestling and maybe 5 minutes of it meant anything. But the next week it didn't mean anything, because they'd forgotten about it, or wanted to forget, or chose a new direction. It all became mind-numbing, to the point where my girlfriend introduced me to someone and they said "Oh I heard you're a big WWE fan" and I felt slighted by that remark. I was actually offended, and quite embarrassed for the first time in my adult life, for liking wrestling. It's all gone down hill from there.
  15. What are WWE gonna do about it? I know they're petty as hell, and would love to do something, but realistically, what can they do? She's not a worker, so she's not doing jobs on her way out. They can say to her "ok, tonight you're taking a pie to the face" and she could say "... no i'm not". What are they gonna do?
  16. Nothing Moxley said on TIJ surprised me in the slightest. It pretty much confirmed (if we needed any confirmation) that WWE is being held back by Vince and his methods. Vince is sitting there laughing because he's rich, pal. But for every week those TV ratings drop, when negotiations come around, the likelihood of getting the same TV deal next time drastic go down. Then you throw AEW into the mix, and there's a potential competitor. Maybe AEW do good ratings on TNT. Maybe TV companies want their signature instead. Maybe Tony Khan walks out on Raw one day (i kid). But seriously, WWE need to buck their ideas up. Yeah they have sponsors, and merch, and all kinds of different ways of making money. While they had the monopoly, that's all fine, they can keep on chugging along, what else are wrestling fans gonna do? watch Impact? But now, there's a bit of competition. It's all very exciting. This could be the beginning of a new golden age. Or, AEW could absolutely bomb, the Khan family pull out, and the Young Bucks are doing jobs to the Ascension on Main Event LIVE on the WWE NETWORK!
  17. There has been a lot of arguing going on in these AEW threads, but I'm just happy to be excited about wrestling again. I know there's plenty of good stuff on the indies (I've only just discovered Fite thanks to Double or Nothing), Japan (big shout out to my bank who stopped my card and my NJPW sub because they thought it was something dodgy), but I've needed a coherent, big-time, weekly wrestling show to get into for far too long. Its great that ITV are (likely) picking up AEW's TV, because here in the UK it hasn't always been easy to follow wrestling. AEW can only be good for pro wrestling. If WWE's ratings are tanking weekly, and AEW are going well, WWE will have to re-think their strategy. Maybe they won't. But I just want to watch a good wrestling product, and I'll happily tune in to WWE again if I hear about how good their show is getting. For now, though, it isn't the show for me. So hopefully AEW can continue the buzz and good vibes going forward with their summer shows leading up to their TV debut. Its all very exciting.
  18. "dropping warheads on foreheads since 1947" wow
  19. Saw this on the Reddits and it made me realise partly why I don't watch this show anymore. If WWE truly does listen to the fans of the show (that are still watching), surely they can fix it. It needs a revamp from the ground up. Small "fixes" like THE BIG DAWG showing up isn't going to do anything. He's been on the show doing the same thing for 5 years. You can say "WWE are fine, they make millions and millions every year", but if their ratings are going to tank every week that huge TV deal won't be there next time. So what are they going to do?
  20. But now we can have accessories, Like Goldust's wig and Elias' guitar
  21. Hogan #1 is absolutely essential to any Hasbro collection. What a great figure!
  22. 25 years I’ve waited for this
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