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  1. Naturally I'm disappointed Hayter didn't win, but I wasn't really expecting a title change on a random taped show. I'm trusting Big Tone to see the light soon and put the strap on her, otherwise me and my friend Mark are gonna stop watching.
  2. And Ryan Giggs has a promo where he asks if Vince really did anything wrong.
  3. I don’t really have anything to add, I just came here to heart all the positive Jamie Hayter posts. She’s my Cesaro. She’s clearly great, but just doesn’t have the machine behind her.
  4. Watch the entrance again, he’s messing with his foot when FTR come out, then has a limp down the aisle.
  5. would you say his reign has been a OOF MEGA FAIL BIG MISS?
  6. Enough with the oof. Everything’s oof now. Oof this oof that. If something doesn’t land 100%- OOF! well I think YOU’re oof. How do ya like that?
  7. I enjoyed all the good wrestling on the show. the ending was a bit flat but to put it anywhere near the barbed wire exploding death match on the shit finishes list would be somewhat of a knee jerk reaction, in my opinion. There always has to be a spot for a giant in wrestling, right? But then again, I was the kid that thought Giant Gonzales was great.
  8. REGAL! Holy shit, AEW just keeps giving me what I want. I’m being spoiled. But I’m a great guy, so I deserve it.
  9. Did Jade forget to kick out? It looked to me the ref just stopped counting the cover after the elbow in the corner.
  10. I’m really loving Hobbs’ whole presentation right now. His face is absolutely perfect with that snarl. Love the new singlet. He’s a big fella and wrestles like it. he’s completely believable as a brick wall that someone like Dante can just bounce off of. I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to Hobbs picking up some gold in a years time.
  11. Jericho on commentary reminded me a lot of David Lynch. I respect him a lot, love a lot of his work, he spoke very loudly, but I’m not sure if any of it made sense.
  12. Cody having some kind of flame retardant shit on his back makes perfect sense in kayfabe, since he obviously planned for Brandi to come out and set fire to the table. Andrade looked absolutely awesome, and I’d be down for him to have a run with the belt once he gets out of the codyverse.
  13. However much Jamie Hayter they give me it just isn’t enough. She is such a great bruiser, and she had the perfect partner in Thunder Rosa. the tbs tournament is going well, despite Hayter’s loss, I genuinely can’t call who’ll win it. But I’m enjoying the ride.
  14. I got mine today. She is small, but since there is no scale for hasbros and being the first female “hasbro” figure, it doesn’t seem a problem to me. But others aren’t happy.
  15. I need a cafe au lait, and a cigarette. Suzuki v Danielson was beautiful. I could watch that again and again. I really liked how much JDS and the rest of ATT seemed to be enjoying themselves. That enthusiasm really comes through and makes it so much better, and covers for the little shortfalls they might have. Though one of them at the end really clocked Jericho on the floor, I thought I sensed Jericho stiffen up and get a bit pissy. But then again he could’ve just been selling and doing a really good job.
  16. Jesus fucking Christ, Arn. That was disconcertingly specific. Something you wanna get off your chest, old fella? I'm tired of Dan Lambert. The first couple of times, yeah I get it, he runs his mouth and somebody shuts it. Cool. But he keeps coming back and saying essentially the same thing. I'm tired of it, the crowd got tired of it. I don't recall AEW fans resorting to "what" chants before, so this must have been extra boring to sit through. Thankfully Ethan Page didn't give them anything to what, and saved the segment. Now, does Miro get his title back, or move on to bigger things? I do like the idea of him challenging Omega, but that does get in the way of the whole Danielson thing, and then add to that Hangman. I don't know where they go, but I'm into it.
  17. I'd like to also point out how much better I think Black looks with the shorts instead of the teeny-tiny panties.
  18. There were a few small details I really liked. When the crowd are going mental, Bryan can’t hide his delight. Omega tries to, and says “I don’t give a shit” but immediately smirks as the camera cuts away. when Callis goes to give Omega tactics in his ear, Omega casually tells him to go away without even looking at him, and Callis meekly complies. Arn falling off the apron, planned or botch, worked perfectly into the whole angle for me. Cody has to go and check on this bumbling old man, and the embarrassed Arn tells him to get on with it, which in turn has to piss Cody off cuz if you hadn’t slipped, old man, we wouldn’t be having this dumbass conversation! I loved Cody’s selling of the mist. It was a real panicked “am I blind, guys? I’m fuckin blind, man. He blinded me!” “It’s just some mist, man, you’ll me ok in a sec.” “I’m A BLIND MAN” “calm down” ”I’ll never see my baby daughter again!” anyway, can’t wait for Rampage now.
  19. Is that still going? I stopped watching when I completely went off WWE.
  20. I thought it was a Pimp My Ride style show with RuPaul. And I don’t care about cars so I never watched it. Then I met my girlfriend who is as into drag and I am wrestling, and our worlds merged. If Ru is Vince, are Michelle Visage and Ross Matthews Brisco & Patterson?
  21. There should be more crossover between wrestling and drag, in my opinion. Many similarities.
  22. I bought the AEW ring with exclusive Cody from Smyths, and I don’t know why. I’ve not even opened it. I have nowhere to put it. I don’t even collect the AEW figs, I only have a Hangman. And when the package arrived this morning it woke up my girlfriend who isn’t a big Cody fan already. I said “it’s a package. Cody Rhodes.” And she shouted back from the bedroom “fuck Cody Rhodes!”. So I suppose that rules out having it on display. also Chella have the Bull Nakano proto
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