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  1. Yeah. There is reason to be cautious about this. But for now, they seem to be doing OK.
  2. I'm not in the mood to overtake the thread with this and frankly, this conversation is going nowhere. Best to step aside.
  3. 1. Yes, it would still be a problem. 2. If anyone is complaining about the optics of Apollo embracing his culture, but missing why spitting and stepping on a black man looks bad, what's being said here?
  4. As I understand it, Apollo and his family descend from the Tiv people, and spears are part of their specific culture. Carmella spat in Reginald's face. Used him as a stepping stool. That ain't progressive.
  5. Spears are important to Nigerian culture and African heritage in general. Does anyone here have a problem with Drew McIntyre's sword?
  6. So I take it most here have a problem with Apollo's new image? Do we need to have a conversation on Apollo vs how Reginald was presented with Carmella? Because THAT gimmick was a real problem that, hopefully, is going away.
  7. The biggest indicator of that is about 20 wrestlers/WWE personnel getting on a private plane a few hours into the situation. If it was a hostage take, I don't see how that happens. I don't doubt the Saudis making them uncomfortable for a sick thrill, though.
  8. My counter argument is Dynamite was awarded Weekly Show of the Year in 2019, despite being on air for only three months. Observer readers lean a certain way, and that's fine. The voting reflects their base. People read and listen to the Observer and largely agree with Meltzer's opinions. It's the same way most of Cornette's listeners agree with him.
  9. The nucleus of Roman's character is wanting to be acknowledged. Which Edge did by choosing him for WM. Now that he has it, he wants to move on and will do anything to stay on top. It's completely on point for him.
  10. The SD Elimination Chamber was very good. Everyone got a chance to shine, and all the babyfaces got an elimination. All the roles were covered: Cesaro as a wrestling savant, Bryan as a determined underdog, Jey as the vicious heel, KO as a man obsessed with revenge, Sami as the whimpering sneak, and Corbin as the jack of all trades. It moved at a good pace without feeling rushed. Jey Uso's arm spot with KO was brutal. They continued to tell Roman's story of being a jerk with nearly-unchecked backstage power by coming out immediately and beating down Bryan in 90 seconds. One hope spot foll
  11. I'll be interested to see how WWE handles the charity endorsement thing. Part of me assumes this is a way to clamp down on the Q-Anon crowd, but would they actually try to stop someone like Sami Zayn, who clearly endorses a legitimate cause?
  12. Let's say WWE has a deal with Coca-Cola to sponsor a PPV. A WWE wrestler goes on IG and promotes a new Pepsi product. That's could be seen as a conflict of interest and I doubt Stephanie wants to explain why one of their wrestlers was doing that to Coke's CEO, especially if it's seen as something embarrassing or over the top. However, if wrestlers were treated more like pro athletes, they could secure their own endorsement deals. Roger Goddell can pick whoever he wants as the official insurance company for the NFL. It doesn't stop Patrick Mahomes from signing an individual deal with State
  13. The women's tag started off weird for me, but picked up toward the end. Similar to the women's War Games match last year, someone booked to where the faces came across heelish in spots. Wound up being good, but not one I'll go back and watch. The ref was brutally bad here. Curious to see where they go with the women's tag titles. Feels like Raquel should be up soon for Io. I'm wondering if they have Raquel say Dakota is holding her back should they not get team gold to set up a future feud with them. They should have had KUSHIDA win here, but I went in suspecting he wouldn't. I'm pretty m
  14. Women's tag was solid until Ric and Lacey showed up. Wherever that story is going, it's nowhere good. McIntyre/Goldberg was what it was. Sasha/Carmella was very good. Both of their matches came across well. Women's Rumble was excellent. Glad to see Bianca win. Rhea eliminating Alexa before she reached her full Fiend form was funny. Good to see Victoria again. Anyone hating Naomi's spot is willfully ignoring how that's been done in nearly every recent Rumble. Either have a problem when others do it or say nothing now. Reigns/Owens was great and appropriately brut
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