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  1. They should have just went with Valhalla for TVE's new name, unless Marvel/Disney owns the rights to that somehow.
  2. The hand-wringing over Roman is without merit. He's been back two months and has had three matches, two of which were 6-man tags. He's clearly getting back into ring shape. He's not going to be the one to dethrone Kofi. And he was moved from Raw so his presence wouldn't interfere with Rollins' title run. There wasn't much left for him to do on Raw. He's fought and beat the top three heels in Corbin/Lashley/McIntyre. Surprised one of them didn't go to SDL, but this will allow for Reigns to have new or fresher matches. He'll probably fight Orton or Elias for his first blue-brand feud. Roman was always going to be on SDL with the FOX deal, anyway. So move him now where there isn't as much pressure for him to wrestle every week to help fill a third hour. He'll eventually become champ, but not right this second.
  3. If the rumors are true, FOX wants several major WWE stars on the SDL roster for October. Brock and Ronda were on the list for their UFC connections, but neither will be around much for at least several months. The biggest full-time stars are Roman, Becky, Charlotte and perhaps AJ/Bryan. Something to consider.
  4. They could move either Bayley or Carmella to the other show for a BayMella reunion. Carmella can handle the promo work/face in peril spots with Bayley as the hot tag.
  5. Imagine if they had kept Naomi and Asuka together. But NOOOOOO, we had to go through all that mess of not booking the entire SDL women's division and breaking up a duo with great chemistry.
  6. "Sorry you blew out your knees or might die of recurring cancer, but wow, I won't have to bleach my eyes from seeing you every week!"
  7. There were people glad for Roman being off TV. Blood cancer, pfft. Long as he's gone! No one here said that. But we don't live in a vacuum and trust me, that sentiment is out there.
  8. Rhea is nursing a foot injury and will be out of action for 8 weeks either way. So it's not her.
  9. Punk is a petulant child and I wasn't unhappy to see him leave WWE. I don't talk about him because frankly, he doesn't entertain me in any way.
  10. I think the difference is Sasha will seemingly go after fellow wrestlers when she's upset. Look at Naomi's recent squabble. She was clearly upset, with good reason, but she didn't take a swipe at any of the other talent. Sasha has notably done that with Alexa, and it's petty.
  11. Sasha's situation is a mixed bag. She has legitimate gripes, IMO. 5 titles reigns and only 1 successful title defense is inexcusable. To push for women's tag titles and get them, only to lose them before you can live up to the touring champion moniker is rough. She and Bayley should have several great matches where they beat the stuffing out of each other instead of in a holding pattern for the longest. Those are fair concerns. I also think she's been the victim of sexism and misogynoir, much like Naomi. Notice how they get abused by fans for voicing their opinions, while The Revival were applauded for standing up for themselves. But at the same time, Sasha may be the most petulant person on the roster. She gets in her feelings whenever she has to lose, and help us all if it's to Alexa. She seems to think she's the standard bearer for women's wrestling and if you don't meet her standards, you're worthless. Working with someone like that has to be tough, even if you like them. I think something both Sasha and Bayley need to see is that everything and everyone evolves. There's no doubt Vince and Hunter would have favored someone like Charlotte, even if she wasn't Ric Flair's daughter. She's their concept of what makes for a good-looking woman. It's narrow-minded, as we all know. But where I think S & B lose the plot is that they haven't improved as much as they think they have. Someone like Charlotte could coast, but has continually gotten better, both with her in-ring ability and character. I don't think Charlotte should be a 8-time champion at this point. But she's becoming a complete package. Sasha and Bayley haven't. Sasha and Bayley haven't added any depth to their characters. They still can barely cut a promo. There's no excuse for that at this point. Especially when you get mad at Alexa for supposedly cutting the line and you know her promo skills are why she's been able to do so. They can take speech classes, study acting tapes, all sorts of tools are available to them. Maybe they're doing all that, I don't know. But if they are, it hasn't shown itself in their work. Sasha is a very talented wrestler and I don't fault her for trying to maintain her value in a business that chews you up at a moment's notice. She does what she can to get a match over, to where she's taking too many risks IMO. I agree her ambition outweighs her athleticism, but that makes her unique. I enjoy her go for broke style, to a point. I wish she'd tone it down a bit, but that wouldn't be her, and I realize that. I think she ultimately stays in WWE. It's where she'll make the most money and if I recall, she helps provide for her brother, so that's something to keep in mind. But she has to come to terms with a lot being out of her control. It's not fair and she deserves better. But so do a lot of other people in wrestling. TL; DR: Sasha has legitimate gripes, but she also needs to look within and be honest with herself. Take a breath, calm down, and find a happier approach to her career.
  12. TBF, Naomi was going off on how the SDL women's roster, minus Becky and Charlotte, were being ignored. She's right. Several last-minute cancelled matches, her losing a 25-second match to Mandy Rose, no buildup for then champion Asuka leading into WM. She didn't blame Becky or Charlotte for that, in case that's a question for anyone. She directly replied to WWE when they announced the Women's Battle Royal. She made a lot of strong points, but the usual suspects came after her for the usual reasons, instead of acknowledging she was correct.
  13. And with McIntyre appearing on SDL tonight, him interrupting the match last night would have made sense.
  14. Perhaps the biggest issue with the main event finish, other than Ronda's shoulders not being down, they did nothing to establish a possible pin finisher for Becky. If they had hinted at that for a bit before last night, I think the idea of a quick pin would have came across better. Nothing wrong with going for a different kind of finish. But when dealing with three women with submissions as finishers and who have been talking that up leading to the match, this feels anti-climatic. It doesn't take away from the moment for Becky fans, though. That's what matters in the end.
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