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  1. And on top of WWE not testing, a lot of talent aren't social distancing at all. Several wrestlers went to Vegas to celebrate Billie Kay's birthday recently. No masks, around others not part of their entourage, the whole nine. So yeah, Vince is messing up. But the wrestlers are no better.
  2. I just saw someone random talking about it, but I'd wager they got it from SRS. So that's a bad sign.
  3. Don't know if it's been confirmed by a reputable reporter yet, but some are saying WWE now has over two dozen positive tests across wrestlers and staff. Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn are geniuses. The new Two-Man Power Trip.
  4. The problem is when Alexa Bliss dealt with the JDNY from 206 mess, a lot of wrestlers did go to social media to expose him. Why don't they do the same in protecting Sasha? It creates a certain perception, even if it isn't true. I don't believe in 'shaming' wrestlers to give statements, either. But I see where it may seem that sides are being chosen on who gets support. It may not be that way. But perception often becomes reality.
  5. NO. Stop with the unneeded defense. Rape is evil. Rape culture is evil. You wouldn't shrug this off if someone said that against a woman you cared about. STOP ENABLING THIS GARBAGE. Calling out such behavior isn't cancel culture. Cancel culture is a fake social construct, it doesn't actually exist or happen. Holding people accountable isn't cancelling them. There was a thousand ways for Guevara to express how he found Sasha attractive. Why did he go to wanting to rape her? Why would anyone consider that normal? Why are you doing that? STOP IT!!!
  6. (taps microphone) As best I know, I'm one of four women and only Black woman on the board. By all means correct me if I'm wrong on that. The point being as a super minority on DVDVR, I have different perspectives on wrestling and the world at large. Because being both Black and a woman, my identity intersects a plane entirely different from most here. I come on the board, read posts by the majority White men here, and it's obvious many of you don't have a clue about what any woman thinks, let alone a Black woman or woman of color. So I try to provide insight, to show a prism that someone who is the polar opposite for most here looks through. To provide a voice for a group woefully under-represented in wrestling (as that's the original point of DVDVR). I don't expect to be applauded for doing that. But I don't appreciate the online psychoanalysis of how I hate White men and I'm obsessed with this wrestler/that promotion/seeing problems that don't really exist. Some were apparently shocked that I would disagree with you or question your position. Because you're so entrenched in your often White, hetero, cis male world where you're always in control, even the idea of someone outside that realm challenging you was an affront. It's not a problem exclusive to DVDVR. It's all over wrestling. A woman of any color gets questioned. But as soon as many learn a Black woman is giving an opinion, out come the passive-aggressive remarks and not-so-subtle misogynoir. Dealing with either racism or sexism alone is bad. But fighting both is what I have to do every day of my life. And I like to think that I could come here as a place away from all the world's pressure. But who we are doesn't change just because we're shooting the breeze over a comedy skit on RAW. We carry who we are wherever we go. Good and bad. And the fight to have my existence count for something rolls on, even over the most mundane things. All this to say is I read what was being said in the Wrestling Abuse thread. And I wish I was angry or even disappointed. But I've seen it too many times. You're so fixated on the possible 2% of women who MAY lie about sexual abuse. You're not thinking that for every story being told this weekend, there are 4-5 we will never hear. Because the system--designed by White men--doesn't allow for victim survivors to be heard. To receive justice. Everyone asks why women don't report this to the police. We have someone in this very thread doing the 'well actually' routine for Matt Riddle. THAT'S WHY. Riddle doesn't need any of us providing a defense for him. If that's happening on a message board where nothing is at stake, imagine trying to convince someone in power to empathize. I can almost guarantee that in a year, this movement will be archived with women who dared to speak up mysteriously not getting booked, while many of the accused will do business as usual. Because the majority White patriarchy will keep the wheels spinning. And women will still barely be spokes on said wheel. Wrestling is still a good ol' boys' club with White men continuing to wield the most power. Be it in the actual business or on a message board. I can't help but think a lot of the attitudes surrounding the Speaking Out movement connects to Black Lives Matter. That only by walking out in front of your car, blocking roads, and tearing down statues that shouldn't have been put up in the first place are you willing to listen. Even then, it's conditional. You'll return to ignore after these fine messages of how proud you are of those who speak the truth. But you won't be back after the commercial. What am I as a woman, specifically a Black woman, supposed to do? Even when I try to explain my position calmly, it's met with patronizing insincerity. If I yell, I'm then the angry Black woman you'll claim frightens you when I hold zero power in any situation outside of what I create for myself. And I didn't create this vicious cycle of abuse and questioning said abuse. And why do so many of you insist of keeping together the destructive system that allows it? Because ultimately, it serves you pretty well. All because of your biological gender and skin color. It's exhausting. And I'm tired of telling my story. It's not even a good story, anyway.
  7. It's not the end of the world, but it's a really bad look. When it seems you can't use a calendar when setting up matches with someone who has other dates arranged weeks in advance. . . someone dropped the ball. Whether it was Kris in not clarifying her schedule or Khan/Omega in not planning around it, that's a big YIKES.
  8. You may be right. Maybe the change of scenery is throwing me for a loop. Either way, it's annoying and takes me out of his matches/character development.
  9. I've watched a few of Omega's New Japan matches. He's always been animated. But he's a full-blown cartoon now, with the gesturing and flailing hands. It feels fake. On the other hand, Page comes across as properly serious and actually trying to win the match. Page has a lot of potential, but he's not going anywhere with iffy booking and having to compete with Omega's antics. Having PAC kidnap Nakazawa seems out of left field. Cody/Darby vs Lucha Bros. was pretty good. Darby's Coffin Drop still makes me cringe. He's not going to have any working vertebrae in five years. Not sure if beating Butcher & Blade that neatly in their second match was the way to go. But since they're the appetizer to the main course of Cody-MJF, it's probably not a big deal. Jericho-Jungle Boy was the best part of the show. Doing a short interview with Jungle Boy worked wonders to give a better sense of who he is and how he sees himself as a wrestler. I'm still not keen on Marko Stunt being part of Jungle Express. It works better with just Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus, IMO. Jericho did top-tier work in building sympathy for JB. I liked how Jericho doubled down on being a jerk heel with bullying his way into five more minutes before leaving in a huff when JB started getting the best of him. Jericho is the central battery for AEW. He's holding the entire operation together. I like what I've seen from Kris Statlander. She's raw and the alien gimmick needs to be fleshed out, but I have no issues with it so far. Her potential is really high. The match with Britt Baker was just OK, but I like how they had Kris power out of Britt's submission maneuvers. Someone backstage has got to tell Brandi her gimmick is missing the mark. I don't mind the idea of her being a seductive witch, luring people into her dark web. Kong as part of the act is also fine, though we all know she talks perfectly well, so having her be mute isn't for much. But even by wrestling standards, it's cheesy. More like Velveeta, really. Dark Order, HOO BOY. The execution of this has been bad. They first appear with zero fanfare. As course correction, we get vignettes where they become self-help quasi-religious cult gurus. Now they're beating down everyone in The Elite, save for Hangman Page, who looks smart for leaving the group. Is he going to become part of Dark Order? They need a bigger name if this is ever going to work. Meanwhile, they're recruiting guys who get beat in nine seconds. Their presentation is awful. Everything about them feels low-rent. It's not clicking enough to have them on TV regularly and be involved with AEW's top stars. Having a bunch of random nobodies in black sweatshirts hovering around as they deliver phantom punches and poorly done 'bloody' mouths is a terrible way to end the show and 2019 for AEW. Why does the leader wear such a cheap suit? I think Dynamite has good things going for it, but also has some repetitively bad gimmicks that need to move quicker to make any sense.
  10. Yeah, if you have two NXT stars win the Rumbles and one chooses to go to what is still considered one of the main roster shows while the other elects to remain in the lesser-known NXT, it may seem odd. Great all-around show. Lots of stories furthered and seeing what they do with Rhea as champ will be interesting.
  11. I apologize for the confusion. J.T. quoted your post and I combined them as a result. What I was saying is when you or anyone else ask dismissive questions (or, in J.T.'s case, use the asshole label), it cuts off any real chance for conversation. Because why would I or anyone in my position want to talk when we've been looked down upon before even talking? All because we watch a certain kind of carny-ism they don't enjoy. I have been called anti-White, racist, mentally unhealthy, and a man-hater on this board. Had a number of sexual comments implied and coyly said toward me. It's why I bang the drum so much about it. It's admittedly a sore spot, but I think I have good reason for it. That's not joking between mutuals or even a misunderstanding. Those are personal attacks with no merit because I point out what I feel are gatekeepers being dismissive toward anyone who doesn't share their opinions. It's why I talk about it often. Because it's unfair for anyone to feel they can't express themselves without being verbally abused by those who claim that we're all friends here.
  12. The back of Lee's shirt looks like a jazzy chalk outline at a crime scene.
  13. Moving along! Following WWE's YT trends is amazing to see how they correspond with what the hardcore fans say. For example, the arm-wrestling match between Strowman and Lashley was mocked. It currently has 36 million YT views on WWE's channel. Maybe it's indicative of our micro society. Everything has to be quick and easy to explain. So if someone sees a thumbnail of some wacky wrestling segment, they click and in 3-5 minutes, know the story. I understand wanting to see great matches that mean something in the overall scheme. I want that, too. But we're deep in the wrestling bubble. For others who aren't as invested, a crazy fake Russian leaving her husband for a guy who looks like the lead in Blacked's new video is entertaining. It's easier to understand if just passing by.
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