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  1. Orton and Wyatt playing hot potato with Alexa was something. It's a story that I understand but don't get, if that makes sense. I still don't see how Joker Bray and Alexa Quinn are faces. But I like like how Orton connected how both he and Bray have voices in their heads. Jeff Hardy smacking his head against the stairs was terrifying. He and his brother have no regard for their lives. Miz TV needs to stop. I can't remember the last time it was entertaining. Lana has zero chemistry with Nia. They both goofed on that spot with Nia going through the ropes, yikes. However, Lana does
  2. It'll be interesting to see how Jimmy factors into Roman/Jey once he returns. After all, it was Jimmy who threw in the towel despite Jey saying no at CoC, then got choked out by Roman at HIAC, forcing Jey to quit to save his brother. With how Roman is in full gaslighting mode, he could easily have the Usos competing for his favor as he manipulates them to turn on each other. Aalyah-Murphy bugs me not just because of the age difference. Considering that wrestling went through the Speaking Out movement with WWE having talent accused of grooming--it feels tone deaf to run a story like that s
  3. That Roman promo is nearly six years old. Let that dead horse become fertilizer. Why this version of Roman works is because of what he's been through over the past five years. Dealing with Vince and fans alike, his cancer returning, taking time off due to the pandemic, having McIntyre claim that Roman abandoned WWE during last week's promo. When, as Heyman spelled out in August, it was WWE that took Roman for granted. It eventually came to a point. Roman is taking everything that's happened to him in his singles career and molding it to fit his still-new domineering persona. It's the
  4. Sounds like the plan was for Chelsea Green to win, but she got hurt during the match. They called an audible to give Liv the W, apparently. EDIT: yep, Chelsea broke her wrist.
  5. Brandi's promo came across as what someone thinks a 'sassy' Black woman sounds like when arguing. There are some Black women who do. But I'll venture to say Brandi Rhodes doesn't fall into that category, hence the code switching. I saw way too many White fans say Brandi went 'hood.' As if they or Brandi have a clue about that. They're going to the lowest common denominator based on ignorance and dumb perception. That's the problem. It's largely a stereotype for Black women. Loud. Cursing. Angry. Threatening to be violent. With so few Black women in high-profile positions in wrestling
  6. As a Black woman who has seen it done way too often, Brandi was 100% code switching. It was a complete embarrassment and I've yet to talk to any Black woman wrestling fan who enjoyed it.
  7. I don't post regularly anymore. These past few comments are the most I've said on DVDVR in probably close to a year. SmackDown threads have always been better in maintaining civility over RAW, so I say a few things in there when I visit. RAW threads got to the point that I stopped going into them. That wasn't long ago. Hopefully, they're more harmonious. To me "Not anymore" sounds like "They probably found sound other kids to beat up, so you're off the hook!" I'm not looking to argue about it. Just pointing out what has (or had) been several cycles of that sort of behavior. This plac
  8. The RAW weekly threads would often be taken over by those hate-watching or complaining about a clip they saw on YouTube. So no, someone being interested or liking the same thing has little to do with it.
  9. A few weeks ago, I would have agreed with Reigns/Big E at WM. It can still be done along the way, but for me, the best ending for this story is for a broken Jey going on a redemption arc and finally finding the key to beating Roman. They've already set the table of him not giving up to Roman in matches for his own good. He beat Styles and Bryan clean within a few weeks of each other. They've moved him up to main-event singles stars seamlessly. With family being the overall arc in the story, it seems fitting that Jey gets to lay claim to taking down Roman and bringing Roman back from the e
  10. Too bad hardly anyone here gives that space to anyone who wants to discuss anything that's not in vogue with the majority. That's the point of my original post. Give others the space you want for yourselves. Or what's the point of any message board?
  11. Because I enjoy it and in the past, have liked coming here to talk about it. But I don't want or need the self-important, holier than thou attitude that comes from doing that around here. Being called dumb, a sheep, and sometimes worse. If you or others find no pleasure in it, that's fine. I'm not here to convince you otherwise. I wish the same courtesy was extended in reverse.
  12. The Otis situation is frustrating. The only mistake he made was getting super over as a midcard act. Sadly, they took that as him being ready for a MITB run, which he wasn't. They should have left Heavy Machinery together, let them win tag titles, THEN have Tucker turn on Otis out of jealousy. They rushed the entire arc and brought in the MITB briefcase when it wasn't needed. Unless Otis goes to RAW, having Tucker turn on him now will be wasted. And both guys offer so much more. A shame.
  13. Roman/Jey isn't about moves or technique. It's about the family saga built around simple brutality. Not having live fans helps the feud because they're great trash talkers. It ramps up the personal dilemma that much more. Their cursing fit the moment. Were some of the beats repeated from their CoC match? Yeah, but they amped up the viciousness. Using the strap was a great touch, something different without stepping on the next two HIAC matches that were more weapon-heavy. They used it perfectly, with whipping and submissions. It's the best story being told in WWE. If wrestling
  14. When I make you quit--and I will make you quit--you will fall in line. You will take orders. You will acknowledge me. You will respect me for who I am in WWE and all that I do for our family. And if you just can't, then you're out. And not just you. You brought your brother with you. He's out, too. Your wives, your children, your children's children are all out of the family. We will all turn our backs on you. Those are your consequences. Roman has gone full Michael Corleone/Tywin Lannister.
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