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  1. And I pointed out how your concept of how him being the only top-booked face was wrong, that Kofi has rightfully gotten the main event booking of a passionate baby face. You then went on to write paragraphs about how and why you hate him. I sure as heck didn't call you insincere. And that wasn't remotely close to me jumping on anyone. If you can wail on Roman, what gives Rollins a pass for you? I guess, indeed.
  2. I don't care that Bink doesn't like him. But he talks more about the guy than his fans do. Roman wasn't even being discussed. And some here call me obsessed.
  3. Saying someone's hate for Rollins is bizarre, considering Roman's being employed somehow sends you into 'he hurt me!' mode.
  4. Kofi Kingston is the strongest babyface in the company and has been since WM. Roman is still dealing with Shane/Drew/Revival. Stop with the idea that only Roman gets good booking just because you still wish he was off TV.
  5. It's not NXT's fault. They were looking to push him even before Finn Balor signed. He got hurt. They tried again with some matches against Ohno and Black. KENTA got hurt again. When he broke Kendrick's eye socket with his signature move that many associate more with CM Punk, he was pretty much done. It's a shame it NXT/205 Live didn't go better for KENTA, but it wasn't because they didn't take him seriously. The whole "they treat outsiders like garbage on the main roster" rhetoric holds no water, anyway. The homegrown guys are the exception these days, not the rule. The women are probably more even split.
  6. It's been changed on their YT channel, so something clearly happened to make that happen.
  7. I'm normally not for cutting anyone, but WWE has way too wrestlers, both in NXT and on the main roster. There are at least 20 people they can let go from RAW/SDL that would impact nothing. They need the space. They also need to send a few guys to 205 Live, like they're doing with Gable. Gives them something worthwhile to do while opening a spot for another person.
  8. "Why will no one come and fight me???" I don't know, Aleister. Maybe because you stay locked in a back room instead of going to the ring like everyone else. Just a thought.
  9. As someone who actually doesn't hate Raw but recognizes it has shortcomings, I think the show: 1) Needs consistency 2) Needs to change the formula That may seem like a contradiction, but no. The 24/7 title is doing well because it's not the status quo. It's different. Fresh. Offering something that isn't featured in any of the other stories. But it's also consistent in keeping R-Truth, Carmella, Drake Maverick, and a motley crew around it. A story unique to itself but with wrestlers who we know or have quickly endeared themselves to us. I thought last night's show was mostly inoffensive. A decent episode that moved the stories along. But why they haven't figured out to stop killing the room with 20-minute promos at the start of every show, I don't know. It's a tried routine, not to mention Rollins as the babyface doesn't have the skillset to carry the load. Not saying he can't cut a promo. But he's not a good true-blue baby and it reflects in his talking. They're starting to slide him more toward being conniving/shades of gray with using the chair and low blows. That's better suited to his strengths. But again, don't spend so much 'dead' time upfront that some fans leave before they see the end result. To me, Raw is like a novelist who needs a strong editor. The material is there. It can work. I think it does fine more than most here do. But the show needs someone who can trim the fat, leaving room for new stories/wrestlers to get time. This needs to be a regular process, not a flash in the pan fix. You gotta give them the reps, both in the ring and on the mic. I listened to Corbin's promo last night and thought it was one of his stronger moments. But that only happened because he gets on TV every week, the practice is there. The same needs to happen for more than the 15-20 wrestlers who know they have secured spots.
  10. Goldust/Dustin Rhodes if he had buck teeth.
  11. Beth sent a tweet about parenting--nothing to do with wrestling. Becky responded for whatever reason, and then Edge went in on her. May be a work, who's to say.
  12. If the rumors of Taker having investments go bad are true, he might actually need the cash. Goldberg likely doesn't, though.
  13. I'm surprised the Twitch stream Mansoor/Brennan Williams run hasn't been shut down yet by someone in the PC. I haven't heard anything good about it. Mansoor's been ant-Semitic and creepy, Rhea Ripley dropped a homophobic slur, they've had strange bets where the loser asks another wrestler for foot pics. Hardly anyone looks good being associated with it
  14. Cocaine, helluva drug. I'm only half-kidding when I say Shane's family wants him to croak in the ring. Probably got a sweet insurance policy on him that doubles if he dies accidently.
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