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    Ant-Man and X-Men: Days of Future Past on Blu Ray Books: The Hardcore Truth: The Bob Holly Story Wrestling for My Life - Shawn Michaels Live From New York An 8 qt. stainless steel pot with two strainer inserts, a skimmer/spider, a couple of gift cards and some cash. All that was great, but nothing was better than watching my 7 year old open her Sasha Banks rings and t-shirt, plus the Uso Crazy, How You Doin', I'm a Hugger, Finn Balor demon, and New Day unicorn shirts and losing her mind over them all.
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    Got a couple books, a gift card, couple magazine subscriptions, some jerky and homemade chocolate chip cookies. It was my son's first Christmas, so fortunately everybody focused on him. He got so much stuff that it barely fit in my giant sized SUV. His birthday is less than two weeks away, and that will include a bunch of people that weren't around for Christmas, so he'll have another giant haul then. Gonna have to ask people to tone it down for next year. He got his first ever Lego (Duplo actually) set, so I'm super excited about that. He also got a drum that might need to get accidentally misplaced. He's more than capable of making enough noise without that thing.
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    I got socks, two cheap new sets of earbuds (I go through them like no one's business), a small wrench, and a Marshmallow Santa that I bought for one of the kids but was reallocated into my stocking out of pity. I didn't ask for anything. I don't have time for the stuff I already have. The kids did great and were very happy and the wife appreciated effort at least so that's all the gift I needed yesterday.
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    Like any sensible human being, I'm spending Christmas morning watching Die Hard.
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    I'm not sure there's a HASEGAWA match where he takes less of a pasting than the other guys in the match combined.
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    So thst was exactly the kind of sappy sentimentality that is virtually guaranteed to work on me. I liked the silliness, I liked the sap. I loved the moment of slow recognition.
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    For our house, my wife and I got a new large area rug for the living room, which really ties the room together, plus some high-thread-count sheets and pillowcases. Her Impreza is getting new speakers and possibly some upgraded headlights, while my Mustang is getting a leather shift boot and new floor mats.
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    I got an old man robe that I will use as soon as El Nino makes it under 80 degrees, I got a Dallas Cowboy shirt that was awesome! THE DALLAS COWBOYS! I got two nutcrackers, one on a hobby horse and one with a secret area where I can hide my cocaine. I got a million dollar set of razors so I can finally shave the sides of my head and stop looking like a Civil War re-enactor. I got a sweater to make me look all hip and shit. My kids got a PS4, Madden 15 and 16, Fallout 4, MEtalgEarsOlid 5, and WWE something so I will never actually be able to watch my TV ever again. So whadyaget?
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    The ceiling wasn't that high, but Road Dogg sure was.
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    I think that venn diagram has a large overlap.
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    My dad has always looked like Han Solo in a way, to me. He and I went to this movie with my 7yo daughter. After we parted ways, I asked my kid - who hasn't seen anything "Star wars" - what she thought. "It was like watching grandaddy die. We should have watched 'Road Chip.'"
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    Dear Shitty Third Party Amazon Sellers Don't try and swindle my Mom. Especially in regards to Christmas presents. Because now you are dealing with me and my sister So yeah there is no way to "fix this bitterness that we have" as you put it in the email.
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    Well Road Dogg had a lengthy career, was over as fuck, part of one of the most popular groups in history and sold a ton of merchandise. For a guy who wasn't the best in ring, that's pretty amazing career. And a pretty high ceiling.
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    Sounds like I need to take a break from CRAWL(ing) OUT THROUGH THE FALLOUT BAY-BAY for a little while and come back to this. I haven't even installed the latest update. Are the yachts still attracting people for beach sniping parties, or have I already missed out?
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    An XBox One, $125 in cash and some gift cards (Stop and Shop/Dunkin' Donuts), a Galaxy Core, and a turntable/CD player/tape deck with my mom's vinyl collection (though that was less a "present" and more "I told my mom I'd take it a couple months ago and finally got around to doing so.")
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    The glitch has been fixed now- and if you weren't using Steam at the time you had zero risk. Valve's response has been lacking, but as far as issues go this was fixed fairly quickly and my guess is the impact is going to be random.
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    That's...not a very high ceiling.
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    I don't know about that, there's a couple people out there who think he's overrated or whatever but I completely disagree. He's one of the best five workers on the entire roster. Cena is a great wrestler but he was horrendous in a couple of those matches with Rollins and Seth carried the load. The pace and execution.. it was like watching a figure skater kill it at the Olympics. Maybe some people hate his brand of offense but nobody does it better. He's a machine.
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    I felt like I didn't know enough about the New Order and their objective, but it's also fine to simply establish them as Bad People and save the Bond Villain exposition for E8. I said to my wife after the movie all the NR rally (Obvious symbolism was obvious BTW) needed was a bunch of MAKE THE GALAXY GREAT AGAIN hats. Plus bogging too deep into process stories is the thing that killed the prequels most. So I get why they went the other way. When Disney gets its investment back we'll get insight on process. On the whole, all the nitpicking doesn't diminish the fact it hit a lot of the high notes it needed to and allowed me to nerd out about a dozen times. If a movie can make you do that ONCE, it's the price of admission right there. Imagine how a dozen made me feel. In spite of the JJisms it was entertaining as hell.
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    It just isn't Christmas without one of these
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    A few shirts(including a Star Wars T-shirt) and another gift card. Pretty good haul, all around. Browsed eBay this evening on a whim and picked up a few G1 Transformers. Nice capper on the holiday.
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    A shit ton of board games (I think the total is 12), some nice sweaters, new headphones, and from my best friend, D&D 5E Players Handbook. Really excited about that last one.
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    It's not Christmas until the Satan worshipper sings!
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    I won't stand for Build Fighters slander, that series was fucking great.
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    Oh YES. Civil Bore can eat ten bags of dicks. Deadpool and Apocalypse is all I fucking need next year.
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    to highlight just a small portion of that excellent read, my wife has been watching the UFC fights with me and the guys (since we always host) and, up until Rousey lost, she was completely convinced that Ronda could compete with anybody in the mens 135 division. this was my main point in trying to convince her otherwise, but it wasn't until the Holm decimation that she even understood what i was saying.
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    Complaining about how, when, and why people cheer seems like a ridiculous complaint to me. You guys sound like my crazy uncle who used to get pissed off when he heard children laughing.
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    ISWC? rec.sports.pro-dejarik You answered one question that results in another question.
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    I uploaded a bunch of pics from my Feb 1992 (Christmas 1991) WCW Magazine on twitter. This of course is my favorite. https://twitter.com/D_V_D_V_R/media
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    I don't see any disrespect. To me, it's just two different animals all together. With the men, the phrase "best ______ in each division" is starting to mean less and less every year that passes. It's fun for little debates and forum discussion. However, when we talk about Demian Maia being the best submission grappler we've ever seen in MMA, that's more or less a fact. Yeah, you can pick a handful of guys and talk about it. If it doesn't include Demian Maia, is it even worth discussing? The thing with Aldo and McGregor is you have to learn to separate those two types of thoughts. You can say that Conor isn't the best striker in whatever category without impeaching his skill or Aldo's. This wasn't like the straight up Hail Mary, "here goes nothing" strike Junior landed on Cain four years ago. That was still a good punch (shit, it worked), but you don't go, "oh shit, Junior dos Santos is ready to take on Daniel Ghita and Wladimir Klitschko right now." Conor went in there and knocked out one of the best strikers we've ever had the pleasure of seeing with a punch he has used to knock out previous opponents (IIRC Ivan Buchinger and another guy early in his career he knocked out super fast). Patrick Wyman had some incredible analysis before the fight that kinda mirrored what I was saying after the fight with my comment that Aldo walked up on Conor like he was Chris Mickle or some other Midwest journeyman fighter. Wyman basically said that Aldo cannot underestimate McGregor on the feet, and that his striking is way too good to just fight any type of fight. He also said that if Aldo played it a certain way, he was going to get lit up. I know I'm not doing his analysis any justice, but in that respect, you cannot look it as just a lucky punch or something that Aldo just let slip by. It was perfectly set up and executed. So at worst, Conor McGregor is at 1b in his weight class right now, which isn't bad given he knocked out one of the most accomplished fighters in the sport in a mere thirteen seconds. With the women, it's just an entirely different beast. I think 115 for the UFC is more immune to it, but it's still very behind. To be completely honest, in an ideal, developed weight class, a woman like Joanna Jedrzejczyk wouldn't be champion just yet. She would be facing fighters like Penne and Letourneau on the way up the ranks like you have with a promising lightweight like Ferguson facing a tough, skilled yet somewhat diminished vet like Thomson and a super dangerous, young fighter like Edson Barboza. She could be still earmarked to challenge for a belt and win, but not wearing one at the present moment. The same thing could be said for Gadelha. What a fight like Rose and PVZ showed is that while women's MMA has advanced a ton, it's still lagging far behind. If it I had to place it, it would be the 2003-2004 era with the UFC. My biggest gripe with comparing 115, 135, or any current division for females is that grit, toughness, or any intangible thing when it comes to fighting cannot be your best attribute in modern MMA. When that ends and the primary focus is on the skillset, that's when we can discuss and debate "_____ is the best striker at ____" like we do the men. I like Jim Miller and his fights entertain way more often than not. He is the closest textbook definition of a solid MMA fighter. The problem is that you cannot have a division full of Jim Millers, but less skilled. If women's MMA is to evolve (especially bantamweight), this is something that cannot continue. Although, I will say that women's MMA has evolved to a certain level where it passed it a critical point. Hence, why I didn't go SEG UFC. The reason I said that is because you have people like Tiffany Van Soest and Jorina Baars come into MMA and fail miserably just like a Joe Schilling. That's a critical point to pass because seven years ago I would've said give me a couple of great Muay Thai practitioners (and a few world champion BJJ girls) and they could fucking wreck shop. My stance hasn't changed a whole bunch, but it comes with a stipulation. MMA is and should be at a point where great fighters from one discipline can be very mediocre at MMA and not adversely affect how look we look at that discipline. The reason those two women failed is not necessarily tied to who or what skills transition better. I mean I would take Schilling to beat Kato in a kickboxing fight 10 times out of 10 attempts and maybe 6 or 7 times out of 10 in a standup fight in MMA. The problem comes in where you don't take it seriously and don't have prerequisite skills that override your innate thinking to do something ill-advised on the ground or in the grappling department. There was no reason that Joe Schilling should be holding on to a guillotine choke while Rafael Carvalho has side control. That's just something that has to be eliminated. Those women are great strikers, but atrocious MMA fighters. That doesn't mean they cannot knock out random females at 125 or 145 respectively. That just means it most likely won't be anyone good. I mean GdR barely got off that bubble after the Porto fight, but she still has a ways to go if she wants to contend even in a weak field. However, it all goes back to what I talk about with the whole grit thing. It's looking at the other side of the coin from where the comparisons specifically in striking are made. I will take someone like Germaine de Randamie to beat Larissa Pacheco on any given day. Hell yeah, she is going to break her arm and jaw just because all Larissa Pacheco has is grit when it all comes down to it. In MMA in general, there is no amount of grit, determination, and toughness that can overshadow being underskilled and underserved by your coaches. There is a reason why people had high hopes for Germaine when she said she was entering MMA after quite possibly one of the most brutal KOs (male or female) I've seen when she KO'd Angela Rivera-Parr. She is what I was hoping for when you had the whole thing where EliteXC was introducing female MMA and then you got stuff like ShoXC specifically for getting over the women. You would hope these awesome strikers and grapplers (think Hannette Staack back when she dominated her weight class in BJJ and the absolutes and not Kyra Gracie) would make that transition. Hoping for someone like Lucie Decosse who looks like a physical freak of nature and competes like one. They just never came. You got brief glimpses with people like Babydoll Reid and few others, but ultimately it never worked out. There are women out who are like Jacare and Maia and can do amazing things. They're just not in MMA. So if that's not happening, you better believe that people like Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm are going to be your rays of light. So for someone like Cristiane Justino to tighten up her boxing, it's extremely critical because she can go for being scary to fucking downright murderous. Because so many female fighters are underskilled, a precise right hand that is set up perfectly is going to do damage. As you just look up and down the UFC.com roster page for the women's bantamweight division, it's nothing but women whose best attribute is being gritty. That would be nice if I was describing a Sam Peckinpah film and not a slew of trained prizefighters. Sure, you got some who are a tick better on the ground than on the feet (or vice versa) but that highlights the actual problem. I mean how does someone like Sarah Kaufman who won a belt in a company that has other female fighters lose to someone whose way less experienced on a certain platform. Kaufman is tough and she can put stuff together, but that's not how you want to describe a top fighter in any given weight class. So if you want a female who has awesome striking to make a successful transition to MMA, it's going to be someone like a Holly Holm or Valentina Shevchenko who are good enough grappling wise to just make other girls who are not skilled or not as proficient look silly. The last part is just the truth. Like what is a girl like Elizabeth Phillips going to do when she is up against a great striker who can stop takedowns? She's either getting knocked out brutally or get beaten up really badly on the way to dropping a 30-26 or 30-25 3x emphatic decision loss. It's MMA and that should happen. People talk about women don't have the knockout power, but you don't need the knockout power to do the job as UK boxing announcers put it. The overall skill does that for you just in case you don't have that. Frankie Edgar ain't exactly Dim Mak'ing dudes but he still night night'd another really talented featherweight. So when you're going against a girl who has nothing for you, it should look like Joanna Champion vs. Penne or GdR vs. Pacheco because there is no good reason for those fights to end any other way. They should not look like the MMA version of that sham of a fight Melendez's wife had on that Dynamite card. That defeats the whole purpose to displaying women in combat sports on a televised platform and undercuts promoting it in the future. In order for that to happen at a more efficient rate, you're going to need two things. Obviously, it's the progression of talent entering the sport. Jacare and Maia make up for the fact that folks like Galvao and Marcelo Garcia really didn't get a chance to do what we know them for. Yoel Romero makes up for the fact Jake Rosholt stunk up the joint. We still need that influx of talent in female MMA especially at 135. So if we're talking strictly striking, it has to be those kickboxers and boxers like Shevchenko and Holm who can successfully cross-train. Not this Ana Julaton thing where you're just kinda doing it. If you do that, you're going to kinda get submitted. Secondly, that talent has to force out that old guard. It happens every other event in the UFC and few times a year in Bellator when it comes to the male fighters. I hate to name names, but it's the circle of life and you got to get to use to it. So in three or four years time, if fighters like Leslie Smith, Lauren Murphy, Jessica Eye, Marion Reneau, Bethe Correia, Sarah Kaufman, Raquel Pennington, Elizabeth Phillips, Jessamyn Duke, Liz Carmouche, and others are still in that immediate cluster, that's a very bad sign. They got to go as time progresses for things to get better. Either they have to be forced to improve like a Rafael dos Anjos or they have to go back to the place whence they came. If it's not on a strictly gatekeeper status, then they really serve no purpose in the promotion. You're going to need Thomas Almeida or Aljamain Sterling type figures to do that very task. That's not picking on the Johnny Eduardo and Brad Picketts of the world. In defense of those guys, they are no Brad Picketts or Johnny Eduardos in that list of women. The Sara McManns of the UFC have to be bumped down to the roles those women currently occupy while new talent surfaces. If you're getting a young female from Lion Fight, whatever kickboxing/TMA organization, or any boxing scene, they need to completely annihilate that class of women above and do the same amount of brutality Nunes did on McMann on that Nashville card. It sounds like a lot to ask, but it's not when we see so many fights almost every week and month where prospects and contenders rise to that occasion and reach new plateaus. Valentina Shevchenko beat a mainstay on one week's notice and only five weeks of training. The right women, especially with the amount of top level trainers and the amount of trial and error in cross training already completed, are certainly capable of doing that.
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    I've just been feeling so flat lately.
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    Sixers just reacquired Ish Smith from the Pelicans for two second round picks. And they waived Tony Wroten, the name best equipped to pronounce in a Philly accent. How I think it went down: Colangelo: So, Brett, what do you think we can do to improve the team so they're not 1-30? Brett: I think we could use a veteran point guard. Someone like Ish Smith. I liked coaching him last year. He's a nice guy and can dribble the ball without it ending in the third row. Colangelo: Why don't we just get Ish Smith? Hey, Sam, don't we have a bunch of second round picks? (Hinkie just stares straight ahead nodding.)
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    I'm totally fine with the Hype Bros. existing because it gives Corey Graves a chance to flat-out call them morons and trained apes.
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    Do you have a gif of this? It sounds fun. Not sure if its because I'm watching on my phone but that looks like a video game glitch.
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    As a person who comes from an African-American family based in the same part of the Mississippi Delta that Ike Turner grew up in, I've heard some WILD shit about what that use to go down. Child molestation was pretty frequent in the Mississippi Delta and the towns just outside of it for awhile and was just never talked about. Oprah Winfrey was raped and molested when she was nine. That was in the early to mid 60s. Lets just say the safety of black children and women wasn't the biggest priority for white law enforcement for several decades. I'd say that most segregated black communities were basically the wild west. Richard Pryor grew up in Illinois and was a child prostitute. My uncle and my grandfather tell stories about one street in my hometown in Ohio that used to be a row of brothels, speakeasys and gambling dens that were able to run with impunity unless someone got shot. The part of my little town where the black people live are called the upper and lower allotments, which is basically the northern part of the town black people could live and the southern part where black people could live. It was a community that essentially policed itself, and the upper allotment was where all the craziness happened. Bill Boxdale's "store" was a place my uncle used to buy candy after church when he was a kid. He didn't realize why so many adults who lived so close were getting "hotel rooms" until he was much older. It was your one stop shop for liquor, prostitues, and whatever else you may or may not have been into. The crazy part about it is that those are the only two parts of town that still don't have municipal water, cable, or anything else they can justify not giving black people. There is a cemetery midway through the town, and all the black people live on one side and all the white people live on the other(there have been white families on the black side, but no black families on the other). If the black people want running water they have to dig a well(there is still at least one inhabited house without running water in my old neighborhood), if they want more than 3 channels they have to get a satellite and over the last 10 years or so the black side of town has become an unofficial retirement community. I go back home, look around, and wonder how people still deny the existence of institutional racism. I grew up in a low to middle class, all black community in the middle of the crack era and was completely safe. Me and my friends were allowed to stay out as long as we wanted by the time we were 12 or 13 as long as we were in our neighborhood. The surrounding cities and towns were some of the highest crime areas in the entire country, but I can't remember a crime being committed in our side of town. We took care of each other, and never knew we didn't have much, but most of my friends have left, because no one wants to live in a place where you're constantly reminded that you aren't wanted(They've even stopped paving the roads, they just started dumping gravel on them.). The town was a place where black people moved in the early 1900s because there was so much work, even in a place where race was a huge factor a black person could easily find a job. When the steel mills were running and work was plentiful, you'd put up with that shit, but when you're struggling to find work and put food on the table that shit will wear on you. I swear I was just planning on making the point about segregated neighborhoods being lawless outside of the Mississippi delta, but I got carried away talking about my hometown.
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    It wasn't bad per se, but it was really weird the lengths they went to basically reset all the pieces back to their original positions. Han and Chewie are back to smuggling. Leia is back to leading a rebel, er, resistance force against the space nazis.. Luke is once again isolated on a backwater planet. We spent 30 years wondering what happened next to these characters, and it turns out the answer was, "Eh, you know, pretty much the same stuff." A friend said that it was great they showed just a little bit and now he wants to know what happened in the middle! The answer is "not much." That's what I got. Luke tried to start a new Jedi order. His nephew got corrupted, went to the dark side. He Obi-Wan'd his way into hiding. Han was pissed off that Leia sent him to Luke and either before or after that backfired, he left, and ended up as a smuggler again, not even with the Falcon, as the world slowly passed him by. Leia lost the peace pretty severely, to the point where she was spending her best resources on finding a Luke that didn't want to be found instead of researching the new starkiller and thus any gains they actually made over DECADES (and they weren't all that impressive to begin with apparently) were lost just like that. Of course that's fair, Will. Not to bring party politics into it but look at the state of "Hope" eight years later after that victory. Even Rome fell and before that it went from being a republic to being something far more autocratic. But Star Wars isn't about human history. It's one of the most powerful new myths of our lifetimes. Lucas himself chipped away at it with the prequels by showing the Republic as corrupt and the Confederacy having a point and having the Jedi Order be backwards and complacent and embarrassing when it came to things like the whole "will balance the force" prophecy, but that was just the way you GOT to Jedi. It makes everything more human and grounded and in some ways that's good, it's great. In others, it's the only way this will work as a potent, powerful force, and not just reliving the ghosts of the past. But I think it's a distinct change from what Star Wars was to what it now is. I don't think that genie can go back into the bottle.
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    Ha, this is pretty awesome http://www.wired.com/brandlab/2015/12/lexical-analysis-lex-luthor-on-disrupting-the-vigilante-industrial-complex/#^eyJocmVmIjoiaHR0cDovL3d3dy53aXJlZC5jb20vIiwiYWRVbml0Ijp7InNlcnZlciI6ImRmcC1ncHQiLCJlbGVtZW50SUQiOiJyYWQtcG9sYXItY2FyZDE2NXgzMDdfZnJhbWUifSwibGFiZWwiOiJwb2xhciBjYXJkIiwic2VsZWN0b3IiOiIjcmFkLXBvbGFyLWNhcmQxNjV4MzA3X2ZyYW1lIiwiY3JlYXRpdmUiOiI0M2I5ODc3YzgwZDU0ODNmYTkyMTA4ODFlNmI2ODAyZiIsImV4cGVyaWVuY2VUeXBlIjoiaW5ib3VuZCJ9
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    God damn. So I bought the game for $40. And I have to spend 3x that for a yacht. Amazing. I mean, not that I have to. I could go without it or earn it somehow. Still, damn. Rockstar must be making their money back in spades. The next GTA might as well be free to play This is totally focused on dumb kids. I'm 40 and I play games for maybe an hour or so per day, if that. If I told my wife I was about to spend over $100 in real life money for a boat in a video game, I'd be living in Trevor's trailer.
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    Oh, they come to snuff the Rooster ... BUT HE AIN'T GONNA DIE! LEMME HEAR A HELL YEAH!
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    Anytime, mane. (edit: spelling)
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    Between "Seven Nation Army" and this, Haley Reinhart is rapidly becoming Post Modern Jukebox's MVP.
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    Dunno if it's odd/unusual, but it is awesome:
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    Thanks, random youtube algorithm recommendation program, for this WTH moment today.
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