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  1. Not only was he cool with it, both the IC championship and being on Smackdown were Bryan's ideas.
  2. That's amazing that anyone truly believes that. Or even had that thought. Especially in a period with no star power due to injuries and they have the biggest star they've had in the past few years sitting ready to get put in the game, but they wouldn't do it not because of brain stuff, but because of Roman Reigns.
  3. Is that something you really believe has happened?
  4. Good Lord... They were booing concussions, not Daniel Bryan. There's healthy cynicism and then there's whatever it is that's ailing you. You must be as much fun at parties as Saran Wrap over the toilet bowl.... They were booing when he said he couldn't wrestle any more. Because he had brain damage. And they were booing because they wanted him to have more matches, not understanding that he has brain damage because of wrestling. And then booing the mention of his wife because lolfuckthebellas. Disgusting people in that crowd.
  5. I wish I could say I was surprised at fans booing him for not willing to risk further brain damage (after he actually explained his brain damage) and mentioning his wife, but I'm not. Wrestling fans sure know how to be the pieces of trash you expect them to be and ruin a great moment for someone they "love".
  6. 1/4/96 was a bad night for necks and brain stems
  7. If he meant "It is safer to play in the NFL than riding a bike in the sense that you are more likely to be hit by a car while riding a bike", then he'd be right.
  8. Hopefully this isn't an angle. Bryan's health and future are more important than the entertainment of wrestling fans.
  9. Because they're paying him to do nothing? What does WWE potentially lose by dropping him? It's not like there's a viable competitor he could invigorate. Because when he leaves and gives himself another 8 concussions in one tour in NJPW, the headlines will still read "Former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan...". Bryan hurting himself somewhere else still looks bad on WWE. Forever. Just like all of Kurt Angle's arrests have been "Former WWE superstar and Olympic gold medalist" instead of "TNA star".
  10. She bounced so high off the bump she literally landed on her feet. Yeesh.
  11. No he isn't. He's been at every Raw since he was hired. He's made it very, very clear he is Smackdown exclusive as an on screen talent.
  12. Yes. When Hogan did his "retirement" and POTUS stuff, Scott was put in charge of the black and white. Then after both sides reunited, Scott would get promo time along with Hogan and Nash every week. Then the nWo fizzled out because somehow Hogan and Nash were turned face by the crowd, and Scott was stuck in the mid card for the rest of 1999. And even in the New Blood, he still wasn't the main guy, had a quasi-face turn for a few weeks, then went full heel again and won the title in November. Of 2000. After turning heel originally in February of 1998.
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