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  1. Naito vs. Ishii was every Naito vs. Ishii match ever but they have such a great dynamic that it will always be good. Shingo vs. Moxley was really good too. It was a very psychologically sound match and Moxley in control is really fucking good. His leg work was awesome. Shingo did a good job selling too.
  2. I feel like an Shingo vs. Ospreay final is pretty obvious. The two biggest stars in the field and it would be the last big Ospreay match that we haven’t seen in Junior division before they move him to the heavies permanently.
  3. Not just that but with the White vs. Goto match, inferring from their booking patterns, it looks they’re running back Okada vs. White at Dominion. If they do a consecutive stretch of SANADA-White-SANADA-White matches for Okada, that feels like lazy booking to say the least.
  4. I guess this basically confirms the theory that he left New Japan because of his lack of a push. He obviously loves working in Japan but he was never going to go anywhere in New Japan especially considering how far he dropped down the card after the scandal. I’m assuming he thinks that he could be a main event guy in All Japan with the big focus on hosses and such.
  5. The last Okada/Ishii match was possibly the best match of 2016 so I am insanely excited for tonight.
  6. The whole show was probably the best show I’ve seen this year. Those last 3 matches were lights out. Iwamoto/Suzuki was great. Iwamoto is making a bit of dark horse WOTY case right now. Strong BJ/Violent Giants was fucking amazing. A 25 minute bomb fest with tremendous heat and intensity that was compelling at every moment. Definitely my MOTY. And the main event was fantastic, an amazing showcase for Nomura and Kento’s strongest performance in a while as the dominant ace looking to prove that this young upstart ain’t worth shit. I’d say this was the 3rd best match I’ve seen so far in 2019. Two top 3 MOTYs and another great match plus a fun undercard. All Japan is on a roll right now. I’m so excited for Champion Carnival.
  7. It’s a huge show. I could see them doing Naito/Ibushi IC Title as the semi-main event before the Okada/White main event.
  8. The new NOAH logo is here and it’s controversial to say the least.
  9. The DDT Judgment show was fantastic. The main event is my MOTY so far and this show will be tough to beat for show of the year.
  10. I don’t see any way Okada/Ibushi is a NJC Final. That’s a match they’ve been protecting for a long time and they’re not putting it in a 4,000 capacity arena. That match could easily main event Dominion or be the G1 Final. A match like that would be a good Dome main event too.
  11. I’m pretty sure the story would’ve been that Okada would’ve found himself during the New Japan Cup and won the whole damn thing. White probably would’ve still beaten Okada to be a Kenny defense at NB like he is now. Something interesting that Dave said in a previous WOR is that Jay will be a Kenny surrogate in 2019. Basically everything that was planned for Kenny’s booking will just have Jay White plugged into the role. So IF that’s true, then that would mean Jay would presumably beat Tana and then drop it to Okada in the Garden.
  12. Meltzer said that from a conversation he had with Kenny pre-interview, he was told that if Kenny had re-signed with NJPW, the plan was for him to beat Tanahashi at the Dome and lose to Okada at MSG.
  13. It really seemed from the interview that Kenny does not like Harold Meij at all and his relationship with NJPW had deteriorated significantly. I’m doubt it’ll be the last we see him there but I’m very confident he’s not gonna be there for a long while.
  14. Kenny Omega was on WOR today and he said something very interesting. Says that for the G1 when he faced Ibushi at the Budokan, they sold 144% of the building, while Tana/Okada on a different night had only sold 65%. Kenny said the New Japan office sent emails around saying that free tickets need to be given away for the Tana/Okada show because they can't have two guys from the indies (Kenny/Ibushi) outselling their home grown guys. If that’s true, wow.
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