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  1. Fun show, I thought that all main matches delivered and Khan continues to improve. I also love how Ibushi is doing Tanahashi's bit where is purposefully acting like a dick to "motivate" his opponent.
  2. Previous one was good, but this one topped it. I could have lived without that fake out with King, but other than that it was as close to perfect as you can probably get in this format.
  3. I'm not sure now who, but one of wrestling podcasters has said some time ago that it feels like NJPW has been transforming after Naito defeated Okada and became double champ. Obviously COVID and injuries made things difficult, but when you now look at last year you can kinda see it.
  4. I was rather surprised that Narita picked up a win. Won't be surprised if he'll go deep into NJ Cup USA.
  5. I think it is about time Khan beats someone who is not a jobber and Ishii is probably going out in first round.
  6. I think we should rule out Naito, White and Sanada since they recently had matches against Ibushi. Okada looks like the favourite to me so... he is probably losing to Shingo.
  7. It would be rather funny and weird journey if they end up back at AXS.
  8. So will their title match now feature absurd amount of knee attacks by Ibushi?
  9. I think this was the best Ibushi/Sanada match.
  10. Tama looked better on his recent singles matches on Strong shows and Goto sometimes does MOTYC matches so I'm hopeful that they can deliver. Unfortunately their single matches are one after another and NJPW often books such in same manner: first ends with DQ due to heel from second one interfering and second match is more of a clusterfuck due to 4 guys being present.
  11. Suzuki ain't winning the main title so I don't think that your comparison holds up.
  12. I liked the idea of GoD vs Taichi/ZSJ, but that idea really doesn't need such long match.
  13. So can someone who knows about these things explain if it is good, bad or doesn't matter?
  14. I guess, but question is what we consider "big"? WK, G1, Dominion, BotSJ? NJ Cup maybe?
  15. White is back and we are likely getting White/Ishii at Castle Attack. Well Evil is homegrown and both of them are 4-5 years younger than Shingo. When ZSJ won he was like 30 years old I think. Can he win, can he challenge? Sure, but NJPW rarely gives big wins to someone just because he is having great matches. There must be some additional upside.
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