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  1. Feels like FinJuice have to be there as well. Their last match against ZSJ/Taichi was probably match of the tournament.
  2. Would I be crazy if I said that RoH has been the best post-lockdown promotion in the world? Many other promotions had higher highs than RoH in these past few months, but I don't think that any other promotion has been so consistently enjoyable. Pure tournament was a blast and I'd say that majority of what we saw in post tournament TV episodes has been good to great as well. Now all they need is to deliver a good Final Battle PPV to cap it off. Some matches have been set up during last couple of weeks: Rush/Brody for RoH world title EC3/Jay Briscoe Taven/Bennett vs Vincent/Bate
  3. I'm just glad that it looks we are finally getting some longer term storyline here that connects to the very first Lion Collision shows. Also kinda funny how Rocky is probably main character in all of this with his "impressive" number of wins.
  4. Will the NJPW shows be available there? NJPW World only has 2 or 3 matches from that tour.
  5. So looking at the post lockdown period, anything else from CMLL is worth tracking down asides of Titan/Sobernaro?
  6. I think Yoh should be back by spring. As for the tournaments, I think that WTL is actually good this year, not that we get one or two decent matches like previous years, but that overall WTL shows are enjoyable. BotSJ suffers a bit that asides of Eagles we have seen plenty of action with other 7 guys so it doesn't feel as fresh as previous junior tournaments that usually would bring either new guys or some that we haven't seen for a while.
  7. Yeah well, NJPW is likely interested in some news guys for The Empire. They already kinda hinted someone with a "hatchet" nickname.
  8. Bunch of random thoughts: Is it just me or have GoD added some new moves/sequences to their matches? Or maybe I forgot how they even wrestle. I'm not sure about Cobb/Khan winning WTL since then we'd have heels vs heels title match at WK. Story of Tanahashi failing continues. Evil/Yujiro so far are surprisingly good. Hiromu reminds everyone that he is still crazy. At first I was like who cares about Tenzan helping Wato, but I'm actually interested in Wato adding some of Tenzan moves to his arsenal. Looking at the brackets it looks plausible that Sho might get to the finals, but
  9. I'm not sure if it can be called poor (or good) considering that it was pretty much a filler for couple of months till we got to G1.
  10. My suspicion is that Evil will go for Shingo at WK. You don't really go from being double champ and one of the main characters during the entire year to not having a featured match at WK.
  11. So... Evil/Yujiro beat Shingo/Sanada to set up NEVER title match?
  12. So what Tanahashi is going to do? I always assumed that with Kota he'd win WTL and win back tag titles at the dome so in that sense White winning wasn't surprising to me. But now I have no idea.
  13. I think after PS since probably the winners of two main matches won't be in it just like last couple of years.
  14. Ishii/Goto/Yoshi vs Taichi/ZSJ/Douki from the last Road To show is definetely worth watching. I can't believe it, but all 3 NEVER trios titles matches were great.
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