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  1. I don't know, wouldn't surprise me if "RoH got cold feet" is part of the shoot-work-angle thing that is going on with them.
  2. I was thinking, can't they just run Liger's retirement match against Hiromu on first night?
  3. More about Lethal/Starr/Sinclair: https://www.pwtorch.com/site/2019/04/19/roh-news-ipwa-promoter-issues-statement-to-pwtorch-on-controversy-surrounding-the-david-starr-vs-jay-lethal-match-in-israel-this-weekend/
  4. Yeah, I know that double champ thing is an angle. But I think nobody is making connection that Naito could have been first double champ if he had won WK8 match as well.
  5. My money is on them causing Briscoes to lose a match in Crockett Cup.
  6. Okay, here is the angle that I think nobody is really noticing/mentioning. At WK8 Naito was supposed to main event with Okada, but that didn't happen. So at WK12 Naito "fixed" that mistake. But during WK8 season Naito was NEVER champion as well. Had he won his WK8 match he would have became first double champion. So, is he now going to "fix" that mistake as well?
  7. Weren't they also going to introduce trios belts? Or was that a joke that I didn't get?
  8. Juice can probably be added to "Can drag Fale to a decent match" shortlist. While main event was probably best Ibushi/ZSJ match so far? And I liked their previous matches as well, so yeah, this was great. Post match angle thou? Too soon? Out of nowhere? Out of character?
  9. Well if we assume that rumours are true about Jericho's and Omega's deals and they are indeed getting ~3 millions each... and I assume that Bucks and Cody aren't that far behind... They are probably currently paying something like 12-15 million on talent alone each year? Add to that pay-to-play on TV and well I'm not sure how exactly they'd be making money here. Sure, they sold out some big buildings, but if they plan to run live TV every week then I doubt that people will be flying in for every show. Whole idea that All In being produced by RoH was a problem is a bit weird to me. Will be interesting to see how Double or Nothing will look and will anyone be able to tell a difference.
  10. I don't understand why people just left good chunks of Norse themes and symbols to fucking Nazis. Cultural sphere occupied by Nazis grows bigger every time someone thinks that something sounds like white supremacy thing and as such that name/image/idea/whatever should be left alone. At some point we'll get to situation where even having Viking characters on screen will be too controversial due to white supremacy. And obviously I understand that this "taking Norse culture back from Nazis" thing shouldn't start, or probably happen at all, in WWE, but it has to start somewhere.
  11. I think that whoever green-lighted All In probably thought that they'll draw 3000 people and that will be that. Yes, it was stupid decision, but I'm not sure if you can really blame them for it. Back then nobody imagined that it would kick start AEW.
  12. I have seen some people saying that it is not very reliable source, but if true then not very good news.
  13. On the topic of NJPW in Australia, Fale released a documentary about their previous Australian tour: Nothing really mind blowing and it doesn't reveal much if anything that we didn't know already, but it was an enjoyable watch. And I'm sure that Fale tried to put himself over in this, but at the same time it looks like he is going to have job in NJPW for life even when he stops wrestling.
  14. Also, sorry for double post, but this is kinda different thing anyway: I think that Enzo/Cass might run in during Crockett Cup and cause Briscoes elimination. Corgan has booked that meme dude with no chin (don't remember his name) to face Aldis before so he probably wouldn't mind Enzo and Cass bringing some attention to NWA as well.
  15. Looks like Briscoes/GoD now have three twitter videos talking shit about each other. If GoD and NJPW really didn't knew anything about this thing then to me it looks like they have rather quickly decided to continue booking GoD/Briscoes feud. On one hand this might be NJPW trying to be class act and are running with this thing in order to finish the feud before they jump ship. Alternatively it is possible that they don't care that much or that they actually knew and "NJPW had no idea this was happening" is part of the work. You know, we all think that Enzo/Cass running in was supposed to look like a shoot, but maybe it was just a distraction and the real goal here is "RoH screwed NJPW, there might be legit heat between companies and their wrestlers". After all, shoot run ins are stupid because everyone is going to film it and everyone understands that if it actually happened for real then security would deal with it in 10 seconds. But how do you know if heat between two companies is real or not? We all understand that RoH and NJPW probably have to work together for some time due to contracts signed in the past, but other than that we have no idea and we might be played by whoever is leaking those things to Dave or whoever else. Those video responses aren't amazing, but at the same time now I want to see GoD/Briscoes more than I did after Honor Rising when G1 Supercard match was announced and Brody/PCO with Evil/Sanada weren't added to the match yet. So add some more exchanges, maybe some stiff shots when those teams likely meet on War of the Worlds in some capacity to make it looks like everyone is really pissed and I think that eventual match is going to be heated. The way G1 Supercard match was worked it is kinda obvious that goal here is for Briscoes to beat GoD and get those titles back. But before that can happen they'll have to deal with Enzo/Cass. Meanwhile, on the other side of the ocean GoD are chasing Yano who now has stolen their RoH tag titles as well. So both teams have new things to deal with (well Yano has stolen belts before, but now he has stolen two sets of belts, so you know, stakes are higher!) before they eventually clash again for those titles. In other words I have really no clue if this is all a work or not, but it is working for me in a sense that I'm now more interested in eventual GoD/Briscoes match.
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