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  1. Archibald

    NJPW Destruction Tour 2018

    Isn't Dave same when he talks about Miz? I remember when Miz cut a promo on how Bryan won't resign with WWE and will wrestle in bingo halls and then Dave went on a tirade on how that promo made no sense and that Bryan would be wrestling in Arena Mexico and Tokyo Dome. And I'm reading that and thinking... Miz is a heel who talks shit so obviously he is going to talk shit that does not make sense so that fans would be behind Bryan and not him. But somehow that escapes Dave and he starts talking about how this is some kind of statement by WWE. Or how he and Alvarez often would criticize (not sure if they speak about it still) Miz for bad looking kicks that Bryan used to do... like... thats the entire point. This asshole heel is copying moves of your favourite, half-assing them and at the same time is pretending that he is just as good as Bryan. But nah, Miz should learn how to do them better or stop doing them. Golden Elite were doing some athletic movez while countering each other, that instantly makes it better for Dave (and others who follow his tastes).
  2. Archibald

    NJPW Destruction Tour 2018

    I think we already reached the endgame, in a sense. Taichi's was angry that he was not picked for G1 while wrestlers like Yoshi got in and, as expected, failed to get many points. Goto failed in G1 as well and due to their earlier encounter at Dominion he was perfect target for Taichi. He wanted to show that man who was not "good enough" for G1 could beat one of the champions on the following tour and by this throw a stone at NJPW's office. And well, he did that, he proved his point. He does not care about the title, he is treating it similarly to how Naito treated IC title. He threw it away during the match and he was kicking it around and stepping on it during post match interview. I don't think that he really needs that title nor he needs to enter WK13 as champion. Regardless of what happens next I just hope that we don't get Taichi/Goto rematch. Goto needs to move somewhere else because this might be third straight WK that he'll have NEVER title match. Sure, his matches with Shibata and Suzuki were great and I'd say even MOTYCs, but I''m sure that he could deliver great WK match in another slot as well. Edit: side note, looked over Kobe card and Liger/Tiger Mask have a non-title match against Desperado/Kanemaru. Maybe thats what for Tiger Mask is being built? He'll pin Kanemaru and they'll have Jr. Tag title match at KoPW?
  3. Archibald

    NJPW Destruction Tour 2018

    I think that "Gedo" is often used as synonymous to NJPW's office. We don't really know who is responsible for what, but we know that Gedo does booking so we kinda point at him whenever something strange (or something that we don't like) happens.
  4. Archibald

    NJPW Destruction Tour 2018

    Well pretty much everyone goes for around 30 minutes main events outside of G1 so I think that might be some sort of requirement set by NJPW. Otherwise it would be a bit of a coincidence that everyone just decide, on their own, that they need 25-35 minutes. But yeah, I think that Suzuki's match really works only when he wins. Lots of people hate his New Beginning match against Okada, but praised to heavens his match against Tanahashi this year. Whats the main difference? Suzuki won against Tanahashi. I think that Naito tried to sell his leg to the finish in their IC title match and due to that he did absolute minimum of his moves (and some had weird variations), but it didn't really work in the end either because "Naito came back too easy and out of nowhere", well alternatively you have "Naito stopped selling" now just like Okada stopped selling against Suzuki in New Beginning. Edit: There are obviously some exceptions (like Suzuki/Goto from last WK) and I'm generalizing here a bit.
  5. Archibald

    NJPW Destruction Tour 2018

    Another Destruction show in the bag. Yoshida got a DQ win over Iizuka. And he got his own entrance if I'm not mistaken. Point is that he is probably not really considered to be Young Lion and he is closer to Finlay and Henare in terms of status than to young lions. Ospreay and Kushida got lots of time. I hope that this is a fake out and not a preview of their title match at KoPW. And for some reason Tiger Mask keeps pinning Rocky. I don't understand what is the point of that... Unless... Bushi is going to win Jr. Title and they are going to run Bushi/Tiger Mask title match because Tiger Mask defeated him in BotSJ. I'm probably crazy to even think about this, but I struggle to figure out why else would Tiger Mask be picking up wins when he got guys like Liger, Kushida and Taguchi on his team. Or you know, Ospreay could pick up a win, or even Sho/Yoh. So yeah, either I'm crazy or something is up. On the other hand I get why KES keep getting wins since they are most likely to be either next challengers or do good in WTL. But then, Trent got pinned by them which I guess is just another example of him not going anywhere outside of midcard filler act. Zack rolled up Evil, which was weird. I get why Zack would pick up a win, but why it would be over Evil who is likely heading to Jericho/Evil? Either way Evil sold it like a boss. You'd think that they would be going to singles match, but it is not clear how that could happen with Jericho and Naito looming around. Yoshi-Hashi got robbed again. Goto/Taichi was old Taichi's match with him doing shitty things and SZGN members interfering. I guess since Taichi won they wanted to protect Goto, but it made the match weaker and I'm not sure how much value is there left in protecting Goto. I expect people to shit on this match, but I think most of the blame should be attributed to Goto and his booking. I mean entire match was structured so that Goto would get crowd behind him, but I'd argue that whenever Taichi did something decent he got bigger reaction than Goto. I'm happy that Taichi won and that Goto's reign is over, but I don't understand why we needed this type of a match for that to happen. I think people will like this Suzuki/Naito match better because it had a bit more standard structure than their IC title match. And well, Suzuki took a table bump. Biggest Suzuki bump in last X years? Bonus points for Evil not being there for post match promo, probably still selling his loss to Zack.
  6. Archibald

    General Lucha Libre Comments

    Match can be still seen on their facebook:
  7. Archibald

    NJPW Destruction Tour 2018

    Sounds possible that Jericho/Evil will headline because only other big match left is either Okada/White or Tanahashi/White and I just can't see that being the main event of KoPW and well, KoPW is less than a month away so I don't feel like they have enough time to set up something else. For PS they'd have enough time to set up another title match like Omega/Fale or Zack/Naito or something else entirely that we don't see now. Also, in post match interviews Kushida makes a point about PS getting a tag line: SUPER Jr. TAG LEAGUE 2018. So he sees it as Juniors doing good work and increasing their profile. For those unaware, this year Jr. tag tournament will be round robin and not single elimination so we are bound to get many jr. tag matches from hard cam later this year. For Omega/Ishii matches I'd say that their first one was the weakest, but had surprise ending and started Omega/Ishii rivalry, that made it overall better match to me than it technically was. Rematch at Dontaku was better, but lacked drama for me, kinda like this one. So if I'd have to rank them I'd probably say: G1 match, G1 special match, Destruction in Hiroshima match, NJ Cup match and Dontaku match being the last.
  8. Archibald

    NJPW Destruction Tour 2018

    More Ibushi/Ospreay teasing. I'd guess that Ospreay is probably losing to Scurll. Gives fresher match in Kushida/Scurll or even first time ever (if I'm not mistaken) in Bushi/Scurll and Ospreay would have more time to be built up for WK special singles match. On the other hand NJPW were teasing Okada/Ibushi earlier this year as well and it went nowhere, so you never know. Fale keeps getting strong booking, but it is not really clear where it is all going? There were some theories about him challenging Omega, but he didn't do it here and they might meet again only in USA and by that point it might be a bit too late to set up KoPW main event. And well, doesn't really make sense to drag it out till PS either. So what could he do? Challenging for NEVER title would feel a bit random to me so maybe Juice/Fale at KoPW or PS? GoD/Ishimori retained their trios belts. Will they beat Bucks in USA? Sounds plausible since Bucks might not be on KoPW and PS shows while NJPW would want those belts defended there, but being double champions causes booking problems as well. Naito and Suzuki, in my opinion, are building up their match fine, but it is hard for me to get invested. One reason being that their previous match was weird (I don't think that it was bad as some claim, but it had weird, in my opinion, deliberately different structure than what we usually get from NJPW ) and that it is now kinda happening for no real reason. Positive thing would be that it looks like Suzuki is focusing more on arm and neck so likely they won't try to repeat their previous match. While I have said that Okada really should stop feuding with Tanahashi... their upcoming match is my most anticipated match in this tour (including USA show). It can really go either way and adding Yoshi to the mix made it even more interesting. You kinda have to feel for the guy, on one hand you got old Ace who might be playing mind games or he might be genuine, then you have your friend Okada who never really treated you seriously. And well, if thats not enough you also have Jay White making all of it even worse with his own agenda. Title match, I wouldn't say that crowd was dead, but it wasn't very hot either. Is it them or is it NJPW delivering predictable match? I mean, this has been the case for past few years from what I remember. For example, if I'm not mistaken KoPW crowd wasn't very hot for Okada/Evil either since outcome was obvious. Destruction shows tend to be a bit of down month for NJPW in terms of excitement and this wasn't any different. As for the match itself, I liked it a lot. Wasn't as good as their G1 match, but had many callbacks and felt to me like a conclusion to their rivalry. Sure, maybe they'll meet again and deliver another great match, but if they never meet again I won't feel like it was some missed opportunity or some mistake. I wouldn't mind if Ishii got a new dancing partner.
  9. Archibald

    CMLL 85th Anniversario Show

    How the attendance looked? Many empty seats?
  10. Archibald

    General Lucha Libre Comments

    While Casas anniversary show on paper had much better card, I actually ended up enjoying this more. They fucked up their main event, but everyone had their working boots on and, in my opinion, over delivered. Well asides of El Clan, no fucking idea what CMLL sees in them. Is one of them best friends with UG or something? Because this whole angle is baffling to me. Also, loved that at the end Cavernario was holding Taven's leg and he is like dude, its ok, I'm on your side. And well Cavernario, every single feud that he lost now probably does not matter any more. While Rush ended the match for obvious reasons it was still Cavernario's night. Another thing that I don't get is why Taven is not in Gran Prix, crowd would probably go nuts for Volador/Taven stand off. But probably safe to guess (as safe as anything can be in CMLL) that few months later, when their hair grows back, they'll do Volador/Tave hair vs hair match?
  11. Archibald

    Puroresu General Discussion for 2018

    Rather interesting interview with Fale about Bullet Club origins and what it is today: https://www.njpw1972.com/35329 While not spelled out directly, interview kinda makes a point about how NJPW factions are about making NJPW system better while The Elite are about changing NJPW itself into something else.
  12. Archibald

    2018 NWA THREAD (the Billy Corgan one)

    Probably we will see if plan has been worked out or not when Cody/Aldis rematch happens. If he drops it back to Aldis then thats that probably.
  13. Archibald

    General Lucha Libre Comments

    Any chance that it eventually ends up on NJPW World?
  14. Archibald

    NJPW Destruction Tour 2018

    I really didn't want Okada to win this, but now I'm even more pumped for Tanahashi victory. Would love to see how whole "Okada gives Yoshi to Tanahashi" ceremony would play out.
  15. Archibald

    ALL IN - 9/1/2018 - Post-Show Thread

    Because they are bringing back Kayfabe.