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  1. I think they should have simply called this qualifying match or something like that. Because now, in theory, SCU can lose this, but still get into tournament, win their first match and be at same exact spot as the winner of the bye who'd need to win two matches. I mean, I doubt that they'll do tourney proper without Best Friends or SCU.
  2. Is anyone saying that they are pissed? Most of the annoyed people are fans who wanted to see Mox in Dallas. NJPW never promised that he'd be on Dallas show anyway. As for putting USA title on Mox... on paper it sounds stupid, but reality is NJPW has paid very little attention to that title after Omega's reign so I imagine that someone brought up the fact that their new USA champ can't wrestle in USA for them and Gedo responded with "Who cares?". In the end it looks like whole purpose behind Mox in NJPW might be to elevate Juice and maybe White in Japan. Just like Juice's big win against Cody happened not in USA, but in Japan.
  3. G1 Dallas card showed that R3K and GoD will open the show, but won't be present for the rest of G1 tour. Safe bet that they'll doing some dates with RoH during that time and then Royal Quest before returning to Japan for Destruction tour.
  4. Archibald

    NJPW G1 2019

    Super J-cast calculated how many people got main events. And then gave 2 points of each main event and 1 for semi-main: Surprising that Ishii is up there with Okada and Naito, but I won't complain. Interesting that Moxley and KENTA aren't featured that much. Weird how they gave lots of spotlight to Taichi during the promotional video, yet in the end he doesn't have that many high profile matches. If he pops the crowd then maybe he should have more prominent role as well? On the other hand it is difficult to argue that he should get more high profile matches than Sanada or Moxley. So it is probably okay and I'm just over-thinking this. I think that B block on last day is fairly straightforward. Naito vs White will decide it and there is probably 1% chance that they draw and Moxley gets to the finals. A Block is more interesting. Obvious big match is Okada vs Ibushi, but either Tanahashi or Ospreay will probably be alive on last day and their match will matter. I think that Tanahashi sneaking in is more likely than Moxley doing the same. Interesting thing to me thou is that KENTA/ZSJ is big-ish match as well, would not be surprised if KENTA is alive on the last day as well.
  5. Archibald

    NJPW G1 2019

    Participants: And now key matches from each show with main event being listed first. Budokan shows don't have listed main events so I'm going with my gut feels there. August 12th in Nippon Budokan, Tokyo, Finals: A Block winner vs B Block winner
  6. Probably, they haven't done anything after initial push during, I think, Dontaku tour. Dominion had nothing with them, now Suzuki is mad that he won't be in G1 and Liger is doing Super J-Cup thing. So probably it will get revisited only at KoPW or something like that.
  7. Some time ago I vaguely remember reading in WON that Jericho requested Callis. If thats true then probably once Jericho's run wraps then Callis will be gone for good as well.
  8. Adding more fuel to that Takeover theory: https://www.njpw1972.com/53453 Shibata's Young Lions will be teaming up with KENTA thru the G1.
  9. Higher ups probably understand that its different people running it now, but brand is still the same. But casual NJPW fans probably aren't aware, nor care, that ownership changed hands and to them it would look like getting back with company that screwed them years ago. And its not like working with Impact would be an upgrade to working with RoH.
  10. So most likely he is exclusive in USA to AEW.
  11. I think issue is that Dave has many "fans" that do selective quoting to make him sound ridiculous/stupid. Like how some of them were pushing the idea that Dave loved Naito/Ibushi despite him being critical of those dangerous spots and eventually not giving any rating to the match. So lots of people end up seeing only those quotes and think that this is really what Dave thinks/says. I haven't listened him for a while, but I remember year or two ago he would defend Reigns a lot, but those quotes would rarely, if ever, make wrestling twitter/reddit.
  12. Also, featured matches from that video are not confirmed to be semi-mains and mains, but I imagine that it is going to be pretty close.
  13. Why would they make a title defence for one of the G1 entrants during G1? I understand that people might want to see Mox in Dallas, but these scenarios are absurd. You know, it might be possible that he is exclusive to AEW in USA and wrestled couple of indies only because AEW allowed him. Jay White screwing Naito out of the finals is most Jay White thing that he can do so it is probably going to happen. Earlier we had a talk about Juice being Gaijin Goto, but I think that him getting Budokan semi-main and most likely beating Mox is huge deal. Is Ospreay screwing Tanahashi or is Tanahashi screwing Ospreay? Tanahashi usually puts new guy over. Evil and Sanada not in a position to do much asides of beating Okada. But it leads to KoPW where he gets his win back... so it is kinda pointless. Anyway, time to create a new G1 thread and leave this one for greatness that is Yoshi-Hashi?
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