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  1. New Japan gets TV deal in US

    I don't even understand why he has to keep comparing everyone to someone else.

    Shouldn't Zack be on his way out considering that he signed with NJPW?

    Don't forget Mexico. I was surprised a bit when ZSJ signed with NJPW due to that. I don't really know anything about NJPW's higher ups (and I don't really care), but I wouldn't be surprised if many of them turned out to be on the right politically.
  4. NJPW World Has Arrived

    I think argument could be made that Bullet Club with Cody + Golden Lovers being a permanent thing combined would be hotter than Bullet Club with Omega.

    Yeah, one would think that showing something on TV would be a bigger problem than talking about it somewhere. But whats up with this Sinclair boogeyman in the first place? From what I remember some time ago issue with Sinclair was that it didn't care about RoH at all while now it looks like whenever something bad happens with RoH (or something that someone doesn't like) Sinclair gets name dropped immediately.
  6. NJPW Wrestling Hinokuni / Wrestling Dontaku 2018

    So yeah, another Road To Show in the cans and Elgin picks up a win against Yoshi-Hashi making me feel more convinced that we are moving towards Elgin title match. And who else keeps getting wins in tag matches? Taichi against Ropongi 3k. So maybe White/Elgin and Goto/Taichi at Dominion?
  7. NJPW Wrestling Hinokuni / Wrestling Dontaku 2018

    One thing that I noticed now looking at the cards is that Elgin is in good position to challenge either White or Goto for Dominion. White is 99.99% sure to retain so maybe Elgin/White? Would kinda make sense to feed him to White, I think, since after Page and Finlay he needs to get someone a bit more credible. And Elgin obviously needs to put someone over while people in Japan still care about him, doing that for White makes more sense than doing it for Goto.

    Might be a work, if I'm not mistaken he has done that before and nothing came out of it.
  9. NJPW Wrestling Hinokuni / Wrestling Dontaku 2018

    Probably should go to general thread since I think nothing hints that Bone Soldier is returning on this tour? Either way Captain Japan was pretty bad and everyone, including NJPW, agreed on that so it would be really, really weird if they brought him back so someone new as Bone Soldier makes sense. On the other hand nobody cared about that gimmick so it doesn't really make sense to give it to some new guy either... So my money is on Taguchi playing around for couple of shows, like he did with that horse wrestler thing during Road To WK.
  10. The Cody Rhodes/YB All In Show Thread

    Sorry for double post, but I got brilliant idea while washing dishes and kinda have to share it: Nick Aldis versus Okada in champion versus champion classic that goes 60 minutes time limit draw. Amazing, right?
  11. The Cody Rhodes/YB All In Show Thread

    That will put butt into seats. Could explain it as Cody's asshole act being a bit of facade and that deep down he wanted to be the leader and liked. Because frankly at this point there isn't that much point to continue their feud, but Cody might still go after Omega if he thinks that despite all he did (and won at RoH) everyone still prefers Omega over him. He won, but he lost.
  12. General Lucha Libre Comments

    Well that was fun to watch. Match itself wasn't of very high quality, but atmosphere was there and it felt like a big deal. I wonder if second round finish was a botch? It looked like there was some confusion for couple of seconds, but I liked it even more that way. Mistico going full heel is best for business. Also, I can't speak Spanish at all and know only few words, but it looked like commentary team was referencing Ingobernables a lot. So yeah, I'd love full heel Mistico in Ingobernables. Rush, Terrible and Mistico. Thats a cool trio.
  13. The Cody Rhodes/YB All In Show Thread

    Yeah, it is weird thing. I think it could work if Okada isn't the champ by that point, otherwise entire premise of the show feels compromised. But even then, you can't really talk about indie wrestling being over when you are using ace of the second biggest promotion in the world. Last thing we need now is NJPW logo appearing on that All In banner. But I saw some comments and people don't really give a shit, they are excited for Okada and already hoping that maybe Suzuki and Naito could be there too. Its like deep down nobody bought Cody's bullshit in the first place.
  14. WrestleMania XXXIV

    But he isn't Muslim as far as I know. Or are you implying that Vince couldn't tell the difference?
  15. WrestleMania XXXIV

    Well lets hope that they don't turn him into some evil Asian stereotype or chicken shit heel. Unfortunately I suspect that Asian Mist is unavoidable. I probably would have had more faith in this if Nakamura won the title due to his heel turn rather than it coming after he lost already. To me this suggests that he will get pushed down the card.