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  1. WTL finals was a great show, some spoilers below so don't read further if you don't want to: Outside of opening two matches rest of the card had strong matches and to be honest most of WTL had decent to good matches, but it felt a bit lame because nothing of importance was actually happening. Well this show had lots of stuff happening. One of the happenings was Jericho's new video for Tanahashi feud and this is probably first time that it didn't get much reaction and I think all other happenings overshadowed it. Time to wrap up his NJPW run? Moxley showed up and attacked Archer, they want to do Texas deathmach at WK. He also hit his ddt on Suzuki so figures this could be next match if they continue using Mox and Suzuki isn't leaving. Okada was mocking Ibushi this entire tour and Ibushi finally snapped. Liger did his farewell promo and we got a video from Dragon Lee (now calling himself Ryu Lee), there was much confusion to what it means because Liger then talked about Hiromu and people started thinking that Liger's last match is triple threat against Dragon Lee and Hiromu, but it looks like Dragon Lee challenge Liger for "one of his last matches" so it could end up happening on one of those Road To shows. Yoshi got his moment by rolling up GoD. Finals was match of the tournament, but I think that most people are not going to love it as much since most people didn't watch WTL and similar to Ibushi/White G1 finals they were doing various callbacks to their league matches. Basically stuff that was winning matches was near falls here and if you don't know that they won matches with those sequences then it isn't as strong. Either way it was Finlay's moment to shine and he shined.
  2. Anyone remembers what were buys for those two PPVs? Either way it doesn't sound bad.
  3. I don't subscribe to Observer so this is a second hand information, but supposedly Dave talked about double Dome and said that both shows are ahead of previous WK when it comes to ticket sales. This doesn't mean that they are going to sell out, but that it probably is going to be close. He also said that tdespite The Elite leaving it looks like they'll have around same amount of foreigners in attendance. And well, NJPW still has good number of matches to announce (and Liger's final opponent) so maybe they'll actually be able to get double sell out.
  4. WTL updated before the finals: Since Sanada is clearly going to challenge ZSJ for RevPro's title then it becomes obvious that this is going to be a big win for Juice and Finlay, and likely a big win at WK as well. Was anything worth watching? Nothing really surprised me, but I'd say that stuff that looked good on paper delivered and other stuff was just there. One unexpected thing was probably KENTA's post match interviews, he absolutely killed it with his comments about Ishii, Goto and Yoshi while doing some weird fantasy video tropes.
  5. Probably nobody cares, but RoH started releasing promo videos for FB matches, I think they are kinda cool? Definitely not on OTT's level, but better than what RoH usually produces.
  6. He doesn't have to worry about it, he knows that he is taping out in third fall to UG.
  7. Issue is not really Cornette defenders (thou they obviously don't help), but that it looks like two episodes have been derailed by it and PPV build likely suffered due to it as well. NWA is not in a position where staying as they are is fine, they need to grow in order to become a viable promotion.
  8. That thank you Cornette bit sounds like them trying to work both sides, look we fired him because you bitched about him and look, we totally respect him because you bitch about us firing him. I can't see this going down well with either side and maybe NWA should grow a spine and pick a side. Other than that it was better episode, but I'll just go back to what I said after the first or second episode, I don't see a hook: I can see that with the guys that they have running Aldis/James Storm as main event makes sense, but it could have been built up way better. Now, build itself sounds ok to me, Storm is annoying asshole and Aldis wants to teach him a lesson. Ok, but that to me sounds more like a title defence for an episode and not for PPV. Tag titles rematch makes sense, but maybe Kingston and Homicide should have been involved in this somehow. At the moment it looks like a match to put Wild Cards over and its like, who cares. National title, didn't Aron defeat Ricky on this episode? So why is this triple threat? I probably missed something here. Won't be surprised if Colt doesn't want to put anyone over and it will be his last match in NWA. Drake vs Anderson sounds like it builds from that unaired match that James Storm got involved in since their other interactions wouldn't really warrant it, I think. But since it didn't air and I saw nothing of it I don't really care. I hope that Drake tries to do Burning Hammer again for a 2 count. Women's match looks like a clusterfuck and I really hate that Thunder Rosa was pushed back for Melina. Funny enough, Murdoch vs Question Mark is the only match that I have zero problems with. Perfectly fine opener. Looking at that tweet posted earlier it sounds like Muta is likely to appear for the post PPV tapings. Is the plan here to get everyone who was connected to original NWA and is still somewhat mobile? Doesn't inspire much confidence.
  9. Sanada getting in position to replace Tanahashi and Ibushi.
  10. Title match against Moxley is great too and it was 90% Juice.
  11. Top tier talent getting opportunities...
  12. Bandido and Flamita were also replaced on AAA's show so it does feel like it is a bit more planned than some other stuff that CMLL does. But now the main question is who is going to replace Sanson to feud with him? On the other hand four weeks is not that long, if Bandido is willing they can easily drag it out till Sanson is back.
  13. At this point this is not about who wrestles for RoH or who are the champs, it is about upper management getting fired.
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