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  1. Archibald

    All Elite Wrestling 2019

    This is really some next level semantics argument.
  2. Archibald

    All Elite Wrestling 2019

    They are still not selling out the Tokyo Dome and are unable to run multiple Domes a year in different cities like they could at their peak. Just because they are not struggling doesn't mean that they shouldn't prioritize Japan. And whats "no" about Ibushi signing with NJPW?
  3. Archibald

    NJPW Iizuka retirment and Honor Rising 2019

    Had random thought about RoH Night 2 main event. Juice/Finlay can't win... so are they going to allow Briscoes to close the show and cut some promo? Nothing against them, but that doesn't sound like something that would go over well. And well, they are teaming up with GoD night before.... And Tama defeated Juice back in G1... and Juice needs a match either for Anniversary or for MSG shows and he doesn't have a clear challenger at the moment. So maybe run in by Tama that leads to title challenge?
  4. Archibald

    All Elite Wrestling 2019

    I was thinking about that too when Omega left, but... Ibushi has signed full time with NJPW? Supposedly Ibushi not being singed was the reason why they wouldn't really push him to the top and why Omega/Ibushi couldn't have a big rematch. But then, once Omega leaves Ibushi signs. This might just be a weird coincidence (I have seen theories on reddit/twitter about how concussion might have changed his mind, but this deal probably has been worked out for some time now and they just didn't want to announce it while he was still recovering) or this might imply that whole Omega/Ibushi situation is a bit different to what we have been led to believe. Also, can we cut the crap about Cheeseburger and Gunn already? Cheeseburger has never appeared on NJPW USA show. Gunn appeared once on their first show when they probably thought that they need some "former WWE" guys to sell tickets in USA. Fans showed that they didn't and they haven't used him since. As for whole "they need to announce matches earlier so people can fly in" thing... Well isn't that the entire purpose of USA title? If they weren't screwed by USA's government shutdown then USA New Beginning cards would have, most likely, been released shortly after NYD together with Sapporo and Osaka cards. Again, thats the same thing that they tried to do with first Juice/Cody match. It was announced earlier than other stuff. Alternatively they can do what? Run random singles matches for nothing or announce title matches while previous title match hasn't happened yet? Thats not how NJPW rolls and they are not going to do anything that might hurt their business at home.
  5. Archibald

    All Elite Wrestling 2019

    After that they did Walter Pyramid that sold out. Then they did Cow Palace that didn't sell out. Then they did Walter Pyramid again that didn't sell out either. So whats the idea here exactly? That they should have done Cow Palace immediately instead of Walter Pyramid? I don't see how that fundamentally changes anything.
  6. Archibald

    All Elite Wrestling 2019

    It is easy to speak years later that maybe they should have ran a bigger building on their first USA show. I don't really remember anyone talking about it before they released the tickets and had quick sell out.
  7. Archibald

    All Elite Wrestling 2019

    Weren't most of the wrestling TV deals, relatively speaking, of rather low value? I think it doesn't say that much.
  8. Archibald

    All Elite Wrestling 2019

    I'm not sure if running two big shows makes you #2. Even more so for NJPW who ran around 10 (I think?) various size shows over few years. I think you need consistency and product delivered on regular basis to even enter this conversation. To me, when it comes to USA, only RoH and Impact at the moment are really in that conversation. Maybe MLW as well if it doesn't collapse in next couple of months due to all exclusives being thrown around.
  9. Archibald


    To me it sounds like RoH inflicted most of the damage to them by signing PCO and Rush and by proxy that removed La Park as well. Brody was also signed, but I think he lost most of his matches in MLW and I doubt if they really cared about him much asides of being big guy to put over other guys. Shane probably would have left either way and it is still not clear, if I'm not mistaken, who is going to sign him. They still have Lawlor, Low Ki, Lucha Bros, Hart Foundation, Sami + some lucha guys depending on who they can get. And I think thats whats been "the core" of MLW for some time now.
  10. Archibald

    Puroresu General Discussion for 2019

    I thought that this was, relatively speaking, rather popular theory?
  11. Archibald

    2019 Ring Of Honor Thread

    Assuming that Marty bails shortly after MSG then maybe that would be good time to bring Destro in.
  12. Archibald

    2019 Ring Of Honor Thread

    My main event:
  13. Archibald

    All Elite Wrestling 2019

    If I get it right this is how it was calculated: This assumes lots of things.
  14. Archibald

    All Elite Wrestling 2019

    Well women wrestling is kinda shit outside of Japan because most of the decent women are signed by WWE. Even RoH will have better (by better I don't mean that it'll be better worked) women's match simply by having Mayu in it.