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  1. Looks like that while the focus on main shows will be on G1 for next month or so Strong will be doing Lions Break Crown or something like that. Another tournament for new and up and coming guys. Maybe it will focus on various indie guys that they featured on last few shows.
  2. I did not mean anyone here in particular, but I have seen on reddit and twitter people talking about how since he lost the titles back to Naito then suddenly his push is over and it was irrelevant. I was thinking that Evil/White finals would be cool, but then realised that they'd have Gedo and Dick in their corners and they'd be heavily cheating. Too much of a mirror match for such show I think.
  3. That A block final day will make many people upset. But hey, I think everyone who follows NJPW already knew that NJPW won't do anything. Some numbers for stat nerds: New big six: Ibushi, White, Okada, Naito, Evil, Tanahashi. Obviously it doesn't mean that, but it is kinda interesting that Evil experiment was not one and done.
  4. I see people saying this and I just can't see it. He is going to wrestle his normal match every show and it is going to suck.
  5. Nothing extra was announced for the last show, finals are Desperado/Kanemaru vs Hiromu/Bushi. So 3 multimans and 2 title matches + G1 schedule announcements.
  6. White/Sanada finals.
  7. Two days remaining.
  8. Not surprisingly two Ishimori/Gedo tag matches were whatever, while other three teams worked nice with each other. Unfortunately it looks like we might be going for a 3-way. In other news wrestlers who talked about G1 in post match comments: Nagata, Kojima, Honma, Suzuki. Obviously some others mentioned as well, but those 4 weren't in it last year and Nagata should technically be retired from G1 so I think it is worth mentioning.
  9. In theory his matches could have been taped a while ago. But no, I also think that he won't be in G1.
  10. So we get a short tour before G1 and this is probably where we will see G1 participants and matches announced. This could easily go into G1 thread, but I figure we could use a separate one since it has some other interesting bits as well. In total we will have 4 streamed shows on 5th, 6th, 9th and 11th. 11th show has announced NEVER trios title rematch of Goto/Yoshi/Ishii vs Okada/Yano/Sho. Their first match was good so I expect this one to be good as well. Next we have Jr. tag titles tournament to determine new champs since Yoh is not coming back for a while. Announced teams ar
  11. I think it would be very weird if Hiromu in the same year got a torch from Liger and became a heavyweight. I'd like to think that they are simply building up Ishimori since Dragon Lee can't be on these shows so Hiromu/Ishimori rivalry is next best thing. And honestly I loved both of their matches and I can't say same about all Hiromu/Dragon Lee matches so it might even be for the better.
  12. I guess the moral of the story is that LiJ just can't be all happy. You take some and you lose a lot.
  13. Weren't those NJPW numbers available some time ago? Unless I'm mixing something up I think that explanation at the time was that NJPW invested more into USA market and that they had that Bushiroad's kickboxing thing grouped with them that was later added to Stardom and later sold entirely, I think?
  14. I vaguely remember someone mentioning Marquez somewhere in relation to these shows so you might be right there.
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