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  1. Since I always assume that everyone is asshole before proved otherwise it feels to me a bit like PAC used them. I remember when that match was originally announced lots of people assumed that PAC would be dropping his DG title in the near future to avoid "DG champ lost to midcarder" problems. But PAC probably knew that he was with DG for a long term and his indie bookings reflected that with champs of other promotions having to resort to DQ finishes. Even that draw against Ospreay was basically PAC being ready to hit his finisher and then saying "fuck you" to the fans (not literally) and waiting till time runs out. So I figure that PAC saw this as opportunity to do some self-promotion for himself and DG before going away. But ultimately this is on AEW and it is a worrying sign since they got partners like AAA. I hope that this is a minor hicup, but it doesn't look good.
  2. Well he was pinned in his match after two finishers so we could rationalize that he was in no condition to help. I don't know, I don't think that it matters that much. Anyway, after last show it looks like we'll get Taven/PCO II?
  3. Cobb is a solid guy that produces solid matches, but as @EVA said he lacks presence. I doubt that big win over Taven would get him to the next level, what he needs I think is a good opponent that would bring it from him. A rival of sorts. Kinda what they are now doing with Rush/Dalton and Taven/Lethal that probably will eventually lead to Taven/Rush. Randomly thinking I wouldn't mind it if Marty on his way out had a feud with Cobb and put him over strong, I think that would help him a lot. Another option could be crazy series of matches between Cobb and PCO that eventually leads to Cobb getting crazy and becoming Matanza-like. But I feel that if Marty bails and Villain Enterprise collapses that might be Brody/PCO to continue from their MLW days. Basically I think that Marty is leaving and PCO is not long for this world so one of them probably should be used to elevate Cobb before he wins the top title.
  4. Rush >>>> Taven > Cobb >>> Bandido. Don't kill me.
  5. In before it is another work like Flip's injury right before MSG.
  6. Since I already tried to connect TIMES UP and Dean might as well add it another point: Safe to say that Marty will be on BotSJ finals show. So adding 2 + 2 we have... Dean Ambrose joining Villain Enterprises! No, I'm not serious.
  7. Speaking about Marty: The Elite were pretty much mailing it in after All In and did nothing interesting in RoH. Marty meanwhile is putting some serious work into Villain Enterprise and is going to even expand it. Weird part I find here is that Villain Enterprise doesn't really make sense without Marty so... are Brody, PCO and new member going to leave RoH together with Marty? Why would RoH allow that and give them such strong booking? And you know, it is Marty's idea so he is developing it, but recruiting more people also sounds pointless considering that he'd have to start from scratch after few months. I hope this is not another case of someone playing RoH and eventually leaving them dry. Anyway, while watching I remembered reading some time ago that Maria Manic is expected to sign with RoH. I haven't seen much of her, but her gimmick probably would fit the pattern of Brody and PCO.
  8. Marty is trios champ and gets strong booking. I don't think that it is possible to give him better booking considering that he'll be gone in few months. But fans don't see it, they want him to win everything anyway. And then what? Dump the RoH belt into trash can when he eventually goes to AEW? Anyway, main event from Toronto was crazy, but I think I would have preferred if Taven got stronger win here. Will be interesting to see who they got next for him. Maybe Tracy wins tomorrow and challenges during TV tapings, while Cobb does for the next PPV? Lethal will probably be occupied with King and they are clearly going to do another Rush/Dalton match before Rush goes for title challenge.
  9. Don't mind Narita taking Flip's spot, but Desperado being out sucks. To me it looked like he was likely winner of his block so thats probably going to cause lots of booking changes in B block.
  10. I doubt that Sinclar is interested in selling RoH or All In footage.
  11. So my earlier prediction about Flip and Lifeblood was pretty much correct I'd say, they are just going to drag it out till their next tour. As for Enzo/Cass, I find it unlikely that their stunt had any negative impact on ticket sales.
  12. I'm not sure that they really need Omega for Dallas. Like sure, they'd sell some tickets, but if Kenny is in then someone is out and Kenny is not taking many Ls so you are adjusting entire booking of the block to accommodate him. And after whole thing the narrative that "NJPW needs AEW, because they don't draw without Omega" will get stronger. So its like you'll get some extra ticket sales, but probably damage your brand in the long run and screw up your wrestlers that are there every show. And from another side I doubt that Omega himself really wants to do G1 and risk injury before their TV show starts. I'd assume that he might be back for some special singles match at some point like Jericho did recently, but nothing long term.
  13. I don't know. To me it sounds like you probably should ask wrestler if he wants to do intergender match before announcing it.
  14. I'm sure that there are some sites that publish backstage rumours about how things are going at some big movie filming and how actors are socialising with each other and who hates who and all that. But vast majority of people who watch, for example, Avengers probably don't care about any of it and I personally have never seen or heard anything about it either. I just assume that it should exist. Contrast it with wrestling where backstage news and rumours are dominant. I'm not sure if there is any English wrestling forum where you won't run into what Dave (or someone else) said about someone getting a push. And I doubt that it really has that much to do with shows being bad. RoH/NJPW MSG show was very good with few missteps in undercard. Yet those missteps received 90% of the attention, not because they were very meaningful, but because it involved backstage politics. Heck, even main event got lots of talk about how "It was supposed to be Omega" instead of focusing on actual story of Okada getting back his mojo and finally beating White.
  15. While I'd love to get some shorter title matches at the same time I think the idea is that these are top guys and top guys aren't winning against each other in quick fashion. If title match went 15 minutes then it would kinda imply that challenger wasn't on that level. Speaking about the outside the ring stuff, I think last year Jericho/Naito had like 5 minutes brawl outside the ring before the bell was rang.
  16. I wonder if this is new mask/entrance gear for him or it was just for this show? 3/4 mask worked for showing blood, but I think it looks cool in general.
  17. Archibald

    NJPW Dominion 2019

    Might as well add Dragon Lee vs BotSJ winner.
  18. I liked the promo, especially first part where he re-frames PCO as being broken man who needs fantasy to function.
  19. Blocks and cards were released: Well, I was wrong, last few shows are single block shows so they are probably not going to sneak anything in. Overall A block looks much stronger than B block, kinda how last G1 had much stronger B block. For A block obvious semi-final looks like Shingo/Ishimori. B Block is more interesting, Ospreay sounds like easy pick, but his final match is against Taguchi. Can't see Taguchi being alive on last day so it looks like he is in position to screw Ospreay with a roll up or something like that. So I think that B Block semi-final might be ELP/Desperado? ELP is new guy and he is going to get a push, Desperado shined last year + had long Jr. tag run + is moving merch from what I have seen/heard + can bring heat against Dragon Lee and Hiromu. So is it a time for big Desperado win? With Kushida gone, Ospreay and Shingo likely moving to heavyweights after this tournament they need to establish new top guys in Jr. scene. I think that Dragon Lee and Taiji are almost there, if Desperado wins whole thing and has great match at Dominion he might get elevated to that status as well. Then add returning Hiromu and you got decent Jr. "main event" scene. Bonus thing: Jay White/Tanahashi will happen on BotSJ finals day. I'm sure they'll help to sell tickets, but it is interesting that it is happening now since they'll probably then just have a tag-team rematch at Dominion. Another bonus thing, as I understand finals is where TIMES UP wrestler will make an appearance to directly challenge Juice.
  20. I'm not sure if there is any thread for Dean stuff so I'm posting this here: He might be wrong. Or he might be right and this is all just a random coincidence. But weird coincidence nonetheless. Two videos of similar style being shot for two different people at around the same time in same area feels a bit odd. But hey, crazier things have happened.
  21. Isn't she signed with AEW?
  22. I understand your point and I agree that when/if he wins building will explode and I'll likely flip the table from excitement, but it is all a bit too much for me. I get and like how Naito was lost in the moment and went for Stardust press couple of times and eventually lost the match. But with Sanada there are multiple points of failure that I feel should be adjusted somehow. But they won't, that one time Okada simply won't be able to raise his knees.
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