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  1. Well, Naito got hurt after first show so I'd write it down to that and NJPW not valuing ZSJ high enough for finals or maybe they just have pencilled him in for tag titles matches till WK and don't want to adjust those plans. As for top 5, in my opinion: O-Khan/Ibushi, Naito/ZSJ, Tanahashi/Okada, O-Khan/ZSJ, O-Khan/Ishii. If nothing surprising happens on next two shows then O-Khan is likely going to end up as my MVP.
  2. My MOTNs: Naito/ZSJ, Tanahashi/Okada, Shingo/ZSJ, Sanada/Taichi, Ibushi/ZSJ, Tanahashi/Tama, O-Khan/ZSJ, Taichi/Yoshi, Shingo/Ibushi, Taichi/Cobb, O-Khan/Ishii, Okada/Taichi, O-Khan/Ibushi, Okada/Chase, Shingo/O-Khan, Okada/Tama, ZSJ/Tanga. ZSJ/Tanga wasn't amazing, but it was solid wrestling match on a show that was full of bizzare decisions. Ibushi/KENTA had lots of cool things in it, but I can't seriously say that it was a good match when it had 3 (I think) obvious countouts with Red Shoes waiting 4 seconds before counting 20. Makes me think that original plan might have been for Naito/O-Khan to main event because this just didn't work for me. So yeah, Ibushi is again in G1 finals. 4 in a row has to be some kind of a record?
  3. My MOTNs: Naito/ZSJ, Tanahashi/Okada, Shingo/ZSJ, Sanada/Taichi, Ibushi/ZSJ, Tanahashi/Tama, O-Khan/ZSJ, Taichi/Yoshi, Shingo/Ibushi, Taichi/Cobb, O-Khan/Ishii, Okada/Taichi, O-Khan/Ibushi, Okada/Chase, Shingo/O-Khan, Okada/Tama. 6 months ago if someone said that I'd really like 2 Tama Tonga G1 matches then I likely would have just rolled my eyes, but here we are. Tama busting his ass and showing that he belongs. Mayba a rematch against Tanahashi for USA title at some point? Tanahashi beating Chase and Tama asking for a rematch after that G1 fluke win makes sense from faction and storytelling perspective. Cobb's victory over Evil would definitely not be so enjoyable if Evil wasn't an absolute shit the entire tournament and had a legit chance of advancing to the finals. Does it justify his bullshit? To me it is similar situation to Okada last year who had bad G1 (bad by his standards) only to have a hot match against Ospreay at WK where he finally finished the match with Rainmaker instead of his stupid submission. I guess I'm glad that I didn't have to wait till WK for Evil to get smashed in the face.
  4. My MOTNs: Naito/ZSJ, Tanahashi/Okada, Shingo/ZSJ, Sanada/Taichi, Ibushi/ZSJ, Tanahashi/Tama, O-Khan/ZSJ, Taichi/Yoshi, Shingo/Ibushi, Taichi/Cobb, O-Khan/Ishii, Okada/Taichi, O-Khan/Ibushi, Okada/Chase, Shingo/O-Khan. During Yano/Chase feud I was expecting him to be evil Yano in G1, but he is trying real hard to show that he belongs. He probably is well aware that he is in this only due to Covid so he wants to make a case for himself why he should be included next year as well. And he is going to get Tanahashi title match after G1 so it feels like he might establish himself as a decent midcarder on the Yoshi/Finlay level.
  5. My MOTNs: Naito/ZSJ, Tanahashi/Okada, Shingo/ZSJ, Sanada/Taichi, Ibushi/ZSJ, Tanahashi/Tama, O-Khan/ZSJ, Taichi/Yoshi, Shingo/Ibushi, Taichi/Cobb, O-Khan/Ishii, Okada/Taichi, O-Khan/Ibushi. O-Khan had many haters, but after those matches against ZSJ, Ishii and Ibushi I can't see how someone can't be very high on him. And no, he wasn't carried in any of them.
  6. My MOTNs: Naito/ZSJ, Tanahashi/Okada, Shingo/ZSJ, Sanada/Taichi, Ibushi/ZSJ, Tanahashi/Tama, O-Khan/ZSJ, Taichi/Yoshi, Shingo/Ibushi, Taichi/Cobb, O-Khan/Ishii. Pretty good show, ZSJ/Yujiro and Tanga/Ibushi were close to main event for me. If not for very bad looking botch on Ibushi's part then I think Tanga/Ibushi would have even been by MOTN. I don't know, Tanga to me starts to look kinda like Lance Archer - tag guy for eternity and when he hits 40s starts actually having pretty good singles matches.
  7. My MOTNs: Naito/ZSJ, Tanahashi/Okada, Shingo/ZSJ, Sanada/Taichi, Ibushi/ZSJ, Tanahashi/Tama, O-Khan/ZSJ, Taichi/Yoshi, Shingo/Ibushi, Taichi/Cobb. Shingo/Ibushi match works very well with my theories about what WK is going to be like this year. While on B block results are a bit surprising to me. Looks like pretty much only Okada and Cobb are alive? With outside chance of Evil winning it as well, but he likely will be spoiled on final night by Sanada.
  8. Found the poll I was thinking about: https://www.g1climax.jp/en/ef.html So I was wrong on ZSJ not being in the conversation, but Cobb ranked higher.
  9. My MOTNs: Naito/ZSJ, Tanahashi/Okada, Shingo/ZSJ, Sanada/Taichi, Ibushi/ZSJ, Tanahashi/Tama, O-Khan/ZSJ, Taichi/Yoshi. I'm not sure, but my gut feeling is that this was the weakest show so far and crowd was dead even by clap-crowds standards. I don't agree with ZSJ being only foreigner with name and credibility. Cobb has been heavily pushed since last year's WTL and is having a good tournament as well. If I'm not mistaken he was also third in NJPW's poll of who'll make the finals from B block, while ZSJ wasn't even in the conversation. That being said ZSJ has been getting a slow push since the pandemic. While these two years he spent most of the time in tag team wrestling he did participate in many semi-main of big shows and last year got many matches against Tanahashi/Ibushi, while this year got few against Naito/Sanada. Getting into G1 finals would be logical next step, I think. But how far can he go? Who knows really, but to me "big problem" is that usually Taichi looks like a bigger star when they are tagging. And you know, Shingo/ZSJ might be a better title match, but I'd rather buy tickets for Shingo/Taichi.
  10. My MOTNs: Naito/ZSJ, Tanahashi/Okada, Shingo/ZSJ, Sanada/Taichi, Ibushi/ZSJ, Tanahashi/Tama, O-Khan/ZSJ. So yeah, ZSJ is a clear MVP for me. Unfortunately his 4-0 streak probably means that he is about to eat multiple Ls, but if God exists then ZSJ should be making finals. Looking at B block I'd probably most enjoy another ZSJ/Sanada match.
  11. Feels like we got more injuries and health problems this year than in last 5 combined.
  12. So far my MOTNs: Naito/ZSJ, Tanahashi/Okada. Overall strong start for the tournament and feels like certain guys like GoD, Chase and Yujiro want to show that they really belong and weren't picked just because NJPW was short on guys.
  13. I think when someone talks about NJPW/Bushiroad financials they usually ignore elephant in the room - NJPW Strong. It has been running since last year and so far had one paid show. So its not that Japan side has to carry their own shows, they also have to finance USA shows. As for RoH, it looked like it had picked up some hype just before Covid, but all of that was linked to Marty. I wonder how things would have gone if Covid didn't happen.
  14. He also threw around hints about Brown and Hero so its not clear if he is doing that to "hide" Buddy reveal or its all bunch of bulllshit and his partner is someone else entirely.
  15. Wonder if there is big enough market for that. Looking at how they won't be doing more live events this year and in general how RoH works, maybe they should drop TV title entirely? There isn't much purpose for it now and with that title removed they could give more time to Pure matches.
  16. Cards have been revealed: https://www.njpw1972.com/103924 Looking at final night I think our realistic options are: Ibushi or Naito versus Okada, Cobb, Sanada or Evil. Maaaaybe Tanahashi as well from Block B.
  17. Maybe, maybe not. I guess mods could merge it to general discussions thread if they feel like it. Anyway, some more of my thoughts and where I think things are going. With addition of Bey in USA and Sho in Japan, Bullet Club now has 16 members. It was too big last year and this year it got even bigger. But I think that things might finally be changing with the addition of House of Torture. Asides of guys involved it does sound like The Elite/Firing Squad situation. White does not have an obvious opponent for WK and he is one of the main guys. Evil does not have obvious match either and he is not really pushed down the card since he just got a title match and looking at G1 blocks it is plausible that he makes the finals. There were lots of talking last year how Evil does not really fit Bullet Club and should have created his own faction. Well maybe House of Torture was that, but due to Covid and them being short on guys (even more than now, I know, hard to believe) they possibly delayed formation of this new faction. So you know, White/Evil for NEVER title and Bullet Club leadership at WK. White wins and Evil leaves with few guys to form a new faction that does lots of bullshit in their matches. On another side we have GoD and Good Brothers doing obvious work on Twitter and Resurgence show. In a way this does feel like a continuation of half-finished Bullet Club/The Elite feud since GB are associated with Kenny and Bucks now (or at least where when I last saw them). Big question here is can they get GB to Japan, if they can then I think that GoD/GB is happening at WK. Since GB are Impact tag team champions and we have multiple days to fill I think its likely that we'll also get some mini tournament for tag team titles that ends with GoD being double tag team champs just like they did after MSG, hopefully no Enzo/Cass this time. But as I said, if they can't get Good Brothers into Japan then none of it happens.
  18. I just hope that their every match doesn't start with "ok, I'll just give up, oh no, no no, I can't do it" segment.
  19. Ok, since it looks like I'm only person still fully watching NJPW in the current year then I'll try to explain what, in my opinion, is going on and whats the plan for ending this "season". Obviously this will contain spoilers. Since we started getting double domes NJPW started booking "gimmick matches". First time we had double dash tournament. Last year we had "Jay cheated" storyline. With Ospreay being back and declaring that he is real champ who never lost its fairly obvious that the plan here is to do "fake vs real" champ. 1/4 is likely to be champ vs G1 winner because thats the tradition. Ospreay wanted to beat Okada in the dome before shows got cancelled so thats likely going to be his match. Maybe it is semi-main on 1/4, maybe it is main on 1/5 and we get "fake vs real" on 1/8. Either way I feel like we are 100% getting Ospreay vs someone in main WK main event. This means that Okada is likely not winning G1. He rolled up Cobb at the Dome, then got beaten by him at Grand Slam. Now they are in same G1 block. I think that Cobb is going to beat Okada again and maybe screw him out of the finals. They have one final singles match at Power Struggle where Okada finally convincingly beats him. This would be traditional NJPW booking with challenger beating #2 guy and going to face the faction leader. Shingo is walking into G1 as the champ, but my suspicion is that he is not walking into WK as one. I think he is dropping it at Power Struggle to Ibushi because to me it looks like the overall plan is for Ibushi to beat Ospreay in main WK main event. If I'm not mistaken Power Struggle never had heavyweight title change so it has to happen at some point and now is as good opportunity to do it as ever. Who wins G1? I think it doesn't really matter in this situation since I have Ibushi being the champ and beating G1 winner. So can't Ibushi just win G1 then? I think its unlikely that he'd win 3 in a row. My wild guess would be that its either Naito or Sanada. So thats what my view is on main WK matches. Maybe later I'll try to write up what I think is going on with other titles.
  20. Yes folks, we are hitting three nights: https://www.njpw1972.com/103591 Thou from the text it is not clear if 1/8 is replacing NYD or is it going to be legit "final night" of WK tour.
  21. When Eagles won many people thought that the plan here is to "save" Hiromu/Desperado title match for the dome. I'm not sure if this show changes plans. Desperado now can win a rematch and Hiromu can win BotSJ since I think they are unlikely to do another Jr. title match before the dome.
  22. He and some others are now wrestling in NJPW Strong.
  23. I think that if we are counting in Chase and Khan then they need only 2 more guys. So can easily do without juniors or add someone like Desperado if they feel like doing it.
  24. Looks like first night is going to have Tanahashi/Ibushi for USA title.
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