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  1. Honestly I’d misremembered that whole thing totally. In my recollection he’d vacated the NEVER title, but of course you’re right that he didn’t. It’s pretty clear that Naito versus Okada, title versus title, is the biggest match New Japan could make, and might well sell out the dome. But of course they have a second night to consider, now. I wonder if there will be a clear hierarchy, with one show being bigger; and if not, I wonder what could close the other show.
  2. Yeah, I could watch Ibushi/ZSJ again, and I could watch Naito challenge again... but I’d rather it not be now, and for an apparent lack of reasons.
  3. The gap in excitement I felt between the trailer beginning and the Emperor laughing at the end was already massive; I'm now rapidly approaching bemused apathy.
  4. Perhaps this deserves its own thread, but:
  5. This roster is extremely weird and that's good. That said, I sort of assumed CIMA was already going to be around plenty with the OWE connection.
  6. Space Tornado Organa is a pretty solid finish for him. Anyway, TLJ wasn’t consistent in execution, but was right that the Jedi were crypto theocratic secret police and the force needed to be democratized. And “the Emperor was behind it all along!” would be powerfully stupid, especially if Kylo has to, I don’t know, kill his Sith ghost as a means of reenacting Grandpa’s redemption, thus securing his own.
  7. Very motivated by the Lacey Evans challenge, I see.
  8. The Rise of Skywalker seems like such obvious nod towards Rey's parentage that I have to hope it's something else. Maybe a reference to Luke's legacy being used to create something new, or... god, they're going to call the new not-Jedi Skywalkers, aren't they? Anyway, it looks pretty, sounds amazing, and everyone looks like they had a good time. I probably will, too. (But hell, I don't need a Palpatine Sith force-ghost.)
  9. With the caveat that Full Sail can definitely be self-indulgent, this felt like a case of a genuine response to real emotional investment. The women's revolution thing--and the rise of NXT itself--is all bundled up WWE's cloyingly self-conscious myth-making now, but that doesn't mean there was never truth at the core of it, or that Sasha and Bayley weren't important figures in both of those stories. The fans responded as you'd expect, and as you'd hope. It's good when fans like the faces and celebrate their victories. It's fair to suggest both Sasha and Bayley believe too much in those stories, or are perhaps stuck in them and unwilling to grow as performers (I'd agree with that in certain respects); but it feels willfully disingenuous to miss why certain fans like them and treat them like stars, or to suggest that their doing so is annoyingly performative.
  10. I was going to agree that CHOAS needs to live up to its name and entropy, but then there was this:
  11. Okada trying to have a match with a retiring Tenryu, working basically the entire thing by the ropes so the latter could hold himself up. It's not remotely good, and Tenryu can't be described as anything close to healthy, but it is--at times literally--an absolute carry job. I think the Nagata/Barnett dome show main event from 2004 would qualify as a good carry job; but man, that was 2004. On the topic of this thread: I think Sasha is pretty good, even if her athleticism isn't always equal to her ambition. Generally, I appreciate creativity and character integration over cleanliness of work. But I think it's hard to argue she's been presented poorly or lower on the card than she ought--title defenses aside. (For instance: I don't think Alexa is very good at anything wrestling related, but I understand I'm somewhat in the minority there, and her popularity seems to justify her push.) Anyway, if the worst thing Sasha ever does is act a little petty, I'm not sure why this comes up so often. Wrestling is full of outright awful people, and virtually everyone thinks too highly of their own abilities. Back to digressing: I kinda enjoyed Jinder during both the dark match and house show at which I saw him. Not remotely world title level, of course, but he's effectively broad and stoogey, which comes across well in person.
  12. The freak accident is just an all-around better finisher. It's impressive, pretty safe, and no one else has used the muso since Rikio invented it.
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