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  1. Beech27

    NJPW World Tag League 2018

    I think the Makabe save sets up a trios challenge for him, Yano, and... Goto, maybe?
  2. Beech27

    NJPW World Tag League 2018

    The crowd felt very “midway through the G1” to me. They liked LIJ and Ospreay, but otherwise didn’t react to very much. I liked the two singles matches as much as I’d hoped, and then I fell asleep, so maybe I’m not in a position to criticize tag league crowds. Mainly I’m stoked on how loaded the WK card is, even if the build hasn’t exactly been red hot. Couple more things about those singles matches, though: —I thought Ospreay just about nailed the balance of sympathetic selling/yelping, though I didn’t like his huffy “come on motherfucker” tough guy stuff. But that’s nitpicking. He was great, and Taichi was perfect as an advantageous heel with just enough skill to remain a threat beyond his cheating. —Ibushi and Goto hit one another a bunch and really hard, which was cool. Goto went after the ~surgically repaired neck~ but Ibushi is creeping nearer and nearer to that main event tier where the superhuman is expected. Ibushi also leaned into the NEVER heritage with some headbutts and a very strike-centric finish. Cannot wait for him to treat Ospreay like Nakamura treated him. Have I said that several times already? Yes. But those are basically my favorite matches ever, and a clever inversion of that dynamic with flippy business as seasoning feels very MOTY to me, even underneath Tana and Kenny’s main event brilliance.
  3. Beech27

    NJPW World Tag League 2018

    Ospreay will return to face Taichi, with the winner being #1 contender for the NEVER title. So, Ibushi/Ospreay looks very likely. Kenny is also tagging with the Bucks, which... well we’ve already established that they’ll be there and challenge. But I’m curious to see how the crowd treats Omega when he’s in there with Tana.
  4. Beech27

    Banging the head that does not bang

    It's a habit of mine to keep a google doc of metal albums I really like during a given year, with a several-words summary so I don't forget what it is. (It's usually second-wave-ish black metal, and this year isn't different.) So, for no real reason, here is that list for 2018, Album-Artist, in no order, subject to change, and poorly described: Netherstorm-Vargrav (Anthems Emperor worship, heavy use of synths and soundscapes; sketchy politics) Northern Chaos Gods-Immortal (a return to form album that actually is) Conqueror's Oath-Visigoth (best fully corny trad heavy metal of the year, for when the mood strikes) White Horse Hill-Solstice (best epic doom album of the year) Wolftooth-Wolftooth (The Sword esque heavy rock, big riffs and earnest ballads about swords and such) Jord-Panphage (folky black metal; harsher Windir) Black Fuck You Metal-Svpremacist (shredding retro black thrash) Mysterium Tremendum-Nahtrunar (skin peeling, melodic atmospheric black) The Age of Men is Over-Feminazgul (dissonant, strangled bm vocals, over blast beats and synth pop?) Sorg-Afsky (DSBM that isn’t boring and tedious, genuinely tortured vocals and beautiful melodies) Riitti-Paara (just very, very bouncy, folky black metal, w/ some great cleans) Stormriding Power-Venomwolf (thrash burnt to an evil, black crisp; d-beat Darkthrone) Vermilia-Kätkyt (it’s not fair to call this Finnish Myrkur, only way better… but it’s not exactly wrong) The Unraveling-Ails (dueling cleans/harsh make for a blackened post hardcore type thing) Nostalgia-Coldworld (super on-the-head 90s bm from the dsbm mainstay, but fuck does it go) Death is Peace-Void Ritual (peak second second wave black metal by someone who knows it, loves it) It’s Hard to Have Hope-Svalbard (I was a teen once and this kind of melodic hardcore is still fun as hell) Voluptuous Worship of Rapture and Response-Rebel Wizard (blackened heavy metal, whatever, so-called heavy negative wizard metal is the only genre that matters) Night Shines Eternal-Peste Umbrarum (vampyric! bm recorded in a tin can) Disciples of the Void-Disciples of the Void (well, it’s more second wave worshiping bm, soaring synths and snarling vocals, but that Hammerheart cover at the end is really unique)
  5. Beech27

    NJPW World Tag League 2018

    Interesting thread here (you get +1 for scoring the fall, -1 for taking it; +.5 if your partner scores the fall, -.5 if your partner takes it): The best record without taking a fall is 5-0, shared by Suzuki, ZSJ, and Juice. The latter two are clearly being protected for title challenges at WK, whereas MiSu is still treated as a perpetual threat.
  6. Beech27

    SDL is The Dangers of Methane Gas - 12/4/2018

    Daniel Bryan, radical ecologist, is one of those jokes that lands best because it lands really, really close for me. Graves needs to start quoting Earth Crisis.
  7. Beech27

    Raw is Bane Ambrose - 12/3/2018

    I could happily go the rest of my wrestling-viewing life without seeing someone charging shoulder-first into the ring post. I think Rollins can get a bit of a pass for outright eliminating his old finishers. He stopped using the curb stomp because he couldn't use the move at all; there's no way using the pedigree as a near-fall would go over well; he does attempt the ripcord knee now, from time to time.
  8. Beech27

    NJPW World Tag League 2018

    I like Chase. He's the right balance of fun and frivolous, credible against real bottom feeders but generally a job guy. As someone who watches most of the irrelevant multi-man tags, I really appreciate people like that, who work hard/smart in all of them. (He was really fun with Ibushi; I'd liked to have seen them in this tournament, though there's obvious reasons why that hasn't happened.) The Bucks... well, we knew this was coming, and I think that's part of the reason fewer people are posting about this tour. The matches have mostly been quite good, but there's zero narrative weight or intrigue to any of it.
  9. Beech27

    Puroresu General Discussion for 2018

    Since he was already mentioned as trivia on this page: Go Shiozaki also works as a personal trainer on the side, at Kenta Kobashi’s gym. So. That’s a nice bit of lingering kayfabe (that isn’t).
  10. Beech27


    San Francisco, March 9. He’s not bringing anyone else (except Tajiri, who is freelance) so I don’t think we can rightly speculate on All Japan ~expansion plans~ or even a full on barnstorming tour. But I am prepared to spend an irresponsible amount of money if we do get there.
  11. Beech27

    NJPW World Tag League 2018

    Solved it.
  12. Beech27


    I think (and hope) you're probably right about that. But the other side to the Japanese indies doing relatively poorly is that there are plenty of promotions for which a massive amount of up-front cash would seem really appealing. Honestly, even the other "big" promotions--NOAH, All Japan, DDT--don't seem to have benefited much from New Japan's boom. (NOAH and AJPW are trending the right way, but there's no Big 3, and hasn't been for a while.) Plus, with guys like Ishimori and Shingo leaving for New Japan, I could talk myself into one financially desperate company or promoter thinking those notions of loyalty are fading, and there's no way to fight a promotion that aspires to be international except with help from one that is already.
  13. Beech27

    NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 13 in Tokyo Dome 1/4/19

    Charlton sometimes works a little hard to get his obviously prosey prewritten lines in, but I've mostly really enjoyed him. More importantly, he should be very helpful in catching up once or twice a year viewers on who everyone is and why all of this matters.
  14. Beech27

    NJPW World Tag League 2018

  15. Beech27

    NJPW World Tag League 2018

    I’ve mostly enjoyed this entire tour so far, albeit essentially as background noise; but my favorite team is easy to choose.