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  1. Beech27

    NJPW 2018 MOTY.

    I know I have a tendency to hem and haw and provide endless asterisks and qualifying statements when it comes to ranking matches... but I'm still just gonna do that... The three contenders that spring to mind, for me, are Omega/Okada IV, Ishii/Omega, and Ishii/Ibushi. I'm basically certain I like the latter more than anyone else here, but in terms of pure action, it's just everything I want, condensed. I'd inject it if I could. Ishii/Omega is nearly its equal in that regard, and adds an all-time finishing stretch, plus some brilliant selling (and no selling) by Ishii. And of course, Omega/Okada is the crashing of one of wrestling's biggest, most forceful waves. It has such weight and depth behind it, and I don't believe the "you need to see other matches to totally get it, so that makes it worse" line of thinking holds up. (Not that anyone here has said that.) The G1 finals match is the toughest for me to consider. To put it as simply as possible: it's a perfect "do not go gently" veteran babyface performance--but Tana wasn't the face, to me, and couldn't be. I'm not saying the wrong guy won, just that my bias is what it is. In a "it's still real to me" sort of way, this probably makes it more affecting, and it'll end up in the #1 contender bucket for me in a few weeks. I'd need to do some digging to fill out a real top 10, much less a top 20. (Not that anyone asked me to.) White/Juice from the Cow Palace, Hiromu/Despy from BOtSJ, GL/Bucks, Okada/Tana, and Goto/Suzuki from WK spring to mind as matches I really liked, and surely I'd pick something from ZSJ's cup run too. Basking in the post-G1 glow, sometimes it's hard to properly focus on all the great stuff that wasn't part of that binge, so I'm sure there's a lot more. (And I'm even more sure there's a lot more to come, which is nuts.)
  2. Beech27

    Puroresu General Discussion for 2018

    The thing New Japan has going for it is all their top guys (save Tana) already have to wrist-clutch in order to hit their finish. If golden era NOAH taught me anything, it’s that wrist-clutching makes finishers about 500% more effective. Kojima tweeting these at roughly the same time is an experience: His twitter is great but I’m still ready for him to return. If he’s not back in time for an MSG-wide BREAD CLUB chant, I’m gonna be really disappointed.
  3. Beech27

    Puroresu General Discussion for 2018

    Hell, he pinned Yano and Young Boy Jay White with a single v-trigger, only a few years ago. I kinda love how he uses it as an omnipresent match turner and/or damage accumulator against top opponents—and the “ahhhhhh” from the crowd everytime he hits it must be like a drug—but I’m not sure he can take it much further. (Though the bomaye and shining wizard both tell us super over knee strikes are never protected for long.)
  4. Beech27


    There’s also a pretty massive difference between “a junior heavyweight is gaining muscle in order to more accurately portray a heavyweight, and this will alter his in ring style” and “she was hotter to me before she got breast implants—wait, I’m sorry, I clearly still think she’s hot.” Pro wrestling is an image business, so it’s reasonable to expect someone who covers it to talk about the bodies of performers; but Dave is too imprecise and inarticulate at times to do so tactfully. (And that’s being pretty generous.) I’m also pretty uncomfortable with the idea that taking a WWE check necessarily breaks your moral compass, or renders one complicit in all past actions. If WWE had a really strong union, I think you could make that argument regarding current storylines—but of course, there’s no such thing. (It’s also pretty much impossible for any individual to make or spend money without ethical compromise. I’m typing this on my iPhone, etc.)
  5. Beech27

    Puroresu General Discussion for 2018

    Yeah, that tag is on my short list of favorite matches ever--which is not quite the same as "best", insofar as I don't quite know how to get my head around that concept... but, well, I spent too much time on that distinction in the G1 thread. It's great by any definition that makes sense to me, so let's go with that. I also see that Shinobu's had a run with the BJW Junior title this last year, so I need to track some of those matches down; I'm curious to see how good he still is, but I just haven't kept up with that promotion lately. There were a few other general style things that stood out, watching the Nagata/Tana matches, since I've just watched the G1 (SMALL SAMPLE SIZE WARNING): -The end-match choreography has gotten much quicker and more complex, focusing more on counters than just absorbing moves. That makes sense, given that after a while, kickouts diminish in value; the natural thing is to then avoid some of the big moves, which lands us roughly where we are now, where we get a dozen GTR/Destino/etc attempts. Not saying this is an improvement or not, to be clear, just understandable movement. -Related point: In general, it seemed the control segments were longer than we tend to get now. -Though I noted how these are examples of foundational New Japan "main event style", there's obviously some All Japan/NOAH going on, and you might even say current All Japan heavyweight style is closer to this sort of thing than current New Japan style. When people talk about All Japan having real heavyweight wrestling, I think this is the point of contrast they're making, that New Japan's heavyweight division relies on a degree of junior heavyweight freneticism, generally. -Tanahashi doesn't really, though, so this is where another sample size warning should go. One could say: Of course Omega and Naito wrestle more like Juniors, since they were, and could probably cut down easily enough if they wanted to. Although one could counter: Okada--very much a heavyweight--structures his matches around a ton of flash counters and rope running, so it's not just a size thing. -I wonder how many fans who currently revere Tanahashi were screaming for Nagata to boot his head into the bleachers? Because that seemed to be the general sentiment. Not saying that's hypocrisy; I just wonder how many of those fans are still around, and how many always pull for the veteran, hanging on. -Go Ace really is so much worse than High Energy. Like, I knew it, but still. I also watched Suzuki/Sugiura from 2015, and I'm not saying there's a causal relationship, but I definitely have a headache this morning. Goddamn.
  6. Beech27

    Puroresu General Discussion for 2018

    To help stave off my G1 hangover, I went back and watched the DVDVR Japanese matches of the year for 2007 and 2008, Nagata versus Tanahashi 4/13 and Mashimo & Madoka vs Teioh & Shinobu. It’s all relentlessly non topical, and a bit long, hence the spoiler tag.
  7. Beech27

    Raw is the Pscottish Psychopath - 8/13/2018

    Renee deserved the opportunity and did well with it, and I certainly didn't/won't miss Coach, but it is a little regrettable we had no third announcer at the table who could tell us precisely how jacked Dean came back looking. I also loved the contrast between Dolph and Drew's pure camp direct-to-vhs looks and fit-throwing, and Dean's absolute refusal to emote, bump, or really even hook the arms for his finisher, while looking like the ghost of an abandoned midwestern strip mall parking lot made flesh. I hope he never tries any harder.
  8. Beech27

    NJPW G1 Climax 28, LIVE AT THE BUDOKAN! 7/14-8/12

    Feels like an early tease for next week's BTE, since this week's ep didn't include the finals.
  9. Beech27

    NJPW G1 Climax 28, LIVE AT THE BUDOKAN! 7/14-8/12

    I hope so, but there's no sign of it yet. Charlton and STRIGGA provided a little on twitter, but nothing blow-by-blow. And yeah, putting my Ibushi devotion aside for a sec, Tana/Omega does provide some obvious and compelling points of conflict: The antagonistic expansionist who wants change, progress, novelty, etc., versus the archetypal company man traditionalist, who thinks the way forward is by keeping a respectful eye toward the past. Tana can say he saved the company; Kenny can counter that sure, you kept it afloat, but I'm sailing it to more profitable shores. Plus, it was an interference heavy win over Tana for the IC title that solidified Omega as a heavyweight threat in the first place. And it never hurts when, as Omega's implied in a few interviews, their contrasting views on wrestling are pretty real, as is--I imagine--Tana's belief that he still fits on top, and Omega's view that he should make room.
  10. Suplex is a derivation of souplex, which is French, because Greco-Roman wrestling, contrary to the name, was a mid 19th-century French invention. (The ahistorical name comes from a desire to connect the style/ethic to ancient Olympic traditions, because 19th-century Europe loved artificial ancientry and classical connections.) Etymology aside, since suplex is the English derivation of a French word, and not a French word itself, I think "supleks" makes more sense.
  11. Beech27

    Puroresu General Discussion for 2018

    Maaaaaaaaaaybe a step towards the archives landing on All Japan's streaming service? (Almost assuredly not, and aligning their current ace with that past is the closest they could get, but.) Funny and somewhat related thing: There was a bit of Wikipedia vandalism a few days ago, that stated New Japan was set to buy All Japan, mostly for the tape libraries. This of course overlooks the fact that All Japan doesn't own that footage, so...
  12. Beech27

    NJPW Destruction Tour 2018

    I think that's pretty accurate seeming speculation and a good--and probably relevant--thing to notice, regarding Naito. They do like to telegraph things, that way. And this does feel like a tour to burn some of Juice and/or Goto's defenses on, since they both have... a lot. We should probably also expect some movement towards getting us a Junior champ, and maybe something with the Junior tag belts, since all those guys had a comparatively light G1 workload. Would they do Yano/Omega? I know Kenny's beat up and busy, but that would be a fun 20 minutes where he doesn't have to bump much at all.
  13. Beech27

    NJPW G1 Climax 28, LIVE AT THE BUDOKAN! 7/14-8/12

    If Tanahashi loses the main event to Okada... like, I don’t think it’s happening. But man. If? Normally I might just root for the most insane thing, but not in this case, because the building might not survive, and I really want to see Omega/Ishii. It really seems like Omega and Tana are happy to start feuding already, though:
  14. Beech27

    The Cody Rhodes/YB All In Show Thread

    I know selling out means they don’t exactly need to put posters around town, but if they did, they should pay this guy and use this. (Though as is, anyone famous enough to get fanart who actually credits and @‘s the artist when posting is doing a good thing that shouldn’t be so rare.)
  15. Beech27

    NJPW G1 Climax 28, LIVE AT THE BUDOKAN! 7/14-8/12

    I’d probably go Day 14(?), that had Ishii/Omega, Ibushi/Naito, and ZSJ/Juice. Yano and SANADA was fun, too. Ishii/Omega alone does a lot, for me. That’s a good question. I suppose it depends how hot the various stars are by the time summer rolls around next year—probably “very”, since Okada will be Okada again—and whether they can meaningfully add to the field. Does Kojima and/or Makabe announcing a last run draw? Could they actually get Nakamura back? Does anyone move up a weight class or move over from another promotion? They could also just... not have Tama in it. Kayfabe and not, there’s zero reason to.