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  1. While it's true that Westbrook's ability to play point-center allowed Houston to deal Capela and play the lineups they did, it's also true that Westbrook's skill-set and style requires teams to bend to him. He's an incredibly versatile player if one only considers classic positional parameters; but he's very inflexible as well, and limited to only being the Nth degree version of himself.
  2. Despy, burying Wato beneath the bus he’s just run him over with.
  3. Anthony Edwards, trying to demonstrate to Minnesota that he's already further along than their previous top pick, Andrew Wiggins, when it comes to basketball-related antipathy:
  4. The problem isn't whether his midrange game will deteriorate, it's that it compromises spacing in a LeBron-orchestrated offense. Unless he and/or Davis start reliably hitting 40% from 3, they need spacing.
  5. Yeah. It's true that WM30 and all the surrounding aspects--road trip with friends, Bryan winning, getting ramp-side seats for RAW--will always be among the most fun times of my life. But it's also true that I haven't watched any WWE in roughly a couple years, and am so checked out I can't imagine going back.
  6. It sure seems like it would be best, booking-wise, to disentangle the G1 from WK, and let it stand as its own reward. But maybe the potential short-term hit in interest would be more significant than I expect, and maybe not all that short-term.
  7. I think Ospreay will be slotted in as a challenger to--and maybe winner of--one/both of the big heavyweight belts, at some point early next year. He and Ibushi have history, and he's been mostly kept away from Naito and White. (I'm not really stoked on this, but he has a faction now. Seems inevitable.)
  8. Jay White is really good, but I was invested in seeing some struggle for him before a redemption arc—of course, maybe that was never the plan. Also, Ibushi is basically the last wrestler I just cheer for to win, with no real critical lens applied. So I don’t love this. Also don’t love that it just seems messy for the sake of setting up back to back main events at WK. Obviously that has to be a consideration, but I feel like it’s an over-correction for the predictability of the briefcase.
  9. Someone needs to lose the breifcase eventually, but I think this is the time to show Jay fighting clean, and coming up just short. Assuming we are headed towards a face turn, he needs to face some adversity on that path, and commit anyway.
  10. This is the clearest summation I've seen.
  11. This is reductive and a little hot-takey, but the Nets feel like Clippers East, to me. I expect similarly breathless reporting about load management, promises they'll gel when it's time, and then "we knew all along the chemistry wasn't working" articles after a playoff exit.
  12. I have enough bandwagoner friends to make me loath to admit this, but doesn't the lack of home court make the Lakers' title more impressive, since they were deprived of an advantage every other previous number-one seed enjoyed? Next year will be interesting. Miami should grow into the role of conference favorites well, but I don't see them rolling the east easily. And out west, Denver is ascendant, Golden State should be back, and the Clippers might... but, probably not. But it's a deserved championship for the Lakers and LeBron, even if it's only one. Seeing Butler so clearly fati
  13. Weird thing about Houston: They actually are among the league leaders in first and second down pass-rate, but are midpack when it comes to second and long. Suggests a lack of easy first down completions--if only one had a receiver who was good at that--and then foolishly chasing the sticks. (You're more likely to get a first down on 2 and 10 throwing twice than expending second down gaining two or three yards on a run.)
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