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  1. Maybe the fact that a major company is still willing to put its top title on him is answer enough, but, regarding Mutoh: Is this a "still wants to work" situation, or a "still has to work" one? Do we know?
  2. I love that, in Japan, adding a wrist-clutch elevates any finisher. Really, I love the idea of big-match super-finishers in general.
  3. That match has been a strange sort of mile-marker in my wrestling fandom. I saw it when I was first getting into Japanese wrestling, and loved it. As I read more and got 'smarter', I learned that it was actually an empty spectacle, just two dudes welting each other. But then as I watched more and developed my own tastes, I discerned it was a spectacle full of the meaning the crowd gave it, and that two dudes welting each other is a great story. Or at least, it was then. If strike exchanges and fighting spirit chops have become a meme, I'm not inclined to blame Kobashi and Sasaki.
  4. Yeah, "if he hits lefties" is doing a lot of work, there. His career slash against them is .191 / .266 / .310
  5. I would like to hear an explanation for why that wouldn't be as crazy it definitely does seem.
  6. Mahomes a participant in practice today. (CEH and Watkins, too.) Still in the protocol, and the injury report lists a toe as well.
  7. The hot new exploitable market inefficiency: trying to have a good team.
  8. Why do you hit 'return' so many times before signing your posts?
  9. My nit-picky gripe regarding match structure in this is era is that, if we're to believe audible fan support really helps wrestlers power up, harness fighting spirit, etc., then a lack of it should manifest somehow. And yeah, steering away from big epics would be a great way to do that.
  10. Washington probably needs Brady to throw a couple panic-picks, and maybe get strip-sacked, leading to easy scores. I think Smith is good enough if the field position and game flow tilt in his favor. Unlikely, ultimately. But it’s still a worse matchup for TB than the Giants, I think.
  11. Washington has one of the best pass-rush win-rates in the league, while Tampa is mid-pack in pass-protection, with a quarterback who really doesn't like being pressured. They're rightly an underdog, but that's one path to a competitive game.
  12. My baseless prediction: Ibushi retains against White, is challenged for the Heavy only by an Okada who has found his main event form again; Okada wins, Ibushi gets a long run with the IC, and the belts are split again.
  13. This is the sleaziest looking promo image I've seen in a long time. Tremendous.
  14. Ibushi is my dude, so I'm just happy to see him win, and I'm always going to be into Kenny morosely vague (but not that vague) tweeting about him. I'm going to hope they fight, even though I know better.
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