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  1. Corgan has an interview with the Masked Man up on The Ringer. Maybe the most interesting bit:
  2. Beech27

    Puroresu General Discussion for 2018

    Lariato specifically said it was a complaint from within the company, so... well, it would be a mistake, if so. They've benefited substantially from the symbiotic relationship between company and fan content producers, which also helps to cultivate that whole "we're all in this together/you're not just consuming a product" ethos that wrestling typically does well with.
  3. If Hiromu were three inches taller, he'd be an easy choice as the next biggest star in Japan. He may still achieve main event heavyweight status, but 5'7 would be the shortest IWGP champ by some margin. I think Ospreay will the quicker ascending junior, like him or not. He's 6'1, with a frame that could support more weight--he seems to be adding it already--and if Omega does leave, there will be a massive "workrate gaijin face" role he could occupy easily. Looking really far ahead... Umino? New Japan doesn't seem to be big on years long climbs to main event status, these days, so I think someone coming back from excursion might have a better chance than guys like Sanada or Evil who have been around (and I'll guess probably top off at the IC level, though I love both). If we're looking outside the company, I'd say Konosuke Takeshita is the most likely guy to watch. We know the DDT to New Japan transition works, and he's got ready-made matches with Ibushi and (if he's still around) Omega. He's also 6'2, 23, crazy athletic, and has worked 30-60 minutes title match main events already. He's pretty vacant looking at times, and a lot of his higher end matches are just spotfests, but that can all be improved.
  4. As hilarious as that is, Corbin actually played football—he didn’t just “train” it. A true Johnny Shoulderpads would have videopackages built around them doing Oklahoma drills and hitting sleds, despite never actually playing in a game. Cesaro’s long-forgotten rugby background comes closer to the Johnny Kickpads faux-sports ideal, as does Big Show getting a finisher out of a non-existent boxing background.
  5. Beech27

    Puroresu General Discussion for 2018

    That would practically get DDT on the show too. Love it. Is also wouldn’t be surprised to see Kento and Tana leading opposing 3 or 4 man teams, giving us the moment where the crowd makes the comparison as they finally step into the ring. I don’t think that would hurt Kento a bit. Unlikely, but maybe we do see one of the sub-main New Japan guys take a shot at the GHC or TC. I also really want Akiyama versus Okada. I know the outcome there is a given, but we’re much more likely to avoid endless draws if the matchups are slightly asymmetrical.
  6. Beech27

    Puroresu General Discussion for 2018

    Big Japan and Wrestle-1 are signed on as well, which makes it even easier to fill out tags, and (probably) keep NOAH and New Japan apart.
  7. There will be more singles opportunities soon, I think, or perhaps even a need. Ishii is 42, Goto is 39, Tana is probably on his last real main event run, Suzuki might finally be slowing down a bit, and of course Omega could leave. Ibushi could be next up, but who knows what kind of commitment there will be between he and New Japan, and he really isn’t that young; Sabre is well positioned, credible, and has shown well; I really think Ospreay is on his way to heavyweight as well. But even still, there should be a little room near the top, beneath Okada and Naito.
  8. You’re remembering right. Fans like Evil, they like Ibushi, and they like novelty/narrative movement. It’s not that they’re the most popular guys in the company, but they’re the most popular for whom it would have been the biggest step forward. Put another way: they were the furthest down the card you could go and find a plausible finalist.
  9. Beech27

    RING WARRIORS- DId I just see...

    Irie went freelance a few months back, and specifically expressed an interest in working the US, so it sorta makes sense he’d pop up.
  10. Beech27

    Puroresu General Discussion for 2018

    Check out Nakajima/Sugiura from NOAH’s Junior League Finale. (The match for which the snow is named is only pretty good, but has a really impress finish.) Old Surly Elbow Man versus Young Sleazy Kick Man... that’s basically it! Some pointless ref stuff and a half-assed weapons stuff aside, it’s just a great combo of high-end (probably reckless) striking and character work.