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  1. This quote, combined with the fact that the Junior Heavyweight title won't be defended for months, could be... something. (Probably isn't. But.)
  2. Doesn't look like Cornette is done.
  3. I'm sure New Japan would love to use Moxley in Dallas, but we have no reason to believe they're angry. He got their biggest youtube numbers by far, will elevate Umino, Juice, and whomever he has buzzworthy matches with. Money well spent, so far; and probably money well spent if it never goes beyond those items. And I haven't seen any New Japan fans grumpy about or rooting against AEW, honestly; and there are plenty of folks in this thread I recognize from my time in the Japan folder.
  4. I think it is. If AEW wants a relationship, they have to withhold something of value for now. New Japan will decide, in time, whether TNT exposure is worth complicating their relationship with AXS, whether AEW is worth leaving ROH, what Kenny/Moxley/Jericho are worth stateside, etc. I'm more curious to see how it goes than invested in any specific outcome, to be honest.
  5. Making me and probably several other people happy, Kojima tweeted that he wants to earn a place in next year's G1. (I mean, he probably is done, barring a rash of badly timed injuries. But I will hope.)
  6. Dave may be the least articulate professional word-combiner I've ever read/listened to--this is where the Jack Sparrow "But you have heard of me" quip would go--so he does, in some respects, make himself an easy target. His passionate engaging with trolls also spurs things on. Mostly though I think he's a victim of his own success and commensurate stature. People can cultivate a pretty substantial online following by dunking on Dave.
  7. Two big, protected matches, in the slots that are often quasi-spoilers. And Dallas gets Okada/Tana, which is really smart, since it probably won't draw in Japan anymore but fits as a bucket list item for American fans; and KENTA/Ibushi, who both have very high profiles in the States.
  8. Making the finals would be a step forward. Although his loss to Naito last year was just sorta fine, losing to Naito in the finals might be better and it would certainly be bigger. He could just win too, I suppose. Part of me thinks Moxley will make the finals, because you’re only going to have him this year, so you might as well. And if that’s true, you want him to lose in the finals to someone who would really benefit. SANADA would fit that role. Mostly I like how wide open this all seems. Neither block winners nor the finals are at all clear to me; but beyond that, there will be a lot of “could go either way” matches. (Ultimately though, I think Naito takes it, defends the shot and his belt, and becomes double champ. Revenge in every step.)
  9. I think you’re probably right. Granted they’ve basically done that recently—with the same players—but Okada is too god-tier otherwise and Suzuki should react to the G1 snub. Anyway, this lineup is great, but as a nerd who has been watching their entire relevant careers, I’d have enjoyed Kojima and Makabe getting a gold watch run.
  10. Beech27

    NJPW Dominion 2019

    He had quite a bit of swelling, but Charlton translated/said that he was ok. Kind of an aside: if more people watched NOAH, there would (rightly) be an uproar about Kotoge shoot headbutting until his own eyes are bloodshot. (Kenoh does them too much also.)
  11. I don't think there's a stretch with any of these besides Janela. A really good utility infielder might be called a good hand, and both basketball and soccer players (and skateboarders, which Darby is) talk all the time about expressing themselves and entertaining fans while trying to win. Even fighters do the same. You see strikers dismiss wrestlers as boring in MMA, and all the major heavyweights now criticize the Klitchko jab and clench style.
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