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  1. Beech27

    Puroresu General Discussion for 2018

    I don’t think anyone anywhere is better than Kento at the eternal babyface formula of taking and coming back from a beating; and I’d never have guessed Marafuji would evolve into this level of methodical, hard striking ass kicker. I know walking into an All Japan ring and firing off goddamn Kawada kicks is incredibly unsubtle, but he earned the reference, and it worked for me. The whole thing did. Pretty much everything I want in a heavyweight title match.
  2. Beech27

    New Japan gets TV deal in US

    Since I really only see Scurll in New Japan, and his singles participation is somewhat limited (current tourney aside), it keeps me from getting too sick of him. And credit on two points: the Japanese fans have really taken to his gimmick, and he’s totally willing to look like a stooge in any context in order to get anything or anyone over. Of course, that’s also the problem. He hits every spot every match, and so his clever moves and counters start to look incongruent and ineffective. I know it’s pro wrestling, and people will do stuff that gets a pop, but the “just kidding” kick and finger break spots (for instance) don’t make sense when deployed as often as they are. That said, I consider him a net positive in New Japan. Some juniors need to get by on character, gimmick, and a less athletic moveset in order to keep the division diverse.
  3. Beech27

    Joshi Puroresu Discussion Thread

    Looks like another streaming service coming soon.
  4. Beech27

    NJPW Best of the Super Junior 2018

    Naito focused much of his harassment on YOH(ei Komatsu) when he was a Young Lion, kicking him, making him hold the ring ropes open, etc. Then, at Fantasticamania (billed as his sendoff), Naito invited him to the ring, gave him and LIJ hat, and acted like this was all a long initiation and he'd be invited to join... ... then the group beat him down, left him in the ring, and he vanished to North America.
  5. Beech27

    NJPW Best of the Super Junior 2018

    I had completely forgotten this. Also noted a few places on twitter that YOH's singles gear looks a bit Stardust Genius, which fits with his history with Naito, and the LIJ swerve.
  6. Beech27

    Raw Is Family Ties - 5/21/2018

    Wanting to wrestler her before she really learns how to wrestle makes an awful lot of sense (and yeah, would be way better), but it's perhaps too "sports" and not enough "entertainment" for WWE, and invites us to wonder more broadly about the presentation of part timers.
  7. Beech27


    Maybe this is Pollyanna nonsense, but I don’t feel like anyone has lost. That is, to stretch the combat metaphor, WWE getting this deal is the United States taking a big leap forward in nuclear weapons tech—there was no war. At the same time, I (a sample of one, granted) watched WXW, All Japan, and New Japan this weekend, each of which is also doing very well. There are options like never before. I guess the danger could be a scenario where WWE properly expands into a global territory eating hydra, but I don’t think the Fox money will cause that, and I could just as easily make a “rising tides” argument for the industry.
  8. Beech27


    Baseball is probably a decent—if somewhat superficial—comparison for WWE’s appeal in the current media landscape: a glut of live programming to provide constant content; has a very engaged (if somewhat niche) audience that only really penetrates mainstream awareness for one event a year; there’s a perpetual argument over a perceived lack of entertainment value while, somewhat paradoxically, the money just keeps increasing.
  9. Beech27

    NJPW Best of the Super Junior 2018

    Dragon Lee wrestling SHO like a proto-Hiromu, just sprinting into strikes and spots, was really fun—and yeah, the best showcase for SHO to date. And Hiromu was as compelling as ever, while Scurll kept up nicely. (I know aspects of his gimmick are repetitious, but the crowd eats it up.) Sabin and Kushida provided a necessary technical counterpoint to the highspots preceding and to come (and Taguchi’s stuff), and the winner demonstrates why these “anyone can win!” tournaments stay exciting.
  10. Beech27

    NJPW Best of the Super Junior 2018

    That’s fair. Admittedly Bushi isn’t a favorite of mine, so that should be accounted for.
  11. Beech27

    NJPW Best of the Super Junior 2018

    Fun start, but nothing blow away. —Kanemaru made me enjoy a Tiger Mask match by sheer force of his grumpy drunk uncle charisma. —Flip had the most awkward springboards for someone who managed to hit everything anyway, but he seemed to pull the crowd to his side, so. I just watched WALTER last night, though, so ACH being so chop focused wasn’t exactly what I wanted to see. Still, he showed more than “happy to be here” intensity, which was needed. He wrestled like someone who could win this. (He won’t. But.) —YOH didn’t have quite as much luck winning fan support; which, considering the match layout, meant an only ok piece of singles business between tag guys. And I think I want to like YOH more than most, so it’s possible even that assessment is too generous. —Ishimori as Bone Soldier, only not... It was a fun red herring to hide his debut, but I don’t know how I feel about tugging that gimmick into the future. He also seemed unsure when to be vicious and when to play to the crowd, but you could argue that just makes him fit right in with Bullet Club. I wish Ospreay would settle down with the screaming, especially considering this was an obviously abbreviated (but promising) match that they’ll build on later. @Archibald the announcer erroneously called his tombstone-into-gutbuster the Bloody Cross, when the move is a Bloody Sunday-into-Codebreaker; so he only hit it once.
  12. Beech27

    Puroresu General Discussion for 2018

    I loved it. Miyahara is a tremendous ace from underneath—contradictory as that sounds—and Marafuji’s sudden strikes (which sometimes seem like spam) worked perfectly to keep him down/cut him off/finish him.
  13. Beech27

    London Calling - Raw - 5/14/2018

    And Nakamura’s supposed to be the heel...