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  1. I'm sure they'd sign him in a heartbeat. But with ~36 million banked, I don't know why he'd make the leap. Take a job as an assistant to the assistant linebacker coach at Ohio State, and leave the concussion count where it is.
  2. I have some unfortunate news, regarding your historical precedent.
  3. Maybe a little; but movies have never promoted themselves on the basis of having--and responding to--a live test audience. If WWE fans are overwhelmingly entitled, it's at least in part because WWE has told us to be, directly and not. There's a larger post to be written (by someone who understands these worlds more than me) about the increasingly active role fandom plays--or attempts to--in directing scripted TV drama, comic books, video games, and other traditionally "nerd culture" stalwarts, and how that audience increasingly intersects with WWE. They also followed it with a "Fire Roman" chant, though the hypocrisy is noted.
  4. Kayfabe has nothing to do with it; that's how wrestling fans have changed. They're booing the guy, his presentation, booking, etc., and cheering the fact that someone is going over him. (Not saying that's how it should be; but that's how it is, for sure.)
  5. Somehow, the most absurd part of that whole page to me is the idea that Crossfit Jesus would eat cereal for breakfast. Paleo, brah.
  6. Nak countering Bray's crust-punk yoga with the power of strong style interpretive dance would a) maybe hurt the gimmick more than the litany of losses have; b) be so awesome I probably wouldn't mind.
  7. We're a long, long way out, but I wonder if the women's show will be separated from the Raw/Smackdown divisions, and if not, will the women become brand-exclusive? (Presumably, the cruisers would head to Smackdown full-time, to line the tapings up, if that were to occur.) Regardless, I'm excited for this. A little horrified to see how Sasha someday decides to bump on Shirai's germans, and perpetually anxious about cheering on the expansion of an already dominant business, but... (And as stated, women do have less lucrative options. I'll be worried when WWE announces a Mexico and/or Japan tournament/show.)
  8. NXT

    Hell, he's 31 now, having been through several career cycles already. Still a lot younger than most of the men who have main-evented NXT recently.
  9. It would, but Corbin has it. God knows Nak has enough practice modeling a white IC title though. Edit: Didn't pay much attention to match tonight, saw Corbin beat Ambrose, assumed he won the title. Oops.
  10. I like Finn and Darkwave Riot Cop Emma. Pretty apathetic regarding the rest. Hopefully Nak works Tuesdays.
  11. A lack of character development over several years isn't usually considered a good thing. Ditching the last vestiges of the Shield (the vest, the music, etc.) would be a good step. (Fwiw, I think Roman is really good. Maybe not "future of the company!!!" good, but I don't have the metrics they use to decide those sorts of things, nor do I really care. His matches entertain me. That's enough.)
  12. Underdog Gargano fighting a war of attrition and eventually tearing the belt away from Roode, only to get destroyed by Strong (I think Ohno and Black would work too) in his first defense would be great, if maybe a tiny bit close to the Neville/Zayn/Owens transition.
  13. I wonder who will announce this. I think the CWC was helped by Bryan's obvious enthusiasm on color, since he's credible enough that any on the fence fans who don't follow indies or puro would buy in. Getting that right is a small thing that can make a big difference. (Lita, maybe?)
  14. I hope Black gets a cool shirt, though if not, it just gives me an(other) excuse to wear one of my too many metal shirts to the local NXT stop and pretend. Satyricon is close enough, yeah? Anyway, loved the tag, the women's match, and the main. I thought Asuka got across surprise in her selling really well, then switching back to "what, I won!" arrogance when it was over. The loss does more for Moon than a win would have. Great show, good booking and action. I've been super cynical about mania, so it was really nice to watch this with friends and enjoy myself.
  15. MM17

    Styles wrestled James Ellsworth as a proxy for Dean Ambrose because the roster was too thin and the feud needed to stretch, lost a couple times in comedic fashion, and still appeared a viable ace. He carried plenty of other episodes when there wasn't much actually happening. Revival basically only worked featured matches that were given time. Way, way easier. (Still impressive! But.)