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  1. Styles was the most over face in the company while he was still a heel; he's going to get most or all of the chants regardless of who else is around. (Cena and Reigns are the only two who get equal reactions--though "mixed"--and Styles benefited from working both extensively.) There is certainly work to be done, carrying over the pop Nak's entrance gets to the matches, but I think it'll come. Styles wasn't getting these reactions right away either. (Though broadly speaking, you're right that NXT success doesn't mean main roster crowds will always treat you like a huge deal.)
  2. Everything about Jinder's segment seemed appropriately main event, but his promo wasn't equal to everything else. Monotone, his voice cracking and half gone, "you people" to begin every sentence... still, not a bad start, considering you'd expect him to be a little hoarse, a little nervous. -I hope the Fashion Police aren't done as challengers. -Thankfully, Nak didn't try to cut a promo with his mouth guard still in, this week. Makes a difference.
  3. Two things. 1) Good ring work and "throwback" presentation are totally compatible, not opposite ends of a spectrum. If Mahal had been putting in great work on Main Event, Superstars, and various undercards over the last few years, I and others would happily acknowledge it. 2) Similarly, if they're counting on Mahal to bring back the droves of missing viewers... well, I guess we'll see. But Backlash didn't sell out in Chicago. Still, I am somewhat interested to see how this plays out. Or would be, if it weren't "boo the foreign heel for being foreign/pointing out legitimate instances of American xenophobia".
  4. I don't expect it will happen--nor, probably, should it--but you could easily get a Takeover match out of Sasha or Becky, neither of whom seem to have anything better to do at the moment. With the former, it's as easy as an "I'm the greatest NXT women's champ ever" promo; with Becky, it's the chance to correct the one blemish on her resume.
  5. My pet-peeve regarding "I was watching with my friend/significant other who conveniently supports the point I wanted to make anyway" anecdotes aside: What evidence do we have that Jinder has "it", or is any kind of a draw? The title run may prove that he is, but he's not been the top guy in any promotion, or on any show before. We really have no clue if this will work.
  6. anabolic-androgenic steroids
  7. This. And also, Crossfit--or Crossfit like--gyms are some of the most reliable places to find free weights, and the right equipment/space to do powerlifting/Olympic lifts. Most also allow you to pay significantly less money if you just want to show up and lift, rather than partake in the classes. For self-motivated fitness devotees, that's a pretty good setup.
  8. The Bloody Sunday is "1916" now. I last remember him hitting it on Owens during their NXT title match in Japan, where the crowd would of course respond to the move.
  9. He's got the worryingly jacked/vascular old man look down already.
  10. If I remember right, it was God's Last Gift before NXT, then... Avada Kedavra (I don't know that he ever used the Buckle bomb as a finish, but maybe) Springboard knee strike (don't remember a name for this) (Shield Powerbomb, if that counts) Curb Stomp That double underhook faceplant thing, for five minutes Phoenix Splash (has been consistent as a secondary finish) Pedigree And now, the rain-trigger
  11. I don't know... in Japan at least, it seems a wrist clutch makes anything a +1 finisher. At least that was the lesson I took from NOAH's peak years.
  12. Semantics, but the knee isn't Omega's finisher. It's also not just the knee strike that's the same--yes, plenty of guys hve done that--but the wrist clutch setup too. So far as I know, Omega did invent the move Rollins is doing. (Which is fine. But let's be accurate. This isn't what Regal or Triple H did at all.)
  13. Given how the camera zooms and pans when he poses on the ring apron, I think they're already leaning in to that aspect of his... personality.
  14. If you're gonna steal a finisher, steal a finisher. The crowd that's familiar with NJPW knows it as a move Omega hits as a flash counter, not even a nearfall. To those who aren't familiar, it's just convoluted. Barrett's bullhammer elbow didn't get over until he dropped the wrist-lock/spin set-up, and just slugged the guy.
  15. I'm sure they'd sign him in a heartbeat. But with ~36 million banked, I don't know why he'd make the leap. Take a job as an assistant to the assistant linebacker coach at Ohio State, and leave the concussion count where it is.