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  1. That's fair, and I'm certainly looking forward to those matches. I'm just over the "I hit you, you hit me" exchanges as a staple. Ishii does them better than most, maybe better than anyone, but he also does more of them. If every match is an epic fight, well, none of them are. (This is on his opponents too, of course. I don't want to see ZSJ stand and trade with him, for instance.)
  2. Photo

    As hilarious as Omega dunking all over him is, my first thought is how dumb this is on the part of DBS. Calling out New Japan's top gaijin (and Yano too, whose spot on the roster has to be as safe as anyone's), whom they're likely to bend over backwards to keep (and keep happy) for at least the next couple years, while your tag partner is out injured... yikes. Does he want to go back to NOAH? I didn't think anyone would.
  3. And Kevin Steen (signed in August of '14, but) vs. AJ Styles on the undercard! But nevermind that, because there's a video series featuring Tyler Breeze and Fandango that might overshadow both, if it airs.
  4. Omega/Yano was tremendous. If we were still doing the top 20 puro matches of the year poll, I'm almost certain it'd fit somewhere in mine. -It's not fair, but I can't look past Yoshi-Hashi's church wife haircut. And Ishii, while he's had a banner year... feels a little exposed having this many singles matches so close together, maybe? The exchanges are stiff and the crowd gets into it, but they're also the same every match. So, this didn't really hit for me. -ZSJ using Fale as a jungle gym was the obvious thing to do, and it worked pretty well when they stuck to it. The finish missed, though, because Fale's shoulder was clearly up--if they were ever down to begin with. -Surprised Makabe got the win here, to be honest. I liked that the finish was decisive, though. The G1 needs that. If anyone can string together a few of their big moves and hit a finisher, it's over. (It's also possible I'm assuming Ibushi's in line for a bigger heavyweight push than is rational, and this shouldn't be surprising at all. Oh well. Wishful thinking.) -Nagata's a bit of a man out of time, between the past legends and the Tanahashi/Nak--->Naito/Okada crop that elevated the company (back) to where it is now. So it's really satisfying to see him get this run, work so damn hard, and have it received so well. -Speaking of Tanahashi... this was compelling before it started. The weakened, descending ace, vs. the perpetual bridesmaid, increasingly desperate as his potential becomes his past. That works! And they worked.
  5. It's on smackdown, so the idea, I guess, is that more people might tune in. Puro fans, Cena fans, the idly curious, whatever. Sometimes they seem to care about individual shows halting a downward ratings trajectory--or improving a stagnant one--and with AJ/Owens added too, I'm guessing this might be one of those times.
  6. Cena/Nakamura is... interesting. It's the guy Nakamura has said he most wants to work with, and frankly, New Japan and WWE main event style have so overlapped at this point that it should be a comfortable fit. So maybe it's the start of seeing THAT Nakamura, at least somewhat regularly. There's a more pessimistic argument to be made too, though: they're just rushing this out now before any more shine comes off of him. Pop a number, move on.
  7. Not surprising results. That really is the shit thing about this, though; it would be one thing if the answer was simply to "work smart", avoid head-drops, needless stiffness, etc. Don't be Shibata, or Nigel, or any of the other obvious cautionary tails. But if a decade of shoulder tackles and scoop slams adds up to brain trauma... well, good advice is still good advice, and mitigating risk is still wise, probably. But how do you solve a problem with no solution? (And full disclosure, I'm waking up early to watch the G1 before work tomorrow. Someone's getting dropped on their head; Ishii's gonna take and give some gross forearms, then a headbutt. I'm plenty complicit.)
  8. Tranquilo, by any means. (As for the latter, well, Kitamura works there, they ain't testing.)
  9. It's also very bro of him. Which, of course, is perfect. -Both Kojima and Nagata have had great tournaments. I'm pretty much roped in by the end every time, hoping they win despite "knowing" they won't. I'm grateful for any match that keeps me that firmly rooted in the present, rather than, y'know, letting my mind wander to likely outcomes, future prospects, annoying smark bs, etc. -I think one of the other outcomes of too much crowd brawling is that, in venues like this that really have no elevated seating, a massive portion of the audience is taken out of the match, because they can't see for minutes at a time. Still, Evil is getting really good at stringing together a compelling finish, and MiSu is always compelling to me. -I loved Omega/Yano. The props were fun, but the send-up of various strong style tropes was even better. The Cleaner hasn't scrubbed away DDT completely. -You hear about the Orton test, in WWE. Put a guy across from him, and just see if he fits. I suppose something similar could be said of Okada in New Japan; there's something to standing in the ring with him and just looking like you belong. Sanada passes.
  10. Yup. I'd love to see him in New Japan, in any capacity.
  11. The only other left field option I can think of is Baretta. He's moving to heavyweight, will necessarily get a singles push, has established animosity with the Bucks, and his name is almost spelled the same as the pistol already.
  12. I think they'd love for it to be Cody, but don't want to pay him for full-time work. Other than that... umm... Elgin could turn heel? Dude keeps losing already; might as well try something. (I know this wouldn't make any sense. And you're probably right.)
  13. Sasha keeps having everyone's best match. She's still, like, ten percent slower on everything than she thinks she is, but somehow it doesn't matter. The matches are put together well, and the crowd always reacts. Pretty much the moment we're down on any woman, Sasha can hand them a showcase. Given she already worked in two forearm exachanges and a pop up from a knee strike into another knee strike tonight, maybe she should just be the one to work Nakamura?
  14. Apparently he signed a three year deal. WWE announced the signing on February 21, 2016, so assuming the contract starts about then, he's got a while yet to go.