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  1. Nexus and the Punk promo were surprises, and surprises are a powerful narrative tool—but obviously you need more than one for lots of different jobs. Too many nonsensical twists and fans don’t feel their attention is rewarded; too few and they don’t feel it’s necessary.
  2. Hawkeye is most famous for being a dork who people struggle to take seriously in a super-powered universe, so that’s not a good comparison to strengthen your argument. Plenty of fans see him as an immersion breaker. And plenty of casual and non-fans complain that wrestling looks “too fake.” I’m not saying they should be catered to; but pretending they don’t exist—or that anyone with eyes can’t discern the difference between Storm’s pillowfight form and anything else—is to ignore reality in favor of a make believe narrative.
  3. Putting aside the broader debate, I think it has to matter that Cody is essentially his own boss. Had Darby taken the shot, you could argue—not easily, since he’s who he is—that pressure to perform from a higher up made him agree to a dangerous thing. If Cody felt any pressure, it was what he applied to himself. Honestly I think my biggest problem is that the whole thing distracts from Darby—who should be a star—to put heat on a stop gap feud involving a guy with a much, much lower ceiling.
  4. Female is a scientific term regarding sex of any species, whereas "woman/women" refers to a category of humans on the basis of gender. Female is also an adjective, not a stand-alone noun. The result is, to be technically accurate, you would have to say "female human", which makes you sound like an alien.
  5. I can't imagine perceiving the difference in weight a single bullet would make. A Colt Army weighs almost 2.5 pounds, and a bullet is about 17 grams. 17 grams is like... a big scoop of ground coffee. Enough to brew maybe 8 ounces. If the balance of a pistol was that easy to throw off, revolvers never would have been a good idea. That said, in fiction, I like the idea of a gunfighter so familiar with his sidearm that he could tell. (And I'm no expert. Could be someone who handles one every day would intuit the difference.) The real trick is, if you spin the cylinder, it's much more likely that--gravity being what it is--the bullet stops at the bottom. So if you spin, you don't actually have a 1/6 chance of getting shot. In that regard, the weight does make a big difference. And Lonesome Dove. My Dad's favorite book, and one of mine. The former partially informs the latter.
  6. https://www.sportskeeda.com/wwe/wwe-news-seth-rollins-reveals-reason-behind-his-ring-name "Seth Rollins is a little bit of an ode to an idol of mine, Henry Rollins. He’s the leader of one of my favorite bands, Black Flag. Seth is just a name that I liked."
  7. I liked the video as a whole, but if I'm nitpicking (and I guess I am), I thought her training segment was a little too "learning how to work" and not enough "learning how to fight." We don't need to see her working on her leg-slapping while the kick visibly misses. Still, I think you could do the same sort of video with someone who just executes better--the one WWE did with Sasha learning submissions with Drew Gulak comes to mind--and have it work great, so I like the idea.
  8. Grain of salt and all, but pwinsider is saying the positions will essentially have the same level of autonomy as Triple H does with NXT. So, a lot, if true.
  9. If he had a choice in the matter, there's something deeply poetic about Triple H opting to stay in NXT, rather than be promoted to one of these main roster roles. Anyway, we've got a Rhodes running a wrestling company on Turner, Heyman and Bischoff booking... I'd be a little worried to drive by a movie theater, and see Toy Story on the marquee.
  10. On different mornings, I could have clicked the laugh or cry emoji response to this. I would recommend The Slow Regard of Silent Things to anyone who, for some reason, wants to hang out in the universe a little longer, though. Rothfuss' strength is his prose, whimsy, and metaphor, and he gets to indulge all of those in a novella without stumbling over his plot troubles. I'm finishing up The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, which is Murakami doing very Murakami things. You know how everyone dresses and the narrator makes pasta while listening to specific jazz or classical, and there are awkward descriptions of women and weird sex things, but it all comes together for me. I have a few epic fantasies on the docket after that, but may instead opt for Woe to Live On or Cult X. I'm leaning Western (aside: I'd be happy for non-McMurty/McCarthy recommendations here), basically, or staying with weird and digressive in Japan.
  11. It's not especially surprising, but here's at least one data point suggesting Tanahashi is still the most popular wrestler in Japan. Adjacent note: Moxley noted in an interview that Tanahashi/Suzuki from 2012 KOPW was one of his favorite matches, mentioning specifically the lack of rope running transitions. Though he'd seen VHS tapes before, that was what drew him in to the modern product.
  12. None. He’s the current NEVER champ, so he’ll slot in at 4-5 or 5-4, setting up some challenges. (I’d say sorry, but the matches will be really, really good. It’s just likely that his IWGP challenge against Kenny last year was as high as he’s ever going to get.)
  13. Well we’ve just got one EVP taking a shot at the Blood Money concept and counter-programming. So.
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