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  1. If EVIL makes the final, then I don't think his title win was an experiment as much as an appetizer. Anyway, it's probably too soon for ~BC explodes~ with a White/EVIL final, but it will probably still be viable going into the final nights. SANADA could make it. Okada, of course, can always win things. But do you run back Okada/Naito already? I suppose Naito defending is a different role. (Yeah, I have no idea.)
  2. I’d choose that Cena match as his best singles performance (against some other than Taker or HHH), but if I can cheat a little I’d add the WM 30 triple threat (a good match with a great finish), and the Evolution/Shield six man as his absolute best.
  3. Maeda was around BML for a bit.
  4. There's pretty credibly evidence that he has a pattern of grooming/propositioning underage girls via social media.
  5. Jay White lives in the US, so sadly doesn't benefit from New Zealand's relative freedom from COVID. They haven't said anything about Ospreay, but I'd be shocked if the company holds the allegations against him. They just used Chase Owens, who offers them so much less value. (Not saying this is how I want it to go, to be clear.)
  6. Some newer, ongoing series that either I like, or people broadly seem to: A Chorus of Dragons, by Jenn Lyons The Burning, by Evan Winter The Poppy War, by RF Kuang Burningblade and Silvereye, by Django Wexler There is also the aforementioned Locked Tomb trilogy by Tamsyn Muir isn't epic fantasy in any classic sense, but it is excellent.
  7. If Go instigates another 30-minute staredown, a draw is definitely on the table. But I don’t see NOAH wiping the GHC history in any case. Go is winning matches now by comboing Misawa and Kobashi signature spots, Kaito’s whole thing is being a Misawa fan, and they’re one parent-company decision away from booking Jun Akiyama again. Kenoh has said a lot of things about leaving the past behind, but I think they just want him to be—or he wants to be—NOAH’s Naito, rebelling against every corporate decision in newspapers and magazines.
  8. Harrow the Ninth is out, and I think it’s better than Gideon (which was my favorite book in... a while). It’s structurally challenging, jumping around in time, tense, and POV; and you need to remember a lot of names, and deal with severely compromised narrators. But it all serves the narrative, and doesn’t feel like literary wankery. It also goes way deeper on the lore, magic system, and weird gonzo mystery plotting. So it manages to be difficult/deep, while superficially fun on a moment to moment level. Really ambitious and impressive follow up to a hit debut.
  9. He had a couple against Kawada in 91 that are really good. Kobashi was later in ascending, and Taue was still a faction underling to Jumbo at the time. Edit: I was wrong! The Tsuruta singles matches against Kobashi were more substantial than I’d recalled. Which means I know what I’m watching for the next few days.
  10. (No need to spoiler tag this now, I suppose.) I'm not really sure why NOAH is going the double-champ route so soon after introducing the National Championship, but it struck me as mostly superfluous to begin with. They don't really have the roster depth to justify two big singles titles. But I guess we'll see. I watched Kenoh/Nakajima this morning. They kick eachother hard, and often, which I expected. The sum is... almost boring, though, which I didn't expect. I suppose they were going for a kind of deliberate violence, both men comfortable and unhurried. It felt plodding to me, th
  11. A miraculously cured Shibata would be my answer. Somewhat more realistically, I’d have chosen Kawada to win the IWGP title when he beat Kensuke, rather than just having the latter man vacate it for losing a non-title match—and then win the rematch with the belt on the line. Even if Kawada had been a zero defense holder of the title, it’d be something neither Misawa or Kobashi ever did.
  12. This is far, far, far from the biggest problem with Underground--either on a conceptual or actual level--but quasi shoot style doesn't really make sense in a company that has built matches around punches for decades.
  13. Maybe this show/tournament should get its own thread, but I’ll put it here for now: Not exactly stoked on this field, but it’ll be interesting to see if they really do strap the rocket to Fredericks. Winner gets Moxley for the US title at a date TBA.
  14. I like it a lot. It’s a 60 minute match where they seem focused the entire time, so your time never feels wasted. And they do a really good job of avoiding the usual ironman escalation trap, where you either have early, cheap falls, or emphatic falls that leave no room for escalation and make it hard to believe either guy is still standing as the minutes wear on. Here, every fall feels earned, and the accumulated damage/fatigue a legitimate—but not debilitating—factor, so the last 15 still has somewhere good to go. But I don’t think it’s a drop everything MOTY, like VOW seems to. Some plo
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