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  1. NJPW World Tag League 2017

    God, that was insane, wasn’t it? Getting a chant with less than one minute of ring action. And it wasn’t just the suplexes. Dude got to no-sell a couple Ishii forearms, then drop him with one. I can’t remember the last time Ishii did that for someone.
  2. NJPW World Tag League 2017

    -There were two nearly inseparable friends I knew in high school: one was very much a jam-band bro, the other a Juggalo. So I guess what I’m saying is Death Juice makes all the sense in the world to me. A tiny bit surprised they won, but Juice is over enough to make it feel immediately appropriate. -Goto getting the clean fall over MiSu means he’s challenging for the NEVER title at the Dome, doesn’t it? Put Shibata in his corner—and let him cut off some interference with just one kick—and you’ve got a nice moment, I suppose. -Chaos approved!

    The story at the time was, if I remember right, that they didn’t shake Booker T’s hand, which created a little heat between them that has long since been defused. (They claim the tryout itself went well, fwiw, and that they worked both their typical style and a more fundamental match.) Regarding bullshit, I’m not their biggest fan, but the few people I know who’ve worked with/around them have nothing but nice things to say. Anyway, Ellsworth for #30 in the rumble, let’s go!
  4. Your 2017 INTERNET MATCHES Thread

    Since I mentioned Doering in the NWA thread...
  5. Finlay acquits himself well in lower-card tags, but that's basically all New Japan asks him to do. He's going to be part of the tag league that's coming up, and since he's tagging with Kitamura--the roided young lion--he'll have to carry more of the matches, and might have an opportunity to show a little more. Still, considering he's only 24, he's pretty sharp and sound. I think he's actually contracted to New Japan though, so I don't know that he'd be available to the NWA. DBS Jr. is one half of the IWGP tag champs, but I wouldn't trust him to carry a singles match past ten minutes. On the subject of big gaijin, though, let me throw out Joe Doering. He's good, and now a two-time Triple Crown champ--so, credible and used to working main events--and All Japan doesn't have any complications regarding commitments to American feds (that I know of).
  6. NJPW World Tag League 2017

    Ishii's the best bride's maid in wrestling, which is awesome--and still weird as hell, considering where he started--if perhaps a bit disappointing if you're a fan who really wants to see him... "do" things. Because his higher profile angles and matches are pretty much always about the other guy. So if a satisfying narrative needs progress, change, etc., then Ishii of recent vintage could seem a little stagnant, or maybe even a little invisible when he's not serving as a foil for whomever needs putting over, but that's just the nature of his spot. (And the nature of New Japan's rather strictly tiered booking.)
  7. NJPW Power Struggle 2017 (With Super Junior Tag Action!)

    It’s also an entirely academic argument, isn’t it? Assuming the reports are true, Jericho pitched the match with Omega, and we’ve no reason to believe he’d have agreed to work anyone else. That said... Tana/Jericho might have been a more comfortable fit, in terms of style and pace, and they could feud over whether air guitar is real metal (and whether Fozzy is, for that matter). I also really, really did want Omega/Ibushi, but Cody explicitly bringing up Kenny while making the challenge (then again on Twitter) makes me think it could still happen, as part of the pending Bullet Club schism.
  8. Smackdown Live Spoilers - Jinder vs Styles -11/7/17

    I wonder if they're thinking it allows them to do the same thing in India? There's a difference, at least in terms of perception, between markets you defend titles in, and markets you change titles in. Suggesting they're the latter could be another step in making inroads, and give Jinder a "moment" that would (hopefully) get a lot of local coverage.
  9. NJPW Power Struggle 2017 (With Super Junior Tag Action!)

    It's no revelation at all to point it out, but it's still a bit damning (or maybe just depressing) that no native promotion has built anyone who could "guest star" in a high-profile match in years. I can invent things I'd love--Miyahara defending the TC against Ishii; Takeshita challenging the guy who nicknamed him for the US title; on and on and on--but I can't think of anything that really moves tickets. Oh well. Everyone seems to think All Japan, at least, is moving in the right direction, so maybe some year soon.

    Jericho's second to last match in WWE was against Balor at a house show in Japan, and I recall him working well with Neville (I think on the Beast in the East special). So I'm not too concerned that he'll try to keep pace with a younger, more athletic guy--though yeah, it would be a bit of a disaster if he did. I think there are other physical limitations to worry about, though. When's the last time he went 25+ minutes in a singles match? Because this won't be 12. And Omega's offense isn't exactly comfortable to take. His finishing run features reverse ranas, dragon suplexes, and about a dozen v-triggers (some of which are delivered with pretty reckless velocity). All that said? It's a match that can succeed without being great. Maybe you could argue it already has. And they'll have plenty of time to lay it out (and even practice, if they want) since Omega isn't doing anything of consequence until then.
  11. NJPW Power Struggle 2017 (With Super Junior Tag Action!)

    I’m just invested in this whole thread.

    Putting aside match quality, Omega and Ibushi have a lot of history—as partners, “partners”, and opponents. So, there’s years worth of subtweets and subliminal angst to mine, plus the athletic spectacle. Hence the appeal to many. You could check out Lariato’s “must watch” New Japan list in order to find more of Ibushi’s previous work; but he’s an odd guy, an odd wrestler, and certainly I can see why he’d seem a hard guy to invest in. (Though I’m a big fan.)
  13. NJPW WrestleKingdom 12 in Tokyo Dome 1/4/2018

    Ibushi will be challenging for a US belt of sorts it appears—just not the one we expected.