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  1. Seems he's still the wrestling trainer at Battle Arts in Canada, and is back in Japan fairly regularly doing training stuff and the odd match, going by his blog where I got that match link from. That led me to this too, which is fun enough in it's own way, and sadly concludes all the 2018 Ishikawa matches on youtube.
  2. Just two guys who know each other well, determined to put on a bit of a show. It's pretty loose in places, you get the sense for large chunks of it that they haven't planned any of it out, which might be true, I dunno, but it's a vibe I like a lot. Posting this just because it's a thing that happened. Doesn't do a massive amount for my "LT Falk for March Madness 20XX" campaign really, but it happened, and Mean Gene is there for some reason.
  3. East Fife for me, we've inexplicably won 8 games in a row and are sitting in third, just behind the hated Raith Rovers. It won't last.
  4. I caught a few episodes of this and couldn't get over how terrible the camera work was, not to mention that Rampage Brown seemed to be the only person on the show that gave a shit how their ring work looked.
  5. There's some clipping, but you take what you get, and what you get rules.
  6. Some good fun from Singapore - Aiden Rex, The Statement and Trexxus vs Mark Davis, Pete Dunne and Wolfgang.
  7. I'm easing myself back into watching wrestling via the simple goodness of LT Falk matches.
  8. He was the tag partner of Adrian Street, pretty much all I know. Al Vipond was a lot less ambiguous it seems -
  9. I was watching some stuff with a friend recently when he referred to Corey Graves as "Billy the exterminator" and now I can't unsee it.
  10. This is a write-in vote for Strong BJ. I haven't actually checked if they're in the tournament already, if they are, consider this a write-in vote for the Dirty Blondes.
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