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  1. Some thoughts on this weke's AEW Late Night Dynamite and AEW regular night Dynamite... * Benjamin bloomin' Carter has SUCH an upside to him, and ever since my pal Pat (who works for Channel island World Wrestling) told me about him, and then I saw him, like, a week later, I've taken him on as a personal vicarious project. I'm so happy for him, and so blown away by him, and I can't imagine how Pat must feel. His match with Scorpio Sky was SWEET and I loved the way Jericho put him over - in fact, the way Jericho put's EVERYONE over, by saying how he hates them because they're so good. Yay B
  2. * Anxious Millenial Cowboy "Hangman" Adam Page had a very good professional wrestling match with Frankie Kazarian. Kazarian's been quietly having bangers on Dark for the past few weeks, and let's face it he was ALWAYS good, and Hangman is just THE BEST. Seriously, when they were looking to push Page this time last year, after being in the Bullet Club and Ring of boring Honor, I was all, like, ugh, but I am a stupid man because he is great. Omega added some storyline beats on comms, too. Good job. * MJF is such a shitty person that even the heels at ringside were booing him. *: Only s
  3. Kicking off the second volume of stories about the weird world of professional wrestling, WCBA #7 shines a light on the worst comic book ever produced, the best videogame ever produced, and more. Read about Kevin Nash, the AKI engine, the Butcher, the roots of monster wrestling in W*ING, Uncle Grandpa's History of Wrestling, and a primer on Mexican wrestling movies, all in funky fact fashion. 40 pages, black & white, 10pt Trebuchet MS You can get a copy posted to your house by sending £3.50 (£4.50 for anywhere outside the UK) through PayPal to [email protected] Please tick the
  4. * Tully Blanchard's promo during the otherwise pretty rubbish tag-team appreciation bit was GOLD. He had me believing he could kick my ass, their asses, everyone's asses. Makes you wonder what might have happened if he hadn't been virtually blackballed for being a cokehead back in the day. * Chris Jerich-no. Yeah, he's fifty years old and probably has Covid, but Jericho was NOT at the races this week, taking flat back bumps for Dragon Screws and falling the wrong way for OC's mousetrap finisher. It's a measure of OC's quality that he managed to make it look okay but they just did not gel
  5. Cool, DM me an e-mail address! And there were a few of bands I wish I'd have had space to write about - VaderBomb most of all - that's why there'll be a punk issue part 2 at some point, even though it was more effort than the usual issues!
  6. My ‘zine is very much a factzine so there’s story and context, rather than analysis. I’d love to read yours - do you have a PDF? We could swap if that’s cool?
  7. WCBA #6 is the PUNK issue, and all the stories in this issue are about punk wrestling or punks in wrestling or wrestling in punk. Get the full story of Dark Wrestling Organisation 666, the low down on ANTiSEEN's wrestling album and Bob Mould's Hardcore Wrestling 'zine. Read about the career of "Prince of Punk" Shannon Moore, why the Angry Samoans are Los Angeles wrestling, and Jaime Hernandez's lucha Locas from Love & Rockets! 44 pages, black & white, 10pt Trebuchet MS You can get a copy posted to your house by sending £3.50 (£4.50 for anywhere outside the UK) through PayPal
  8. * Last week I was all, how wasteful is a Sammy Guevara vs Matt Hardy feud, and how little excitement anyone could have for it. Well, COLOUR ME STUPID because this week they made me care, and it took both men pulling out all the stops, including a savage colour job from Matthew. Maybe I should listen to Briley sometimes? * Still no Excalibur and although the commentary wasn't bad, there's absolutely no way that Tony "I haven't watched wrestling for a while and I'm just happy to see such fun" Schiavone should be leading a commentary team in 2020. JR kinda disappeared for a while, and given
  9. Am I the only one who would watch a feeder promotion featuring Shawn Dean, Will Hobbs, Corey Hollis, Griff Garrison, KiLynn King, Anna Jay, 5, 10, Brady Pierce, Pineapple Pete, Serpentico, Robert Anthony, Joe Alonzo, Skyler Moore, Christi Jaynes, Dani Jordan, Faboo Andre, Rache Chanel, and the like? You can even have the AEW mid-carders headlining shows...
  10. Dynamite thoughts: * It couldn’t hold a candle to last week’s Eddie Kingston match but WARHORSE did great as Cody’s open challenger. Cody gave him his spots, and the announcers made him sound like a big deal, albeit at a lower level than your usual “AEW superstars”, which is to be expected. He hit everything he needed to hit, and then disappeared when WE KNOW WHO THAT IS! turned up. * Brodie Lee’s papers made their Dynamite debut after some impressive outings on Being The Elite. I liked the way that Lee made Colt Cabana leave before throwing his tantrum (can’t let the new celebrity S
  11. I still remember Bobby Lashley’s debut in OVW, when he destroyed some fools and Cornette screamed, “OH MY GOD, IT’S BLASTER LASHLEY!” This was his first appearance, no-one knee who he was, but Cornette instantly made him feel like a big name. Excalibur does that well.
  12. * That falls count anywhere match had so much GREAT stuff in it, from the Butcher & Blade doing some butchering with blades (and making sure to wash their hands before fighting), Matt Jackson slapping dudes’ faces with meat, Pepper Parks having a terribly hurty night (okay, maybe not that one), an elevator ride, OUTDOOR MUD SHOW, Nick Jackson being thrown into Nick Jackson, and Andy Williams being the HOSS we all need. Gold, baby. * The whole Eddie Kingston thing was encapsulated by him staring down the camera while forearming Cody, and threatening to tear Arn’s eye out (take T
  13. Been here since late '99/early 2000. Drew a couple of covers for the video review back in the day. Got in an argument in chat with CM Punk over Palestinian rights. Asked DEAN! about what changes when you get married - "everything and nothing." Times.
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