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  1. I will say that at least there actually seems to be a couple of simultaneous feuds going on, whereas it used to be "feud for the title" and then "everyone else in multi-diva tags". But so much momentum has been lost since Wrestlemania, that cannot be denied.
  2. 2edgy4me Although I suppose you do fill a major void here, as the one thing this board is lacking is someone who posts one liners that are blindly-supportive of any given WWE show. We definitely need more discourse akin to a 13-year-old boy retweeting Twitter posts from John Cena or YouTube-level comments.
  3. Especially in light of this.
  4. "I liked this WWE show, it was pretty good, let's see where this goes. Also, I'm not a neckbeard." - every post you've ever made. So glad the New Day came out during that "Cena doesn't understand why Enzo/Cass say 'how you doin?'" bit and just ended it before they ran that into the ground any further.
  5. That was some Ahmed Johnson-level marble-mouthedness from Derrick Lewis. Can they get a translator next time?
  6. Expect to see a lot of Iceland jerseys purchased on impulse by football hipsters being returned to shops over the next week.
  7. And true to form, rather than taking any responsibility for missing a gilt-edged chance late in the match to win it for his side or give his opponents any credit, CR7 whines about how Iceland (the country with a population of 323,000, playing in the final stages of an International tournament for the first time ever) played with a counter-attacking mindset against Portugal (population of over 10,000,000 and runners up of the 2004 Euros). Talented as he may be, I'm glad that he will never win anything on the International stage.
  8. UFC just announced that Lesnar is fighting at UFC 200 in July.
  9. I'd forgotten about Tamina's injury, and I'll grant Naomi's shooting a shitty movie will take her out of circulation for a minute. Even so, I'm still counting a 4/4 split in terms of active heels (Charlotte/Alicia/Summer Rae/Lana) vs. active faces (Sasha/Becky/Paige/Natalya). Creative's failure to use Alicia Fox doesn't take her out of the equation, and I fail to see how the "she's still training" argument works against Lana, when Dana Brooke has been in developmental less time and is just coming off of a major injury that had her side lined for most of 2015? If they were going to throw someone out there who can't work just to even up the numbers, why not go ahead and pull the trigger on Eva Marie? What's the point in defending Dana Brooke being on Raw when she is in no way ready, and isn't particularly needed?
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