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  1. Grand Theft Auto V Talk.

    Would love to. Been ill. LIke I said in the Andromeda thread, I tend to doze off mid-match. I slept 11.5 hours yesterday, got up and stayed up for 30 minutes and then took an hour and a half nap. There's just a nasty bug floating around here now, but I hope I can avoid it.
  2. Grand Theft Auto V Talk.

    So how has Wolfbeast been?
  3. I'm having the weirdest run where I can't stay awake for a whole game these days. I fell asleep recently during a retrieval round in platinum. Needless to say, this is not gonna endear me to the cool kids in class. I whiffed on doing devices on a Platinum round 4. That didn't endear me to the locals. I did have one stretch the other day where I came into a Platinum at wave 2 to find my teammates struggling with an upload. I did the other two while they were still working on their first, then doubled back to the first one and cleared it out and finished it. They then booted me from the game. No good deed goes unpunished. I just can't muster enthusiasm for gaming right now with not being able to stay awake and having spells of double vision rear their ugly heads. Playing less has seemed to help that, though. GTA pisses me off to no end because as badly wrecked as Andromeda is, I can play in the same game with three friends. Trying to get everyone in the same room (or hell, mission) is impossible and has been for three years now. They can add every kind of doohickey in the book to make money, but they can't straighten out the simplest shit.
  4. Grand Theft Auto V Talk.

    In a stunning upset to no one, you gotta buy a bunker to start the heist. That'll knock you back $3-4 million. Nice bunker, though. Anyone can still play it, they just can't start it, I'm pretty sure. I bought one, and I'm sure Robert can afford one, so that's no big deal. The constant money schemes grew old ages ago, though. Anyone still playing should dupe cars until their arms fall off, anything to not have to pay these greedy bastards a dime of real money.
  5. Oh hell, you ain't done with Andromeda.
  6. A cruise? Well la di freakin' da, if'n it ain't no D. Burke Rockefeller over here. I'm hurt. The least you could've done was try to sneak me onboard in your luggage.
  7. Grand Theft Auto V Talk.

    I don't have as muxh as you, I"m pretty sure. Think I have about 43 million now. No bonds.
  8. I think the store updates are ran randomly. and as strange as it seems, the same ones can all pop up again. Sort of like the dailies being the same map two days in a row. I started playing at 1:45 or so last night and had a very hard time finding games that were the daily objectives (Firebase Zero, silver). This game is gravely wounded and is just slowly bleeding out at this point.
  9. Grand Theft Auto V Talk.

    But will you be able to cover your ears with tattoos?
  10. Grand Theft Auto V Talk.

    Yep, this does look expensive. Fun, but expensive.
  11. Friggin' ME:A multiplayer's not working for me right now. Demand must have overloaded server capacity. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GET VARIANTS OF GUNS I'LL NEVER USE, BIOWARE?
  12. I can't find players for the dailies. This is at 2 s.m., though. I am aiming (not really) to be rhe persin with the highest APEX and the least amount of Challenge points.
  13. "The Last 3 Goofs Playing ME:A Try to Play ME:A" Seriously, MP is juat plain dead. I couldn't find the people to do dailies with last night. No one to do platinum today.
  14. I was THIS close to singing the "Michelle" part, too. Robert should have beatboxed.
  15. That laugh-off at the end was tree-mendous, though.