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  1. It amazes me how last night I was kicking ass and taking names and this afternoon, I'm struggling with the same shit I did fine on the night before. Teammates have something to do with this, certainly, but it just strikes me as funny. EDIT: Two reserves packs so far today. Five sniper rifle variants. I need a new game.
  2. I played a game with the No. 3 guy on Xbox - for one minute. Joined in progress on Wave 7 with a minute left. Revived a teammate, killed one enemy, extracted and made 50,000. I then spent that money on two bulwark gun variations that I will never use.
  3. I pay no attention to who can combo what. I just run around shanking people with a knife, and if I get a combo with someone, yay! Got the ultra-rare Batarian up to XII last night. Yawn. I love how they have killed this game dead yet have held on to selling them Andromeda points throughout. Make the ultra-rares less rare, game's dead anyway.
  4. A few minutes ago, there was a guy trying to solo a Gold strike team (kett), so I jumped in to try to help. I got the host dropped thing before I made it in. I knew I'd be alone. I managed to hold them off through most of the first wave until someone joined. We made it through 2, then someone else joined. A fourth joined at the end of 3. The way the whole thing went down made me feel like I was the leader of this ragtag army, like George Peppard on the A-Team, and by God, we were coming out of this one alive come hell or high water. At one point, my role was basically to run around reviving my three teammates while they would kill a couple of things and then die again, but hell, we got the waves done. I was just happy to have the help. We made it, twas awesome.
  5. Grand Theft Auto V Talk.

    Robert, I think you had left by this point, but we kicked a guy out of the room who had a K/D of 18. He was a level 300-something. I don't think that's even remotely possible, to kill 18 times for every time you get killed. Too high. EDIT: I forgot about K/D nurses, but that still seems high. Maybe not, if he's the best K/D nurse ever.
  6. R.I.P., Bobby Heenan

    Watching just a little Heenan on YouTube (with plans to watch a lot more), it amazed me what a great physical comedian he was. The thing with the phone not working is pure Laurel and Hardy.
  7. It was completely overwhelmed when I got there. I kept wondering how I got through two uploads, even with cloaking, without one interruption. It's 'cause every opponent was in that last upload. I keep forgetting RPGs as a means of dealing with an Ascendant, and that's dumb. RPG the orb down and then knife shit out of him. That would've helped there so much.
  8. Joined a game in progress this afternoon. Gold Kett on Aqua. Came in on Wave 6, spawned in the middle of an upload. Finished it and another one, then headed to the third to see why it wasn't moving. I found out. The upload zone was basically a Kett convention. I used three revives and a first aid just trying to clear the zone. As soon as we finished the upload, I took off like my ass was on fire for destination: anywhere else, waving goodbye to my teammates with the immortal quote from "Blazing Saddles.": "Son, you're on your own."
  9. It was impossible this afternoon to find people to play Gold. I think quite a few of the already dwindling player base migrated to Uranus a couple of weeks ago. So I had to play Silvers with randoms just to finish my dailies, and I nearly got my face kicked in. It didn't help that several of my teammates were having a dying contest. Me and another guy carried the hell out of the other two in one match, including one guy who, I shit you not, died at least four times a wave. i had to write the other good teammate and say "that was something" after the match.
  10. Grand Theft Auto V Talk.

    Dear SassyBrat: As you now well know, you mess with the bull, you get the horns. Damn, that night vision scope on the heavy sniper is awesome. Works great during the daytime. It turns everything else dark blue while leaving people (NPCs and players) lit up in fire orange. Find the orange one with the name above their heads, and execute. Ask SassyBrat.
  11. I ran the Architect on bronze, but I suck at soloing. I scored I think 25 points, so I Googled best character for tech challenges, it says Krogan Engineer. OK. Gawd, how he sucks. Never agayn. I put him on The List.
  12. Screw the Krogan Engineer and screw the Tech Challenge. Life is way, way, way too short.
  13. The team sticking together during hacks is a magnet for enemies, though, at a time when you want to get the thing over with without dealing with a bunch of resistance. Even when I'm not playing a cloaking character, we'll tend to spread out a touch so we can intercept anything trying to come into the hack from a little farther off before it actually gets there. If something makes it through, then one person is in the hack, of course, to deal with it or the outside person simply takes a few steps back inside and clears the hack again. I had 94,000 credits last night and decided I wanted one more disappointment pack before bed, so I played a gold with three randoms. Went fine. So after it was over, I got some kind of server error on the loading screen and got screwed out of my pay. Of course, I still had to replace the two revives I used. Fuckin' game.
  14. If you have someone who can cloak, you're playing hacks wrong. Let the person who can cloak handle it while the rest of the team stays far away, drawing the heat off the hack area. Watch the progress bar, and if the hacker looks swamped, go help.
  15. On playing by myself for the first time in a while, and it's damn hard to find teammates. It took me about 10 minutes to find a second for a silver strike team. Once you start, you can generally find people to join, but I wasn't looking forward to trying to solo a silver Remnant strike team. So I waited and waited. That silver strike team was the first time in days I felt like I was operating at a decent level. Teammates were kinda spongy, I was saving them and taking out Destroyers and doing my thing. I usually feel about a step off, due to rust. I'm gonna have to edit this post in a few minutes to liveblog my disappointment pack. I will get the Human Juggernaut X, that's a virtual guarantee. Also guaranteed is the rest of the pack will be worthless, except for maybe an RPG. EDIT: Sure enough: Human Juggernaut X (fine) Talon Bulwark IX (won't use it, don't care) Biotic Power Amp II (don't really use biotic characters) Experience Enhancer I (yawn) First Aid pack. So I got an upgrade for a character I sorta like and a first aid pack for 100,000 credits. That's better than I usually do. DOUBLE EDIT: Just had my funniest experience playing this game yet. Daily challenge map was Firebase Zero, so I put it on that map, Gold Outlaw. Guy with the name "BronxBorn" joins. Given his name, what happened next will hardly surprise you. In his best cliche New Yawk accent, he calls me a pussy and a fucking fag over the game chat for changing the map from "Random" to "Firebase Zero" after getting him on board, and that's a pussy map, etc. Problem was, I needed it for my daily, so it was on Zero the whole time. So he leaves. Whatever. Me and another guy starts. We get a third, a guy who was AFK the entire fucking game. We get a fourth - BronxBorn. Dr. Stout immediately puts him on the DNR list. So he proceeds to not surprise me at all by getting killed 2200 times and taking the only other guy's time to revive him while I ignored him. Meanwhile, I'm having a tough time and have used all but 1 revive by the middle of wave 5. Ut oh. So now I have to count on them to revive me. I die, sit there, and ol' Bronx Boy revives me. So I take him off the list. Of course, I ended up dying with seconds left in extraction and not being able to revive after I used my last one when no one could get to me.