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  1. Man oh man, can't wait for this.
  2. I think one was called Plan 9, and the other eventually morphed into The NIght Shift. My boy on the NIght Shift is named GrassyGrishnak. He's one of my favorite non-crew players I met playing the game, even though I could not begin to hold any of their jocks racing. Plan 9 was subdivided into really good racers (that Broughy gent was a member of that group) and much more chill racers. A lot of the racing crews want you to pass a tryout - don't sweat them at all - they just wanna see if you're a PITting dick while racing or an obnoxious ass who can't' follow crew rules while racing. I fini
  3. Did anyone else look at the helicopter footage from the explosion in downtown LA a few days ago? The explosion, in my sight, was at the downtown Pay and Spray.
  4. Steiner might have to make some alterations in his exclusive diet of steroids and Shoney's.
  5. I got on Online for the first time in ages the other night, and Jeezis, was I completely lost. I'd forgotten where the sniper rifle was on the weapon wheel. I think the game's passed me by.
  6. MJF reminds me of a create-a-wrestler. Great talker, fine in the ring. How does one even begin to care about Joey Janela? Box him up and send him and Jericho's $750,000 car to New Japan for Tomohiro Ishii. Then business will pick up. And Janela looks like he was put on Earth to team with Juice Robinson. "How dare (generic blonde #3,152) cheat on (curtain jerker no one cares about) with (heel curtain jerker no one cares about)!"
  7. Hasn't Big Swole been a heel so far in the ring? Then they do a promo video on Dark where she comes off like a gigantic babyface.
  8. I found it crazy that I've car bombed a million cars, but as soon as someone starts doing it to me, I get pissy about it. I should've gotten up high and cut off his crap, but it was really tough - is he coming from the left, right, behind or is he coming from the front, knowing I can't counter him.
  9. Nah. I hate first-person shooters, and can't stand the way I'd wander around for 3 hours trying to find the exit of the mission in BL:2. Then I'd fall off the map and lose 200 million credits. When everyone said "Borderlands 3 is a lot like Borderlands 2," I decided to take a pass on it.
  10. ROH changes name of next PPV to "Tire Fire"
  11. Problem is, none of you know how really fucked up Mauro is. I don't. But if you watch that documentary on him, he basically looks like he's getting ready to come unglued at any moment, Whatever is wrong with him (I assume bipolar type 1) is tough to control even with medication. Meltzer says Mauro had hit a rough patch before the thing with Graves. He's spent months in psychiatric hospitals before. This isn't just a case of being "overly sensitive. This guy's got significant issues that he deals with on a daily basis and didn't need the spotlight of Graves' remarks put on him at a time where h
  12. I got a guy on my friends list who still plays a lot of Anthem. Of course I picked him up through ME: Andromeda. Hard to imagine a BioWare fan boy after all this.
  13. I haven't watched NXT in ages, but I managed this week. That Angel/Lio match was very, very good. I had no idea who either were, but that was some restaurant-quality wrestling. Wouldn't look out of place in the middle of a NJPW card. God, that ladder bump was absolutely scary and kinda pointless. Seems like they could've gotten to the same conclusion without that suicidal drop. Jeff Hardy's watching on his cell phone while he drives drunk yelling "you go girl!"
  14. You're right. But the show has to have some kind of "teeth" to it to get anyone to watch. If that means Punk launches a tiny turd in the punchbowl, so be it, but it needs to appear not so tethered to the mothership. I gotta admit I don't care enough to have ever watched it, but is the UFC show on ESPN this rah-rah, or does it have some bite to it?
  15. So, the show is hilariously rah-rah, with the criticism muted (the worst reaction to Lana-Rusev-Lashley was "I don't like it"). Even insider boy Ryan Satin had two signings and nothing about Sin Cara asking for his release. Obviously everything is being filtered through WWE even if they say it isn't. It's bad awkward to have WWE employees (Renee Young, Booker T, Paige) run a show that's supposed to be independently covering its subject. So let's say Punk comes in and pipe bombs the place into pieces. Does WWE withdraw their cooperation and their employees' cooperation?
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