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  1. So, the show is hilariously rah-rah, with the criticism muted (the worst reaction to Lana-Rusev-Lashley was "I don't like it"). Even insider boy Ryan Satin had two signings and nothing about Sin Cara asking for his release. Obviously everything is being filtered through WWE even if they say it isn't. It's bad awkward to have WWE employees (Renee Young, Booker T, Paige) run a show that's supposed to be independently covering its subject. So let's say Punk comes in and pipe bombs the place into pieces. Does WWE withdraw their cooperation and their employees' cooperation?
  2. Did the microwave turn its back on him when he really badly needed to heat up a Hot Pocket?
  3. They have this hardcore match that Meltzer just shits on, but this is professional wrestling, after all - what was real and what was fake? These guys are pros, they're bound to know some stunt guy who could make the match safer - I'm not saying they used stunt doubles, that's stupid, but maybe told them how to do the barbed wire spots with some kind of faked-up wire. I haven't seen many barbed wire matches (Funk-Sabu when Sabu tore his bicep off, practically) and every time someone went into the wire, there'd be a gang of people who'd cut them out with wire cutters. The AEW folk just kinda lifted the two out of that barbed wire net. If the doctor hadn't came down and stopped that nasty cut on Cody, there would've been much, much more blood in that match than an anything-goes hardcore lights-out match. It doesn't add up, and I wonder if Meltzer's taking of the whole thing as real isn't some weird work with AEW or some circle-the-wagons work on Meltzer..
  4. The next ROH live event is 12-13. which means she's making $2,000 to not do a dang thing, technically. If she worked a WWE schedule for $25,000 a year, that'd be a travesty. As it stands, she's overpaid. I'm watching this week's TV now (I guess) and I'm a whopping 51 and have been watching wrestling since I was 6-7. That ref bump in the match highlights between Kelly Klein and Angelina Love was positively the silliest thing I can recall seeing in a wrestling ring. You have to have enough pride as an organization for the ref to stand back up and say "OK, let's try it again." Please don't take this as sexist, honestly, but if those are two of the best you can snag,. would'nt it be better to have no women's wrestling at all? Or have we gotten to the place in pro wrestling where if you have pro wrestling, you have to have women's pro wrestling no matter how awful the women's wrestling is?
  5. Two words: "kitchen island"
  6. I loved the promos. So many good ones over the course of the show. And I loved, loved, loved how announcer boy said he was gonna get the skinny on Aldis' valet and by the end of it, wound up looking like a bigger dumbass than when he went in. The wrestling isn't exactly super top-notch, but it's a hoot. I grew up on 6:05 on the Superstation, and it's fun to see not only the throwback look, but the talk-wrestle-talk-wrestle-talk pacing. This is some fun stuff.
  7. If the way NBA games get handled in similar situations applies here, I can see them starting the game on both TruTV and the MLB Network.
  8. OK, can i tell my neato story? I went to NYC this weekend to see Wulfpeck at MSG, and when we got back to the hotel, there were tons of New Japan guys just milliing around while I tried not to totally fanboy and bug them after their work. I think they were all going out on the town. I did let out an excited "OH MY GOD, THAT'S HIROSHI TANAHASHI!" when the ace came in. I should have at least taken 10 seconds of his time for a picture, but I wanted to leave him alone. I also figure Gedo didn't want to hear me fanboying over his booking while he ate his continental breakfast. I don't know if it was all of them - never saw Ibushi, never saw Okada - but a bunch of them were getting on a tour bus and leaving together when we checked out of the hotel. '
  9. Game has just about reached the "fuck you" moment with me. You travel around with two companions, which is very handy when you run into 5-6 enemies. That is, of course, if you miss the bug that makes your companions quit following you.. Then you gotta go back to a campsite save point and they suddenly start following you again. Game's been out for weeks now and there's been no bug fixing patch yet, especially for such a pain in the ass bug.
  10. Damn, I meant to get in "Marko Stunt is my favorite mini since Mascarita Dorada" in my first post, but can't win 'em some.
  11. And I say unto thee ... PPV notes: 1. I loved the Jungle Buddies or whatever they were called. Jungle Jack's fun, the Luchasaurus was so much fun. Read on his Wiki that the WWE released him after a bad hip injury. If that's so, I hope he becomes AEW champion just to stick it up WWE's ass. 2. Bucks-Lucha Brothers delivered big time. Everything else, not so much. Starting to wonder if Omega is a Best Bout Machine or if everyone in New Japan Was Carrying Him. Bit of both. Jericho's the smart choice for champion, and it was easy to think Page didn't have a chance. I still don't get Cody, but I'll take your words on it. He's good on the mic and in ring, but his redemption story with the WWE is over and I can't be arsed to much give a crap. I wonder if it was written out, given it was pre-taped, but Brandi's promo on the TNT show blew away everyone else's by a mile. 3. If Uno were dressed as one of the Assassins, ya'll would be popping huge.
  12. For the damn life of me, I cannot figure out how to get around in the galaxy map. Trying to get to the right place to finish up a quest is just a major pain in the ass. I bought a Class S ship and now I"m trying to deck it out with all the stuff my old ship had, and what do you know? That's being a pain in the ass, too. I attribute my growing impatience with this game to me growing ever-more too old for this shit, whatever shit it is. I think I'll just take more naps.
  13. Rippa feels a great disturbance in the force.
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