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  1. Damn, I meant to get in "Marko Stunt is my favorite mini since Mascarita Dorada" in my first post, but can't win 'em some.
  2. And I say unto thee ... PPV notes: 1. I loved the Jungle Buddies or whatever they were called. Jungle Jack's fun, the Luchasaurus was so much fun. Read on his Wiki that the WWE released him after a bad hip injury. If that's so, I hope he becomes AEW champion just to stick it up WWE's ass. 2. Bucks-Lucha Brothers delivered big time. Everything else, not so much. Starting to wonder if Omega is a Best Bout Machine or if everyone in New Japan Was Carrying Him. Bit of both. Jericho's the smart choice for champion, and it was easy to think Page didn't have a chance. I still don't get Cody, but I'll take your words on it. He's good on the mic and in ring, but his redemption story with the WWE is over and I can't be arsed to much give a crap. I wonder if it was written out, given it was pre-taped, but Brandi's promo on the TNT show blew away everyone else's by a mile. 3. If Uno were dressed as one of the Assassins, ya'll would be popping huge.
  3. For the damn life of me, I cannot figure out how to get around in the galaxy map. Trying to get to the right place to finish up a quest is just a major pain in the ass. I bought a Class S ship and now I"m trying to deck it out with all the stuff my old ship had, and what do you know? That's being a pain in the ass, too. I attribute my growing impatience with this game to me growing ever-more too old for this shit, whatever shit it is. I think I'll just take more naps.
  4. Rippa feels a great disturbance in the force.
  5. I'm getting my ass kicked by jump motorcycles, most likely.
  6. Father of Maria's baby: Tommy Dreamer
  7. Anybody found any wall glitches in RDR Online? Have spaceships showed up yet?
  8. That was always one of my favorite GTA activities - "OK, level 20 near the beach, this guy's part of a motorcycle gang, this guy's going to get a jet, I betcha." Directing traffic.
  9. We were near a workshop that I started, but was taken from me by a player while I wasn't playing the game. Couldn't even defend it.
  10. I'll have to try to find it. I didn't even know it existed. A little PvP here and there might be OK, but I'd definitely set things up so that everyone has a chance. Me with a pipe gun isn''t really gonna do anything to a Level 75 with a full set of body armor.
  11. I do play in adventure mode. I'm struggling with keeping fed and hydrated in adventure mode, so I'm too scared to try playing survival mode. Every other player has appeared as a dot except for this guy. I thought I read somewhere that you had to fire on a player to get into a PvP skirmish with them. I probably took a shot at the guy thinking he was a NPC enemy before realizing it was another player.
  12. Jeez, this game is THAT old? Lil help from the braintrust - is there any way to keep these tryhard griefers out of my hair? A level 75 dude with a full set of power armor was killing Level 6 me and my axe every 15 seconds or so until I just gave up and left the room. I thought there was some kind of setting or whatnot that kept people from doing that sort of thing.
  13. I'm shocked they're not gonna bring GTA 6 out for current generation, then double dip and put it out for next generation. That worked pretty well for GTA 5. Somewhere in the closed thread is me whining that I shalt not be buying the same game twice. I think that lasted a week before I bought the damn thing again for my XBox One.
  14. All you gotta do is quit whining in public, men or women. Let's say you have six months left on your contract. Serve it out and do what you can to increase your worth to WWF and AEW. Then play them both off each other to maximize your payday and then sign with AEW.
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