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  1. How long has this dalm online game been in beta? Maybe they're gonna make their extra bones with DLC this time and save heavy online shit for the next GTA. Or they could be waiting for the glitchers to do something so Rockstar can bust them and figure out how they broke the game.
  2. And it isn't a truck stop - trucks don't fuel there, just cars. There are employees in the bathrooms 24/7 to make sure they're clean. That, my friends, is America.
  3. Where does the Jon Jones traveling roadshow fit in when discussing UFC testing? It seems that if whoever's testing wants an out, it's no huge problem.
  4. Robert, I read the best damn article about Buc-ees. I have no desire to go to the beach or Europe or Disneyland, I wanna go to Buc-ees.
  5. "...Wait ... Is that Captain New Japan's music?"
  6. Was it too OP when using it against other players?
  7. Sorry I missed y'all last night, but I just recently signed up for YouTube TV and I really wanted to watch the Warriors-Wizards game. I'm not as into this as I'd hoped. I'd saved and saved in single player, then I run into an NPC in St. Denis, right? He pulls out a gun and starts shooting me in the face. So I blew his head off with my double barrel and wound up with a $550 bounty and a trip back to the poorhouse just for defending myself.
  8. I thought about playing a couple of bronze matches so I could Billy Bob Badass around multiplayer like I used to.
  9. It lacks something as a multiplayer game, but i still bet it gets better.
  10. To me, he seems generally tolerated at best in NJPW. He knows what he's doing but I'm still not sure it's him - any semi-decent heel could've done well with the ring gimmick.
  11. Its the whole WWE expat story. People want him to succeed to shove a stick up WWE's ass. So he gets a lot more slack than he deserves.
  12. Cody completely lacks this thing in pro wrestling (and Dungeons and Dragons) called Charisma. He's hopelessly bland. Robinson is just as bad outside his rope-shaking "yeah, daddy!" deal, which the Japanese fans seem to love. This gives him an advantage over Rhodes. He comes back to the WWE, though, it's gonna go from "look how cute!" to "what the fuck is that?" very quickly. LOVED that main. I'm not a big fan of giving more than 5 stars to a match, but given that limitation, it was a five-star match. YMMV.
  13. It took me forever to get in the game,, but I really, really like it after I puttered around for a while. I heard that if someone wants to fight PvP, they have to shoot their opponent first. If the opponent returns fire, it's on. That'll never happen because I love this whole ecosystem of people playing the game who will come over and help me with a fight, then run off with a wave. I've been doing the same thing for other people. It's grand.
  14. I always loved getting on the GTA train and then putting $9,000 bounties on each other to watch the riff-raff take their shots.
  15. Hadn't heard of this until Robert said it existed. Nice Christmas present. It won't imbed. https://youtu.be/nI0iQyuHN6s
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