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  1. Please keep this thread clear for any news about DLC or patches or any new content for Andromeda.
  2. I tried playing that werewolf TellTale game, and while I loved the idea, it just wasn't for me.
  3. Yep. There's so few people playing these days that folks figure correctly that everybody will take whatever they can get. I figure that if I'm gonna have trouble finding four anyway, having anyone is better than no one because they draw fire away from me. If they die too much, I forget how to revive them. It gets really bad anytime new characters are out, because people are trying to level them up fast by playing them at the highest difficulty they can get away with. You'll see Level 8s in Golds quite a bit. People think that if they have a semi-decent APEX rating, they'll be trusted to know what they're doing. Actually, it's usually any port in a storm.
  4. I finally found a game I'm halfway decent at. That and making fun of dipshits with the night shift.
  5. Piranha is only held down by its horrible ammo capacity, but there are ways around that. Also still like my good ol' Scattershot, bulwark or siphon depending on the circumstances. Plenty of guns I need to play around with.
  6. The goal is to get into the top 100, doable but tougher than I thought because it seems a lot of the people at this level are still playing. It's been a slow climb. Played last night with a bunch of sharks - I was low APEX in the group - and even got invited to some secret society of 40,000-plus APEXes designed to make platinum spots easier to fill. The ringleader was this mouthy dude who always had a better idea of how you should be doing things, all while dying every 5 seconds. Good stuff. By the way, mission funds ultra-rares are still characters, for the third straight week. Just have to keep saving. New Silver APEX also promises to be a mixture of enemies like the one last week.
  7. I was on this afternoon for a couple of games, and one of my teammates had to have a come-to-Jesus chat with two teammates who wasn't clued in on the Nova thing. I was the Salarian, and the Avenger was low APEX, so I was worried. He did fine, though. The chat was hilarious - "OK, guys, here's what you're going to do..."
  8. I'm playing some matches with this guy I've played with a billion times, except this time I'm in a party chat with him and his "girlfriend," who sounds about 60 and gave her throat to the Marlboro Man years ago. It's easily one of my most surreal gaming experiences ever. I am both dying to know what this chick looks like and absolutely petrified she would turn me to stone if I ever found out. And oh yeah, there's a German dude. Later on we were joined by Freight Train of $5 Wrestling fame. We failed the last game I played with them because the cloaker (dude with the girlfriend) forgot he had to do something besides shoot and he completely whiffed a devices wave. In his defense, he was stoned.
  9. Spoken like a bitter man who couldn't handle the rigors of Andromeda and ran off to Uranus instead.
  10. Facebook is ate up with GIFs these days. Drives me insane. So we can probably blame it, like everything else, on Facebook.
  11. Mangy was such a pleasant surprise during that Platinum. I was already warning everyone that we weren't gonna make it 'cause I thought he would die literally 1,000 times. Instead, I think he saw what we were doing (staying invisible, throwing sticky bombs) and said "I can do that." Then he joined us at 7 in our cowardly strolls around the map. Great stuff.
  12. These two were totally Spike and Chester. It was kinda charming.
  13. Surprisingly good fourth in Paradox platinum today: the Asari Adept. I was feeding shield boosts, so that may have helped, but between the annihilation field and those zappy attacks, anything that got into the cave got dead quickly. Dude had an APEX of 3,200 or so, and betweem that and the Adept not being XX-20, I was fearing the worst, but he was fine. Later, me and a guy I've played with 2 million times were trying to get a Platinum going when we were joined by two guys, both with APEXs under 1,000. I think me and my boy was playing chicken on who would start first until I handed him the win by backing out.
  14. What tickled me about Twitch boy was that his APEX was over 50,000, but he deferred everything to his little buddy, who was at 32,000. After I was splitting for the night, little buddy made it sound like I had passed the audition and thus could be on their team again, and I wanted to scream MY APEX IS 9,000 HIGHER THAN YOURS, CHIEF. Apparently, he missed the memo with the news that we've got this shit. Gotta love the Internet.
  15. Cracked me up. You went from pretty damn lucid straight to much drunkern in one moment. It was hilarious. More from our soon-to-be loyal viewers: "Who's that guy? I didn't even know he was on here. Oh shit, he's been passed-out drunk for two hours with his headset on?" This is how we get famous, dalmit.