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  1. If you decide to try the area I mentioned, I highly recommend sleeping as much as possible in between cougar kills. Or, just bag one and then go do something fun instead of frustrating yourself like I did by being stubborn and finishing the whole challenge before moving on. My next one is to kill something with herbivore bait and predator bait. I'm dreading it because I hate bait.
  2. I finally gave in and started attempting the challenges. I don't know if I have the patience to do them all, but it's kind of fun. Although galloping endlessly up and down the road near the trapper on the west side of the map and setting up camp to sleep in an effort to get cougars to spawn sucks ass.
  3. RUkered


    Jesus. For any Idiocracy fans in this thread, the first thing I thought of when I saw that picture was, "Welcome to Costco. I love you." Robert - coworker of mine moved from my office back down to Houston a few years ago. When Hurricane Harvey hit, he was sending us pictures of alligators in his neighborhood, and he doesn't live out in the boonies either. Not sure if the pelts were perfect or not. As far as online, I saw plenty of people complaining about no animals spawning, so it wasn't just a fluke the other day. Something is seriously busted. I guess I'll just stick to singleplayer challenges. And speaking of them, I swear to god I bet I have run over 9 billion animals just normally playing. Now I need to run over 5 for a challenge, and they're slipping my horse like Mike Tyson in his prime.
  4. RUkered


    The hell is a Buc-ees? Sounds like Sheetz on steroids. Me and Mel loaded into three or four different rooms and he ain't kidding. Not a single animal anywhere. If hunting is busted, there really is nothing to do. Found out one thing that made me laugh. I had never been to see what the Old Man Jones icon was all about. Turns out he can raise my honor for the low, low price of three gold. Fuck outta here, Rockstar.
  5. RUkered


    Same here. I only hop online if y'all are playing. I just want gang hideouts and poker like the first game. Or, and Mel can tell you, some kind of zombie overrun mode so I can pass out two rounds in and get about four kills while he cleans house.
  6. Just finished my second playthrough. I skipped the credits the first time, but decided to sit through them this time after y'all talked about it showing what happens to some of the characters. Holy shit - how long can credits be? I feel like I've been sitting here for 20 minutes and they're still going. Sam Jackson better show up at the end and tell me he's assembling a team.
  7. So this is most likely obvious to everyone in the thread, but I'll post it in case anyone is as brick thick as my dumbass. I wanted to finish my second run with low honor to see a different ending and was having a ton of trouble getting and keeping it low. All shooting up towns did for me is barely put a dent in my honor while racking up insane bounties. At one point, I had $2k in bounties - most of it in Saint Denis alone. Anyway, on to the "no shit, Sherlock" part of the post. I just killed NPCs on back roads going from mission to mission. If you kill them, kill their horse, and then loot them, it seemed to give me three separate hits to my honor. I went from just at the edge of white to full red in a couple hours of playing.
  8. RUkered


    I meant to tell you that I saw somebody online talking about using the companion app. I have it, but I haven't used it yet. Apparently you can have it running on a phone/tablet and you can see the full map while you're playing. I'm sure it would be annoying to have to glance over at it all the time, but it might be a solution when you're looking through a scope or fishing and can't see shit.
  9. RUkered


    Even though Swag got me a few times, he was hilarious. After Robert and Mel wore his ass out, he parleyed both of them and, for some reason, never bothered to do it with me. The fact that Robert and Mel kept running him over with horses and knocking him down gave me plenty of chances to put him down until I was completely out of shotgun and varmint rifle ammo. Then, he vanished into thin air. I guess another room looked like greener pastures at that point. We had actually been playing nice with several pink dots all day up until that point. Everyone was just minding their own business, hunting gators and birds, and then swag had to write a check his ass couldn't cash.
  10. I'm really thankful I'm not a 100% completionist because I despise hunting. I'm not saying it's a shitty game mechanic; it's extremely well done. I just personally hate the time it takes. I bet I spent an hour and a half looking for a perfect cougar pelt to finish crafting satchels. Finally gave up to try a new area and blew right by one on my way out of the woods in West Elizabeth. Maddening. I thought I was using predator bait wrong because nothing ever showed up for me. People online were like, "It won't spawn animals. It just attracts what's nearby." Well ain't that about as useful as tits on a boar. I don't remember which of you mentioned the "killing the cougar with a bow" challenge, but it reminded me of the one from the first game. Killing a cougar with a knife. Now I know how teenagers feel at Camp Crystal Lake.
  11. By this logic, shouldn't they sue HBO for including them in Deadwood? Idiots.
  12. RUkered


    Now I'm regretting not naming my character Uncle Si.
  13. So scratch what I said about in-game morals. I decided to go full heel. Captured the bounty where the guy asks if he can say goodbye to his wife and son first. Not only did I decline that, I hogtied him and shot his wife in front of their son. I feel like I need a shower now. Edit: And I didn't even take a hit in honor for it??? Damn it.
  14. I hope you have better luck than me. That was my plan on the second run and I haven't been able to keep mine lower than the middle. I can't help but pocket the "good option" when presented with a choice, but I have no problems shooting up towns other than the expensive bounties. Apparently my in-game morals are strange. If I can get my honor low enough and the game still gives me the option, I'm gonna have a really hard time choosing the money over helping John at the end, but I want to see the different ending.
  15. I have paused story progression to try and get perfect pelts to upgrade my satchels. Apparently I am going to have a hell of a time bagging a panther. I looked up the locations of where they supposedly spawn. Spent 20 minutes or more at one location just wasting predator bait, so I rode to the other. Finally found one at the second location I tried...via it eating my ass alive twice when it attacked me from behind while I was aiming at the bait. This shit is going to take forever.