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  1. Pretty off-topic of me, but thank you for this reminder.
  2. Grand Theft Auto V Talk.

    That was one of the funnier nights, among the 7000 we've had. If I'm remembering correctly, I was standing around with my hands in my pockets, basically. No idea why I wasn't racing at the moment, but I panned the camera around JUST in time to go OH SHIT. *splat*
  3. This is me all day long. Any time my name pops up in the #1 spot, there's a brief period of staring followed by me saying out loud, "How the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck???" I gotta hear more about Level 1 character dude. Even if you're a top leaderboard cat, I can't fathom even attempting that shit. What was his strategy?
  4. Melraz, I stiiiiiill belieeeeeeeeeve in youuuuuuuu. Either that or y'all told some Kett to go rest high on that mountain. These are my two guesses...
  5. And lo, a powerful breeze swept the room as the night shift ran away with substantial haste.
  6. Grand Theft Auto V Talk.

    Yep. I don't remember when I bought it, but it has been months and I paid $30 back then. Can't believe GTA still costs that much.
  7. Who told all these fucking level 6s and shit to join silvers???? Bless their hearts.
  8. I just ran two silvers with the Batarian Vanguard and came in first both times, and the team of randoms was pretty dalm good. Shocked me - that shit never happens. Anyway, finally able to afford another Disappointment Pack and all I got out of it was an assault rifle, which I hate. The only reason I'm mentioning it is because it was called the Sweeper, and it reminded of something I need to share. Despite Melraz's strict love of country music, he DOES know the words to Nelly's "Country Grammar" and will rap it for you if asked. Hearing him sing "Streeeeeet sweeeeeper baaaaaaby, cocked ready to let it gooooo, shimmy shimmy coco whaaaaaat" is something you all need in your lives. And now I'm gonna go sign up for witness protection because he'll be on the Harley on his way up here to kill my ass in a few minutes.
  9. Grand Theft Auto V Talk.

    I feel like this statement sums up everything the night shift does in this game.
  10. When I have time to play, I'm usually on around 9 or 10 pm. I haven't been able to play as much because I'm getting my house ready to sell.
  11. Hey Stout, I saw you on last night and was going to message you once I finished my match, but I honestly just lost interest after I finished and turned it off to watch stuff on Hulu. On the plus side, I found a match pretty quickly and they were a really competent bunch. Full extraction on a silver with only three revives needed the whole time. Either this game is still alive - or most likely - it's like when someone with a terminal illness suddenly perks up and seems to be doing extremely well just before they croak the same night.
  12. Grand Theft Auto V Talk.

    Not asking here because I know the rules, but next time we're in a party, I need to remember to ask you guys what site you find these glitches on. I think I know, but I'm not sure.
  13. Sounds like it's about time to head back to sunny Los Santos, polish off our sniper rifles, and throw a few stickies on our front bumpers until Red Dead arrives.
  14. Finally got back online after being down a few days due to my powerline adapters failing (the hardware for a wireless connection failed a long time ago - just haven't bothered sending it in yet.) Try to do a silver and wait in the lobby for like 10 minutes with only one other person. Finally a third joins, and it's a level 1 human male adept. Apex rating...0. He immediately hits ready, all gung ho.....and got booted within seconds. That bo-, I say that boy is as green as a golf course.