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  1. I don't think I've run into one yet, but I certainly enjoyed the "constantly leveling up until it got to god mode" thing Mel was fighting the other day. DALMIT!! MY MONKEY IS DEAD!!!!
  2. That's about where I could make it to, if I remember right. All I can remember for sure is that when you started fighting guys for the second time, that was about the end of my run. That fat asshole with the bandage on his stomach was pure hell for me. On the subject of Borderlands, I hopped on for a little while earlier and Mel was on. Joining his game was a mistake. He said he's pretty sure it was glitched and I agree. It was the Hammerlock rescue mission. I have never seen so many enemies, and a ton of Anointed that were immune to even regular bullets for some reason. I bet we collectively lost a kid's college tuition in respawn money.
  3. Why did you have to bring up Punchout, dalmit? I still have functioning NES and play that shit. I have never even SEEN Tyson (I'm not counting the emulator version I have on PC where I can cheat to skip levels) because I suck so much at it. I played far too many NES games growing up, and maybe that's why I hate tedium. The ONLY game I ever beat on NES was something called Guerrilla Warfare, and the only reason I did was because the game cartridge had the ability to save progress. As I'm talking through this, I'm kind of starting to realize I've never had the patience to finish hard games, and I've been playing since 5 years old on a hand-me-down Atari my cousin gave me. Edit: Since we're all video game nerds here, I'll include a pic of my old school gaming setup. Everything works except the N64. I have tried to troubleshoot it with no success. Old school setup https://imgur.com/gallery/W7p8iwo
  4. Speaking of boss fights, I do not understand how people love any of the Ninja Gaiden games. I remember one for - I think it was PS2 - where I fought some boss a dozen times before I finally beat it, only to find out that two big T Rex looking things came out immediately afterward. I shut it off and never played it again. The older I get, the less tolerance I have for tedious bullshit in my video games. I do it to escape the tedium of life. If you're gonna throw horseshit at me, then I'm gonna Google cheat codes and shit.
  5. I just beat the dalm thing finally. I loaded up every slot with corrosive weapons and it went from controller-throwing insane to me beating him in a matter of about 2 minutes, if that long.
  6. How in the blue hell did you guys kill that thing by yourselves? I have pretty decent guns, but I have died three times to the tune of about 40k and all I can accomplish is getting the yellow bar down about 3/4. Is it just a "hang tight and keep shooting" thing, or am I missing a safe location where I can take cover? Seemed like that was an option with most boss fights in BL 2.
  7. Well I'm an idiot. I ran through Carnivora for at least 30 minutes before I figured out why the announcer's voice was so familiar.
  8. I just killed the second Vault boss I've encountered. It wasn't particularly difficult, but holy shit, did it take forever. I could have breached a bank vault with a BB gun faster than it took me to chip away at that bastard.
  9. Good thing I have never done such a thing. Nope...
  10. Is that the one with the guy who talks like New Orleans Boomhauer?
  11. I realize this is a stupid complaint when this is a looting game, but I always hated opening chests in 2. This time around, I'm flipping them open like a crackhead because I'm always running out of ammo and it is expensive as shit. Also, is it just me, or are the vehicles made out of paper mache in this one? Anyway, if it sounds like I'm doing nothing but bitching, I love the game. Having a sidekick with FL4K makes me way too brave because I figure he'll revive me most of the time. Edit: OH SHIT! Just got to the prison break. Robert, he ain't kidding.
  12. Catch a ride Catch a ride Catch ride Cat ride Cride Cride Cride
  13. I finally jumped back on for a little while this weekend because melraz told me that poker was finally back. I had been gifted some potent bitters and one gold bar. Oooooooh, thanks Rockstar. Let me put that in the pile with the rest of my "haven't spent a dime yet" gold.
  14. ARISE, YE THREAD Got an email that there were some Sadie missions online, so I figured I'd dust off the game and try it out. I'm sure she's coming soon, but it was a four man "capture two wagons and bring them back mission" with Sadie nowhere in sight. Unless I just chose the wrong story mission...even though it was the only one I saw on the map...thanks, Rockstar. I then did a gun rush or whatever the name was. 26 people on two teams. I think the score ended up being around 5-60, and I got 3 of those 5 so.....yeah, back to Borderlands unless anyone reaches out to want to play.
  15. I agree with you, and it's sad. If they ever roll out deathmatches, gang hideouts, and poker (or hell, just one of the above), I'll probably check it out - but like you said, I haven't felt the desire to go back once they screwed up hunting. That was barely keeping me signing on as it was. Getting to play with you guys was the main thing. Robert already knows because he, Melraz, and I have been playing Borderlands 2. Mel and I played that on PS3 ages ago, and played it a long damn time. My point is that's how screwed up RDRO is. We went out and bought something we already owned on another system that's seven years old because we knew it would be guaranteed fun. Light years opposite of Red Dead.
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