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  1. I just ran two silvers with the Batarian Vanguard and came in first both times, and the team of randoms was pretty dalm good. Shocked me - that shit never happens. Anyway, finally able to afford another Disappointment Pack and all I got out of it was an assault rifle, which I hate. The only reason I'm mentioning it is because it was called the Sweeper, and it reminded of something I need to share. Despite Melraz's strict love of country music, he DOES know the words to Nelly's "Country Grammar" and will rap it for you if asked. Hearing him sing "Streeeeeet sweeeeeper baaaaaaby, cocked ready to let it gooooo, shimmy shimmy coco whaaaaaat" is something you all need in your lives. And now I'm gonna go sign up for witness protection because he'll be on the Harley on his way up here to kill my ass in a few minutes.
  2. Grand Theft Auto V Talk.

    I feel like this statement sums up everything the night shift does in this game.
  3. When I have time to play, I'm usually on around 9 or 10 pm. I haven't been able to play as much because I'm getting my house ready to sell.
  4. Hey Stout, I saw you on last night and was going to message you once I finished my match, but I honestly just lost interest after I finished and turned it off to watch stuff on Hulu. On the plus side, I found a match pretty quickly and they were a really competent bunch. Full extraction on a silver with only three revives needed the whole time. Either this game is still alive - or most likely - it's like when someone with a terminal illness suddenly perks up and seems to be doing extremely well just before they croak the same night.
  5. Grand Theft Auto V Talk.

    Not asking here because I know the rules, but next time we're in a party, I need to remember to ask you guys what site you find these glitches on. I think I know, but I'm not sure.
  6. Sounds like it's about time to head back to sunny Los Santos, polish off our sniper rifles, and throw a few stickies on our front bumpers until Red Dead arrives.
  7. Finally got back online after being down a few days due to my powerline adapters failing (the hardware for a wireless connection failed a long time ago - just haven't bothered sending it in yet.) Try to do a silver and wait in the lobby for like 10 minutes with only one other person. Finally a third joins, and it's a level 1 human male adept. Apex rating...0. He immediately hits ready, all gung ho.....and got booted within seconds. That bo-, I say that boy is as green as a golf course.
  8. Yeah J.T. - I know I just said the other day that I was mad about getting the new Batarian instead of good guns, but I have to eat crow. After Melraz explained the combo detonator aspect of him, I switched to him, and I'm in love. I like him even better than the KroGuard. I haven't played a character yet that felt that powerful right out of the gate. The night shift were dragging my ass through a silver at like level 5 and I was holding my own, relatively speaking. Except for the times when I was doing my usual dumb shit of trying to take on two Berserkers at once in a boxing match.
  9. Robert, I'm finally feeling your pain with these boxes. As I mentioned, I'm buying arsenal packs because all I need is a decent pistol. That's it. Then I will go back to buying shitty packs. All I get, ever, is a mess of shotgun barrels. To make matters worse, I get all excited when I see an N7 weapon, only to find out it's a sniper rifle. You know....the one gun type I never use unless it's a sniper skirmish. I think the game is sentient and a troll.
  10. Did a gold with randoms earlier, and shit was it tough - damn Berserker party. I had saved myself enough cobras, a couple health packs, and a couple revives for wave 7 because I knew it would take moving heaven and Earth to finish that thing. I'm on the complete opposite side of the map when I'm suddenly surrounded by two Berserkers and I'm getting my arm chewed off by Rin Tin Tin. I yanked loose and fired a Cobra in the middle of all of them when I heard the countdown beep. 13 seconds to get to the LZ, clear on the other side of the map. Spammed the B button like my life depended on it and dove in the LZ to find more Berserkers. Fired my last Cobra and threw out Singularity, and a teammate goes down with 4 seconds left. Somehow, one of the others got his ass revived just as the clock hit zero and we got a full extraction. I had to turn it off after that. I have been in fights in real life that weren't that intense.
  11. Thanks everyone for the info. Pretty safe bet I haven't made it far enough in singleplayer. I have played about 20-30 minutes' worth and it has been so long that I don't remember where I left off.
  12. I saw you on too and was planning to shoot you a message after I finished the mission I was playing, but I ended up having shut it down and do actual crap (thanks for messing up my walls, you old damned water heater.) I have been doing mostly golds so I can rack up points for box shopping. One of them had a level 9 guy in it. I was about to back out, but I decided to see how it played out. That sumbitch outshined every one of us, and the rest of us were 18 or higher. He actually finished in the top spot - how, I do not know. I figured he was one of those y'all talk about who hasn't seen actual sunshine in three years, but his Apex rating wasn't that much higher than mine. I noticed that I keep running out of health packs, but never anything else. Turns out I must use them like a crackhead. I'm pulling the numbers out of my ass because I don't remember exactly, but it was something like: Cobra RPG: 145 - Revive packs: 89 - Ammo packs: 345 - Health packs: 4 So now I am trying to not rely on them so much, because I HATE having to spend money on jumbo arsenal packs or whatever they're called. Quick question for you guys because I haven't played enough singleplayer to know - what do I have to do to redeem the packs you get from strike teams? I keep getting messages that I'm maxed out, but I have no idea what to do in singleplayer to redeem them.
  13. Robert, I'm loving that Charger. It's level 10. I'm right there with you about not being able to shoot for shit. I'm constantly yelling STOP MOVING DALM IT. Noticed I had a platinum level shotgun that I must have overlooked. It kicks a little bit of ass. Crusader is the name, I think.
  14. Any recommendations on guns? Melraz mentioned a good pistol, but I forget the name. On most of my characters now, I'm using the Hornet and the PAW, and they're not even ranked up fully. Those are honestly about the best in my arsenal, sadly. The Hornet feels really weak on Gold and not much better on Silver. I actually like the PAW - it just doesn't last long before overheating.
  15. It seems the game just screws with you no matter what your goals are. I have been playing golds in order to afford Arsenal packs because my guns are terrible and really limiting my abilities in tough matches. I have bought three in the last two days and so far I have gotten weapon mods, a sniper rifle which sucks.......and the Batarian Vanguard. Sumbitch just came out, a lot of you want him, and I get his ass with no plans to play him for a long time. All I want is a couple decent guns before I drop back to the scrub packs, but nooooooooo.