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  1. Oh, and Death can kiss my hairy ass.
  2. I just got mine a few days ago. I have the same problem. I feel like Schwarzenegger in Commando until I strafe my dumbass right in front of a pole or something and blow myself to smithereens.
  3. I hate that asshole. I died a billion times trying to jump those rocks. Credit to melraz for telling me: if you don't want to jump up there, you can just sit still and fight all the other shit and let his shields build and he'll eventually jump back down so you can shoot him. That fucking Molechar three-barred bastard that heals or protects him or whatever is worse that him in my opinion.
  4. I wish I knew how to do animation, because I'd start working on this immediately.
  5. Yep - I hope it means I can also skip the intro when I finally start my "arse with a banjo" character. (I am horrible with remembering names.)
  6. Those timed delivery missions in 2 and 3 are awful. I can't complete them without help. They're as bad to me as those remote control helicopter missions in Vice City.
  7. You made the right call, Stout. Don't get me wrong, I love the game. That being said, the map is absolute HELL to navigate quite a bit of the time and I have spent way too long trying to figure out how to get to a mission marker, get too frustrated, and just turn the game off. I'd recommend skipping the game and just go get yourself a Pal's chili burger. Way more productive.
  8. I couldn't agree more on Hardwick, but I must despise him so badly that my brain didn't even pick up on his voice. Holy shit - I just Googled who he was in the game. No WONDER I hated the shit out of Vaughn.
  9. For Robert and Melraz... Holy monkey fest, Batman. Never seen anything like it.
  10. Has anyone else done the Buff Film Buff side mission? I'm fairly sure it was glitched. It just kept respawning shit every time I'd take two steps. I had to fight two Super Raging Badass Daddy Goliaths, and - no shit - at least nine Anointed something or others. Hell, there was yet another one stalking around after I turned the mission in. I just ran away. It was beyond ridiculous. At least I got some decent loot out of it.
  11. I'm through with the main game and clearing out side missions now, and I have found the most annoying one of all time. "Transaction Packed," where you're playing a beta version of a game and protecting Lana. While I totally understand that they're parodying shitty game releases and microtransactions, I almost turned the Xbox off three times before I could finish it. Holy balls, was that woman annoying. I'll be hearing THEY'RE ATTACKING in my sleep tonight.
  12. I don't think I've run into one yet, but I certainly enjoyed the "constantly leveling up until it got to god mode" thing Mel was fighting the other day. DALMIT!! MY MONKEY IS DEAD!!!!
  13. That's about where I could make it to, if I remember right. All I can remember for sure is that when you started fighting guys for the second time, that was about the end of my run. That fat asshole with the bandage on his stomach was pure hell for me. On the subject of Borderlands, I hopped on for a little while earlier and Mel was on. Joining his game was a mistake. He said he's pretty sure it was glitched and I agree. It was the Hammerlock rescue mission. I have never seen so many enemies, and a ton of Anointed that were immune to even regular bullets for some reason. I bet we collectively lost a kid's college tuition in respawn money.
  14. Why did you have to bring up Punchout, dalmit? I still have functioning NES and play that shit. I have never even SEEN Tyson (I'm not counting the emulator version I have on PC where I can cheat to skip levels) because I suck so much at it. I played far too many NES games growing up, and maybe that's why I hate tedium. The ONLY game I ever beat on NES was something called Guerrilla Warfare, and the only reason I did was because the game cartridge had the ability to save progress. As I'm talking through this, I'm kind of starting to realize I've never had the patience to finish hard games, and I've been playing since 5 years old on a hand-me-down Atari my cousin gave me. Edit: Since we're all video game nerds here, I'll include a pic of my old school gaming setup. Everything works except the N64. I have tried to troubleshoot it with no success. Old school setup https://imgur.com/gallery/W7p8iwo
  15. Speaking of boss fights, I do not understand how people love any of the Ninja Gaiden games. I remember one for - I think it was PS2 - where I fought some boss a dozen times before I finally beat it, only to find out that two big T Rex looking things came out immediately afterward. I shut it off and never played it again. The older I get, the less tolerance I have for tedious bullshit in my video games. I do it to escape the tedium of life. If you're gonna throw horseshit at me, then I'm gonna Google cheat codes and shit.
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