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  1. I dont want to ruin anyone's experience playing the game. People play games to have fun. Sometimes you have other stuff going on, and for whatever reason cant join a party, or just dont want to. I changed my gt (MY5TlK), some may not know. Most know though, I've had conversations on xbl either on party chat or though messages. If I've done or said something to offend you, tell me, I will try to make it right. If you dont have the fortitude for that, and are hiding offline to avoid me, just unfriend/unfollow. I can respect that. Rockstar still doesn't give a shit about your privacy settings, you show up under "crew" playing the game even if you are "appearing offline" on xbox live. If you dont want me in the crew or to post on this board anymore, again, let me (or I guess Neil, whoever runs the crew) know. It can be resolved, quickly. I dont want to call anyone in particular out, I sent multiple party invites to multiple people over the weekend. I've had people go offline and join a new session and play on, knowing it was me. It has happened on gta, back before I changed my gt.
  2. I shot a bunch of bullets and was able to pick up the rest of my ammo from the post office, still no pump shotty... Amazon in 1899 sucks. I did a thing with rockstar support about it, so who knows. Moral of the story, dont buy guns from the catalogue, go to the gunsmith. Support small businesses or something
  3. I found a farming method that seems to work decent enough. I will try to throw a video together here in a few. I bought the pump action shotgun from the catalogue but haven't received it yet. The bullets went to the post office, but I didn't see the gun. I wasnt paying attention and bought too much repeater ammo, now the extra is sitting at the p.o. I hope I haven't glitched all that money away. That would suck. It wasnt at the camp either.
  4. The first one I've made quit. Im at Level 6, starter pack guns, doing the hunting thing to make a little extra money when I'm going into a town. Lost my deer/pelts, but I worked this level 13 that I believe the kill feed said had a bolt action rifle already. shotguns are cheaper at Walmart in 2018 The pump shotty and rolling block rifle are on my to do list.
  5. Ive gotten offers to do that stuff before. It's not really my cup of tea. I doubt it would be worth the space on the xb1 to download this piece of shit again. Why on earth would I delete your vault stuff though, what have I done to be untrustworthy?
  6. https://www.forbes.com/sites/insertcoin/2018/11/10/destiny-2-is-deleting-players-malfeasance-luna-and-redrix-quests-check-yours/amp/
  7. I deleted d2 from the xbox this morning to download bf1 (free game with gold this month that I will probably never play). I might play again at some point, but honestly, I'm kinda done with destiny, again. It's just not fun anymore. I've surely got a mountain of gripes with this game franchise. I just hate to waste the time anymore to even bitch about it. It's basically the same shit as always, as to why I quit playing again. I heard about a d3 info leak, supposedly it will have more of an rpg element like was originally intended. Cool, good luck to them on that. I guess the soulless cash grab route didn't work as well as they had hoped, hence they are giving this shit away for free on PC right now just to try and get people playing the game...which from what I heard out of blizzcon, was met with a chorus of boo's. Fuck bungie
  8. Where can you even sell gold bars/jewelry? I have a pile of stuff that idk where to unload?
  9. Rdr2 has crashed my xbox twice today. I recommend if you are switching off from another game/app, quitting out first then firing up rdr2
  10. I might have missed it, but does anyone else think Arthur sounds a bit like melraz?
  11. RB doesn't work? It does on poker (I took everyone's money at the train station poker game, ended up with about $20). Edit- also, losing your hat in rdr2 was a top story on twitter yesterday
  12. I spent most of the morning hunting after getting to the spot where you set up camp near Valentine. Got a few deer and a couple elk. I even managed to get the legendary bear turned into the trapper, and got paid a decent amount for it. I killed a cougar near the camp that had some guy up a tree, but after I skinned it and was packing it over to put on my horse, a bunch of o'driscoll's rode up on me about 7 deep. They killed the shit out of me, quick like. I guess they took my hide. Also, I...helped a guy out that had been bitten by a rattlesnake and ran into him again outside of the gunsmith. He told me to go inside the gunsmith and pick something out, but the guy next to him was being a dick, so I chose antagonize on him. As dick #1 left, he bumped into another asshole on the street and I *might* have antagonized dick #2 accidentally. Well, I went into the gunsmith, and as I'm looking through his wares, dick #2 busts through the door and starts kicking the shit out of me inside the gunsmith's shop. I open up a can of whoop ass on dick #2, then the gunsmith gets shitty about it and wants a shot at the title. Not wanting to lose all gun store privileges, I bounce. In doing so, it seems I lost my freebie for saving the snake bite dude. tl:dr - went hunting, killed some shit. Sucked-off a rando npc innawoods, got stiffed on payment
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