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    Elimination Chamber IX - 2/17/2019

    I respectfully disagree They did have some cute double team maneuvers, but they’re strikes were either off the mark or incredibly sloppy.

    Elimination Chamber IX - 2/17/2019

    I’m all in on the Samoan Slaughterhouse. Tamina and Nia stereo ragdolling the IIconics was my favorite part of the ppv. I hope the Nia-haters appreciated that she died for our entertainment with that charge into the pod.

    Your Wrestlers RIP Thread

    Wasn’t aware. Thanks for the confirmation. Always liked Pedro, even when he was going down the card as he got older. At least I got to see him and Muraco wrestle live when I was a kid. R.I.P.

    Your Wrestlers RIP Thread

    It’s being reported, but I haven’t seen it confirmed yet that Pedro Morales passed away.


    I popped once I realized the guy with the Gooker was the Black Guy From Police Academy. I know who Michael Winslow is but be honest, most people know as “The Guy...”.
  6. Never mind that shit...that Gulak vs. Riddle match was fucking awesome.
  7. I know Gulak said that Bugenhagen guy looked like Ben Stiller in Dodgeball, but I think he looks more like Peter Dante I n Mr. Deeds.

    Scenes You Didn't Understand as a Kid

    When I was around 10-11, after my mom would go to bed, I would sneak downstairs to watch soft-core movies on PRISM with Cinderella being my favorite. For years, I never knew what a “snapper” was...

    Smackdown Live, 22nd January 2019

    That powerbomb tho.
  10. MADCAP

    Raw is David vs Goliath - 1/21/2019

    Anyone else think that was a botched finish in the Lucha House Party match?
  11. I’m begging for a Revival/Usos feud before the Revival ultimately leave.
  12. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan, but the whole episode came off as...blow-hardy. At one point during my listen, I thought to myself, “I hope he got some ribs removed in order to blow himself that hard”...
  13. After listening to the podcast, I’ve come to the conclusion that Jericho thinks he should be booked on top everywhere and that all the ideas from his Canadian homeboys are all great ideas. Meh.
  14. MADCAP

    The Action Cartoons Thread

    Just finished the third episode and I’m really digging the more mature slant.
  15. MADCAP

    RIP to Tom 'Dynamite Kid' Billington

    It sounds more like he lost the will to fight. RIP to my absolute favorite wrestler.