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  1. For someone who can’t stand Chuck Taylor and the Best Friends nonsense, I enjoyed the help out of that match. That, to me, was the kind of storytelling that makes wrestling great.
  2. Can someone explain to me how Virgil gets nominated for POTY and Sonny doesn’t?
  3. I wonder how Will would’ve reacted to Corey Holcolmb or TK Kirkland making that joke?
  4. Is she the first wrestling PAWG?
  5. That kick to Pillman’s face deserved a receipt.
  6. Is it possible for for Arteta to be sacked by the fifth game? That was pitiful.
  7. I was excited to see my old high school friend make an appearance as the Skrull. She’s been modeling in LA for years and caught her big break with this series.
  8. Hawk’s redemption arc was my favorite part of the season. His fight at the dojo and the pulling of Kyler’s bitch card was my favorite scene of the season. Oh, Kumiko’s reaction to seeing Daniel made me smile big.
  9. I guess we’re not doing spoilers now(Natural excluded)? I guess I should’ve avoided this post until after I watched...
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