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  1. Is it possible for for Arteta to be sacked by the fifth game? That was pitiful.
  2. I was excited to see my old high school friend make an appearance as the Skrull. She’s been modeling in LA for years and caught her big break with this series.
  3. Hawk’s redemption arc was my favorite part of the season. His fight at the dojo and the pulling of Kyler’s bitch card was my favorite scene of the season. Oh, Kumiko’s reaction to seeing Daniel made me smile big.
  4. I guess we’re not doing spoilers now(Natural excluded)? I guess I should’ve avoided this post until after I watched...
  5. Now, more than ever, do I want to see Dimitri get his ass handed to him.
  6. Juventus’ third kit is pretty fire:
  7. The only bigger revelation of discovering Hulk Hogan being a decent worker in Japan, was discovering Big Daddy knew how to do more than belly bumps splashes. A lot more. This is really an enjoyable match. I don’t know who John Elijah is, but he held up his end of the match, particularly with some impressive feats of strength. youtu.be/a5xHAScCFPQ
  8. I rate this on par with the Daredevil hallway fight scene.
  9. I’d love to see Real vs Juventus for obvious reasons.
  10. You realize the Bucks are staunch republicans, right?
  11. I’m shocked the AEW’s woke crowd hasn’t said a peep about this insensitive spot.
  12. I’m all in on Dexter Lumis. Roddy screaming “Stop staring at me!” was hilarious.
  13. I can’t find it online anymore, but there is a MVC vs Stan Hansen/Joel Deaton match in AJPW that has Hansen being destroyed in a total squash. If someone has it, can you please post it?
  14. Fit Finlay meets his clubberin’ match vs. MENG!!!
  15. That was honestly one of the better booked battle royals I’ve ever seen.
  16. Zlatan heading back to AC Milan for a 6-month contract
  17. Ole and Arn Anderson. Entire match focused on one body part. Try getting away with a standard pro wrestling arm bar as a submission now...
  18. Got a chuckle at Cesaro asking the ref to look at the VAR after ejecting Sami.
  19. “Joey Ryan is right”. Yeah, I’m done here.
  20. Funny how wrestling fans, who are the absolute worst when it comes to trolling and calling people names online are so offended nowadays.
  21. I hope Heyman doesn’t turn the SP’s into Public Enemy 2.0.
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