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    God DAMN. Robin going after a chump 3rd tier villain because Batman is busy doing grown up shit, like "hey Crazy Quily shut the fuck up."
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    Jesus Christ. Is this the standard operating procedure now? When you stick your foot in your mouth, you attack Meltzer? Corey Graves is a fucking dope. Also, you know what I want? I'd like Frank Shamrock, professional fighter, where Raw is tonight tonight. I want Corey brought from his happy holiday hangover over there in WWE with all the other narcissists and I want him brought right to Frank...with a big ribbon on his head! And I want to Frank to look him straight in the eye, and I want him to tell Corey what a cheap, lying, no-good, rotten, four-flushing, low-life, snake-licking, dirt-eating, inbred, overstuffed, ignorant, blood-sucking, dog-kissing, brainless, dickless, hopeless, heartless, no-assed, bug-eyed, stiff-legged, spotty-lipped, worm-headed, sack of monkey shit he is! Hallelujah! Holy shit! Where's the Tylenol?
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    I don't really have a problem with Graves opinion but, like, why do people feel the need to tweet that shit? You can't just have the thought or utter the comment to the person next to you and get on with your life? Fucking nerd
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    "Thin skinned"??? He has a severe mental illness, so please don't be THAT guy OK?
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    A reminder that Great Value™ CM Punk apparently doesn't rank high enough for Dave to have his contact info.
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    Bask in his glory This show proved once again that, if creative could get the fuck out of their way, this roster is absurdly stacked.
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    My main takeaways from this weekend. Ripley and Lee fucking rule. Adam Cole fucking sucks.
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    Rusev deserves so much better. That man's a treasure
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    Fuck sympathy and human kindness, am I right?
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    Painful lack of rap fans here and it shows.
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    I am at the point where I think the only thing Eric Bischoff did during his brief return to the WWE was tell everyone to go after Meltzer on Twitter because it gets attention
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    Corey Graves needs to have a chat with Bas Rutten, (another close friend of Mauro). A faux-punk talking head for VKM should still know enough to not do this shit.
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    Another month, another "Corey Graves is a shitty person" story. You can set your watch by it.
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    Counterpoint: AEW employs Sammy Guevara.
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    What kind of fucking ghoul are you?
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    Every month I have over a few friends to watch the PPV's, and eat copious amounts of food. and over the course of the last 13 years my Colorado family has grown to appreciate and even enjoy wrestling. When my 23 year old nephew was 12 I took him to a house show and I took my little nephew and his folks to one in 2014 when the little guy was 4 and a half so he could see John Cena. At age 9 he still likes wrestling, (Rey Mysterio has been his favorite since he was a toddler), but he usually will just watch a little of the shows before it's his his bedtime. But last night was a little different. Two brothers, ages 8 and 10 moved across the street last year and the three of them have been a gang ever since. Yesterday, the three of them came into the house as the pre-show was ending and the neighbor kids were like, "Is this wrestling? Is it fake?" and had a million questions. By the end of the last pre-show match they were hooked. The only wrestlers they've ever heard of are Cena and for some reason, Big Show but they'd never actually watched. The three of them were totally into it, and at one point the brothers had to go home for a bit, but asked if they could come back over later . After an hour they came running back, and we all watched the rest of the show and had a great time. Now, they want to come over for every PPV and it's awesome. My nephew was enjoying it far more with his pals, and so did I. Watching with a living room full of family, friends, and kids is the best. They were cheering for their favorites and booing the the wrestlers they didn't like, particularly Brock and Bayley. They loved Rey, The Fiend, and Keith Lee the most. The two bros want Fiend T shirts after seeing the shop zone ad, which is hilarious. And they're jazzed for TLC because the idea that people go through tables was blowing their minds. It's a lot more fun to watch the rasslin' with a living room full of people, and a plate full of Italian sausage.
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    Hope the stupid fuck has a run in with Frank Shamrock. I'd start a gofundme to pay for Frank's legal defense after he gave Graves the ass kicking he deserves.
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    Story credit by Dave Meltzer. But hey, Seth as a whiny chicken shit nerd heel is worlds better than Seth as a whiny nerd babyface.
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    With all due respect, you should probably stick to Buckhouse Buck & Stud Stable fantasy booking.
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    Welcome to the terrordrome? Son, you have no idea what you just stepped in...
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    Two things: there's a big difference between criticism from people and mean-spirited subtweets from a co-worker. And... That thing Frank tweeted that everyone is seeing as a threat to Graves, Graves literally tweeted just before he attacked Mauro. It's an Ice T quote that Corey put out there and Frank reminded him of.
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    So a few days ago, someone (RIPPA I think?) suggested that for WWE contracted guys who wanted out, discussing unionisation might be a more effective way then just asking for your release on twitter. And then today: I think Biff Busick might be reading the board, lads. If you ever posted anything negative about him, maybe go back and edit it before he notices, yeah?
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    Bringing that relationship to the main show killed much of her pop. Why cheer someone who is with Seth Rollins. He is the worst.
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    God that really comes across very much as a Dad "I am not mad, I'm just disappointed" tweet
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    Too bad his self-sabotage eclipses his passion for the industry.
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    As long as your name isn't Ken, you're fine.
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    Roman vs Keith Lee was a fucking big time moment like Hogan vs Warrior in the Royal Rumble. Shut up, don’t look at me like that.
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    I know some have commented that he was their least favourite part or think he isn't very good but I gotta disagree. If it weren't for that comment, I thought he was one of the bright spots on the show and one of the best commentators going. He's great if only he wasn't such a prick, but he is.
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    Jack Horner scouting new talent?
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    The line is busy. @OSJ, I hope you asked for Sterling James Keenan. I can't wait until December, so this thread can die a much deserved death. The stigma mental health issues carry is really sad and the general ignorance and/or lacking of compassion is equally as sad, especially on a board that is generally more progressive and caring than other places.
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    There is no chance he didn't know about the stereotype. Come on. He said it because he literally cannot stop himself from acting like a misanthropic asshole, no matter how much damage it does to his career.
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    Kabuki and Muta worked hard to get that over, I see no issue if other Japanese wrestlers want to do it too. It always seems to work.
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    She's taking in ring advice from her fiance?
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    Ah, I see Corey is indeed following the SOP for public embarrassment. He obviously couldn't have chosen "my Twitter was hacked" because you only get to use one of those once, maybe twice, so obviously you fall back on, "bro, don't you know it's all a work?" Fuck this ass clown.
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    I've just finished the 5-5-5 Man's match. Wow. That shit delivered in spades. I owe Keith Lee an apology. I am retracting my statement that I only see his ceiling as a mid-card comedy act. That MF made me a believer this weekend. Screw challenging Cole, put him in the main events against Brock.
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    Which Frank Shamrock responded with that quote. Awkward
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    He said it. He meant to be provocative because being a mediocre shock jock is all he has left to draw any money and attention.
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