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    God DAMN. Robin going after a chump 3rd tier villain because Batman is busy doing grown up shit, like "hey Crazy Quily shut the fuck up."
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    Rusev deserves so much better. That man's a treasure
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    Fuck sympathy and human kindness, am I right?
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    Another month, another "Corey Graves is a shitty person" story. You can set your watch by it.
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    Killer Khan is posted three times. IMAGINE the blood.
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    She's taking in ring advice from her fiance?
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    Which Frank Shamrock responded with that quote. Awkward
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    I think they just cut up old Gateway Computer boxes.
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    Please do not wish that evil on Rhea Ripley. I love her as if she were my own sister. I also do not think I could love Dakota Kai or Teagan Nox any more than I do now. I think this War Games card had some of the better best signature War Games matches out of any War Games PPVs that I have ever seen. The men's match dragged a little but business picked up when KO showed up. The Women's match was spectacular. The faces overcoming the numbers game was a tad suspect, but ultimately I think the right people went over.
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    See, this right here is bullshit. Cornette is no idiot. He knows the racist connotations behind what he said. He's lived in the South for pretty much his entire life, for fuck's sake. He knew what he was saying.
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    I'm happy they finally turned Seth. I had some small hope after his dickish reaction last night right before he was eliminated by Lee but still wasn't sure it was happening. I like the idea of AOP backing him. That said, I somehow hope they end up doing most of the talking. They are way the hell more interesting when speaking than Seth is. Charlotte/Asuka had some rough moments, but was pretty good overall. Nice to see Rey win the US title though it feels like a bit of a consolation prize with him not beating Brock. They left out, the last line from King in the text. It was a bit. You can hear it in the actual video.
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    I think they've made Keith Lee into a star after last night but I believe NXT going over is a more of a result of AEW being a thing, so WWE allowed the hot newer brand lead in wins last night. I'm not complaining at all but I would think they would've put Smackdown over more because of the FOX deal and honestly because of the recent draft Raw and SDLive are sorta reset in comparison to NXT
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    So, here are the Heat's alternates.
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    They need to stop with the virtual boy shit for The Fiend's matches.
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    Sweet. Big fight for Ribas and should be absolute destruction. The hand speed and technique difference will be incredibly pronounced. Fuck, distance control alone could make the fight a breeze for Ribas. She'll be able to get in and out while PVZ flails away.
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    I used to be with it, but then they changed what "it" was, now what I'm with isn't it and what's it seems weird and scary to me. It'll happen to you. Note: Abe was never with it.
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    Nick Jackson has been on fire on BTE since the Merch Freak stuff started. The Justin Roberts bit this weak was hilarious. That opening segment with Omega was about 3 minutes too long, though. Inner Circle taking over BTE next week is gonna be wild. I don't know about Leva Bates being kidnapped or whatever. Should I care? Is Peter Avalon going to go on a Taken style journey to rescue her?
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    Damn it don't make me support Alvarez as well. I am already biting my tongue supporting Mauro now I have to handle both of them
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    Settle down, Craig. Corey's a SmackDown commentator. He's probably already flown home. No point in Frank being at Raw tonight.
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    I believe the rules of fairness mean that AEW gets to show some WWE spouse in the crowd at AEW now. Sorta like how TNA got to pick anybody they wanted to make up for the WWE using Flair, and TNA decided to use Christian at Slamniversary.
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    Planet Rollins, then. Like Planet Stasiak, but with a bit more self belief.
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    Not sure if this promo was before or after the Uecker WM4 promo (the same account has multiple French promos for SNME involving Andre doing all the micwork with Bundy and Heenan standing around)
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    Well Graves is a narcissist. He sees that quote and thinks, "yeah, fuck the haters!" but doesn't realize it applies to him, too. He will literally read that quote and only apply it to people who are shitty to him and never once, not for a second, consider his own behavior. It's insane.
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    I wouldn't say I'm a Hogan fan, but I still get a kick out of watching his stuff as hokey as it is. Fact is the dude got me into wrestling so I'll forever be indebted Anyway...
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    Another guy who would have been fired in the territory days for not servicing the female clientele.
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    The women kicked some arse. And watching Dakota Kai just brutalise Tegan Nox, that's how you do a beatdown. That's the kind of viciousness that you seldom see in the WWE milquetoast scuffles. The match itself was so good, actually weaving a story and multiple feuds throughout. Kay Lee Ray was a bumping machine, the way that Rhea just swatted her out of the sky towards the end, it's the best use for those shitty trashcans. As I recall Sasha Banks was 23 when she tore it up in that NXT Takeover match with Bayley. With how polarising Ms Banks is on here, I'll leave it at that. I enjoyed the singles match more than the three-way and more than others, it seems. There is something wholesome about seeing Finn in his element again as a violent bastard. I though this was a great, hard-hitting match. To the point above, I've been over Adam Cole and the UE act in general for a while now, although O'Reilly's shenanigans are still entertaining (doing the Bossman bounce off the ropes in between the rings and gradually working down the ropes was hilarious). Let's have some new blood on top, they're not short of it.
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    You mentioning Ganja & Hess, which is on Prime, reminded me that Amazon Prime members have a 50% off for 3 months promotion for a bunch of different streaming services including Shudder. It's supposedly only for new customers, but YMMV. I got the Shudder freeview a couple years back and never watched anything, so I can't comment either way. BTW, Ganja & Hess is a great flick.
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    If you're going to lose, lose spectacularly. I'd rather have the gradual reality set in than have my heart suddenly torn out in the 59th minute.
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    Doesn't mean he's irreplaceable but I do agree. In THIS setting, on THIS specific show, Cornette fit in really well. That's one of the things that's so disappointing about his comments. He had a good gig here. But you reap what you sow.
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    Parasite was killer. Really funny, really dark, really smart. Definitely the best movie I've seen this year.
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    BREAKING NEWS: Kylie Rae calls AEW Godless.
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    That's harsh. What did fucking disasters ever do to you to make you compare them to 2K20. 2K20 wishes it was a fucking disaster. The game seems to be actively trying to book itself into "crime against humanity" conversations. At least it has goals.
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    It was, dammit! Rock landed on his chest. Booker T landed on his knees.
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    Bret may have gotten into Piper's stash.
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    For people that hate on women doing sex work, y'all certainly are up to date on who is.
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    out-coking Neidhart seems difficult. out-coking Warrior seems impossible. but if anyone could, Marty'd be my bet. it's a miracle that cocaine survived The Ultimate Maniacs (not a traditional 4 man survivor series cokepromo but I mean can you really say this doesn't belong in that discussion? )
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    Find a better team than this one.. YOU CAN'T
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    let us mourn and celebrate the lost art that was the Survivor Series cokepromo together
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