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  1. Thoughts on Starrcade 85 Starrcade 85 finally started the show with the national anthem, rather than playing it before the main event (83) or the USA vs. Soviet Union match (84). Manny Fernandez outlasted Abdullah the Butcher in a bloody Mexican death match, which sounded much tougher than a Sombrero on a Pole match. The ring announcer simplified it even more by saying "capture the hat." More blood in the next match as Ron Bass and Black Bart blew up their Long Riders team in a Texas bullrope match. If you love cowbell shots to the head, this is the match for you. One year
  2. Thoughts on Starrcade 84 Denny Brown won the junior heavyweight title from Mike Davis with the "Oops! I pinned myself" back suplex finish. Jesse Barr retained the Florida title with the "feet on the ropes for leverage" finish. Referee Tommy Young missed that one. Why was the Florida title on the line in Greensboro, N.C.? Assassin #1 fully expected to be cheered by the fans for opposing Paul Jones, even though he didn't bother to change his "masked bad guy" appearance or name. When I saw that Jimmy Valiant was competing in a loser-leave-town match against Jones, I thought I
  3. Thoughts on Starrcade 83 The first WrestleMania started with The Executioner, and the first Starrcade begin with a pair of Assassins. They scored a surprisingly clean win over Rufus R. Jones and Bugsy McGraw. Rufus was the Mid-Atlantic heavyweight champion, and here he was jerking the curtain in a tag match. Mark Lewin & Kevin Sullivan also scored a clean win, and I thought "Hmm, they didn't really do anything evil." So Gary Hart threw them a spike and they busted open Scott McGhee's head and Angelo Mosca's arm. Was that bloodbath necessary with Carlos Colon vs. Abdullah the But
  4. I wish! I came home to take care of the baby at the end of 2004.
  5. Thanks for the info. However, when you're diving out of the ring through the ropes, you're not always going for headbutt. Often it's a cross body block. Here's a video about how I call certain dives. Don't miss the Bundy action figure's Space Flying Tiger Drop!
  6. Yes - Here's a match I called with her against Jordynne Grace and Samantha Heights from 2018. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ph_wRxkodA8
  7. Yes. It's not a "tope suicida" unless it's over the top rope.
  8. Going back to Adam Page, his reverse piledriver is called the Deadeye.
  9. Wow, I would have loved to call Powers of Pain vs. Demolition, especially since I was right on the floor at Survivor Series 88, and the double-turn happened right in front of me. Alas, the IWC started its Night of Legends shows after I finished up with the company in late 2004. I could have corroborated the "Warlord is purple" story because the Powers were supposed to reunite at the Cleveland Knights Championship Wrestling "New World Rising" IPPV, but double alas, Warlord didn't show up.
  10. If you rolled the Bundy figure like a bowling ball, he would do 20 cartwheels across the living room floor. I have also used the Steamboat and Bundy figures to teach Latin lessons to homeschool kids. They did a Tonight Show gimmick, complete with theme song. Steamboat was Johnny Carson (as Alberto Latino), with Bundy as his Ed McMahon (Tiny Latino Jr.).
  11. I gave mine 2 Cold Scorpio's moveset and theme song and called him 2 Cold Warlord.
  12. I drove Tracy Smothers from the Cleveland airport to PA for the Steel City Wrestling title tournament. We stopped at my apartment, and his small college (Carson-Newman) was actually playing football on ESPN at the time. We drove to Bradford, and all the way, he kept saying, "It's all good, Jeff." He was just so happy to be driving to a wrestling show on a Friday instead of working an office job. Nineteen years later, Eric Bischoff dropped out as my announce partner for the main event of the New World Rising Internet PPV. Who took his place? Tracy Smothers. What did he say? "It's all good,
  13. That's right! I'm the guy who drove them from the Cleveland airport to the Pittsburgh shows.
  14. Some people grew up watching WWE and always dreamed about working there. They think, "Even if it didn't work out for a lot of others, if they ever finally hire me, everything will go just the way I want, and I'll appear at multiple WrestleManias and eventually make it into the Hall of Fame." Um, I guess.
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