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  1. I love this match, and I was there! The wrestlers really picked up on the atmosphere in the arena, and it was great to see Andre win at the end.
  2. Denver led 9-2, and then Minnesota scored 20 points in a row. In the fourth quarter, the Wolves scored 24 points in a row.
  3. Swerve Strickland vs. Brian Cage (Non-title Eliminator) BCC (Moxley & Danielson) vs. TV champs (Fletcher & Cobb) Kazuchika Okada vs. Dax Harwood (Continental title) Young Bucks vs. Daniels & Sydal (Non-title Eliminator) Toni Storm vs. Harley Cameron (Non-title Grudge Match) Plus Willow-Mercedes contract signing, Strong-Ospreay faceoff, Copeland calls out Black for Double or Nothing, and Hook RETURNS~!
  4. If "Dynamite Kid" Tommy Billington is DK's nephew and not his son, I hope that makes him the next Rey Misterio Jr.
  5. Poor Kofi. He's a former WWE champion and they don't spell his name right.
  6. Getting hit with a softball hurts 5 percent less than getting hit with a baseball.
  7. First and only ECW show I ever attended. The book (King of Philadelphia) is almost finished!
  8. I never needed a license to ring announce in Ohio or Pennsylvania, but when I called my first MMA show in PA, the official asked me for a license. I thought he was kidding.
  9. Yeah, Bischoff was supposed to announce the main event with me for the New World Rising PPV for Cleveland Knights Championship Wrestling, but he blew me off. Who called the match with me instead? Tracey Smothers. So I'm good with that.
  10. Schiavone said at the end that the correct answer is 21 (Casino Gauntlet).
  11. He did use a Million Dollar Arm finisher for a little while.
  12. I missed most of this game, turned on the radio, and heard the last pitch.
  13. Gotta throw in "Victim of Hardstyle" for Special K as well.
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