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  1. Any substitute in Undisputed Era should be a Ring of Honor alumnus.
  2. I predicted that he would lose the main event of the Moosin: God of Martial Arts pay-per-view live on the air, and then I was standing right next to him a few hours later while he was watching the fight.
  3. Counterpoint: AEW employs Sammy Guevara.
  4. I'm pumped for it. I'm going to apply for The Circle Squared (just like the TNA Gut Check Challenge) even though I'm an announcer, not a wrestler. Hopefully, they won't throw my application INTO THE FIIIRRRRE.....
  5. Some of us are still waiting for the rest of 2002.
  6. No, that show was in Connecticut. I ring announced in the Midwest (Pittsburgh, Dayton, Chicago) until they went with Bobby Cruise full-time at ROH Gold in October 2004.
  7. Also, the Street Profits won the tag team belts in a four-way ladder match.
  8. Flights will come in through Jacksonville.
  9. This "Provincial' federation would earn extra Canadian points if the Rough Riders take on the Roughriders.
  10. They already have a show like that.
  11. Though it was in Nottingham, I believe they actually did count that as an official AEW match.
  12. Cabana's Superman pin is a lot like Mildred Burke's "unbreakable" Alligator Clutch. I would love for someone to have a hold that you must avoid because once it's locked in, it's impossible to escape.
  13. She's tied with Rene Dupree, who was also 19 - unless you want to get specific with birthdays.
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