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  1. Actually, Austin won that match (I was there), but your point is well taken
  2. It's Akam. Rezar has been in some singles matches on Main Event
  3. Ludvig Borga could have been Finnish Tony. I think Authors of Pain came from the James Bond movie Spectre. Christoph Waltz's villain told Bond, "I'm the author of all your pain."
  4. Somebody asked one of the Bucks on Twitter what their team would be called when they got older, and the answer was "The Young Bucks"
  5. Three-man booths can work if they are done properly. My team with Joe Dombrowski & Kingdom James worked in IWC Pittsburgh because we had great chemistry and clearly defined roles. That's why Mike Tenay worked so well when he joined the WCW broadcast team: because he stayed in his lane as the lucha expert.
  6. As a guy who edited Bleacher Report during its first five years, when it included fan-written reports on cricket and Formula One, I find it amazing and hilarious that you can now watch sports on Bleacher Report.
  7. She can if Asuka gets sent back to NXT. (ducks tomatoes)
  8. Bayley's loss just tells me she's moving over to Smackdown.
  9. Plus, the XFL only lasted one year, so there aren't a ton of XFL alumni.
  10. If I lost 269 matches in a row, I would wear that belt 24/7.
  11. I announced with Quack in Chikara (sometimes on Quack's own matches), and he can call play-by-play and color very well.
  12. My favorites are: 1. Gorilla Monsoon - He was able to explain how the holds worked and made everything seem important ("History has been made here!"). Gorilla also had great chemistry with two different partners (Ventura and Heenan). Working well with your partners is a lost art that I would like to see return in the future. 2. Mauro Ranallo - He has a lot of credibility from MMA,, and if you accept that he's a very hyped-up guy, his match calling is solid. 3. Joey Styles - Another one with a strong knowledge of the names of moves, which is very important, and he was perfect for ECW. He cut strong promos, too ("He's going to have to pay for what he did").
  13. I'm celebrating my 25th anniversary as a pro wrestling announcer. I want to thank you all for your expertise, because I hadn't watched any Ring of Honor before I started announcing there. You were very helpful. Top 25 Moments of my First 25 Years as a Pro Wrestling Announcer 1. First Show - Jan. 28, 1994 for American States Wrestling Alliance in Mansfield, Ohio - Dad is my timekeeper and DJ 2. Mom and Dad: "Jeff, you got a phone call from Bubba the Stompin' Hillbilly" 3. Driving Mick Foley to Johnstown, PA so he can be special referee for Jerry Lawler vs. Dusty Rhodes 4. Calling play-by-play for Low Ki vs. Samoa Joe in my Ring of Honor debut, Glory By Honor, in 2002 5. Meeting Eddy Guerrero and ring announcing his match with CM Punk for the IWC and WWF Intercontinental titles 6. Solo commentary and ring announcing for the first IWC Super Indy tournament, featuring Punk, Colt Cabana, Low-Ki and Chris Daniels 7. Doing the Time Warp and Fargo Strut for Lou Marconi's farewell to PWX in Pittsburgh 8. Erie baseball stadium show: Announcing from the pitcher's mound, Norm Connors enters with Lord Zoltan on a bullpen cart before getting chased around the bases by Virgil 9. Announcing Greg Valentine vs. Brutus Beefcake with my brother Rob - Dad took us to our first show in 1985 with Dream Team defending the WWF tag belts against the British Bulldogs 10. Announcing Mike Quackenbush vs. El Hijo del Santo for Future Wrestling Alliance in 2000 11. Cracking up laughing in the ring while introducing Private Eye in Chikara (I hadn't seen the full outfit backstage) 12. Announcing Fabulous Moolah & Mae Young in the back of a van on a rainy outdoor show for "APWF 2000" 13. Announcing Chris Hero vs. CM Punk for 30 minutes in IWC while calming my 1-year-old daughter on my lap 14. Jake Roberts grabs me from behind by the shoulders, so he can take my mic and cut a drunken promo on the crowd in Firestorm Pro Wrestling 15. Cleveland Knights Championship Wrestling 1st Anniversary show with Billy Gunn and Rock & Roll Express 16. Calling a "Gorilla Monsoon Tribute Match" with Hot $hot Drew Lazario 17. Cutting a promo on Norm Connors for selling Steel City Wrestling to Cueball Carmichael for $1 before introducing Blue Meanie as my mystery WWF superstar in the Steel City title tournament 18. Joining UndaGround Wrestling at my cousin's Rubber City Pop Culture Festival 19. Road trips to Philadelphia to call play-by-play for Ring of Honor featuring IHOP pancakes and Sour Skittles 20. Announcing with Joe Dombrowski and Kingdom James (GOAT Announcing Trio) 21. Announcing the first ROH show in Chicago - My daughter rides on my back in a baby backpack in the locker room before the show - Punk & Cabana win the ROH tag belts 22. Producing Eric Bischoff's backstage segments at the New World Rising iPPV for Cleveland Knights Championship Wrestling in 2018 23. Crowd cheers for me before the main event of ROH Revenge on the Prophecy in the company's Pittsburgh debut in 2003 24. IWC departure in 2004 - Thanking my wife, kid and wrestlers - Also announcing Dennis Condrey for the first time (Original Midnights vs. Smothers-Hamrick) 25. My 25th anniversary show in my hometown of Akron at the bottom of the Soap Box Derby hill with Mom in the crowd for the first time Photos and links available on Twitter at the hashtag #Gorman25 Goal for the next 25 years: Become the first announcer ever to work for WWE, UFC and Major League Baseball
  14. Announcing pro wrestling is difficult, and that's why I like it. I feel like lots of announcers can call baseball or basketball, but not everyone can announce wrestling. Here's a video I made on how to be a great wrestling announcer. I was obviously inspired by Raven's playground promos in ECW.
  15. You're right - I'm a professional journalist, and the real world is laughably different from what they teach you in J-school.
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