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  1. Thoughts on Survivor Series 99 Godfather, D-Lo and the Headbangers all dressed as pimps. After their win, referee Tim White danced with the hos for the second straight PPV. Kurt Angle's debut win over Shawn Stasiak was not a squash. Stasiak actually looked great with some impressive offense. Angle was curiously touted as "the most celebrated real athlete in WWF history." Poor Davey Boy Smith looked on with disdain as the Mean Street Posse was wiped out by Mark Henry, Gangrel and Steve Blackman. He mounted a babyface-like comeback, but he couldn't outlast Henry and Val Venis. Fabulous Moolah pinned Ivory for the second straight PPV to win the one-fall women's match. Of course, Moolah wrestled at the first Survivor Series in 1987. Chris Jericho worked incredibly hard to drag a great match out of Chyna and give her credibility as Intercontinental champion. Jericho ended up winning the IC title more than anyone else (10 times). Since the last PPV, the tag team titles bounced from Mankind & The Rock to the Hollys to Mankind & Al Snow to The New Age Outlaws. Here, the Outlaws retained the belts over Mankind & Snow. The Monday Night War with WCW is probably why the title change happened on TV instead of PPV. Big Show is the MVP for beating up his own teammates on Sunday Night Heat, wiping out Bossman's teammates and sending him running, and then beating Triple H and The Rock to win the WWF title. He bounced from heel to face to heel to face in his first nine months in the company. Someone realized that booking Big Show as an unstoppable giant was a good idea.
  2. Dana is from Ohio, so she's more likely to be obsessed with President James A. Garfield.
  3. The only person who would pop a Luger 95 reaction on the AEW TV debut is CM Punk.
  4. Thoughts on No Mercy 99 (USA) I was there, and it was a crazy night. The first mind-blowing thing we saw was 76-year-old Fabulous Moolah winning the Women's title from Ivory. Mae Young, as usual, took some great bumps. Road Dogg isn't usually known for his great wrestling moves, but he hit an impressive superplex on Hardcore Holly. The Holly cousins beat the Outlaws by DQ when Hardcore pulled an Eddy Guerrero and slid a chair into the ring just as Billy Gunn landed the famouser onto Crash on the chair. Jeff Jarrett almost beat Chyna in the Good Housekeeping match, but Teddy Long ruled that he was not allowed to hit her with a non-household item like the IC title belt. He then immediately allowed Chyna to win the title with a guitar shot. We gave Edge, Christian and the Hardy Boyz a standing ovation after their ladder match, and so did the crowd on Raw one night later. None of us knew how influential that match would be. They deserve to share the MVP award. Things we forget about that match: This was the final match of a series to earn Terri's services as a manager The Hardys (not E&C) were called the Brood and came out through a ring of fire with Gangrel The winners also got $100,000 Val Venis upset Mankind by a bit of lousy officiating. A testicular claw is the same as a low blow and should not have been allowed. X-Pac won a four-way by pinning Kane and Faarooq. Bradshaw was also in the match. X-Pac was positioned as a plucky underdog, just like he was when he debuted six years earlier as The 1-2-3 Kid. One month later, he was a heel member of DX. Gotta love 1999. Austin and Triple H had a classic Attitude Era brawl, with the Rock's interference leading to Triple H winning. This set up a three-way at Survivor Series that would end with someone else winning the title.
  5. Today I’m launching my novel, Wrestling Is Real. It’s the story of Oscar, a small teenager who is chasing his dream in a world where professional wrestling is a real sport. I hope you enjoy it. Here’s the link: https://amzn.to/2WFF0nL
  6. I'm not surprised that ROH kept giving you free tickets since you were their first champion.
  7. Congratulations to Cleveland's own Shane Taylor for winning the ROH TV title last night in Toronto. It was great to see him work his way up from the local scene and win some gold.
  8. Mandy should assume the women will be in the main event at next year's Mania. She can hold the case for 11 months so she can headline "Mandy Mania."
  9. As a fellow 48-year-old, I'd like to speak for Mr. Dreamer by saying, "I'm too old to take a Lego Driver."
  10. Yes, it bums me out. We used to call them Uncle Pepsi and Uncle Coke when our girl was a baby. It seems like they had a great friendship, too. Those become more precious as you get older, both inside and outside the wrestling business.
  11. For live World title changes, I have Steamboat over Flair at Chi-Town Rumble, and Yokozuna over Hogan at KOTR 93.
  12. Sweet! I was the ring announcer for that one. It was extra special because I used to drive Punk & Cabana from the Cleveland airport to the IWC Pittsburgh shows.
  13. Actually, Austin won that match (I was there), but your point is well taken
  14. It's Akam. Rezar has been in some singles matches on Main Event
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