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  1. Some people grew up watching WWE and always dreamed about working there. They think, "Even if it didn't work out for a lot of others, if they ever finally hire me, everything will go just the way I want, and I'll appear at multiple WrestleManias and eventually make it into the Hall of Fame." Um, I guess.
  2. Glad to see Angel Fashion getting a shot in AEW. He was one of our top heels in Cleveland Knights Championship Wrestling, which relied on bringing in top Puerto Rican talent.
  3. I'm envisioning "Raw Twitch Underground," where everyone is streaming, using fake names and wearing (wrestling) masks while "It Wasn't Me" by Shaggy plays in the background.
  4. It's basically the same move. I would call it an Oklahoma Roll in AEW (whether or not JR were sitting next to me) because I'm talking to mainstream wrestling fans. In New Japan or ROH, I would call it La Magistral because I know those fans are into international styles of wrestling.
  5. Superstar Graham and Iceman Parsons were other examples.
  6. Frankly, I'm surprised that "Edge" won 11 World titles.
  7. McMahons had some pretty big closets if there was room to throw furniture around.
  8. I think they meant an individual line. I said Gorilla's "the irresistible force meets the immovable object" for Hogan-Andre.
  9. Because if he won, he would get another title shot, and he was only supposed to get the one title shot at SummerSlam 93.
  10. Throw in Malcolm Bivens and you've got yourself a deal.
  11. And let's not forget NXT's Aliyah, who has been stuck there for years, only to see Rey's daughter make it to the Raw roster with the same name.
  12. After a series of inconclusive matches against each other, Avalon and Cutler should agree to team one more time, and whoever loses the fall has to leave AEW. And that's when they win.
  13. Maybe they will be galvanized by a strong mouthpiece, like perhaps Malcolm Bivens.
  14. Beth was announcing remotely, so maybe that's how she knew when it was her turn to talk.
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