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  1. Call me a homer, but I'm not giving up on ROH. They have conducted themselves with "honor" by focusing on safety. Their biggest mistake was setting the table for AEW's creation instead of grabbing that spot for themselves. If ROH wants to stick around, its best bet is to focus on pure wrestling, factions, and the women's division. Find some kind of decent and timely TV exposure and get back on the road again. Spend some money, be different, and shoot for the goal of becoming the strong No. 3 company that we know and love.
  2. Thoughts on Halloween Havoc 92 Michael Hayes and Shane Douglas must have had deja vu during the opening six-man, as the Philadelphia fans again cheered Hayes' heel team. But Shane got the last laugh this time, as Philly's own Johnny Gunn scored the winning pinfall. Vader strangely defended Rick Rude's US title for him, impressively beating Nikita Koloff. It wasn't the most prestigious position for Vader to be in, considering that he won the WCW title on the last PPV. Hey, it's the team of Steve Williams and Steve Williams! Austin and Doc actually won the belts from Rhodes & Windham, but it turned out to be rare Dusty finish that benefits the babyfaces. (Dustin finish?) Manabu Nakanishi showed up in the crowd before the Chono-Rude NWA title bout, and he would eventually make his way to WCW. Ole Anderson hilariously checked referees Harley Race and Kensuke Sasaki for foreign objects. If you think that they could not only be biased, but use a foreign object, why did you allow them to be referees in an NWA World title match? I love Barbarian, and I was privileged to announce a couple of his matches, but he had never won a singles title before getting a championship match against Ron Simmons. WCW could have picked Austin, Doc, Eaton, Arn, or even Barbarian's cornerman, Cactus Jack. After the match, Simmons joined Bruno Sammartino and Erik Watts on the interview platform. They were clearly going for a "past, present and future World champions" moment. Speaking of the interview platform, Madusa gets the MVP award for kicking Paul E. Dangerously's head off after his misogynistic tirade. As she beat him into oblivion, Vader, Race and Tony Schiavone all walked away like "Yep, he had it comin'." Madusa later fulfilled her obligation and appeared in Rude's corner as he challenged for the NWA title. They explained the snake-related shenanigans in the Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal match between Sting and Jake Roberts. Since "Spinner's Choice" was one of the options, they had "anti-cobra venom" in the building in case the wheel landed on that and Jake picked a "Loser Gets Bitten by a Cobra" match. The only problem with this logic was that Sting was the spinner.
  3. Thoughts on Great American Bash 92 Steamboat & Koloff vs. Pillman & Liger was a great babyface battle. Both teams were billed as representing the USA in the opening graphics, while Doc & Gordy, two Americans, were representing Japan. It made sense for Steamboat to reverse Pillman's top-rope bodypress because that's Steamboat's finisher. Speaking of representing Japan, Hiroshi Hase delivered a perfect Northern Lights suplex to send himself and Hashimoto to the semifinals. Steve Williams & Terry Gordy are the obvious MVP winners. Not only did they beat Steamboat & Koloff and Dustin & Windham, but they also wisely challenged and defeated the Steiners at Clash XIX. So they only had to wrestle twice here, while Dustin & Windham had to wrestle three times. Also, Doc & Gordy had recently beaten the Steiners again to win the WCW tag belts. Now that's dominance. Not sure why WCW devoted two major shows to the NWA tag team belts, or why they muddied the waters by pulling out Ric Flair's old NWA World title on the same night Big Van Vader won the WCW title from Sting. Ron Simmons was watching the Vader-Sting match with Tony Schiavone, and Simmons surprisingly ended Vader's reign before it even lasted one month.
  4. Browns Twitter is saying Baker will heal up tomorrow so he can be ready for the Steelers on Halloween.
  5. Yeah, going into announcing there, I knew that's what I was supposed to call that move when I saw it.
  6. Thoughts on Beach Blast Beach Blast was a great, influential show. It had the first Falls Count Anywhere and Iron Man matches on pay-per-view. It was also the first major "Beach"-themed PPV. Bill Watts showed up at the beginning of the show. Even though Watts didn't declare a no-top-rope rule, Scotty Flamingo won the light heavyweight title from a guy who's nickname was "Flyin'." Ron Simmons continued his run toward the World title by beating the Taylor-Made Man. Simmons' breakup with Reed was a year earlier, so it was time for Simmons to reach the top. I thought Marcus Bagwell would win the "youth vs. experience" battle with Greg Valentine, but nope. The Hammer won with the figure-four. When Sting and Cactus Jack came out for the Falls Count Anywhere match, I thought, "wasn't this the main event?" Cactus wasn't a huge star yet, and the World title wasn't even on the line. Sting hit Cactus with a spectacular top-rope clothesline onto the ramp for the win. When Steamboat and Rude came out for the Iron Man match, I thought, "wasn't this the main event?" Steamboat is the MVP for rallying from a 3-1 deficit to beat Rude 4-3. Why was this also a non-title match? Steamboat even fought off an attack from Cactus Jack later in the night. When Dustin-Nikita-Windham and Arn-Eaton-Austin came out, I thought, "okay, this is the main event." But I was wrong! Good thing, because Ole Anderson calling for a disqualification isn't the best way to end the show. Neither is a 30-minute draw between the Steiners and Doc & Gordy, which actually was the main event. So Beach Blast was a good show that could have been a great show. All they had to do was switch the Sting and Steamboat matches with the last two matches and put the World and US titles on the line. Steamboat could have won the US title at the end, with Bonnie and little Richie coming back out for the celebration.
  7. Thoughts on WrestleWar 92 Terrance Taylor and Greg Valentine acted like two singles wrestlers, and it's a wonder they held the US tag team belts, which they dropped here to the Freebirds. Scotty Flamingo beat Marcus Bagwell to move into contention for the light heavyweight title. Later, Tom Zenk challenged Brian Pillman for the title. You would think, "aren't they a little too big?" But the weight limit was 235 pounds! Speaking of Zenk-Pillman, Jesse Ventura was begging them to lose their cool and cheat. They lost their cool, but neither of them cheated. Junkyard Dog didn't make it to the ring to team with Ron Simmons against Cactus Jack and Mr. Hughes due to a prematch attack. Instead of competing in a handicap match, Simmons just faced Hughes in a singles match. It was the reverse of the ECW and later WWE trope of singles matches morphing into tag team bouts. The Steiners battered Tatusumi Fujinami & Takayuki Iizuka to become the top contenders to the New Japan belts. Rick and Scott were arguably more suited to the Japanese style than the American style of wrestling, like Steve Williams & Terry Gordy. Sting is the MVP, as he led his Squadron to beat the Dangerous Alliance in War Games, which was all action and included buckets of blood. Even though he held the World title, he convinced Nikita Koloff to stick with him. Nikita would have certainly gotten his long awaited World title shot if he had lowered the boom on Sting. Larry Zbyszko tried to lower the boom on Sting with the turnbuckle bolt, but Sting moved out of the way and Bobby Eaton got blasted instead.
  8. Or they could think about what they would usually do, and then do the opposite.
  9. We need a "Just a Bot" remix by No Doubt.
  10. Very happy to hear that Joe Dombrowski is coming to MLW! We announced together in IWC, and he has deserved a break like this for a long time.
  11. Thoughts on SuperBrawl 2 Jesse Ventura told Jim Ross that he should wear a cowboy hat so he could look like JR Ewing. "His initials are even JR!" A light bulb went on above Vince McMahon's head. Terry Taylor changed his moniker from "The Computerized Man of the '90s" to the "Taylor Made Man," which apparently meant raiding Ted DiBiase's wardrobe. Junkyard Dog came out of the crowd to save Ron Simmons from a beating by Cactus Jack and Abdullah the Butcher. But why was JYD wearing a white tuxedo? Tom Zenk ended his 5-PPV losing streak by teaming with Van Hammer to beat Richard Morton and Vinnie Vegas, who looked relieved not to be portraying "Oz" any more. Paul E. Dangerously dressed up as Ricky Steamboat's ninja and caused Steamboat to lose his US title match against Rick Rude. Of course, the fact that Paul E. wasn't in Rude's corner gave away the surprise. Sting survived Lex Luger's piledriver and Harley Race's attempted piledriver on the floor to win his second WCW title. The fans were definitely ready for Sting to be back on top of the mountain, with tons of his shirts and signs in the crowd. Luger was off to the World Bodybuilding and Wrestling Federations. Arn Anderson is the MVP. He threw powder in Rick Steiner's face, causing Rick to suplex the referee and get disqualified. Not only did Arn and Bobby Eaton retain the WCW tag team title, but Arn also escaped the wrath of Barry Windham & Dustin Rhodes, who beat Larry Zbyszko and Steve Austin to gain revenge for the parking lot attack at Halloween Havoc. Even though Larry adopted the "Cruncher" nickname, Arn was actually the one who slammed the car door on Windham's hand.
  12. Thoughts on Starrcade 91: Battlebowl (The Lethal Lottery) Just like at Starrcade 89, no titles were on the line. Fortunately, WCW had enough talent and star power to get through TEN random tag team matches without the crowd falling asleep. Jushin Liger & Bill Kazmaier formed the quintessential "speed and power" tag team. Indeed, Bill pressed Jushin over his head and threw him onto DDP for the victory. Larry Zbyszko & El Gigante formed the most dysfunctional tag team. Larry slapped Gigante, who fed him into a double-dropkick by Dustin & Morton to end the match. The same high school kid who made the feathery Fantasia outfit must have designed Arachnaman's gear as well. Of course, the character was a "cease and desist" letter waiting to happen. Sting won Battlebowl by tossing out Lex Luger, perfectly setting the stage for their World title match at SuperBrawl 2. However, the MVP is Abdullah the Butcher. He livened up the middle of the show as an agent of chaos. As soon as he realized that he wasn't Cactus Jack's partner, he destroyed Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker, who was chosen instead. In the next match, he attacked his own partner, Sting. They somehow managed to win their match, and Abby even started fighting with Cactus after the match.
  13. Too much is never enough.
  14. "Do 30 more reps! A hundred more reps! I'm the Original Death Dealer!" (throws Serpentico into a locker)
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