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  1. I'm announcing for a new Pittsburgh promotion called Fight Underground. They have new matches on Tuesdays, with other segments on their social media pages throughout the week. I do interviews and moderate their post-fight press conferences. Here's the first match: AJ Alexander vs. The Rev. Ron Hunt.
  2. Thanks! My shows are ... Play-by-play: Glory By Honor, Scramble Madness, All-Star Extravaganza, Night of the Butcher Ring announcing: Revenge on the Prophecy, Wrath of the Racket: World Title Classic, The Battle Lines are Drawn, ROH Reborn Stage 2 Ringing the Bell: ROH Gold (that's when they decided to go with Bobby Cruise as full-time ring announcer ... and he's still doing it!)
  3. Well, I certainly can't get behind that.
  4. I remember as an announcer in the '90s, a DDT was like a home run call. Then it became the Shining Wizard (at least for me). Now, I would say the home run call is the Rainmaker.
  5. I appreciated Bryan letting me borrow his watch to time the Joe-Punk ROH title match at World Title Classic.
  6. Big Bully Busick once threw me out of the ring onto the edge of the apron, and yes, it is.
  7. I talked with the lads at ROH Review about my time announcing for Ring of Honor (2002-2004). Hope you all enjoy it. https://soundcloud.com/bbgwpod/roh-review-interviews-jeff-gorman?in=bbgwpod/sets/roh-review
  8. Daniels tweeted his 100 percent support for Kazarian in the Casino ladder match, prompting fans to reply, "What about Scorpio Sky?"
  9. I was about to say that I expected her to win the Money in the Bank to do a long tease of cashing in on Bayley. Then I checked and realized Sasha isn't even in the match.
  10. Happy Mother's Day, and welcome to In Your House: A Cold Day in Hell !!
  11. Whether it's one person or several, it's who.
  12. I didn't think Twitter has been around for 10 years.
  13. This means R-Truth will invade a Bucs home game, win the 24/7 title from Gronk, and pose on the pirate boat as his WrestleMania moment.
  14. Howard Finkel single-handedly taught me how to be a ring announcer, and I never met him.
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