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  1. Paul Orndorff main evented the first WrestleMania and opened the second.
  2. I blame the editor for failing to catch that one.
  3. I'll make sure to throw in a BAAAAAACK Body Drop!
  4. I want to announce a match using as many of these banned terms as possible in tribute to Vince after he passes, like I did a match full of "Gorilla-isms" with Drew Lazario in Monsoon's honor. Of course, the biggest challenge would be to outlive Vince.
  5. Thoughts on Starrcade 87: Chi-Town Heat The UWF merger paid immediate dividends with the additions of Sting, Rick Steiner, Eddie Gilbert and announcer Jim Ross. Who knew that Sting, Ross, Tony Schiavone, Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson would all be working for the same company 34 years later? Steve Williams beat Barry Windham to retain the UWF title. Windham gave Doc a break after an injury, but the champ did not return the favor. The "nice guys finish last" wheels started turning in Windham's brain. Another scaffold match for the Midnight Express? At least this scaffold was w
  6. I appreciate Bryan letting me borrow his watch to time the Joe-Punk match at World Title Classic.
  7. I still want Kairi Sane to come out on the pirate boat.
  8. Yes. FTR is about doing tag team wrestling by the book.
  9. Yes, I hope he avoids legal trouble for many years to come.
  10. If anyone questioned him, he could say "Who are you to doubt The Dandy Highwayman?"
  11. Coolest names for wrestling holds ... to announce! When I started in the 90s --- DDT! Golden age of the Indies/ROH --- Shining Wizard! Current "home run" call ---- RRRRAINNNNNMAKAAAAAAHHHH!!!
  12. In Fight Underground, we have a Fight Council of about a dozen Pittsburgh wrestling vets that run the show.
  13. Thoughts on Starrcade 86 Nelson Royal had a good night, winning a tag team match with Tim Horner and donning his cowboy hat to explain the Bunkhouse Stampede to everyone around the campfire. Brad Armstrong vs. Jimmy Garvin was the quintessential 80s NWA mid-card match. Fittingly, it ended in a draw. Baron von Raschke was a babyface, and the fans went crazy for him as he and Hector Guerrero beat Barbarian and Shaska Whatley. Two years later, Baron would be absolutely useless managing the Powers of Pain in the WWF. Rick Rude dragged Wahoo McDaniel around the ring with one a
  14. Let's not forget Eleanor Shellstrop from The Good Place, as well as Phoenix being a city full of serial killers on Medium.
  15. Does SCU need to win the Casino Tag Team Battle Royale to stay intact as a team?
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