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  1. She defended the belt against Emi Sakura on Elevation in Cleveland. It was one of the best matches of the whole night, with the student (Shida) beating the teacher for the first time.
  2. Very happy to say that my close, personal, longtime friend Andrew Lazarchik of Wildcat Belts (Hot $hot Drew Lazario from Steel City Wrestling) made the Daniel Bryan belt.
  3. Hey, it's Mike "Kid" Collins! He gave me my first break into the wrestling business in January 1994, and the rest is history.
  4. I think that's the whole Elevation show for next Monday.
  5. Thoughts on The Night the Line Was Crossed I thought the title referred to the first three-way dance, but Tod Gordon said that the beginning that it was an incidence of line-crossing violence. Really, the most violent thing was The Sheik throwing a fireball, which was nothing new for him. This led to Sheik and "Patrick" Tanaka beating Tazmaniac and Kevin Sullivan. Sheik won even though he never stepped into the ring! Wildman Sal Bellomo was passing out toys from a garbage bag, even though Christmas was six weeks earlier. Mr. Hughes won the match, but he must have been thinking, "Wasn't I just feuding with The Undertaker? What happened? Why am I here?" Gary Wolfe was called "The Pitbull," but somehow when he was joined by Anthony Durante, he became Pitbull #2. Tommy Dreamer showed up looking like a pretty boy and spent the rest of his career trying to prove how tough he was. Here, he kicked out of the Superfly Splash as a 22-year-old rookie! Heel Jimmy Snuka gave Dreamer three more, causing internal bleeding. "Awesome" Mike Awesome had the word "Awesome" on his trunks. The fans chanted "Awesome" as he went for the Awesome Bomb. Small package by JT Smith for the win! Shane Douglas is the MVP for lasting all 60 minutes of the main event. He faced Sabu for the first 15 minutes, with champion Terry Funk joining the match at the 15-minute mark. Sabu left for a long time after a knee injury, and Funk was taken to the back for a while by his "Few Good Men," Axl & Ian Rotten, before rejoining the match. The Franchise went all the way and rightfully demanded another shot at Funk in the post-show press scrum, which degenerated into a brawl.
  6. If you had told me that after 10 weeks, the Browns would have the same number of wins as the defending Super Bowl champions, I would have said, "That's great!"
  7. It won't be Logan Paul because he blew out his knee at Crown Jewel.
  8. Yeah, we played that song as we entered our wedding reception, so we would have looked like we were bragging about being great patriots.
  9. You will probably get Dark Elevation followed by Dynamite. The fans on Friday should get a bunch of Dark matches and Rampage.
  10. In my WWF history book, "King of New York," I pose the question, "What if the WWF did the Louisville Screwjob and put the title on the Patriot at Ground Zero?" In my upcoming WCW history book, "King of Atlanta," I pose the question, "What if the WWF did the Russo/Hogan Screwjob and had Bret WIN the match, strip him of the title, and have Shamrock beat Michaels in the main event before losing the belt to Shawn at IYH:DX?"
  11. Thoughts on Super Summer Sizzler Spectacular Jimmy Snuka made an early bid for MVP honors with a pair of ECW TV title defenses, beating JT Smith and Tommy Cairo. Superfly seemed miscast as a heel with Paul E. as his manager. Tony Stetson fended off Rockin' Rebel's interference to win a first blood match over Larry Winters in an "early ECW guys" special. The "Catfight Humiliation" match between Miss Peaches and Terrible Tigra was only supposed to end when the loser was stripped. Tigra said "no thanks" and got counted out. Before the fans could start chanting "WCW," an unnamed woman came to the ring and got stripped by Stetson and Rebel. Jay Sulli was the play-by-play guy, but then Joey Styles showed up for one match as a heel, even though he was touted as a Pro Wrestling Illustrated contributor. Sal Bellomo found new life post WWF jobber-dom. He dressed as a Roman centurion and called himself "Wildman" Bellomo. The fans loved it. Most Extreme Sign of the Night: KILL HIM Eddie Gilbert battled Terry Funk in a Texas Chain match massacre. Referee Kevin Christian didn't see Funk touch all four corners, but then Gilbert hit a piledriver and won the match. Christian was in cahoots with Paul E. and Gilbert. For being crowned "King of Philadelphia" in the most Memphis way possible, Eddie Gilbert is the MVP.
  12. Not only did Theory cash in the briefcase for the US title, but there was an open challenge going on all night as well.
  13. Bayley and Bianca are two of my favorites, and I liked their match a lot. Bray is feuding with himself. Highlight was Logan Paul's Giant Selfie Elbow through the table.
  14. So they ran an angle where he didn't show up and then fired him.
  15. Ian Riccaboni went through the trouble of switching his World Series tickets after the rainout so he could attend Game 3 on Tuesday and announce Dynamite Wednesday, only to have Chris Jericho break his glasses.
  16. Wasn't the Avalon-Cutler rematch advertised for this week's Dark?
  17. I'm guessing that they want to use him every week, but they want to come up with a good plan for his 100th loss.
  18. So I was standing on a ladder, and the Hardy Boyz theme started playing in my head, and I thought ... wait a minute ... Didn't Matt Hardy get inducted into The Firm against his will? Shouldn't he have been involved in the beatdown of Mox and MJF at the end of Dynamite?
  19. I'm picking Christopher Daniels.
  20. A member of a heel tag team claps behind the referee to make it sound like they made a tag. On commentary, I call that the "Phantom Audio Tag."
  21. Ahmed was called Big T, and I like to call the other guy (Cash) "Even Bigger T."
  22. Yes - he trained at the wrestling gym where I started, the ASWA in north central Ohio.
  23. Yoko winning the title was pretty fun, too. My buddy and I seemed to be the only ones in the building who were celebrating.
  24. With all of these impressive matchups, why am I most excited about Avalon/Cutler 2?
  25. Exactly - when I wrote the "Wrestling Is Real" novel, I had to eliminate "run the ropes" spots and anything else that wouldn't work in a real match.
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