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  1. I am reading this as "Extweme Rules," which makes me expect Elmer Fudd to show up as a special wefewee.
  2. Big Bully Busick's real son is an MMA fighter. I interviewed him after he won a fight and mentioned that his daddy threw me out of the ring.
  3. Sandy Alomar Jr. is coaching for the Cleveland Indians. You may be thinking of Robbie Alomar.
  4. Thoughts on Starrcade 90 As soon as Jim Ross said the Z-Man was riding a 35-match winning streak, you knew Bobby Eaton was going to beat him. It's like when the NFL announcers say, "This kicker has made his last 21 field goals ... whoa, he missed!" WCW made Starrcade a "concept show" with the Pat O'Connor International Tag Team Tournament, just like when it did the Iron Man and Iron Team tournaments in 1989. They didn't always treat Starrcade like its WrestleMania. It was strange to hear the intro for Rey Misterio and see a big, pudgy guy coming to the ring. This was Rey Misterio Sr., uncle of the much more famous Rey Jr. His partner, Konnan, also looked different because he was wearing a mask. Sid was touted as "still a member of the Horsemen" for his one-night-only Skyscrapers reunion match with Danny Spivey. Then Spivey said that maybe it wouldn't be one night only. For a makeshift team, Ricky Morton & Tommy Rich were pretty successful. They beat the Freebirds here after defeating the Midnight Express at Halloween Havoc. The Steiners win the MVP award for winning the tournament by defeating teams from South Africa, Mexico, and Japan. They should have won the Iron Team tournament one year earlier, but that honor went to the Road Warriors - even though the Steiners beat them by pinfall. Ric Flair tried to hide the fact that he was The Black Scorpion. He wore two masks, used different moves and even fell to the mat differently. But when you've seen everyone on the WCW roster, and the masked guy is the same height as Flair in relationship to Sting, the jig is up. Even though Flair's ruse as the Black Scorpion was a failure, he still beat Sting to become WCW World champion one month later.
  5. Thoughts on Halloween Havoc 90 This show was in Chicago - I was in college, so why didn't I go? Oh yeah, I was on my newspaper internship in Florida. At least I got to go to Jacksonville for the Clash of the Champions with the all-time awful Sid vs. Nightstalker match. Even though Sting was defending against Sid, The Black Scorpion popped up to perform a magic trick to remind us that he's still around. Jerry Sags dressed up as a vendor before hitting Scott Steiner with a tray of drinks. Well, it was Halloween! Speaking of Halloween costumes, The Wild-Eyed Southern Boys dressed up as Jim Cornette to help Ricky Morton & Tommy Rich beat the Midnight Express. Cornette got his revenge by helping the Master Blasters beat the Southern Boys. That match didn't appear on the WWE Network, and neither did Terry Taylor over Bill Irwin, Brad Armstrong over JW Storm, and Junkyard Dog over Moondog Rex. We just saw four tag team matches and the two singles title matches. Stan Hansen wins the MVP award for beating hometown boy Lex Luger clean with the lariat to win the US title. The finish of Sting-Sid was confusing. Sid won the title, and then Sting came back in the ring and pinned Sid to retain the title. The fans didn't realize that Barry Windham had the best Halloween costume of all (Sting) and allowed Sid to pin him. And he would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for that meddling referee Randy Anderson. He caught Windham sneaking back to the locker room and saw the real Sting at the same time.
  6. SummerSlam 96 in Cleveland where Austin beat Yokozuna.
  7. Punk also wrestled Eddy for IWC. I was ring announcer, but WWF wouldn't let us tape it because Eddy was IC champion.
  8. I'm sure he learned it from watching this video. Although he prefers "Anti-Air Dropkick" to "Defensive Dropkick."
  9. I've had my Bruce Sutter glove for 40 years.
  10. Finn Balor can still claim his rightful title shot.
  11. And Steamboat won the title in Chicago. (I was there)
  12. As soon as "The Final Countdown" hits, Justin needs to take off his tie immediately.
  13. True, but strangely enough, that's what happened with the Acclaimed. When Big Show interviewed them on Elevation, they said they had been singles wrestlers and didn't team up until they got to AEW.
  14. Yes is a weird name for a mascot, but I think the fans may like to chant his name.
  15. Pittsburgh has always been a great wrestling town. As much as I love Cleveland, there was always so much more going on in the Pittsburgh wrestling scene. It was always worth the trip, whether I was announcing or I was attending SummerSlam 95 and King of the Ring 98.
  16. Thoughts on Great American Bash 90: New Revolution Harley Race was back in WCW at the age of 47. Even though he won a record seven NWA World titles, Race still wore a crown on his trunks to remind everyone that he was King of the WWF. Race beat another former NWA champion, Tommy Rich. The Wild-Eyed Southern Boys looked fantastic in their PPV debut and almost won the US tag team belts from the Midnight Express. The Steiners beat the Freebirds in a match that didn't seem to have any implications. Jim Ross and Bob Caudle correctly predicted that the Steiners would go down as one of the best brother duos of all time. Tom Zenk was all smiles on the way to the ring, but that changed when he faced Big Van Vader and his smoke-spewing helmet OF DOOM. I like how Vader made his PPV debut on the same show that Sting won the title. The Horsemen (Arn, Windham and Sid) got disqualified before El Gigante could tag into the match. That's one way to keep him from dragging down its quality. Later, Gigante was handcuffed to Ole Anderson during the main event and wisely dragged Ole to the back row to watch the match. While Lex Luger had a hard time winning the World title, he was perfectly suited to be US champion. He pinned Mean Mark Callous with a clothesline a few months before Callous became The Undertaker. Sting earned the MVP award before his World title shot with Ric Flair. He said, "My knee is 100 percent; all the stipulations are stacked in my favor. I have no excuse not to win the title." Then he went out and won the title, just a few months after his former partner, the Ultimate Warrior, moved to the top of the WWF.
  17. I think both are acceptable, and they sound almost exactly alike, so it's all good.
  18. I was blessed to announce one Bobby Eaton match. He teamed with Dennis Condrey against Tracey Smothers and Chris Hamrick in November 2004 for IWC. I don't even have to tell you it was a great match.
  19. Jericho's final Labor should be a "Dragon Gauntlet" where he has to go through Insane Dragon, Ultimo Dragon, Super Dragon, Retail Dragon, and Dragon Dragon.
  20. That would have paid off the "Bring Down the Machine" T-shirts.
  21. Vince said, maybe we could give AEW some more talent.
  22. Thoughts on Capital Combat: Return of RoboCop What's older than Old School? Future Undertaker Mark Callous walking the tight rope and hitting an elbow drop on Johnny Ace. Samu got replaced twice as Fatu's partner: first by Samoan Savage in the Samoan Swat Team, and then by Sionne in the Headshrinkers. Capt. Mike Rotunda (thinking): Too bad the Varsity Club broke up. I really enjoyed being a captain. Hmm, what else could I be captain of? ... Wait, I know! A yacht! Jim Cornette got locked in a shark cage AGAIN, but his Midnight Express won the US tag team belts anyway AGAIN, so I'm giving them the MVP award AGAIN. Teddy Long sure had a lot of hair on his head in the Doom-Steiners match for a guy who lost a hair vs. hair match earlier in the show. The barber didn't finish the job. Teddy also got the last laugh when Doom won the World tag team titles. The Rock & Roll Express showed unexpected edge by gleefully whipping the Freebirds in their strap match. Ricky & Robert even pulled off the Phantom Audio Tag like true heels. They won after both teams forgot about the strap stipulation and just went into a regular match. Lex Luger got another title match with Ric Flair, it was in a steel cage, and Robocop was around to keep the Four Horsemen from beating up Sting. So Luger has to win the title, right? Not so fast, my friend! First, WCW allowed Woman to be locked inside the cage, defeating the purpose of preventing outside interference. But she wasn't the problem. Somehow, technical wizard Ole Anderson figured out how to raise the cage so Barry Windham could attack Lex Luger. So Lex won by disqualification in a cage match. During the post-match brawl, Robocop must have malfunctioned, because El Gigante debuted and scared the Horsemen away instead.
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