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  1. Very appropriate that you would attend this show!
  2. Thoughts on Sin WCW started 2001 hot, with a great Cruiserweight title match between Chavo Jr. and Shane Helms, who didn't win but looked like a future champion. Big Vito to Reno: "You took my girl away." Tony Schiavone during the match: "Their sister, Marie, isn't at ringside." Well, the PPV is called Sin ... Jung Dragons vs. Knoble/Karagias was thrown onto the show at the last minute, and they just tore the house down. The Indianapolis fans went crazy for The Cat like it was his hometown, but it wasn't. He and Mike Sanders both paid off Kronik, but The Cat's amount was higher, so they helped him win to become Commissioner again and retain the services of Ms. Jones. Kronik was kind enough to refund Sanders' money (by shoving it down his throat). I didn't remember Mike Awesome joining Team Canada. Was he really Canadian? (Checks Google) No? Maybe Awesome just needed a new gimmick every three months like a car needs gas. Hacksaw Jim Duggan was back in America's good graces, and he was the referee for the Canadian Penalty Box match. Team Canada beat the Filthy Animals. which makes sense because Canada should have home-ice advantage in a match like this. Meng won the WCW Hardcore title, realized he wasn't under contract, and walked right into the WWF Royal Rumble a week later. Totally Buff (Luger and Bagwell) are the MVPs. They interfered to cost Nash & DDP the tag team belts, which went to Palumbo & O'Haire. Buff even wore an unnecessary disguise. Later, they ended the career of BILL GOLDBERG, not by beating his partner Sarge, not by getting Goldberg disqualified, but by paying a fan to mace him and set up the Super Buff Blockbuster for the win. Sometimes, Plan A and Plan B don't work, but they had a Plan C. Thanks to the WWE Network for sparing us Sid's horrendous broken leg. Instead, we had to wait for mystery man Road Warrior Animal to help Steiner defeat Sid. You mean, Ric Flair and Scott Steiner's animosity was a giant SWERVE?
  3. Thoughts on Starrcade 2000 Shannon Moore and Shane Helms shared the victory in the six-man ladder match for the Cruiserweight title. Even though it was supposed to be every man for himself, neither one tried to be the Justin Timberlake of 2 Count. Hacksaw Jim Duggan could have turned back to the USA in the nation's capital. Instead, he reluctantly helped Lance Storm beat Ernest Miller, and Team Canada kicked him out anyway. Daffney screaming throughout Crowbar's match was like New Jack's music playing throughout the bout. This was like the Rock-Mankind "I Quit" match where poor Crowbar took a ton of shots to the head before Terry Funk pinned him after a Car-Door Driver to win the Hardcore title. Big Vito and Reno suddenly became brothers, with Marie as their sister. I thought for sure that Reno and Marie were dating. If that weren't enough awkwardness at the Christmas dinner table, Kronik revealed that Marie was paying them to beat up his brothers. That turned out to be a lie, as Reno was paying them (to beat himself up?) and Kronik forced the referee to count Reno pinning Vito to end the match. Reno then rejoined the Natural Born Thrillers. Why didn't he just rejoin the Thrillers and spare us all this stupidity? Bam Bam Bigelow falling through the roof of the ambulance was like him falling through the ring when he fought Tazz in ECW. Gen. Rection and Shane Douglas were having a good US title match with no interference until Chavo Guerrero Jr. screwed everything up. He acted like he was sneaking to ringside and threw a chain to the Franchise who got disqualified. Nobody could tell whose side Chavo was on; it was a mess. Douglas did give a money-back guarantee, so I'm sure he spent a couple of hours after the show handing cash back to the fans as they filed out of the building. Jeff Jarrett lobbied Commissioner Mike Sanders to make the street fight into a bunkhouse match as well. Then he got on the microphone and reminded everyone that he did that. He and the Harris Boys won because Jarrett cannot be beaten on this planet. If anything happens to WCW, Jarrett should start his own promotion just so it's perfectly clear that he is the top star. I just hope they don't give it a stupid name. Ric Flair said that if Mike Sanders took one step toward the ring, Kevin Nash & DDP would win the belts from The Perfect Event automatically. Sanders got up on the ring apron, but nothing happened. The Insiders won the titles anyway. Fun fact: Stevie Richards & The Blue Meanie also called themselves The Insiders when they were doing their parody of Nash and Scott Hall. Scott Steiner overcame Jeff Jarrett accidentally blasting him with a guitar to beat Sid and retain the WCW title in a "battle of the crazy guys." BILL GOLDBERG was the MVP. He beat Lex Luger again, despite his trainer Sgt. Parker wandering to ringside seeking revenge on Luger, and Bagwell attacking Goldberg before and after the match. Unlike Luger saving Sting from a ringside attack by the Four Horsemen, Goldberg concentrated on winning the match before helping Sarge.
  4. I want to announce at Madison Square Garden and at my hometown arena in Cleveland (Gund Arena Quicken Loans Arena Rocket Mortgage Field House) I have been fortunate to announce at three buildings that the WWE has run (Canton Civic Center, Johnstown (PA) War Memorial and DCU Center in Worcester MA)
  5. Worth the three-hour drive to Dayton. My buddy and I were making our picks on the way to the show, and the only thing we knew for sure was that Hogan was going to beat Yokozuna.
  6. The wrestling was amazing that night - but those of us in the building were completely floored by Yoko winning the title back from Hogan and Lawler's attack on Bret at the end of the night. It was like ... who is putting the HEELS over like this?
  7. Thoughts on Mayhem 2000 Mike Sanders retained the Cruiserweight title in a match with so much interference that Ric Flair (now the CEO) said that nobody is allowed at ringside but official managers. When Ric Flair says you're cheating too much, that's saying something. I like how Evan Karagias and Jamie Noble broke away from their respective teams and started teaming together, so we had the same six guys fighting each other. 2 Count emerged victorious. These six guys were clearly trying to become the "Hardys/Dudleys/E&C" of WCW, despite the fact that they were all cruiserweights. Did we need another Mancow-Jimmy Hart match on pay-per-view? No. Crowbar retained the Hardcore title after drama between his two challengers regarding Marie (Reno's girlfriend/Vito's sister). Kronik was blatantly ripping off the "hired protection" gimmick of Bradshaw and Faarooq from the WWF. Disco could only afford to pay Kronik for seven and a half minutes, and after they walked out, the Boogie Knights lost to the Filthy Animals. Bam Bam Bigelow beat his former protege Sgt A-Wall, then faked an injury so he could attack Gen. Rection before the next match. Rection overcame the odds to beat Lance Storm AGAIN to liberate the US title from Team Canada AGAIN, but he did not win back Major Gunns AGAIN because she had voluntarily returned to Team Canada. Was she really Canadian? (Checks Google) No? Must be a case of Saskatchewan Syndrome. Buff Bagwell seemed to have found Jeff Jarrett's Kryptonite by destroying all his guitars backstage. But since Jeff Jarrett is the Son of Jor-El and cannot lose, he grabbed a guitar from under the ring and blasted Buff with it for the win. Kevin Nash and DDP won the tag team belts from The Perfect Event (Stasiak/Palumbo). That was the perfect spot for Nash and DDP at that point in their careers, not competing for the WCW title. BILL GOLDBERG continued his mandatory winning streak (or he gets fired) by defeating Lex Luger. Winning all the time is also the perfect spot for him. Scott Steiner is the MVP for breaking out of a straitjacket and beating Booker T in a steel cage to win the WCW title. Big Poppa Pump was in the perfect spot as well. Could WCW finally be starting to do something right?
  8. Thoughts on Halloween Havoc 2000 Alex Wright kept the Berlyn look but went back to dancing like his old self in his Boogie Knights team with Disco. They lost to the Filthy Animals, and Jindrak/O'Haire, who looked good in retaining the tag team title. The Natural Born Thrillers had also collected the Hardcore title (Reno) and the Cruiserweight title (Mike Sanders). Of course, the best way to illustrate the importance of the Cruiserweight title is to wear it to the ring, don't mention it, and fight Ernest Miller for the Commissionership of WCW in a kickboxing match. Tygress came to the ring by herself to fight Shane Douglas and Wonder Woman (Torrie Wilson). Konnan came to the ring later and didn't look injured as they scored the victory. PROPHETIC SIGN OF THE NIGHT: Goodbye Eric B./VInce R. - Hello J.R./Shane-O-Mac Lex Luger didn't get the memo that Vince Russo was gone, as he SWERVE attacked Buff Bagwell. David Flair lost the DNA (First Blood) match to Buff, but he gathered a blood sample to try to prove Buff had fathered Stacy Keibler's baby. Mike Awesome didn't have to put his Nitro title shot on the line against Vampiro, but he did and won the match with SUPER Awesome Bomb. General Rection is the MVP for beating Lance Storm and Hacksaw Jim Duggan in a handicap match to liberate the US title from Team Canada and get Major Gunns back for the MIA. Sting found himself in his own version of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World against his former selves. He battled Surfer Sting, Bret Hart-Jacket-Wearing Sting (?), Wolfpac Sting, Crow Sting, Old Man Sting, and Guitar-Wielding Sting. But he couldn't stop his seventh foe, Guitar-Wielding Jeff Jarrett, whose Superman narrative MUST continue! WCW finally presented a World title match with two homegrown stars: Booker T vs. Scott Steiner. However, pushing Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair as World champions through the year 2000 drove away most of the fans who got tired of waiting for a match like this. WCW put Goldberg where he belonged, too: in the main event beating Kronik. Isn't that great, fans? Fans? ... Hello? ...
  9. It would be pretty amazing for this company to be forced to change its name in 2002 and then be forced to split in half in 2022.
  10. Thoughts on Fall Brawl 2000 Fortunately, WCW got its one "nonsensical run-in" out of the way in the Elix Skipper-Kwee Wee opener for the 100kg title. Even the announcers said, "What are the Natural Born Thrillers doing here?" We'll never know, as Mike Sanders interfered with a stickball bat (which isn't even his gimmick) to help Elix retain the title. Kronik started a chain match with the Harris Boys by saying "let's also make it a first blood match." So of course the ref doesn't see that Ron Harris was bleeding first before seeing Adams busted open. Maybe just stick with one stipulation next time? Hacksaw Jim Duggan turning his back on the MIA and the United States of America counted for two SWERVE~! points. I was going to say, "and in his hometown, too!" but Buffalo and Glens Falls are five hours apart. Poor Major Gunns was stuck with Team Canada, as she would have returned to MIA if Gen. Rection had won the Canadian title from Lance Storm. Paul Orndorff showed up as the Filthy Animals' surprise partner against his students, the Natural Born Thrillers. But it turned out to be a colossally bad idea, as he suffered another neck injury while hitting a piledriver. After that we went right to another potential injury match, as Shane Douglas threw Billy Kidman and Madusa off the scaffold to win the Pittsburgh Plunge match. The Franchise would have been the MVP if he hadn't rescinded his "money-back guarantee" to the fans before the bout. Mike Awesome kept spinning the "Wheel of Gimmicks" in 2000, landing on Career Killer, Fat Chick Thrilla, and That 70s Guy. Jeff Jarrett almost single-handedly beat Awesome, Gary Coleman, and the Buffalo Bills before Sting finally put a stop to the "Jeff Jarrett as Superman" narrative (at least in this company). BILL GOLDBERG also wasn't Superman, as he couldn't overcome Scott Steiner, Midajah with a lead pipe, and Vince Russo with a baseball bat. I wouldn't have been surprised to see Professor Plum with a candlestick. Booker T is the MVP for winning back the WCW title in a steel cage match. No shenanigans. He hit the Bookend on Kevin Nash and won the belt. Let's try not to think about what happened to the WCW title later in the month, okay? PPV SWERVE COUNT: 17 of 9 (189%)
  11. I'm proud to say that it can be done!
  12. At the end of 2000, WCW realizes, "Hey, let's build around young talent," and they have a surprisingly strong group. But by then, they have done so much damage to the integrity of the World title and the company itself, that it's too little, too late. I think the problem started with the nWo making WCW seem uncool. It popped the territory but ultimately led to its demise.
  13. Thoughts on New Blood Rising Tank Abbott was having a great time dancing along with 3-Count, and he ended up with the recording contract and gold record after their match against the Jung Dragons. Of course, he could have been a World title contender, but he was getting paid either way. Nonsensical run-in No. 1: Tygress came in to help Ernest Miller beat The Great Muta. That's a big win for the Cat, but ... why? Judy Bagwell on a pole match? No pole is big enough. So Judy Bagwell on a forklift match it is. Positively Kanyon was also having a great time cosplaying DDP. Nonsensical run-in No. 2: David Arquette tried to help Kanyon win, without success. So the former champ ate a Kanyon Cutter. The Filthy Animals coming out as referees (four of them!) was funny. Kronik won the four-way over MIA and two sets of Natural Born Thrillers (before they were called that). Nonsensical run-in No. 3: Vampiro & Great Muta interfered in this match, but they didn't seem to know whom to attack. Later, after Kronik ruined their latest plot to kill Sting, the Dark Carnival challenged Kronik for the belts ... and won! Miss Hancock and Major Gunns actually tried to wrestle for a while before ripping off each other's clothes and battling in a military-themed mud pit. Gunns helped Hancock after the match when she started having abdominal pains. Nonsensical run-in Nos. 4 and 5: Big Vito came in after the Kidman-Douglas strap match, followed by Reno. Why, gentlemen, why? Lance Storm won the MVP award before the opening bell. He entered the ring with three Canadian-branded titles, brought out Jacques Rougeau to enforce the Canadian rulebook and encouraged the crowd to sing O Canada. Even though he lost to Mike Awesome over and over (continually being saved by Jacques's rules interpretations), the whole scene was so pro-Canada that Bret Hart gave his seal of approval after the match. Nonsensical run-in No. 6: The Harris Boys came in to cost Kronik the tag team belts. They weren't trying to help the Dark Carnival, so what did they have against Kronik? WCW announced that BILL GOLDBERG had been in a motorcycle accident, but then he came out (SWERVE~!) for the three-way match against Scott Steiner and Kevin Nash. Then, Goldberg "refused to cooperate" with Nash and walked out on the wrestlers, fans, and Russo, which constitutes a second SWERVE in the same match. The announcers suddenly started talking about pro wrestling as if it were scripted, and the wrestlers were just doing what they were told. So thanks for that, WCW. I can just hear my friend, Notorious Norm Connors, saying "That won't sell one wrestling ticket." PPV SWERVE COUNT: 15 of 8 (188%)
  14. Your opinions should be encouraged so we keep getting gems like this. Please tell me that the 20 security guys will get a giant chyron of their 20 names that takes up the entire screen.
  15. That was the Peacock game - looking forward to seeing Cleveland play this coming Sunday morning.
  16. Thoughts on Bash at the Beach 2000 Most of WCW's audience missed the joke of the Jung Dragons attacking The Cat backstage as a reference to Kato's training attacks on Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther movies. Mike Awesome was chatting up the opera singer backstage (as The Fat Chick Thrilla) instead of warming up for his US title shot against Scott Steiner. When Jarrett brought her to the arena, I was amazed that nobody had thought of that before. The graveyard match had even worse lighting than the junkyard match. When Vamp and the Demon were fighting in the river, the Demon's face paint didn't come off! Disco Inferno went from mocking Konnan's rap skills to serving as his own personal Flavor Flav. Ric Flair must have been proud to see Miss Hancock and Daffney fighting over his son in a wedding gown match. I love how someone baked a giant cake even though there wasn't an actual wedding. Kronik beat Palumbo and Stasiak to win the tag team belts in a match where both teams looked surprisingly good. BILL GOLDBERG said he would beat Kevin Nash and rip up Scott Hall's contract right in front of his face. That's exactly what he did. WCW ran a contest where you could be Goldberg's special guest manager. That must have been greenlit before Goldberg turned heel. Buff Bagwell was distracted by Torrie Wilson coming on to him right in the middle of his match with Shane Douglas. Of course, it was Torrie's second SWERVE in a row, as she joined Douglas as his "Francine" in WCW. Booker T is the MVP for bouncing back from a loss to Positively Kanyon and beating Jarrett for the World title. Essentially, this means Booker is the Bret Hart of WCW, working his way up from the tag team title to the secondary titles to the World title. Scott Steiner would eventually join him as Bret No. 2. Vince Russo pulled a giant SWERVE~! on Hulk Hogan by letting him beat Jeff Jarrett for the title and then invalidating the championship before setting up the Booker-Jarrett match. This was basically the Daytona Beach Screwjob, and it made me wonder what it would be like for the original Montreal Screwjob to do go down like this. Bret and Shawn are halfway through the match when Earl Hebner swerves Bret by counting to three and giving him the win! Shawn angrily grabs the belt and leaves to prevent Bret from taking the physical belt to WCW. Vince kicks Bret out of the building and goes to the ring to cut the "Bret screwed Bret promo," trying to tear him down as a CANADIAN HERO by saying that he sold out to Billionaire Ted. Then he sets up Ken Shamrock vs. Shawn for the title. Shamrock wins the title, and Shawn wins it back at IYH:DX with the help of DX. PPV SWERVE COUNT: 13 of 7 (185%)
  17. Yes, it was.
  18. Thoughts on Great American Bash 2000 Disco Inferno was like the kid in college who joined too many clubs. First the nWo, then the Mamalukes, and here he was part of the Filthy Animals, with whom he had nothing in common. The World title was in a constant state of chaos that seemed to infect the other titles. Daffney was Cruiserweight champion for a while. The Mamalukes were the Hardcore champion. Shawn Stasiak was a tag team champion, but he had a big singles grudge match against GI Bro. Stasiak looked great again, which makes me wonder why the WWF treated him like a bumbling idiot when he later returned there. Kimberly tried to interfere in the ambulance match between DDP and Mike Awesome, only for Miss Hancock of all people to drag her away. Why? Then Kanyon jumped out his wheelchair and hit his best friend, DDP, with a Kanyon Cutter off the stage. It was the third straight SWERVE~! on DDP at a PPV. Good thing he was so positive because anybody else would start to develop some trust issues. According to the announcers, The Wall vs. Shane Douglas match could only end when someone was put through five tables. Finally, they corrected themselves to say three out of five tables. Let's take another peek into the mind of The Wall: "I have a 2-0 lead. I think I'll climb this ladder to go after Shane, even though three tables are stacked behind me." Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair both faced retirement if they lost (yeah, right), but they both won. Hogan earned a title shot after Torrie Wilson came out and SWERVED her boyfriend, Billy Kidman. Now wait - didn't Flair earn a title shot at this PPV by winning a battle royale? Yes, but he received his title shot early and won it and lost it and won it and lost it and now he was fighting his son, David. Even if WCW were in the ballpark of being competitive with the WWF, everything was happening at such a dizzying pace that it was hard to follow even if you watched every show. If you missed a show, you were lost. Vampiro is the MVP. Sting said if Vamp wants to win the Human Torch match, he would have to climb to the top of the video screen. And that's exactly what he did. Sting took a giant fall off the screen through the stage, which was a terrible idea even if the Owen Hart tragedy hadn't happened. So the main event was Jarrett defending the World title against Nash. Eric Bischoff touted a big surprise that would change the entire pro wrestling world. It was BILL GOLDBERG turning heel and helping Jarrett win for the world's largest Super-Dee-Super SWERVE~! It did make an iota of sense that he would seek revenge on Nash, who had cost him his World title and winning streak, but embracing Russo and Bischoff prompted the fans to pelt the ring with garbage. Maybe WCW should have just stopped copying the WWF, as this bout featured The Cat and The Filthy Animals recreating Vince McMahon's "stacked deck" main event at Over the Edge 98. The Asylum and Human Torch matches were copies of the Lion's Den and Inferno matches in the WWF. When Beth Flair brought out the rest of the family to watch the Ric-David match, she probably didn't think one of the kids in the crowd with her would win more than a dozen world titles like Ric. PPV SWERVE COUNT: 11 of 6 (183%)
  19. One of the hallmarks of a great announcer is the ability to keep up your focus, enthusiasm and concentration. It can be a challenge for long shows and marathon studio announcing sessions.
  20. Glad to hear Caprice Coleman explain the Code of Honor to the Elevation announcers.
  21. Thoughts on Slamboree 2000 Here comes Chris Candido with the Cruiserweight title. But Sunny had to steal the spotlight again by talking about the "Show Me" State and taking off her robe. It's amazing that anyone remembers Candido's name. The theme of the night was members of the New Blood trying to take over for members of the Millionaire's Club. Let's see how they did: Shawn Stasiak taking over for Curt Hennig: Stasiak called himself the Perfect One, came out to an impressive ripoff of the Mr. Perfect theme, and won with the Perfect Plex (10 of 10, MVP award) Chuck Palumbo taking over for Lex Luger: Palumbo attacked Luger after Lex's win over Buff Bagwell. Palumbo was wearing Luger's outfit and put him in the Torture Rack (9/10). Vampiro taking over for Sting. Nope. Sting beat him again. At least Vamp was wearing face paint. (1/10). Hugh Morrus denounced his name, calling it a "brain fart" of Eric Bischoff. He then adopted the name "Hugh G. Rection," which qualifies as a "brain diaper blowout." The whole New Blood vs. Millionaire's Club was backwards. The young guys were the bad guys, and the old guys who led the company into oblivion were the good guys. Russo & Bischoff were both on the young guys' side. It would have make much more sense for Russo and the New Blood to be the babyfaces against Bischoff and the older guys who didn't want to step aside. When Luger and Bagwell were wrestling each other, did they realize they would be perfect partners? I felt like Kramer talking to the arguing Jerry and Elaine: "Don't you know that everything you need is right here?" Shane Douglas bad-mouthed Ric Flair for years, and when they finally met in the ring, The Franchise won. He got help from a guy in a Sting mask who was not Vince Russo as suspected, but actually David Flair. The son SWERVED the father ... again! The Hogan-Kidman match was ripping off ECW and the Austin-McMahon feud at the same time, right down to Horace forcing unconscious referee Eric Bischoff to count to three. David Arquette winning the World title wasn't the end of the world, because WCW had already destroyed its own popularity and the integrity of the title. Even if Arquette were a bigger movie star like Bruce Willis, it wouldn't have made a difference. Arquette and DDP worked together against Jarrett as they made their way to the top of the triple cage, but Arquette delivered another SWERVE to give Jarrett the win. It was the second time Jarrett had the title dropped into his lap because someone decided to turn on DDP. What a champion! PPV SWERVE COUNT: 8 of 5 (160%)
  22. I'm sure he learned it from watching this video:
  23. Thoughts on Spring Stampede 2000 Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff were back in charge, and they stripped the belts from all the champions. Because THAT was the problem. Mancow helped WCW draw a big crowd in Chicago, but that's what dark matches are for. Nobody cares about a Chicago morning DJ beating up Jimmy Hart, just like nobody else in the country cares about the shows that would be happening at the Omni in Atlanta in the early '90s. Russo fired Dustin Rhodes after he failed to stop a non-New Blood wrestler (Terry Funk) from winning the Hardcore title. But first, they had to argue over who was behind the success of Goldust in the WWF. Again, WCW fans are asking "who cares?" Vince Russo literally handed the tag team belts to Shane Douglas & Buff Bagwell after throwing two extra teams (The Harris Boys and Kronik) at their opponents. Douglas was too busy beating on Ric Flair to accept the belt. The Wall got disqualified when Scott Steiner poked him in the eye, leading to him chokeslamming the referee through a table. Let's take a look inside the Wall's mind: "Hmmm, this smaller guy wearing a shirt is definitely Scott Steiner. Here we go!" Even though Sting got dragged to hell by Vampiro, causing him to lose the US title tournament final to Scott Steiner, Sting is the MVP for scoring clean wins over Booker and Vamp earlier in the night. Hulk Hogan attacked Billy Kidman, which did not result in Vampiro's disqualification. Russo brought in the police to arrest Hogan for going after Bischoff backstage. Mark Madden channeling Daffy Duck: "Shoot him!" Chris Candido became the new Cruiserweight champion after SUNNY showed up and help him pin the Artist. As usual, Sunny immediately overshadowed her man by having a catfight with Paisley. When I announced for ROH, our champion was Xavier. I liked him a lot and pushed him as hard as I could on commentary, but a lot of fans just didn't think he was World title material, especially when guys like Chris Daniels, Brian Danielson, Low Ki, and AJ Styles were right there. I thought about Xavier when Jeff Jarrett was pushed to the WCW title. Triple H was benefiting from his connection to the WWF brass at the time, but the fans bought that HHH could be World champ without the system behind him. I don't think they felt that way about Jarrett. But it didn't matter, because the WCW title was about to reach new levels of irrelevancy. Since Vince Russo was back, so was the SWERVE-O-Meter, as Kimberly hit her husband, DDP, with a guitar to give the belt to Jarrett. PPV SWERVE COUNT: 6 of 4 (150%)
  24. A. The match sucked. B. As for the strapation, Hogan was whipping Flair with his weight belt even though he had a strap in his other hand. C. They couldn't decide whether the match could end by pin or touching all four corners. D. They even did a dumb angle that forced the Sid-Jarrett World title match to go on second-to-last so Hogan-Flair could be the main event. Brother.
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