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  1. Throw in Malcolm Bivens and you've got yourself a deal.
  2. And let's not forget NXT's Aliyah, who has been stuck there for years, only to see Rey's daughter make it to the Raw roster with the same name.
  3. After a series of inconclusive matches against each other, Avalon and Cutler should agree to team one more time, and whoever loses the fall has to leave AEW. And that's when they win.
  4. Maybe they will be galvanized by a strong mouthpiece, like perhaps Malcolm Bivens.
  5. Beth was announcing remotely, so maybe that's how she knew when it was her turn to talk.
  6. I'm in the news business. Two out of three ain't bad.
  7. I just announced for a wrestling group called Fight Underground a few weeks ago in Pittsburgh, so I guess not.
  8. Well, they are a retro promotion.
  9. I'm announcing for a new Pittsburgh promotion called Fight Underground. They have new matches on Tuesdays, with other segments on their social media pages throughout the week. I do interviews and moderate their post-fight press conferences. Here's the first match: AJ Alexander vs. The Rev. Ron Hunt.
  10. Thanks! My shows are ... Play-by-play: Glory By Honor, Scramble Madness, All-Star Extravaganza, Night of the Butcher Ring announcing: Revenge on the Prophecy, Wrath of the Racket: World Title Classic, The Battle Lines are Drawn, ROH Reborn Stage 2 Ringing the Bell: ROH Gold (that's when they decided to go with Bobby Cruise as full-time ring announcer ... and he's still doing it!)
  11. Well, I certainly can't get behind that.
  12. I remember as an announcer in the '90s, a DDT was like a home run call. Then it became the Shining Wizard (at least for me). Now, I would say the home run call is the Rainmaker.
  13. I appreciated Bryan letting me borrow his watch to time the Joe-Punk ROH title match at World Title Classic.
  14. Big Bully Busick once threw me out of the ring onto the edge of the apron, and yes, it is.
  15. I talked with the lads at ROH Review about my time announcing for Ring of Honor (2002-2004). Hope you all enjoy it. https://soundcloud.com/bbgwpod/roh-review-interviews-jeff-gorman?in=bbgwpod/sets/roh-review
  16. Daniels tweeted his 100 percent support for Kazarian in the Casino ladder match, prompting fans to reply, "What about Scorpio Sky?"
  17. I was about to say that I expected her to win the Money in the Bank to do a long tease of cashing in on Bayley. Then I checked and realized Sasha isn't even in the match.
  18. Happy Mother's Day, and welcome to In Your House: A Cold Day in Hell !!
  19. Whether it's one person or several, it's who.
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