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  1. IIRC, Windham turned heel on Dustin and Pillman went from subtle tweener to heel soon after. They teamed for a bit but Windham wanted his lone wolf solo run which caused Dusty to bring Austin in to team with Pillman. I vaguely remember a Windham promo pairing them off.
  2. Nope. He criticized Flair for having the same match/formula, idiots in the IWC then fired back about the five moves of doom... not really understanding that having signature moves is partly how you get over
  3. Mr X was bad enough, not sure I can handle the stress of constantly being hunted by Nemesis. Will probably wait for this one to go in the sale
  4. That would’ve been hilarious. Every single member across all factions inducted
  5. Because kids and nostalgia? Or because one of the cast is in it? I ain’t got time for that kind of cynicism
  6. Fellas, no one gives a shit about your opinion of Hulk Hogan.
  7. Why is Waltman getting shoe-horned into that nWo induction?! If you're gonna do that you may as well put Ted Dibiase in there with them haha. I've recently been watching some of the run when nWo were brought to WWE, my word the production on their entrance was off the charts
  8. My word that looks outstanding. Like a mix of Super 8 and Ghostbusters. At first I was worried they'd totally messed up the tone of it but wow. Hopefully it makes everyone forget about the previous pile of shite they released
  9. The second I saw they both had taped fists I thought 'someone is getting knocked loopy by a punch here' but nope hahaha
  10. It might be blasphemous internet rhetoric, but I can totally see Harper being a SCSA for whoever he signs with. Dude must have a lot of pent up frustration and aggression and a real chip on his shoulder. He's going to have something to prove and he's that talented that he will prove it.
  11. Bradshaw and Windham were the real Moustache Mountain. Also, what an odd crew...
  12. Still need to see that, having a hard time convincing the missus though ¬_¬
  13. No one remembers this film, it’s absolutely glorious. Love the random Phil Hartman stand-up routine
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