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  1. My point was more that it needed a consistent tone and only one director should have been in charge of delivering that. In some ways I suppose Kathleen Kennedy should be responsible for that so we'll wait and see...
  2. I feel ya, I think this is going to seem a bit jarring in following TLJ, and years down the line that film is going to stick out like a sore thumb. I wish they'd just opted to let JJ run the whole trilogy for a consistent tone (and I had no issues with Johnson's film FWIW)
  3. Has Owens finally figured out how to do the stunner? Think that's the only impressive one I've seen him do
  4. #FTRKO showing up in AEW and getting a replay of the nWo storyline on TNT while internet fanboys cry into their energy drinks is my new jam
  5. So in theory Bret could've just pinned someone after cycling through them and they'd have been down for about a 15 count
  6. For sure @Oyaji, I wasn't necessarily saying 'all promos are crap now' more that the lack of trust to just let people go out there and sell a match or feud on their own terms and with their own words has died a death. As a result the people reciting the words can't make you believe because they barely believe themselves
  7. Why and when did shaved head/beard become the defacto look for balding men? Once upon a time you'd be ridiculed for having an upside down head
  8. It's disgraceful how much promos have completely just devolved over time to where we are now. I don't just mean WWE either, across the board no one has this type of conviction or intensity
  9. That whole storyline and the cliff-hanger endings had Bischoff's fingerprints all over it
  10. My memory is foggy but I'm sure it's mentioned in the book. He came in for TV but nobody showed up to pick him up at the airport so he went home and no-showed the tapings as he thought he was being ribbed
  11. Still one of my faves, its not everyone who can claim to have invented an entire style but him and Marty Jones can. I always wondered how his career would’ve gone if he didn’t have to retire early. Can see him following the Finlay route into WCW... then mixing it up with Malenko and the cruiserweights?
  12. Since the stuff with Hong Kong started and more and more information has come out about their ethnic cleansing of the Uighur muslims?
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