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  1. Is Rock buying the XFL a bigger shock than Shane buying WCW? #itsstillrealtome
  2. RIP Rocco, one of the true innovators of the junior style. Regal said it perfectly. When the Wrestling Channel launched in 2004ish, getting to see his work for the first time was such a mind blowing experience. His matches with Dynamite were pure art, heavy hitting, stiff, athletic and timeless. I wish he hadn’t had to retire, imagine him showing up in the cruiser division in WCW in 96ish or NJPW in the early 90s against Malenko, Benoit, Guerrero et al.
  3. What is Dustin Rhodes career trajectory if he doesn’t get cut by WCW in 94? I can picture him in the DDP role against the nwo but not sure how he fits into the landscape before then
  4. I’m watching Clash of the Champions. Vinnie Vegas (aka peak Kevin Nash) is arm Wrestling Tony Atlas and every time Atlas pushes he makes a noise that is exactly like his laugh... and now I’ve fallen down an Abraham Washington rabbit hole on YT
  5. I pre-emptively did this two pages ago son
  6. I used to be a frequent poster at 411 at the tail end of Scott Keith’s run. Think it must have been 04 when I first joined the DVDVR board as a change of scenery... and it was all because Findlay Martin used to put some of the funniest comments from here in Powerslam magazine. Wonder how many of my fellow UK brethren did likewise...
  7. I just can’t see anything ever becoming of Steve Williams 98 run no matter how Brawl for All goes. Having watched a load of 88-89 NWA and his completely heat-less 92 WCW run recently, and having seen my fair share of AJPW in the past, I’ve gotta say Steve Williams is one of the most overrated wrestlers ever. The awesome power, ability to drop people on their heads in Japan, and athletic background which JR tells me about ad nauseum do not excuse the clumsiness, terrible promos, lack of charisma, miscues and bad timing.
  8. That’s twitter for you, it’s an abhorrent horror show that needs to disappear
  9. Talk ill of the demon Guy Fieri at your peril
  10. He came up with it because he kept getting ducked and couldn’t get a shot at the real title IIRC
  11. Harley Race looks like the battle-hardened version of Bob Ross here Toughest oil painter on god's green earth
  12. Yeah, it's just always been funny to me how WWF emphasized its global credentials but the likes of me in the UK missed out on lots of stuff because of the emphasis on the house show business. Taker v Warrior is another big one that springs to mind from back then
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