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  1. How do you think you’d fare in a fight against an angry space baboon @Elsalvajeloco?
  2. I love the amount of big names being linked with Toronto's big money. I've heard Danny Cipriani and Sonny Bill Williams touted as potential big name signings so far
  3. Another missed opportunity. When are we going to get an all male remake of Charlie's Angels?
  4. Bizarrely enough they're still going strong fella, with this same crew, and even with the resurgence of promotions in the UK. You tend to see them in coastal towns once a year, kids seem to love it which is weird as none of the 'characters' are relevant.
  5. Shock horror: Man changes slightly over time. I've been on this forum for many years and this is probably the best picture ever posted. Or at least the most intelligent and sensational
  6. El Camino was about 45 minutes too long but a great send-off and epilogue to the series. I saw Ad Astra at the cinema this weekend and really enjoyed it. It felt very book-ish so I was surprised to see that it wasn't an adaptation, it was a meditative character study that brought to mind Apocalypse Now to me in the sense of a quest leading to a slow decent into an awakening. Also, the film stars Tommy Lee Jones and Donald Sutherland... who both played astronauts in Space Cowboys... so I was a bit gutted to see they didn't play the same characters haha.
  7. Yeah think it came out August time? I was going to get prime just for it but
  8. I wouldn't even know that was supposed to be Molly Holly if you hadn't mentioned it. Also, she really looks like she wants to speak to the manager of the store
  9. How was that Brubaker/Refn series on Amazon? Never heard anyone talking about it
  10. I was surprised at how much Thesz put over Valentine in his book too
  11. ... And that's why I hate modern wrestling. Legit laughed out loud at that dive through the ropes, the lack of power or impact made me think that if I gust of side-wind had blown in he'd have gone full Ron Howard:
  12. I'm gutted I've never had the chance to see Johnny Valentine work, or to see some of the classic Mid Atlantic feuds. I remember reading how it was a dead territory when George Scott got the book, and he brought Valentine in to rebuild it almost from scratch. Those two laid the foundation for JCP to have the success they did
  13. It must have been yachting season. I think his powder-blue beret complete with Tatanka's feathers is his best look
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