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  1. Goldberg slowly dissolving into Gillberg isn’t a good look
  2. Still the most iconic line ever uttered in the history of pro wrestling...
  3. I tapped out during the first season of that show. I enjoyed it enough but couldn't commit to it, it's crazy how we've been conditioned to think 24 episodes per season of something is too much now
  4. I love the back to back roles he had in Zero Dark Thirty and Argo where he basically just showed up, bollocked the main characters, then left.
  5. You mean that's the one variation of the cravate that Chris Hero didn't do?!
  6. Obviously they should improvise it as the new McGuffin
  7. I thought Josh Holloway's Mission Impossible cameo was going to be his big break but he was so wooden. Matthew Fox seemed to be doing okay with Alex Cross and Bone Tomahawk, but has pretty much disappeared after those false allegations came out about the bus driver, and his scenes from World War Z all ended up on the cutting room floor. Evangeline Lilly has done really well though I guess. I'm still disappointed Terry O Quinn and Michael Emerson haven't had anything produced for them both to do, they're possibly the greatest pairing in TV history.
  8. I need more footage of the Demolition bondage-tuxedo
  9. In a rough about-turn, and against my better judgement, I'm going to give S3 a go as it looks like it might actually emphasize plot over cerebral fuckery this time
  10. Arn's looked more impactful, but Jake's was just so much smoother and quicker and deadly looking and fit his persona to a tee
  11. I love how cynicism passes for insight these days
  12. There was a definite pervading atmosphere of melancholy. The death scene with his 'daughter' at her bedside was brutal but the bit that upset me the most was Dianne Wiest's monologue toward the end. Weird thing is, my theory of the film isn't what anyone else seems to think happened
  13. Love this. Let’s conveniently ignore his community work in Bermuda, the youth rugby team he set up there, piloting a programme to provide meals to impoverished kids in Malawi and setting up a sports facility there too for stuff that possibly happened decades ago instead
  14. Any of my UK brethren over a certain age probably remember Television X and the 10 minute preview... so hearing the Hardy Boyz music used for a porno advert one time definitely messed with my head
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