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  1. I was just running this feud on 2K19 and think it would’ve been amazing in WCW circa 92-93 if the accident hadn’t happened: Ravishing Rick Rude v Magnum TA. It all starts with a Madusa face turn after her feud with Heyman and TA coming to the rescue
  2. Who needs twitter when you’ve got this utter bollocks of a thread
  3. God I’d love it if that Andrew Yang does half of what he said. It’s always blown my mind that NWA was part of a federal antitrust investigation and yet WWE keeps tootling along in 2020 with its independent contractor bullshit
  4. I’m not gonna go full on listamania but Inoki v Billy Robinson from 75 is pretty much how a wrestling match should be in an ideal world
  5. The meeting was filmed and put on their website and YouTube, then taken down soon after because of this. That answers the ‘somehow’ part to this jabroni’s tweet
  6. I just came here to post this, one of the few times WCW nailed an entrance tune
  7. RIP Bullet, never got to see much of his matches but loved listening about him on the Studcast. I always associated Bad To The Bone with Terminator II, but it’s definitely Bullet Bob’s song now
  8. Someone fill in the blanks on the Shockmaster for me. He debuts in a cape with a sparkly helmet and a mysterious voice, botches his important entrance, then at the PPV he’s like... a construction worker or summat?
  9. I’ve proper got a craving for super noodles now for some reason ?
  10. Marcus Alexander Bagwell and 2 Cold Scorpio are the most underrated tag team of all time. Discuss...
  11. Even as a fan there was a sense of culpability as after HBK/Bret you were always wondering who the breakout talent from a team was going to be, not realising HBK and Bret were essentially flukes. I mean who else is there? Booker T? Jeff Hardy?
  12. Is Rock buying the XFL a bigger shock than Shane buying WCW? #itsstillrealtome
  13. RIP Rocco, one of the true innovators of the junior style. Regal said it perfectly. When the Wrestling Channel launched in 2004ish, getting to see his work for the first time was such a mind blowing experience. His matches with Dynamite were pure art, heavy hitting, stiff, athletic and timeless. I wish he hadn’t had to retire, imagine him showing up in the cruiser division in WCW in 96ish or NJPW in the early 90s against Malenko, Benoit, Guerrero et al.
  14. What is Dustin Rhodes career trajectory if he doesn’t get cut by WCW in 94? I can picture him in the DDP role against the nwo but not sure how he fits into the landscape before then
  15. I’m watching Clash of the Champions. Vinnie Vegas (aka peak Kevin Nash) is arm Wrestling Tony Atlas and every time Atlas pushes he makes a noise that is exactly like his laugh... and now I’ve fallen down an Abraham Washington rabbit hole on YT
  16. I used to be a frequent poster at 411 at the tail end of Scott Keith’s run. Think it must have been 04 when I first joined the DVDVR board as a change of scenery... and it was all because Findlay Martin used to put some of the funniest comments from here in Powerslam magazine. Wonder how many of my fellow UK brethren did likewise...
  17. I just can’t see anything ever becoming of Steve Williams 98 run no matter how Brawl for All goes. Having watched a load of 88-89 NWA and his completely heat-less 92 WCW run recently, and having seen my fair share of AJPW in the past, I’ve gotta say Steve Williams is one of the most overrated wrestlers ever. The awesome power, ability to drop people on their heads in Japan, and athletic background which JR tells me about ad nauseum do not excuse the clumsiness, terrible promos, lack of charisma, miscues and bad timing.
  18. That’s twitter for you, it’s an abhorrent horror show that needs to disappear
  19. He came up with it because he kept getting ducked and couldn’t get a shot at the real title IIRC
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