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  1. @jaedmc I’ll be honest, it was a struggle to not vote Barry but that would’ve mainly just been for Windham
  2. Now this is the type of conspiracy theory I can get behind: He then went on to steal the show at 7... and I guess you could argue 8 (but to me Bret v Piper has that honour)
  3. Sooo... has old man Taker ditched the spooky stuff and reverted to Big Evil or is that promo a one off?
  4. Pay dispute coming out of WM3 according to Martel's RF shoot. Can-Am's weren't getting a 50/50 split because, y'know, Martel was not only senior he was also the better worker, the bigger name and the bigger draw. Zenk, being an ingrate who didn't realise how much Martel had done for his career, got pissed about that and quit. Tito got slotted in his place.
  5. He was part of The Rat Pack there, widely identified as the first stable in wrestling
  6. In other news, Bullet Bob is still an absolute unit https://www.twitter.com/WWEArmstrong/status/1242892922263134215
  7. I don’t get to see much 205 so Bryan working Gulak has been my first real exposure to him outside of the PowerPoint stuff he used to do. Loving what I see so far
  8. This is the only important thread on Twatter
  9. I wasn’t sure about my timelines as to whether his run was aborted due to Watts being fired or he just lost faith in him. I remember it being a huge shock and mark our moment when I saw the highlights of the win on TV, but no real follow up
  10. Okay, real talk. My new fantasy match is Minnesota High School vs West Texas State in a survivor series elimination match.
  11. Just bigging up his athletic background, which was the old regional way of giving someone credentials. Along these lines, was there a better choice than Ron Simmons to take that upset victory from Vader in 92? It's safe to say that, as important as the win was historically it absolutely bombed, and though Ron Simmons had unmatched athletic credentials charisma-wise and in-ring wise he wasn't the right person for the role.
  12. Haha my missus said that's the most tense she's felt since Hank and the Twins in the car park in Breaking Bad.
  13. Unless you’re hunting for food or conservation reasons it’s a cunty thing to do and trophy hunting tops the list
  14. If you listen really closely to that video, I'm sure one kid outs himself as a smark. He can be heard saying "I read somewhere that he hogtied Brian Christopher in the shower!" and another kid saying "I don't even want to benefit from his charitable help, he beat up the Blue Meanie in 2005"
  15. Davey Boy Smith announced as next inductee. I'm guessing Bret puts him in. Absolutely disgusting. As stated, you and a lot of other people need to update your opinion by a few decades
  16. Having just reported on the budget, this got a big laugh out of me
  17. I've been reminding people about this for YEARS. Absolute bullshit rumour that spread like wildfire
  18. That exactly how it should happen going forward. In fact I've been indoctrinated for so long I can't for the life of me remember how feuds used to traditionally start pre-authority figure* *Yes I know there are currently no authority figures on TV.
  19. I think I've read this one... is it the one where the main character is supposed to be redecorating a house and his girlfriend has left him? And he slowly begins to disappear into the Dream Archipelago? I really should read more of Priest but I find the writing never quite matches the great concepts.
  20. New season of Babylon Berlin just started in the UK, think it's on Netflix in the states. It's been nearly two years since I watched Season 2 and it blows my mind how much a breath of fresh air it is compared to everything else on TV - from the production quality and acting to the attention to detail in costumes and sets. If you like your noir with a bit of a foreign art deco twist then you'll love it
  21. As bad as the roster was, it amazes me WWF never scrimped on production. In fact I dare say production and effects and lighting always got better every year while everything else suffered. That's about as Vince as it gets.
  22. Funnily enough I thought it was a great film (or at least a great concept) apart from the bullshit shoe-horned Cung Le fist fight. And I still really want a laser razor The unempathetic nature of this sentence is essentially the concept of the film. Outstanding work. Did you really miss how he was a guy trying to do his best and trying to get better only to be let down again and again until he was forced to turn into something he'd suppressed for so long? I've had a lot of mental health issues this past year and I found it to be one of the most realistic portrayals I keep coming back to it but that scene on the stairway is legitimately one of the most powerful scenes I've ever seen in a film... just the nature of accepting who you are and embracing and living in it just wow'd me.
  23. Or, y'know, it's to do with cameras and filming the actual thing so they know precisely where you are in the ring and when so they can capture it?
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