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  1. Not much to share at the moment. Neither this Demayo guy nor Disney is saying much about his dismissal. I can say that I’ve read that Disney already has scripts he wrote for season 2. So that sounds kinda good for the show. The show runner guy has an OnlyFans is the supposition. Hopefully, this dude was just too hunky beefcake for the execs to handle and not a too handsy Spacey situation. Then maybe bring him back for season 3?
  2. I’m hearing the showrunner fellow that worked this season (the one that also got fired recently) posted something about future episodes. He said something akin to “Episode 8 hits even harder than Ep5”. I’m over here like… HOW??? I’ll brace myself nonetheless. This show rules the fucking world. I’d bring that dude back if the only reason was he had an OnlyFans site. He gets the characters. I even flinched at “that kiss” earlier in the episode.
  3. Eh. It’s not that bad and the Bucks/FTR match will probably be awesome. I’m good as far as this goes. But this weeks X-Men episode got me all fucked up.
  4. I like how for Takers spot. They do EVERY 2k game Universe Mode cut scene for a mid match run-in. All with the long stare down the aisle but OOPS they’re right behind you camera pull to the right. Good brand tie-in.
  5. Wow. That was great. Traumatic and emotionally devastating. But you know… great.
  6. Between that and putting the table back under the ring really made me think I’d been missing the boat on Roman.
  7. https://thehardtimes.net/news/punk-rock-noise-machine-lets-fall-asleep-sound-parents-arguing/ Shhhh… SHIT!
  8. Sue vs. Nick Wayne’s Mom. Mini-Van vs. (I’m assuming)… Range Rover? Book it Coach!
  9. Sometimes… … when Old Bones is feeling down. I’ll go onto youtubes and search for videos of Stuart Copeland… as he yells at STING and calls him a “cunt”. I immediately feel best better. I shit you not. It is a salve for the soul. No… …I won’t be posting links here today. No, sir. If you’re to take this journey. You must take that first step yourself.
  10. It’s certainly a better investment than shelling out again to only use “The Final Countdown” twice. Not that I had any expectation of that. But the novelties of Bryan’s last run vs. the frugality of the day to day cost of running a major wrestling promotion. I’m honestly stunned the MCMGs haven’t really been in my orbit of conversation. What an oversight!
  11. Here come the uncomfortable head butts. Still hyped as fuck.
  12. I thought Tiffany Stratton was amazing. She busted her ass out there and largely carried the interest of the match. I wasn’t aware she was a heel up until this this point. But she looked like she did a face turn to me. Probably became a star too. Edit: I’d also like to deny the existence of anyone allegedly named “Butch”. Thank you.
  13. Bryan vs. Zack was amazeballs. Again. So much grapple goodness. So glad to finally have.
  14. That shirt is amazing. So how much of this show is left now that the overall motivation to tune is “disaster watching”? Is there anything to enjoy? Is Ricochet still there? I’m currently watching the meltdown on Busted Open. So this WWE shit, that I don’t make much time for, is finding a way to penetrate my AEW force field. It’s got me thinking. But that’s because wrestling fans are a particular bunch as far as how they fit into the overall culture. There is boatloads of overlap there regardless of what brand you spend your time on. But there is little to no overlap in mainstream media. It’s always been that way but for a few notable exceptions (like say Hogan/Andre on NBC at 8pm). Years of following McMahon style decisions not only suggests but SCREAMS an absolute thirst for that kind of acceptance. ROCK/Roman IS the biggest match any company anywhere has to offer the world and they’ve been chasing it for years. For Rock it’s a chance to get back in there one more time. For Roman, it’s his bridge out of the company and on to bigger and better things. They have their claws dug in and the power to not have to let go. And just like that. Cody and WRESTLING FANS are betrayed. We have seen shows where the crowd populating the arena are a bunch of nonfans (Mania 4/5). It’s a suck show. Thankfully the tickets got sold largely before a certain Board Member cut in front of the line at Dunks and bought all the donuts. As a fucking geek I find it offensive that this company I spent decades watching commit artistic suicide. Again. Let’s face it. ROCK is going to go out there and injure himself on a kip up. His legacy as a wrestler will preclude him from doing what HE SHOULD be doing. Which is an upper card celebrity bullshit Vince match with all the smoke and mirrors it requires. It’s not like ROCK is going to wow us with a goddamn moonsault or any new moves at all. They flinched last time when it FINALLY got figured out that not putting Bryan over at 30 would have led to embarrassing the company on its biggest day of the year. But this may have gone too far to turn back. Bully Ray is saying doing Cody/Roman at the Garden one the first Netflix show could end the story correctly. But I think that’s too far away. Fuck it. Put ROCK/Roman on earlier in the show and let Rollins/Cody close the show. They’ve already committed. Maybe that can give the fans a chance to make this right. Or Rollins and Cody should call Steamboat to show them how to steal the show from the two biggest stars in the industry.
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