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  1. I guess I don’t have the same problem with Cody that so many of you do. But I do see that there are some problems. I just can’t place them specifically. Because if this really is a 4D chess thing and Cody is setting his character up for a big moment? A lot of these criticisms may end up pointless in hindsight. That being said. I enjoyed the shit out of this show as I often do. Bryan kicked some ass. Jungle Boy showed some big Dick energy. The Bucks and Cole showed lots of small Dick energy. Brandon Cutler is great in his role. I love you AEW. You’re my only hope.
  2. Today a customer asked me: “Are you human?” No idea why. I'll just state for the record. More fucked up shit happens to me when I'm sober as opposed to when I'm not. Just sayin.
  3. 1st title defense. I could see Bryan putting him over, perhaps in his first actual loss.
  4. Not much in AEW goes to waste. So you might be on to something. You would have thought Yuta had been booked in a Queens Crown match it was over so quick. Missed the Malakai match because I got home late. Bummed. Waltzed in during the Lambert/IC promo battle. Seemed good. Since I know almost nothing about current Lucha (and I’m trying out this new vape pen). I almost bought FTRs Conquistadors gimmick as legit. Smooth move unmasking them right away as historically this shit gets dragged out for at least a few weeks. Punk gets the “Saba Simba Award” for making the call before they did. Si! Got the sense that Bryan was looking to add an additional finisher to his move set using the ultra torque heel hook. Might as well. He even got a decent pop for it when he used it against Jericho in that NXT match a bazillion years ago.
  5. I saw Tay/Santana and thought it was terrible. Garrett did not perform well here at all. Damn, she was slow and looked like she got lost a time or two. Matt/Punk was a lot of fun where both guys looked really good. I can see MS being somewhat elevated here even with the loss. By now clout and winning streak should get Punk a next level opponent. Maybe Cody, soon? I’m lukewarm on Bobby Fish. Moriarty looked great. Match was fine. I’ll watch the rest later when the family isn’t nagging me to go on a goddamn hay ride. I love you AEW.
  6. I went to bed after AmDrag/Suzuki. That’s really all I needed so anything afterwards could wait. Great match, of course. They didn’t go outside the ring. There were no 2 counts that I recall. There was no finisher spamming at all. While I’m not exactly putting my flag in the hill saying I’m against those things. The absence made this match really stand out. Now I gotta look up the rest of the show.
  7. Saw Mox/Gage on YouTube and after reading the results of the rest of the show. Sounds like GCW really might have some legs to it. They keep catching my attention without my really trying.
  8. “What are you going to do? Shoot me?” Legit had me laughing for the next 20 minutes. Reminds me of that meme a few years ago. Stabbing Victim: “”What are you going to do? Stab me?” Its something of a Rorschach test. But yeah… “Hos”. Great 8 man tag. A crazy ladder match. A very surprising upset for Deeb. Fuck your trophy. Was Proud and Powerful taking a shit during the ATT brawl? I love you AEW.
  9. I suddenly want to use the phrase “wack a bigot” more in my daily life.
  10. This gist on Conrad I think stems from when I heard him in an interview basically saying that this podcast trend “isn’t going to last”. So I’m assuming he is taking that scorched earth approach when it comes to ad spamming his shows. But yeah. Between him spreading himself too thin. Plus the novelty of getting big names attached to these shows is getting old. Yet still I’m grateful, because absent the success of the Prichard show, MLW wouldn’t exist.
  11. Make him ask another question! Something about composting!
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