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  1. I thought TNKs straight dismissal of Jon was a great strategic and disciplined move. The guy has a Valarian steel sword. The one type of weapon that could kill him and the lose the war. So why fuck with him if beating Jon is still zero sum when Bran is over there and the objective. The rest of the WWs could have seen a little bit of action I suppose. But at that point in the episode I was ready for a solution.
  2. You have my support. My simfed just celebrated its 20th year.
  3. It sure sounds last minute. There is your summer.
  4. I was under the impression that Mandy Rose was supposed to get the shot at Asuka. Post Elimination Chamber I would have begrudgingly agreed. She was aggressive and very physical throughout the chamber. It was enough to make me think I was over looking her. The weeks between then and now showed she definitely wasn’t ready as the gap in status and talent would still have been huge even if the follow up to the EC had been successful. Mandy didn’t step up. Charlotte winning is a patch. But it’s patched with the best wrestler they have.
  5. So... when does Shane have to drop HIS last name?
  6. I went to the Lowell show last night and had a really good time. Seemed to be cut and pasted from what they did in New Jersey a couple of nights ago. Riddle seemed to be the most over. He did a bunch of power moves, just tossing guys around and getting the win for him, Lorcan and Burch. They announced the show as a sell out and I can’t argue with it. This is my fourth straight Lowell show and none of them in my history had done that. I can’t wait for the next one.
  7. Andrade and Rey continuing beyond the next match is fine. It’s fine IF the finish is strong enough to compel another match. I understand that for some people that can feel like something has has overstayed it’s welcome. But like with Ciampa/Gargano it very well be telling a long story but clearly we have turned the page onto the next chapter. I think both these combinations can earn their next chapters.
  8. Just spitballing here. But successfully pulling off the Iron Woman match or that top rope reverse Rana would be enough to convince me to keep raising the difficulty level. That being said, it definitely opens Sasha up to that criticism that “hitting” what she is going for is valid. She is super ambitious and it’s both a strength and the trap she keeps falling into. From over here Sasha still has plenty of Main Event credit to spend (in the case of the potential injury to Becky) that slotting her into another match with whomever is Champion is easy and plausible. Not even shitty booking has robbed her of that yet.
  9. It still chaps my ass to this day. But when they did the recap on Superstars the following weekend after RR92. They changed to audio of the crowd reaction to cheer Hogan when it was clear to anyone who saw it live knew they shit on him. Monsoon even re-recorded his commentary to try and steer Hogan towards sympathetic. I was furious.
  10. Well... if he IS a heel. He got the heat. Now we need a pic of Roberts sitting on Harley Races lap.
  11. That show doesn’t inspire me since I have tickets to the show in Lowell, MA on February 9th.
  12. I think the complaint about characters standing out is a legit one. But it’ll take some time for the UK brand to build an identity for them to exist in. For instance a WWF Hogan shines in a spotlight much differently than he does in a WCW spotlight. Eventually, I’m pretty confident it’ll sort itself over time. In short its early.
  13. Not even done with the first match but... I’m pretty sure a nuclear weapon would only get 2 on Trent Seven. Dude knows how to set up a painted into a corner no hope spot and still survive.
  14. These are the guys that gave the world penis druids. I’m not going to worry about the steak having no sizzle. Fuck! When did I turn into JR?
  15. New Japan is impressive but they are hardly storming the gates here in North America. Even the MSG show isn’t going to be the coming out party you’d kinda need it to be when your sharing a spotlight. A cooperation would keep the steady flow of big splash making events coming. NJPW could be a part of that until a reliable tour schedule can be founded. Expanded outreach of exposure only increases audience access to your show. When AEW, NJPW, and ROH are in a business of needing to let everyone know who they are, it only makes sense. FFS just make it “COMPETITIVE!”
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