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  1. The real draw for me has been how surprisingly competitive and competent the matches turn out to be. I’ve had Iron Man matches where the score switched leaders a couple times. In one instance in a 60 Min Iron Man a guy got destroyed for the first half hour only to rally in the second and came within 1 point of winning. The key of course, is getting those settings right in both the options menus and attributes. I tend to push more defense and less in offense to give matches a chance to breath. I even experimented with some guy who had maximum and minimum attribute points. Neither turned out to be a guarantee of a win or loss. Check out the main event in this video. Lots of great heat building, one really great near fall, and a crushing finish. Plus, you can make fun of my announcer voice.
  2. Are you playing the game or using it to sim?
  3. I’m a little late to the 2k19 shout out in this thread. But just wanted to add one more check in the win column for my purposes is one of the best wrestling games ever. I just recently completed 3 seasons of my sim league with a bunch of my buddies. Two of the seasons were in 2k19. Once I finally wrapped my mind around the best settings in the options menus... this game performed. Historically (The MVWF has been around for 20 years) I really thought nothing was going to top No Mercy as a simulator. Plus the GameCube games really put out as well. So even though I don’t really play this game. I can say it delivered.
  4. Got it! Only gifs of his entrance from this point forward.
  5. I’m thinking that my love for everything in the final 4 has eclipsed whatever criticism could be rightfully applied to the prior 8. But I really can’t even care that much about them when I got so much payoff at the end. Watching all in a session is a good choice.
  6. Hmmm. I kinda liked the Martez sisters.
  7. I’m really caught off guard in how much Clone Wars has exceeded my expectations. I generally avoid movies and shows with this type of animation. Whatever it is it about it, gets in the way of my being able to enjoy this brand. But Clones and Rebels takes such time and care in building story and characters. I’m really impressed.
  8. The Phantom Apprentice was phenomenal!
  9. Wow. After all this time. King Slender has a first name (and a demotion).
  10. I saw the David Starr match from an OTT recently and he won me over. But I skipped the Blackpool show. So I’m definitely going to run back to check it out.
  11. Pretty fun show. Loved the 7 man tag. That Jordan Devlin fellow has a lot of upside. He’s like night and day from his blip on the radar in the UK tournament a couple years ago.
  12. Another really good episode. I love this Woman’s Division. But in wondering out loud. Does Ripley win it right away or does this have the legs for a long term chase? I’d hate for a first shot loss at the title take the wind out of her sails. I might answer my own question thinking that Ripley is a baby face but not an underdog baby face.
  13. I love The Dark Order. Hopefully my grandparents wont disown me.
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