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  1. Caught the rest of the show. This show was great. Great crowd. Matches that were great for a multitude of reasons. Sticking the landing in a chaotic atmosphere where being able to rely on your assets isn’t always possible. I love this shit. Unironically. This isn’t news. I’m tickled by the Darby promo. Because the idea of shooting video while running around the city with a body bag is so Brandon Bones circa 92. I got some feels for Saraya. That crowd reaction had to be very validating for her. MJF was a problem for me this episode. Dude… be a piece of shit but don’t bury the best match you’ve ever sat in front of. Really. Anyone remember that scene in Braveheart when they killed Bravehearts hot wife? Just casually cut her throat. I immediately jumped off the couch like: “Let’s go kill these motherfuckers”. Remember when SUWA in (I think) 05 TORE THE SCROLL right before his Junior Heavyweight title shot vs. KENTA? Joe Higuchi went the fuck off and so did I!!! That’s how I got when MJF put his hands on Tony Schiavone. That’s got heat with me brother. Meanwhile count me in on the “if Punk doesn’t come back… so fucking what” train. I spent 7 years hoping the guy would get back in a ring just like a lot of people. But I feel like I saw it now. Not sure I really want much more of THAT bullshit at the end. No sir. I don’t like it. The comeback wasn’t bad. In fact it was pretty great. Moving on made easy at Grand Slam.
  2. Boy did that come together at the end of Ep3. It really tied the room together. I’m in.
  3. I so far only saw the opener and the main event and loved them both. Loved the rana reversal out of the avalanche Ricola Bomb. Claudio FLEW for it. Great set up for the Judas Effect. I thought the production was great in this episode. Immediately knew this wasn’t a typical show by how it was shot. Even the ringside cameras were looking to expand the scope of the enormity of the show. I’m looking forward to next year. Loved the smother choke as the finish in the main. If you’re going to beat AmDrag. That’s how you do it. I kinda thought Bryan was slated to win with all the emphasis put on his avenging losses. But it really just set me up to be surprised at the finish. Well done. Bryan is still my boy though.
  4. How does this end in a crazy dragon battle? I’m pretty sure I saw Hornswoggle.
  5. Well this was quite the variety pack of matches vacuum sealed into an hour. Enjoyed all of this. I need good things right now. Count me in on being impressed with Ford. I really thought she was a break out star after All In. I’m glad to see that start playing out with a big win. Willow looked great and is only more endearing in defeat. The Egos Edge was broo-talllll! Eddie is turning into a Brillo Pad. Oddest Irony of the week: I was MOST concerned with the well being of Matt Hardy in a match that included Darby Allin.
  6. Episode 4 I thought had some very inspired well directed moments. That shot of the orc ALMOST sniffing out that kids manflesh during what was a monster long one take is super intense. Catching arrows and firing them right back at your enemy is delightfully thoughtful in giving the show some continuity with Jackson’s trilogy. Beautifully done. Hot MILF continues being hot. Word.
  7. No, it isn’t. But you KNOW Jericho is going to Big Brother Noogie the entire fanbase until it gets over by submission.
  8. I guess I wasn’t the only person who thought Jade/Athena evoked Lesner/Goldberg and what a great approach it is in handling her booking. Don’t have her out there right now doing too much. Just do a few things done really well is more than enough while she is still… erm… green. Not sure they really got everything they wanted out of the match at All Out. But hey, just do a rematch and it’ll probably improve.
  9. It’s late in the afternoon for there to be no BTE posted on YouTube.
  10. It’s an interesting trend in streaming shows to release a couple of episodes from the outset. Having seen that choice made a few times now, I can see why. Especially, with a new untested show. If those eps are all character/story table setting. Then I say go for it. The Peter Jackson movies were a generation ago. No doubt there are people checking this out who know nothing of the movies or source material. This is largely a good thing. I’ve enjoyed these much more than I thought I would. Which seems like a common reaction. But I have to wonder if my perspective isn’t skewed because there was a fuck ton of negative bullshit on YouTube doing everything they could to torpedo the show before anyone had even seen it. But hey! It’s not bad at all! The actors seem comfortable in their roles and are well directed. The production values are top notch and seamless with prior productions. I’m still trying to catch up on names. So it’s still “Hot Single Mom” “Hot Single Moms Elf boyfriend” “Big Eyes Lady” and “Hunky Raft Fellow”. Galadriel. I’ll get it eventually. Good times.
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