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  1. I'm part of a B-Movie/cult film group on Facebook. The guy (that runs it) scorched his shorts when Tammy and the T-Rex was announced as a surprise Vinegar Syndrome release back in November or whenever. I actually caught a few of the gory bits during the party scene on one of Shudder's live streaming channels a few hours ago. Alas I only have room in my heart for Carnosaur even though I'm sure this was trying to be something much quirkier than a Jurassic Park rip-off.
  2. Jim Brown would've undoubtedly been a Hall Of Famer in any era, but I can't ignore how he was almost always the strongest and fastest player on the field. He was also one of the bigger players on the field considering that most teams only had a handful of 250-260 lb. players. Of course he dominated all those slow toothless slobs, most of whom took cigarette breaks between series. While a modern training regimen would have made Brown even more superhuman, if the rest of the players (in his era) also had a modern training regimen, it would've actually been to their overall advantage in narrowing the physical gap between them and Brown. The NFL also didn't fully embrace integration until the 70's, after the NFL/AFL merger, which significantly lowered the overall talent pool compared to the modern era.
  3. I have no dog in the Steelers/Seahawks Super Bowl officiating controversy. However tying Jerome Bettis into Hall Of Fame talk from a few pages back, Edgerrin James wouldn't water down the Hall Of Fame anymore than Bettis getting in did, since both basically had the same careers. Two rushing titles and four seasons of over 1,500 yards for James compared to no rushing titles for Bettis (even though he had at least one monster season that would've lead the league most other years) and only one season of over 1,500 yards. James was also a legitimate receiving threat out of the backfield; especially early in his career. 3,364 yards and 11 TD's for James compared to 1,449 yards and 3 TD's for Bettis. Bettis had 1,400 more career rushing yards but played in 44 more games. Bettis had 61 career 100-yard games compared to 57 for James. 94 career TD's for Bettis compared to 91 for James. You could make just as strong a case for either guy being a compiler as a borderline Hall of Famer.
  4. Bill O'Brien, zigging when he should've been zagging and zagging when he should've been zigging.
  5. History is against Mike McCarthy because no head coach has ever led two different teams to Super Bowl wins. I don't see McCarthy being the guy that achieves that milestone.
  6. I also immediately thought of The Town That Dreaded Sundown, but nobody was killed via strangulation. I actually had one of these horror movie stumpers involving a killer in an S & M mask for years before I figured out what it was. It was called Blackout. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0088816/ It really stuck with me because I walked in the room and saw the opening scene when I was 6 or 7 and it shows somebody finding a mother and children murdered in their home. Of course, the murders don't occur onscreen and my imagination had built up the scene to be a lot more graphic than it was. It was a made for HBO film. I still haven't went back and watched the entire thing, but pulling it up on YouTube the scene really isn't grisly compared to other stuff. I'm sure it was much more of a mystery from the description of the movie. Here it is on YouTube.
  7. Bondage slave mask? Ski mask? Mr. Wrestling II mask?
  8. Since the ship probably sailed on Bianca Bel Air having a truly meaningful NXT Title win, why not have her breakout moment be winning the Rumble instead? Even though she has much more potential as a heel (in addition to the fact that NXT women 's division stand-outs are fed shit sammiches sooner than later when they are introduced as faces on the main roster) it might mean a little something if she was the one to finally end Bayley's current reign at WrestleMania. I mean not really, though. Any winner of the women's Rumble that challenges the other brand instead of Becky is going to look as small-time and lame as the men's winner choosing to challenge for the NXT Title. Obviously Becky's challenger is going to be Ronda or Shayna. They could always pull some convoluted garbage where a surprise winner like Bianca Bel Air lost their shot to one of those two before WrestleMania, particularly if it's Shayna. Of course, that's also the sort of bullshit that nullifies one's big breakout Royal Rumble win.....being goaded into losing your title shot before WrestleMania. I guess root for Bianca Bel Air and hope they (any winner that isn't Ronda or Shayna since one or both of them has to be set in stone as Becky's WM challenger) have a reason that isn't too stupid for challenging Bayley instead.
  9. Sean Payton should coach the Packers or Vikings at some point so Bears fans can be pissed and insulted that he was such a shitty replacement QB in 1987 while also having the same last name as their greatest player.
  10. This is kind of how I understood "the other guy" criteria. Ricky Morton is the one that got his nose rubbed into the concrete. This is after he got goaded into a confrontation because he was always the one Flair directly addressed by name when dissing the Rock N' Roll Express. Of course, that could just be because even the Four Horsemen weren't low down enough to make fun of Robert's lazy eye. Supposing that every tag team consisted of the standout and "the other guy", wouldn't that make Rick Steiner the other guy? For starters, there's the story that Scott was in line for a World Title run, which he refused because he didn't want his brother, the Dog-faced Gremlin, to be left begging for scraps as a mid-card singles act. Besides not knowing how much truth there is to it in the first place, I believe this was a Watts thing, even though Scott had already faced Flair for the title in a Clash main event before he bolted with the big gold belt in 1991. That doesn't necessarily mean anything though since Eaton also faced Flair for the title in one of those one-off Clash main events. Rick also challenged Luger for the title as a placeholder opponent between Ron Simmons and Sting. Rick was more of a character with the goofy headgear (and not so subtly being portrayed as mentally challenged to varying degrees). You can be the judge on whether or not Scott was better off being the one that barely talked during promos. Even though both of them clotheslined and suplexed their opponents to hell and back, Scott was my favorite as a kid because of the Frankensteiner, whatever that standing flipping slam was called, and having an overall wider variety of suplexes. Even though Rick was more capable than Anvil, their team dynamic wasn't too different than the Hart Foundation. I realize that point is very uneven since both Steiners' whole identity was being high level collegiate wrestlers, but Scott's offense was unique enough (and more varied than Rick's) for him to be the technician and Rick the powerhouse lunatic, not unlike Bret and Neidhart. Scott also had that sweet, sweet mullet. There. Take that, Rick's goofy ass looking wrestling head gear.
  11. The Saints' protests might have gotten on some people's nerves last offseason, but the net result of that non-call was a boring ass Super Bowl where Jared Goff played like the most worthless bag of shit ever. If a guy extending his arms (not getting called as offensive pass interference) leads to a whole offseason of Chris Jericho level conspiracy victimhood, then the Saints will officially be petty assholes.
  12. You just know they would've went ahead and compared that (non-scoring) run by Taysom Hill to Steve Young's TD against the Vikings in 1988. That's a huge difference, especially considering that the Saints ended up pissing away that drive and ultimately the game.
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