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  1. Yeah, I saw the Lost Souls documentary and definitely understand why he went on a self-imposed exile from making movies. Jennifer was probably the most messed up one to me too. I watched a video on YouTube (of the original comic book it was adapted from) with narration, and that might have been even more messed up. Pelts was good too. Those two episodes are right up there with Cigarette Burns also being a personal favorite.
  2. I would like to see the guys that made The Void get a big budget and basically pull an Evil Dead 2 where they do a glorified remake of their own movie. It was apparent from their commentary that they weren't able to do half the stuff they envisioned due to lack of a budget. I see one of the co-directors just finished something called Psycho Goreman starring the Astron-6 crew. I recently watched Gordon's The Evil Clergyman on Tubi. David Gale from Re-Animator played a human-faced rat pretty much like the same creature in Gordon's Dreams in The Witch House episode of Masters of Horror. He was the real stand-out. At least we still have Richard Stanley's other two Lovecraft adaptations to look forward to. Given his career though, there's no telling if or when they'll actually get made.
  3. Yeah, I've seen that a few times on B-Movie TV. It's a good thing "SAY HELLO TO MY BROOMSTICK!" never gained any cultural resonance.
  4. This is really more of an observation. I rewatched the Savage/Warrior retirement match from WrestleMania VII, and it occurred to me that at the moment in the match where Warrior's gods seem to be urging him to leave the ring, it is actually Jim Hellwig's god telling him he should immediately go to the back and hold up Vince for $50,000 to finish the match.
  5. Brodie Lee was cool until he disrobed and his ring gear was some shit an early 2000's Kevin Nash wannabe would wear. Nobody is scared of Big Daddy NuGrape.
  6. The Hidden, Shocker, and The First Power were all movies that utilized some variation of possession/body switching in the five years before Jason Goes To Hell was released.
  7. You got a couple of years on me. 40 isn't that far around the corner for me.
  8. Has anybody else pointed out that Cornette once slapped the living shit out of a wrestler for not shitting his pants at the mere sight of The Boogeyman?
  9. The only thing better than Goldberg beating The Fiend would be The Fiend winning at Super Showdown and then losing to Sting at WrestleMania. Of course that would never happen. It would just be fuck tons of awesome if it did.
  10. That DVD cover is some of the funniest, most misleading shit ever considering a good portion of the movie is the killer Daniel Ray Hawkins just sitting there eating hamburgers and French fries, and drinking milkshakes while he recounts all his murders to the local Sheriff.
  11. Alright, finally saw Ready or Not and the ending was fricking awesome. That ending and little throwaway lines like "the rich really are different" definitely gave off a Society vibe. Also the story of the game box reminded me of how the puzzle box in Hellraiser was always acquired. It was between Ready or Not and VFW for my rental choice, but I'm hoping that VFW will be on Shudder sooner than later, especially since the director's other movie, Bliss, was recently added. Bliss was pretty wild but I had taken some medication before watching it and started dozing off during the second half of the movie, which might have actually enhanced the experience with how wild it got. Yeah, I watched The Golden Glove trailer and it looks like some truly depraved filth. Speaking of Henry comparisons, I've still never gotten around to watching Angst on Shudder. Never mind, it's gone, but it's on Amazon Prime now. Reading the description on Amazon, it seems pretty bleak. Say what you want about Henry but the movie had a certain sadistic charm. I just looked up the real life serial killer The Golden Glove is based on, and they do a pretty good job of making the main actor look like the odd looking Fritz Honka. I don't know when I'll feel up (or down) to watching The Golden Glove. Probably when I'm drinking along with the killer. I recently watched Confessions of a Serial Killer again, and Robert A. Burns (TCM art director, who created all the gnarly bone furniture) is a pretty close facsimile of the real Henry Lee Lucas, as a simple-minded, puny looking little guy that women didn't know whether to pity or be frightened of when he offered them a ride. The actual movie doesn't really show much and is pretty tame, with the worst scene being a woman's implied fate (not shown) after she makes the mistake of letting Hawkins (the movie's version of Lucas) and Moon (Otis) into her home to take a look at her air conditioner late one night. It's definitely closer to the real-life capture and tall tales of Lucas (although scenes in this suggest the killer isn't just jerking the local police around). This isn't anywhere near as good as Henry, and more or less takes a similar matter of fact approach to a TV movie. Also the Otis fill-in Moon is just a chubby guy, and is nowhere near as scary or oddly funny as Tom Towles in Henry. The actual movie starts at around 13:30 as the uploader put movie trailers in front of it.
  12. I still have to see Ready or Not but before I looked up the cast, I mistook Andie MacDowell for Shawnee Smith based off the trailers.
  13. Moment as in the actual visual of her passing out in the submission (caked in blood); as opposed to her tapping out clean to Asuka at last year's Royal Rumble. I didn't mention any other mumbo jumbo about crowd reactions or career trajectories. You think that's the worst ceiling they can set for Shayna? She'll probably lose the title back to Becky at the pay-per-view right after WrestleMania.
  14. I guess Shayna "bites" Becky's forehead open at WrestleMania, and the flow of blood (capsule) causes her to pass out in the Kirifuda Clutch. Becky gets her Austin/Hart I Quit moment, and eventually gets her revenge at Summerslam. Or maybe it doesn't mean shit for the rest of their feud, and the nape of people's necks getting gnawed on is a new staple of bladeless blood like coughing up blood from internal injuries.
  15. The Tampa Bay Vipers looked like they purchased their uniforms from an Oregon Ducks yard sale.
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