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  1. The show I caught it on made it seem as if the footage had been heavily edited by Conor's camp (when previously released) as to not make him look so amateurish.
  2. Has anybody brought up the unedited sparring footage Van Heerden released yet? I'm sure most of those who were going to order the fight are the types of diehards that made their minds up the minute the fight was announced, but for every other undecided straggler, maybe both camps should've compensated Van Heerden to keep this footage under wraps. Then again, I imagine a great deal of those stragglers will just ignore this footage and cling to their beliefs that McGregor could still land the miracle shot no matter how overmatched he is and end up buying the fight anyways.
  3. Punk, Power Ranger Frank and Buff Bagwell all competing to see who can bodyslam Steven Seagal? Also the whole point of Punk competing against a minor celebrity would be to see him get his clock cleaned again. Isn't Dave Mustaine an MMA enthusiast? I'm pretty sure Punk could take him.
  4. Punk vs. Scott Adkins? Or Michael Jai White?
  5. I saw it, thought it was alright but then again I'm fairly unfamiliar with Marble Hornets. There seems to be a consensus that it did very little justice to the web series. It wasn't anywhere near as effective as Channel Zero was, since they're both based on the whole creepypasta phenomenon.
  6. To be clear, I don't have a problem with super teams, however they're formed. Also nobody's made the point yet that the Mavs team LeBron originally failed to get the Heat over in the Finals weren't anything close to defending NBA Champs.
  7. If there's any knock on these Warriors, it's that the union of Durant and the Warriors was consummated out of a mutual pity party both had over blowing 3-1 leads in last year's playoffs. I would've liked to have been a fly on the wall for the actual pitch to hear how much of it was "fuck Westbrook, he's holding you back" and how much was "let's fuck LeBron over."
  8. If the league doesn't arbitrarily suspend Draymond for some nebulous bullshit, last year's Finals is over in five games, the Warriors don't recruit Durant so no super team and they finally run out of steam and lose this year's Finals to the Cavs in seven games. If they make it that far assuming Durant returns to the Thunder.
  9. Maybe the Pelicans buy into the Lonzo Ball hype and then re-sign Cousins so him and LaVar Ball can constantly engage in epic social media bitchfights when somebody needs to be thrown under the bus as the team still struggles to win 35 games.
  10. Is there some obvious reason I'm overlooking why the Celtics wouldn't be willing to trade the top pick for Anthony Davis and pair him with Isaiah Thomas?
  11. If they really wanted to give this match a big fight feel, divide it up into five-minute rounds. Also hire Scott Steiner back for a one-time special appearance as Brock's corner man. That way he can holler "HE'S FAT!" in between rounds as intelligible fight instructions.
  12. I did actually see some documentary about Robocop where Weller talked about how long and painstaking it was for him to develop a robotic style of movement. Maybe he didn't want some hack out there undoing all his hard work
  13. Never mind that shit for a second. Are there two distinct voices more opposite than Jake The Snake and Cobra Commander? Did the rent-a-Robocop that WCW trotted out actually speak and sound like PeeWee Herman?
  14. Don't forget that Sarge's G.I. Joe action figure and cartoon character was a dirty goddamned lie because of this; granted Sarge's G.I. Joe likeness wasn't as big of a misrepresentation as Refrigerator Perry's.
  15. What was the actual message Heyman was supposed to deliver to Brock? Because although Joe told him how he was going to choke him out, he then just proceeded to choke the shit out of him while making a bunch of panting "WHSSH!" noises.