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    Since I only watch the show on AXS, that's how I was expecting Jericho to answer Omega's challenge last week instead of the imported Jeritron grand reveal.

    Brock is going to spank his monkey until someone comes out and stops him?

    Does Fahey actually watch every single play? I remember being introduced to his work when he popped up on LeBatard's show the week after the Cowboys' bloody mess against the Broncos and he mentioned Tyron Smith struggling with Von Miller. The only problem was that Miller probably lined up 75 percent of the time against Collins on the offense's right side. He definitely notched his sacks and pressures when matched up against Collins. Good fa├žade if you can get away with it but just consider that he doesn't actually watch every single play the next time he proclaims such outlandish horseshit.
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    Seeing as how the lump of shit is already sporting the mangy looking dreads, it occurs to me that all Bray Wyatt needs is one of those apparatuses on the bridge of his nose to look like an extra henchman in Battlefield Earth. Broken Matt should inform Husky Harris that his persona is nothing more than a character from an early draft of L. Ron Hubbard's last unpublished novel, at which point Bray should turn into a pillar of parmesan cheese.

    Generally healthy is really pushing it in regards to Romo at the end of his career. They weren't going to re-insert him into the lineup because why fuck with momentum when there's a 75 percent chance Romo doesn't even last a month before he's back on the shelf again? As far as guys who aren't the biggest in stature but have basically never missed a start for an entire decade, Brees is a better comparison. Of course, Romo is bigger than Brees, but he's always looked kind of dumpy for being 6'2." The point is neither has ever looked the part of a classic prototype passer yet Brees has managed to stay healthy for over a decade despite mostly playing on teams that were heavily skewed towards passing. You can't give Romo credit for all these numbers he would've put up had he not gotten injured repeatedly; at least three of his injuries ruined the Cowboys season. Yes, I'm counting 2013 where Romo managed to stay healthy for 15 games only to get injured in the next to last game. Sturdy also has to be a major point in favor of Eli over Romo. To be fair, Rodgers and Roethlisberger have had their fair share of injuries, however prior to this season, Rodgers still managed to go 8 of 9 seasons where he started 15 or 16 games. Romo only managed to stay healthy for back-to-back entire seasons in 2011-2012. As far as other players who have had similar careers to Romo, Philip Rivers currently sits at 187 consecutive starts. You can say health is a roll of the dice but the fact is there's at least a handful of guys with comparable or better career stats quality wise (passer rating, TD/INT ratio) to Romo who have rarely missed a start. Peyton, Brady, Brees, Rivers and Eli have all been iron men in this era which makes a guy like Romo stick out like a broken thumb.
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    Miles O'Keefe will always be the wussy Fabio Dracula from Waxwork to me.
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    150 bucks a jar strawberries.