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  1. The Sect (1991) is a total shot in the dark. It had some of those elements and some pretty striking visuals, but there was no actual trip to the underworld. There was a scene involving the exploration of a labyrinthine hospital morgue that might evoke the underworld. I searched for the title on the site JT provided and their summary would make you think you were seeing a movie that sounds close to what you describe. The actual movie is nowhere near as epic as The Labyrinth meets The Odyssey but the summary fairly accurately describes the plot while also sounding vaguely like the movie you reme
  2. So it turns out I wasn't hearing things and Taz's son is actually named Hook.
  3. Too late, I watched Books of Blood last weekend. How many people prefer Hellraiser 2 over the original? While the sequel expands the lore and retains the same gross and screwed up qualities, it doesn't feel quite as nasty as watching Frank regenerate every layer of skin in that dirty attic. Then there are the Cenobites whose actual screen time and presence in the original (or lack thereof) is similar to all the blood people imagined getting spilled by Leatherface in the original TCM. It's been pointed out numerous times on here, but in the original, the Cenobites are just peripheral play
  4. Deadly Friend still works as an after school special. It's about the warning signs that your girlfriend is being abused by her drunk loser dad and.....
  5. The fat little guy (at the beginning of Ravager) that stole the Charger gave me major George Costanza "trying to be a bad boy" vibes.
  6. I think The Shining has been brought up as an inspiration for The Beyond too. The Sentinel is a bit long and drags in places. There isn't really much gore or actual murder until the finale. Until then, it's carried by atmosphere and the fashion model's creepy weirdo neighbors.....in an apartment that the landlord swears is unoccupied besides the model herself. When the denizens of hell show up for the cursed midnight hour, they turn out to be a line of actual circus performers, and I don't mean jugglers or clowns. Besides the general plots resembling one another and one key character trait pr
  7. Yeah, what Jae said is probably the deal. I remembered hearing that same thing after posting the previous comment. Shudder only gets the rights to certain inferior or watered down versions due to rights issues that are out of their control. It was Victor Crowley I was thinking about from Joe Bob's show. I think Halloween IV may have also been missing cop's daughter's milkers. I was also going to comment how surreal it is that three of the big four Fulci movies are streaming on Encore/Showtime, but I'm pretty sure that a few of them were previously available on EPIX. House By The Cemeter
  8. Caught From Beyond on one of Shudder's 24/7 streaming channels, and yeah, they wimped out on the eyeball scene too like the version on premium cable. I had assumed it was going to be the fully, intact director's cut although there have been other movies that Joe Bob showed, which were missing certain scenes for whatever reason. I'm good because I already have it on DVD and Blu-Ray, but that one scene must have been the entire reason for the movie's original x rating. I can't even think of the next most graphic thing in the movie that comes close to the scene Then again, all the Fulci
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