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  1. Whether any or all of the Forgotten Sons were involved with that Aces N' Eights poop duke in TNA, they all certainly look like they were. And that's bad enough.
  2. Damn it, having a tough time deciding between those two slipcovers for Spookies. They both look freaking awesome.
  3. Now I need a deep fake of Virgil as Buck Swope being denied a loan to start Virgil's Buck's Super Stereo World by head loan officer Ted DiBiase. "Sports Entertainer! Stop saying that. I'm a wrestler."
  4. By the time WrestleMania rolls around, those red lights are going to cause viewers worldwide to have a Silver Shamrock like-reaction. That has to be Vince's end game with this shit before he kicks the bucket. Cause mass hysteria within the audience. The Fiend will probably have an Iron Match after midnight at WrestleMania, leaving every viewer discombobulated worse than Kramer in the Kenny Rogers Roasters episode of Seinfeld.
  5. Basically he morphed from Jon Mikl Thor into some strange hybrid of Guy Fieri and Jon Rhys-Davies, which is oddly fitting since Davies played the Kingpin in The Trial of the Incredible Hulk 1989 TV Movie, which also featured Thor. Correction: After doing a search, Thor was actually in the previous year's The Incredible Hulk Returns, which didn't feature Kingpin as the villain. Daredevil is in both of them though, which is probably what combined them in my head. I just recently saw the last half hour of Returns on ConTV and I was wondering where the hell Kingpin was.
  6. Now I'm picturing Cornette as a false messiah waving his tennis racket at his followers. Obviously the cover can never come off so Cornette can spout a bunch of horseshit about the racket being gimmicked with the power and glory of his father, God. Then tell a bunch of fables about using it to fend off Satanist heathen at a spot show in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina.
  7. The comedic part is that the whole thing started because Garrett felt the need to talk shit and taunt Mason Rudolph in the first place over the fact that the Browns had just managed to beat a team QB'ed by Mason Rudolph. Cleveland Browns=commitment to flatulence.
  8. I had only read reviews of it on The Unknown Movies Page, then never thought about it until the recent announcement of the Blu-Ray release. About a month ago, it was added to Amazon Prime, which is cool because I wasn't going to use a blind buy on it. I've seen comparisons to Henry and Silence of the Lambs ("Buffalo Bill skins his fifth!") but Raimi is so weird and goofy as Dennis Skinner that it definitely veers into black comedy territory. This is also probably the most character work Traci Lords had to do as the one that got away. Half her character's body is scarred up and she has to stay doped up to deal with the agonizing pain while tracking down Skinner. It was fun as hell though.
  9. Say what you want about the rest of it, but the part where the cheesy biker leader is trying to drive his bike out through the bar window only to get clotheslined in the throat by Chuck with a pool cue, is good shit.
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