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  1. I think it was just really messed up lobotomy patients of Dr. Satan.
  2. The easiest answer is that the shootout at the end of The Devil's Rejects was some kind of dream sequence and they actually got captured. That's a totally lame crock of shit but it's the easiest way to bring them all back. I mean Zombie started his Halloween sequel with a fifteen-minute dream sequence, didn't he? I was just thinking about TCM 3 the other day and how it was so different from the first two TCM's (different family, frightened and beaten dog, mentally ill Leatherface is now suddenly idiot bully Leatherface) that they might as well have turned him supernatural to explain how he came back from having his guts chainsawed out in TCM 2. Also it would've at least given that awesome Excalibur trailer some relevance to the film if Leatherface was actually resurrected in the movie itself. I do like the idea of a shared Rob Zombie universe if it means Richard Brake is playing Doom-Head in this. I figured he was just playing some demented cousin or one of Mama Firefly's many bastards. The Dr. Satan scenes in Corpses were pretty far out there. Dr. Satan and the mutant with the flamethrower certainly didn't look like remotely normal human beings to me. That whole underground lair scene is pretty disparate from the rest of House of 1,000 Corpses and especially from anything in The Devil's Rejects. To Technico's overall point, the Firefly clan never interacted with any of those mutant weirdoes so it was easier to just shrug off as random crazy shit that happened at the end of Corpses without affecting the main story of the Fireflies.
  3. I wish there was a shitty bootleg sequel of Blade (like those Showtime Universal Soldier sequels with Burt Reynolds and Gary Busey) that Vampiro got to be in.
  4. Undertaker materializing out of the limbo portal from Monster Squad? Goldberg/Undertaker was so bad it made Hogan/Warrior II look like Hogan/Warrior I.
  5. Daywalkers just don't understand how a lifetime of bloodsucking leads to early onset dementia.
  6. "Vince doesn't give two shits about Asuka" just doesn't have the same ring to it.
  7. Discovered Roky about ten years ago through hearing one of his songs pop up on a digital cable music channel. I think it was Mine, Mine Mind. Thanks for the strangely unique tunes, Roky.
  8. The real issue is that they got dumped in the worthless tag team division so creative could punt on having to push either one of them as singles any time soon. If Asuka beating Becky back at the Royal Rumble meant anything long-term, then she would've immediately reminded Becky of that fact after WrestleMania to goad her into getting a title shot. It didn't though because she was nothing more than the most convenient placeholder they had at the time. A placeholder to have Becky lose to someone the fans would buy (so they could run the storyline of her forcing her way into the Royal Rumble and back into the WrestleMania title picture; which wouldn't have worked if she had lost earlier to someone lame) and then to transition the title to Mandy or Lacey at WrestleMania, which they audibled out of.
  9. I had been wondering why Rowan was wearing a Tom Savini shirt when he returned.
  10. Could be. Dexter is the last series I watched on Showtime.
  11. When do they do the very special Firefly Funhouse episode addressing the real cause of Lars Sullivan's unprovoked attacks? That he is ashamed of uncontrollably shitting himself whenever he is aroused, anxious, or confused (in other words all waking hours) and lashing out at his fellow wrestlers is his way of regaining control over his life.
  12. The HBK re-enactor looked laughably puny in the scene showing the re-enactment of the match.
  13. If Walter ever finds his way to the main roster, Vince will ask when in the hell they rehired Vladimir Kozlov?
  14. Under this naming system, Demolition would've been called the Rough Traders or Post-Apocalyptic Gimps.
  15. Is it these guys? http://www.videojunkie.org/
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