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  1. WWE Hall of Fame 2018

    Shocked this pusbucket hasn't shit out a funky fresh remix that manages to combine Old Man Down the Road and Run Through The Jungle. Regardless of whatever the lyrics are about, just call it "John Fogerty Shits Ten More Bricks."
  2. WrestleMania XXXIV

    Fuck it. Just have Taker get a tracheostomy and one of those cool ventilation tubes inserted into his throat so he sounds like Sonny Barger. Or better yet give him one of those tracheostomy speaking devices he has to actually hold to his throat so he can beat the shit out of Cena with it during the match. In the next few weeks film a segment of Cena hitting Taker in the throat with a wrench while he's working on his bike or either dropping the bike on his throat. Voila.

    All three of those teams except the Vikings are in the deep dark QB wilderness. The closest thing to known young commodities on any of those other three teams are Siemian, Lynch and Awfullier, and they're all known as shit. Also I'm pretty sure Trevor Siemian is actually the doofus guy from Birdemic. If Chad Kelly can tone down his ruffian antics long enough to stick around, he's got to have more ability than those other aforementioned dweebs. The Jets have an ancient journeyman, Hackenberg (who apparently still hasn't thrown a regular pass; I had to check) and who knows what other pedestrians and misfits as their signal caller stable. Cardinals only have a couple of retreads that register as non-entities as far as legitimate starting QB's go. Unfortunately all three of those teams pick way before the Vikings do so even though they need an immediate upgrade the least, if that's what they want, it's Cousins or nothing. Still I wouldn't do it. Keenum may have limitations but so the fuck does Cousins, in the form of late game pants wetting. The Vikings would be better off sticking with Case for another season and taking a flier on Jackson.
  4. 2018 NFL Draft

    I guess the bar has finally been lowered to depths uncharted since that Bama Tackle Tits Guy that the Bengals ultimately ended up drafting.
  5. TICKLED MY FANCY: February 2018

    Kong beating the everloving shit out of Pentagon would've been a satisfactory payoff to his intimidating female ring announcers in season one of Lucha Underground.
  6. Raw Is I Don't Fear That Bitch - 2/26/2018

    Poon and kids always did distract Sting. Wasn't he being presented some award by a little Stinger when Nikita bumrushed him? At the time of the Flair ploy, I was still pissed he got distracted by Sherri turning on him causing him to get rolled up in the unification title match the year before. Also at the time it was a lot easier imagining being mesmerized by belly dancer Madusa offering you something hot as opposed to giving a shit that Scary Sherri betrayed you. As for Dreamer, I wasn't able to catch a whole lot of ECW as it only showed up at 1 AM Friday Nights on my cable and half the time SportsSouth would show Aussie Rules Football or some other horseshit instead. Basically my cable access to it was as sporadic as it has been to Lucha Underground. The first ECW I ever watched though (at a friend's house on satellite) just happened to be the week Dreamer piledrived Beulah. If those were the only episodes you happened to catch without knowing how many times women made him stupid, he just came off as an irrationally violent bastard and not such a mushy headed sapsucker.

    I'm guessing I really don't want to know what cosplay that's supposed to be where a dork with a crew cut has spooge all over his belly. Maybe Beastman after Skeletor got too excited and couldn't contain himself. Now if only that Terminator headgear had fused into his skull and started melting his face like Nightmare on Elm Street 5, that would've taken the cake as greatest WrestleMania entrance of all time.

    They should make the 150 lb. vaguely supernatural (in a non-threatening way) really good looking guy more dominant than the big Bluto guy that is an actual monster? I guess that falls perfectly in line with how somebody who watches this shit more like a comic book would see things. I guess that would make Braun the big stupid Zod henchman guy from Superman II and Demon Balor Superman. It would also make regular Balor wussy ass depowered Clark Kent that got his clock cleaned in the diner. I don't even want to think about relating the creep part though because that would mean depowered Clark Kent went into the phone booth to get undressed for other very wrong reasons.

    If Cena really wants to lure 'Taker out of retirement, he needs to film a vignette where he decorates the graves of Mean Mark and Kane's burnt up parents with his shitty rainbow brite hats and t-shirts and then pours a 40 out in their remembrance. Or just present some doctored photos of himself and Michelle McCool.

    Even with all this acrimony towards Brock on his way out, you just know they'll be eating out of the palm of his ass again if he was somehow able to beat Jon Jones. Actually if he beats any opponent high profile enough (to be pitted against him) that will be the case. If Brock/Reigns is placed in the middle or in the next-to-last hour of the card (because they can't get it over with fast enough) is it crazy to think they would just go all in and have Reigns win even quicker than Goldberg did at Survivor Series? I'd say no for a few obvious reasons. The first is that even if the live crowd is going to piss all over such a lame duck match the longer it goes, it would still look too disparate to have a guy eat a flash pin off one finisher at WrestleMania, of all events, where guy's life meter bars are multiplied times infinity. The other reason is Reigns' life meter needs to be put over by eating a bucket of F5's to puff up his victory montage on Raw the next night.
  11. I was getting curious if or when Pentagon was going to show up on TNA? Is Cage being called Cage or just plain old Machine? Machine would probably be better suited as one of Joseph Parks' other split personalities where he's revealed to be the star of James Mitchell's snuff films.
  12. Raw Is I Don't Fear That Bitch - 2/26/2018

    I share the same opinion of that match although Matt has posted fair opinions where he sold the context of it being a garbage match as the only reason Punk was able to hang. The problem is the Go To Sleep has too many moving parts as a finisher to begin with, which are even more magnified when that shittily tattooed strung out muppet looking motherfucker is supposed to believably finish a monster like Brock with it. I'd just as soon buy Santino finishing Brock with the cobra after he got bitten by an actual King Cobra.
  13. Raw Is I Don't Fear That Bitch - 2/26/2018

    Bad phrasing on my part. It's more the concept of the face being unwilling to stoop to the heel's level or generally asinine gullibility on their part; like Sting the 4th or 5th time he decided to team with Flair in a pinch because he's a swell and decent guy that still respects Naitch only to get his ass kicked yet again. I won't punch you or hit you with a kendo stick just so I can give you the opening to hang around long enough for me to get distracted so you can do those very things to me.
  14. Raw Is I Don't Fear That Bitch - 2/26/2018

    Read this too quick at first as "Ziggler.....if they just went back to him as a female manager."

    Forgot all about that dude.