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  1. I missed that segment. That's what I get for never going back and watching whichever show I don't tune into on Wednesday nights.
  2. Last night, it finally dawned on me that Cole resembles a stomach worm Stevie Richards as much as he does malnutrition Shawn Michaels.
  3. What was even the point of Scarlett showing the hourglass (running down) to Cole a few weeks ago? Did Kross use his powers of clairvoyance to bet on Cole losing the title and win a shitload of money? Maybe Cross has one of those sports entertainment almanacs from the future handy.
  4. Joe Bob and John Bloom are such close personal friends it's almost like they're the same guy.
  5. I need to watch the whole thing again.
  6. All I know is Lars deserves to be beaten to death with one of Jim Cornette's loaded tennis rackets for their shitty cover of Diamondhead's "The Prince."
  7. I don't care for Havoc either, and that was before all the smoke about him being a scumsicle human being. A dude in a Mortal Kombat mask proficient with a staple gun.
  8. I'm on about catty brand loyalty sycophants whenever somebody's feathers get ruffled over my comment that I'd rather watch Io/Sasha than Best Friends challenge for the tag team titles. Conspiracy theory: since I always changed the channel whenever Triple H was droning on during his 25-minute weekly opening promos, I just thought they were all some variation of "I AM THE GAME....AH....I AM THE GAME....AH.....racist shit about Booker T.....I AM THE GAME.....AH.....C.M. Punk has the physique of a homeless former Subway sandwich artist.....I AM THE GAME....AH." Only you knew weenie ass was one of his obscure go-to phrases so you must be him.
  9. That is at least scarier than the movie, Uncle Sam.
  10. Edginess would be saying that about the Black Album. I know Slayer bros that don't consider any Metallica albums after Kill 'Em All good.
  11. Personally, if I ever felt the urge to listen to Load/Reload, I'd skip the whiskey step altogether and go straight to the barrel of a shotgun in my mouth step.
  12. Bobby Fish will be Go Fish and carry around a deck of cards.
  13. I want to believe it was actually Peter Weller as Robocop at Capital Combat 1990. However Jim Cornette is a bullshitting sack of shit that has (amongst other whoppers and tall tales) attributed throwing John Matuszak through a bar window to both Harley Race and Dick Slater; so if he's the one and only source, chances are it was somebody else.
  14. And thanks to that damned Odessa, I want to see Shayna rocking Tank Abbott's goatee.
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