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  1. At least, Xia Li looks the part of a possessed warrior that could tear the balls off 90 percent of the NXT or AEW male competitors. Besides it's nowhere near as outlandish as the entire costume and set piece changes you get with Blisslexia on RAW. I'd probably put it more along the lines of Wrath and Mortis, because the magic doesn't creep into the actual wrestling beyond her being booked like a brainwashed killer. Eventually they'll have to demystify and depower the gimmick, which they'll fuck up six ways from Sunday.
  2. Now I'm sad that John Nord didn't come down with lycanthropy during that whole phase of late era WCW with Vampiro and The Kiss Demon fighting for a sacred cup of Anton LaVey's preserved jizz. "I've Always Been Berserk.....But Now Wolfman's Got Nords." Then the Gambler would return at Halloween Havoc to vanquish him with a silver bullet.
  3. I feel like a golden opportunity was missed for Hollywood Hunk to not call himself Dolph Zabka....instead of Tharp Hilgenbrink, or whatever his generic jock name is.
  4. The one thing I always remember about Cannibal Apocalypse is that Giovanni Lombardo Radice's character is named Charlie Bukowski. Now that I think about it, a Barfly sequel (or prequel, for that matter) where he turned into a cannibal could have had real potential.
  5. Mercedes was put into a feud with Io Shirai.....at the end of December. How does that figure into her being a big deal back when she was feuding with Ripley? I said everything you said about her being treated as dangerous, but also pointed out how rarely she was in actual matches last year. To me, Mercedes should have been the 40-year old they pushed this whole time instead of Baszler, as even without an MMA background, she has much more of a Cris Cyborg killer vibe than Shayna ever will. I don't think Ripley should have been the champ instead of Io, but with as uneventful as Asuka's lon
  6. She had a good year after Wrestlemania because she beat somebody who was barely on NXT TV? I'm not denying how much of a badass Mercedes comes across as, but they barely put her on TV, or gave her any matches. Up to this point, Mercedes has been mainly featured as muscle. She had just as much TV time under a mask as part of Retribution. Besides, the Mercedes match was tied into the Robert Stone Brand crap, so it was really just the same feud. Shotzi Blackheart's toy tank has also been a focus of the division, arguably a bigger focus than Rhea Ripley in the last few months.
  7. Whoever the Vikings GM was should also be in the Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor.
  8. She also ate the pin in the triple threat against Io and Charlotte following Wrestlemania, and then lost to her again recently before losing her exit match against Raquel. It's not pulled out of thin air. She also lost to Toni Storm, off interference in the build-up to facing Raquel. Key losses to Io, Storm, and Raquel on her way out the door since November. 1-2 in her only feuds doesn't sound like a great year to me. Since Wrestlemania, she had one legitimate win over Mercedes, somebody who should be a much bigger deal, but for whatever reason was barely featured on NXT for most of the yea
  9. I still need to see Angst, which is also available on Shudder. I always put it off because the prolonged torture (that I'm expecting) is a little too grim. The genius and shock of Henry was never lingering on the actual murders as they were happening, instead mostly showing the aftermaths, and actually making these dimwitted psychopaths somewhat relatable and even charming for the rest of the movie.
  10. I was too young to have that kind of crush when the movie originally came out, but I didn't finally see it until 2011. By then, I fully appreciated her performance. The vampire make-up is right there with Mr. Barlow for me. I never found his buck-toothed fangs too terribly seductive though.
  11. "Not my HUNKY BOYS!" The best description I can think of is GWAR, ultra violent Power Rangers, live action Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Masters of the Universe, and Monster Squad thrown into a blender.
  12. Is Rhea's nearly year-long humiliation ritual (after losing at WrestleMania to Charlotte) over yet? I don't think she's won a single feud besides beating Aaliyah and Robert Stone. The Robert Stone Brand is so irrelevant having to feud with them was a major step down. It was the following year's Royal Rumble when Asuka finally got some legitimate shine back by tapping out Becky. Of course, that didn't last long. A worthwhile payoff to invincible Alexa Bliss would be if she got squashed for the title by Rhea Ripley at Wrestlemania. That would never happen though. Bianca Belair winning a ti
  13. Alexa Bliss has always had supernatural healing powers or been nigh invincible. She missed no time after having her ass kicked and her arm broken in 30 seconds of actual match time by Ronda Rousey at Summerslam a few years ago. Only to come back a month later and control 14 minutes of a 17-minute match. It didn't matter how cool it looked for Alexa to use her double-jointedness in selling the armbar, because she didn't even go away for a couple of weeks to sell the beating. Going back to Bray's original cult leader recruiting practices, (but not necessarily his current incarnation) Nikki Cross
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