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  1. You can't trust Pluto or some of these other apps to show the gory stuff either. I noticed that in From Beyond, they removed the eyeball scene.
  2. Bray Wyatt is basically this generation's Doink The Clown, except Doink's hocus pocus magic bag of bullshit (involving multiple Doinks) actually helped him win matches. So far, the only trick The Fiend has displayed is to lay there long enough and take enough of a thrashing to actually get his opponent DQ'ed during a Hell In A Cell match, because the ref is bored to death.
  3. If I'm not mistaken, that Original Video Junkie blog reviewed such a movie and yes, the blade-fingered glove was changed to a dildo-fingered glove instead. Update. Yep, they reviewed it along with Halloween porn parodies and all the Avengers parodies. http://www.videojunkie.org/ Just go to the site and search for:
  4. My uncle rented the first Nightmare on Elm Street when I was five and me, my brother, mom and dad watched it with my uncle, who had already seen it. The main thing I remember is that being my introduction to the concept of spoilers as my dad talked about how much he hated watching movies with my uncle (mom's baby brother) because he tells you everything that's about to happen if he's already seen something and ruins it.
  5. I listened to the Director's Commentary on the Scream Factory Blu-Ray and the director is lying his ass off because he swears up and down it was just a scarecrow with no actor inside of it. He had to be joking though.
  6. Character or look? Shoulder-length hair isn't Tessa's look and Bayley still wears full trunks. Besides they don't have a woman on the roster with the shoulders to pull off even imitation Tessa. What's the difference? Have these same observant types ever pointed out that Alexa Bliss updated her look to (Suicide Squad) Harley Quinn cosplayer when she joined the main roster after being some generic powder puff cheerleader in NXT?
  7. I just assumed Ortiz was high on bath salts and had to keep reminding himself not to eat his own tongue.
  8. Jack Haggar's MMA record is an umblemished 0-0 against actual professional MMA fighters. However he has beat the shit out of several hot dog vendors and beer truck drivers in the octagon.
  9. Surely Corey Graves isn't referring to the Fiend and Seth Rollins being separated by The Draft, because that means The Fiend is the lame ass kind of monster that is respectful of mandates telling him which brand he's exiled to. Also they'll have to make Seth Rollins exclusive to one brand even though he's Universal Champion.
  10. Stomping Alexa twice would only get Becky to the Royal Rumble before needing another challenger. Hopefully Becky has plenty of material about scraping leprechaun guts off her boots ready, instead of having to resort to head injury-based humor.
  11. You guys are being optimistic in believing the Kabuki Warriors won't be losing their asses off in non-title matches.
  12. Don't crap on their reality, you bunch of poopheads. Remember this is all the fans' fault.
  13. I guess that was their way of acknowledging that Triple H was always using a rubber sledgehammer. That's how come he never killed Sting or any of those other poor assholes he nailed in the temple at point blank range. Not Seth though. HE'S A MADMAN!
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