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  1. I liked the cheesy video game main theme to the second one.
  2. That onside kick was so good it hypnotized the Falcons into not even attempting to recover it.
  3. I got a feeling I can see any of the actresses in Verotika doing all sorts of things in the genre of film they normally work in.
  4. The numbers on the jerseys appeared to be fruit roll-ups.
  5. Eye boobs, brother. Eye boobs. Evil eye boobs.
  6. Yeah. That's the guy. Besides sounding overly scripted and insincere, he also had to pepper in some little zingers that seemed out of place. The guy who does Good Bad Movies also appeared, and his segments came off far more naturally.
  7. I thought the Dead Meat guy derailed In Search of Darkness every time he talked or appeared. He came off like he belonged more in one of those old VH1 "I Love The insert decade" shows they used to run nonstop, with hack comedians and other assorted jackasses. I would have also preferred a legitimate narrator relaying the same facts and details about movies that the Dead Meat guy spewed. I expected a segment on an Italian film right after they mentioned Dressed To Kill owing some of its style to Dario Argento. I guess the fact that they actually mentioned Argento as an obvious influenc
  8. Speaking of foreign Evil Dead knockoffs, has anybody seen ever watched this one?
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