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  1. The HBK re-enactor looked laughably puny in the scene showing the re-enactment of the match.
  2. If Walter ever finds his way to the main roster, Vince will ask when in the hell they rehired Vladimir Kozlov?
  3. Under this naming system, Demolition would've been called the Rough Traders or Post-Apocalyptic Gimps.
  4. Is it these guys? http://www.videojunkie.org/
  5. It really wouldn't have made a difference in preventing his first title reign from being the drizzling shits, but Sting probably should have submitted Flair with the Scorpion Deathlock. It would've at least made Sting's first title win stand out against Flair compared to all the flash pins in his previous title losses. Hell, all the Dudes With Attitudes were even holding the rest of the Horsemen off from interfering. Starrcade 1997 didn't just make Sting's victory look unconvincing. He ate a clean pinfall before that lame restart/do-over bullshit involving Bret Hart. That nonsense was just as bad as those random title losses by Triple H or Jarrett during the Monday Night Wars where the authority figure comes out afterwards and decides it was a non-title match all along. Except this time the supposed good guys perpetrated it. As far as last night goes, it wouldn't surprise me if they never planned on Ronda eating a fall during her whole run. She may not have agreed to eat a clean fall during her entire run.
  6. Triple H really skimped on the full-on Immortan Joe prosthetics. Aces N' Eights biker ski mask is a serious downgrade from past glorious Masters of The Universe cosplay headpieces.
  7. Sting used to be in the main event mafia. He should've car bombed Triple H's hot rod.
  8. No wonder Lashley couldn't vanquish the Demon. He only went half in with the Lou Ferrigno Incredible Hulk contact lenses. He should've tried out as many coats of green paint as it took to make the transformation complete. Plus that other (hateful bastard) orange Hulk might have even invited him to a cookout. At least throw on a moss colored wig.
  9. Good point about Wilson not getting gobbled up. I guess they needed a big explosion to cap things off.
  10. Speaking of Joe Bob, he showed CHUD for the first episode of his new weekly series on SHUDDER and he really kind of shit all over it. The main knocks were a lack of actual CHUD and a bunch of tirades against the cast, who apparently all got their start in the same inner circle of the New York theatre scene. Who knows what bug crawled up his ass? Never mind that shit, it's CHUD. The other movie was Castle Freak. I didn't stick around for that one because when I finally saw it last year, it was way too bleak and dreary in comparison to Gordon's earlier Lovecraft adaptations.
  11. The creature in the book (the movie was based on) was a werewolf. Since the best werewolf designs had been exhausted by then, there was the longshot possibility this could've been the movie where the Porcelain-eyed werewolf from Silver Bullet sexually assaulted a couple of gals instead of that creepy bog bug bastard.
  12. His name is John Dennis Johnston. Rednecky enough to hold the high authority position of trailer park manager.
  13. I never mistook L.Q. Jones for Sam Elliott but I did have to look up whether or not the drunk stereotype Indian was Sid Haig. It was just some other "ugly enough to be a modern art masterpiece" obscure character actor though. If I remember correctly, I discovered The Beast Within on some local midnight creature feature show when I was about 12 and was pretty weirded out by it. That bladder effect is indeed awesome. Looks like swollen testicles with a face formed on them. In a way, it is a slightly classier Humanoids From The Deep. The one redneck guy that is overprotective of his daughter is almost as magnificent of a bastard as Vic Morrow.
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