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  1. Better starting gig: last year for the Cowboys or this year for the Texans? Because directly or indirectly, Romo's back injury suffered against the Seahawks is responsible for both guys getting those jobs.
  2. Photo

    How do these same hateful people feel about Hogan stooging for Leno? Seems like that would register as much graver sacrilege than Arquette pinning Bischoff at a time when the title changed hands three or four times a week anyways.
  3. Gangrel reminds me more of Count Duckula.
  4. Between the Breakfast Club and the Flapjacks, I feel like we missed out on some epic breakfast-based factions stable wars where naturally Robert Fuller ends up in the role of Captain Crunch.
  5. Between the Montreal Screwjob and not doubting for a second the J-O-B Hogan was willing to do for him at Summerslam, Bret is shoot dumber and more gullible when it comes to trusting people than even Sting's wrestling character.
  6. I don't have any mixed-up metaphors to share, but to this day, whenever my mom talks about any kind of trouble my brother is getting in, she says "that boy thinks he's inevitable!" clearly confusing inevitable and invincible.
  7. Of course, JBL is a corporate cowboy caulksucker. As for his own personal Kevin Dunn legacy lifetime pass, I'm sure his cousin's uncle's nephew saved young Vince from being advanced upon by a rodeo clown.
  8. I'm actually hoping Rollins fails against Triple H now just so he can look like a knob for breaking out that goddamn Kingslayer t-shirt. So what kind of epic Game Of Thrones cosplay do we get for Triple H's ring entrance?
  9. I was actually thinking more along the lines of Satan from South Park due to similarities in voice and stature.
  10. Yeah, been amped up for that ever since seeing the original proof of concept trailer for crowd funding. There is no way I won't like it. The trailers have convinced me of that much. Even if they save most of the carnage for the ending, what monstrosities we do get look to be glorious. That new trailer seems to reveal a few things not seen in previous trailers. I'd rather go in cold but we still got another month before its VOD release date.
  11. Well, without even clicking play on the trailer and just going by that still, I must say that it's good to see Frank The Bunny from Donnie Darko is still getting work. Or maybe that's the Domino's Noid.
  12. The killers or "heads" (as they were called) seemed to only serve the purpose of being silly ass jokes (including chainsaw clown brothers one of whom a buddy and me jokingly kept trying to guess if he was actually played by anybody notable....I guessed Dustin Diamond and my buddy Daniel Stern; it was actually the guy who got an ATM dropped on his head on Breaking Bad). That is up until the final boss who may be Zombie's most iconic creation yet; even if his motif was totally cribbed from and supposed to evoke The Joker. I will say that the early preliminary joke round villains did provide one pretty gruesome moment....
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    So what about the alternate reality where Show ends up being known as the Big Nasty this whole time instead, Corliss Williamson pans out as an NBA Superstar and the worthless ass spectacle match at this year's WM is actually between those two over "who is the real Big Nasty?"
  14. I thought that "even my constipation is fraught with consternation" line was the worst. It was something about taking shits and intensity. I remember that much. By the way, if Semyon was supposed to be some kind of Russian Jewish gangster (pulling that out of my ass but he's clearly not supposed to be an Irish or Italian gangster) then why did his dad that showed up in the desert appear as some burnt out wife-beater wearing ex-Marshall Tucker Band roadie? I wonder when we are even getting a Season 3.
  15. Next year's Rumble: 'Taker's old ass can't even make it to the ring during the allotted minute and a half interval between entrants when suddenly Thrill Switch starts playing, Pentagon breaks his arm before he even enters the ring knocking him out of the Rumble and essentially taking his spot in the match. Or Vince watches this season of LU, deduces that Pentagon is a jobber that frequently loses to lady ninjas a third his size via piledriving himself leading to Pentagon being redubbed once again as LuchaSkeletor and entering into a 20,000,000,000,000,000,000 match series with Calisto.