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  1. The Page Story really has some long term work behind it. If you look at even the joke graphics on his entrance, they play a role in this as him being the one being 'held down' by the powers that be (who we all know are the other guys in The Elite). The whole being a drunk thing seems almost blown out of proportion as he's never been shown as being out of control or not ready for his matches unless I missed something. Like the company is calling him a drunk without him being one. Now the idea of Kenny and The Bucks being evil company executives sounds like well tread ground no one really wants, but it could be a way to write them out of those positions on television and that would be okay. One thing I just though of was that this even cuts into the Kenny-Pac angle as Kenny has been avoiding facing Pac when he could obviously get the match if he wanted despite Pac's prompting. It's clearly not face behavior to dodge matches for no real reason.
  2. Really good show now that I've seen all of it. I spoke about the tag match already. I think one critique I've heard was that Kenny and Page aren't a 'real team'. I think this ignores that Kaz and Scorpio, despite being in SCU, didn't actually tag team a lot going into the tag team tournament. It's more important to the story to strap Kenny and Page for whatever they're doing with them and the Bucks. This will hopefully cycle SCU out of the title picture for a minute and retool the stable as they're pretty stale right now. Baker match suffered from a booking problem that the finish was supposed to get over Britt being more of a cheat but no one could really get that message from pushing off the ropes. Baker doing that in a hypothetical world where she is not in a heel turn would be brushed aside as clever. I guess I'm saying it didn't go far enough to get over what the story obviously is. Inner Circle vs Jurassic Express highlighted that Jericho can have chemistry with such a wide variety of talents. He shouldn't belong in a stable with a mute MMA fighter in golf shirts, a 20 something egomaniac and a pair of street toughs but he manages to pull that off. He shouldn't be able to draw interest working with rookies and giants and midgets but there you have it. I think that whenever he loses the strap, he'll be fine regardless because he has that ability. Which really shouldn't surprise anyone at this point. MJF is a bit too over the top when it comes to bumping for me. I think its okay for him to do that for DDP or Cody, but for Janella it seems like overselling for the sake of it. I really don't agree with having the distraction finish as I don't think MJF should need the help to beat Joey. This coupled with the Bucks post match stuff gave us too much of a comeuppance for MJF when they should be heating Cody up to finally getting his hands on his rival. I also wonder why they had The Bucks do this rather than say Dustin or Kenny since they have the thing with Page going on and it may muddy the storyline. This feels like they had a pool and they had to throw someone in it. I don't care about hurting Pac. Job here is to put Moxley over. Sometimes, your face should beat people clean even when he's dealing with a narrative crutch. Overcoming odds and making babies is what your lead face should be doing. I think if I had to book this I would have gone with the small package finish, but I'd be wrong. Sometimes heels have to lose uneven fights because they're bad people who cannot win without doing bad things.
  3. I'm all in on the Page story assuming he comes out of this as the take-no-guff face. This is the first great AEW storyline which could define the company. In no way should the Bucks come out of this as the babyfaces and Kenny can go either way honestly (although his story seems to be slightly leaning heel). I thought the ion ring booking here was really strong with Page basically winning the tag titles on his own as Kenny sold in the corner. It came off as a real walking tall moment for him to hit the lariats to get the win.
  4. Bo in NXT at least got heat and gave Neville a pretty good launching pad to being top face for a while.
  5. I got a name wrong. Whoops. I like the style of wrestling fine. I just don't like bad wrestling. Marko is bad so I don't like him. Everyone else was fine even if the #STRONGhearts# were bland. I feel sorry for them having to fake bump for some pretty pathetic offensive work from Stunt.
  6. Did anyone actually watch this? What a broom stick carry job by Fenix. You know the babyface did his job well when he wins and you go, "phhhhhbt bullshit'.
  7. Dark had two pretty bad match ups this week. Swole vs Diamante was just trying too hard to be something they were not up to with these 1/2 speed strike exchanges which made the whole thing look too choreographed to be effective. Swole is better off not doing that stuff and just hitting her stuff cleanly rather than be fancy. Her finish suffers from a similar issue where she's doing a lot of steps to get somewhere and it's not worth the pay off. Diamante going under the apron for slides is just about the dumbest thing I've ever seen. Jurassic Express vs Lionhearts was better but also suffered from choreographed spots feeling inorganic and stagey. Marko Stunt isn't good enough to make me believe that he can overcome his obvious size deficiency. He's not fast or sudden enough to pull that off and it makes everyone obviously going along with the act look worse. His pillow punches are an embarrassment. Luchasaurus at least know how to run through guys on a hot tag and the finish was a nice one but The Lionhearts don't inspire any sort of feeling in me so caring about them losing is hard.
  8. I have to admit, I wasn't expecting 2 Cold Scorpio discussion but there ain't no lies there.
  9. I feel like you are mixing arguments for unclear reasons. Let me see if I can steel man you. A) Chris Benoit should be erased from the WWE Network because he murdered his family. B) WWE not removing him from the WWE Network means they are trying to generate profits from him being on those shows. C) If they can overdub licensed music from ECW, or WCW they can certainly cut out entire segments where Benoit appeared. C is where you lose me. I don't think anyone believes that WWE is unable to delete segments from the network, just unwilling since Benoit is all over three different promotions including several title matches, main events, storylines, and factions. I don't think bringing up C helps your argument even if I agree with points A and B.
  10. I don't know the answers to these things personally. My gut says that you can't watch Benoit wrestle without thinking about what he did. And I don't know that thinking about the tragedy is a bad thing.
  11. I edited out stuff in your post I didn't have a reaction to so its' a edited quote. Four way tag was what you would expect in terms of pacing and spots. Santana and Ortiz are still too goofy for my liking. I did like the interactions between Page and the Bucks and again Page isn't in the wrong in anyway here. Not sure why he's supposed to let the Bucks win instead of making the 30th blind tag in the match but it feeds into the motivation for the 'turn' that he's underappreciated and mistreated by the rest of the Elite. Bucks doing a Hogan at Wrestlemania VI tribute at the end also feeds into that narrative if they are going for unlikable faces turning the likable one heel. I thought the Buckshot Trigger was the jam. Still not seeing what Chuck Taylor brings to these matches other than a body. Can barely remember him doing anything in there so you all can educate me about how he popped off the page for you all. The beat down was good. I disagree that someone should have run out to save Moxley as he's made enemies out of everyone in narrative. This isn't Cody where we have to pretend no one will help him for a few weeks, they've established why no one would help Mox since he's jumped or beat up everyone in the promotion. Beating was good, I don't think turning the lights off was needed and stole a moment we could have had where Jon stands his ground against an incoming stable because he's too ballsy to back down. I didn't get through the whole show yet but him charging out of the ambulance looked killer. I also think the number one contenders tournament is backwards and goofy. Moxley had better get the match or you've just wasted a month of television and he's already number one contender. Why does he have to beat Sammy G (who I love) who is in no way a contender to the World Title? How is Darby in contention? It feels like filling time driving around the block to get somewhere we've already arrived. Being the sniveling jerk is Sammy's role and he made that work, I think he might have been a little too effective, Women's tag wasn't fit for television. Brandi looks like she watched wrestling on television once and hopped in the ring. Statlander continues to whiff badly on her spots when she apron moonsaulted next to Mel and her alien powers knocked her down. Mel looked like her primary influence in wrestling is Tamina Snuka. Even Shida looked like she was pulling everything so she wouldn't hurt anyone. Just awful. Luther adds nothing to the act and the sooner this ends the better.
  12. Double Post ... Billy Gunn for life.
  13. Watching Dark on Mute so I don't have any input on Dave Brown. I also skipped over the Memphis Legends thing... Darby vs Cutler I'm reminded of the old Mick Foley story about his time in Memphis when no one liked him taking wild bumps for Sonny Beach but loved him taking the same bumps for Jeff Jarrett. Darby was bumping pretty hard for Sonny Beach here. That fall on the top rope off was crazy brutal as was the suicide dive (which I praised for him doing to Cody on the big show). If Darby won't calm himself down, its on the agents to do it for him. In a vacuum, this was fine but it defines AEW that they have zero chill and don't know when they have a situation when one guy should be putting on chinlocks so the star can shine without taking wild bumps. Nyla vs Shanna Nyla having that mask for her entrance is too close to Havok's mask and I would have only one person/group wear those. I did like Shanna jumping the gun since she got put through a table and avoiding the 'I'm super mad, let's do headlocks!' trope. I was fine with how short this segment was because it got right to the point and showed Shanna was not going to lay back and get run over. The relative sloppiness of the spinebuster and the dive through the ropes were covered by the angle being what it is. AEW Referees are the worst, the poor bastards. Gunn Club vs Spears & Avalon This is the house show bullshit I love. Faces play to the crowd, heels stooge, heels get heat and cheat to keep it, hot tag, finish. Billy Gunn for president. Spears has entered the 'they are never going to push me, so I might as well have some fun' phase and it's my jam. Austin at least gets that he needs a connection to the crowd and makes sure he acknowledges them in a 'aww shucks, thanks guys' babyface way. Avalon needs to embrace being a weasel faced zilch even more.
  14. I assume the turtle was going to no sell it, since you know, shell.
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