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  1. Duke looks like a asshole and is a more striking figure due to her height. Neither one has really shown a ton to be honest, they would really benefit from some squash matches honestly.
  2. Darby's also lost everything else he's been involved in right (the six man and the Crackle Barrel deal)? If anything, the draw makes Cody look worse since no one else is finding Darby to be some insurmountable obstacle to climb including Spears who will likely be a midcarder and Havok/Janella who are going to be lower than that on the card.
  3. I'm old enough to remember when we were the verge of Braun Strowman being put in place as the focus of the show and Seth was in the IC Title position and people were all "You can't put Braun over, he's too much like Andre. Give me Seth!" I blame you people. Seth couldn't muster the fire to go after Corbin for hitting his finisher on Rollins' fiance for heavens sake. He's an empty set of tights.
  4. The Other Four Horsewomen
  5. Impact announced they signed Tenille Dashwood.
  6. Watched the opener and the main, I'm not the biggest death match guy but I'm okay with it being the domain of one guy on the roster rather than being every match on the card. It's really hard to say a match with this much plunder didn't feel over the top but I think it actually worked in coming near the edge of overkill and not going over the edge. The board shot from Warner was a tremendous spot and I was getting caught up in the emotion of it. Bestia 666 has a really cool look and face paint. The finish really worked for me. The Von Erichs looked great in the tag match. They wrestle like its a fight and it totally works for me. They come off as stars in the making. The finish was tremendous. The post was just the amount of wild I like.
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