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  1. No one should put a belt on Aries unless they are expecting him to walk out so they can have a tournament.
  2. Spears is scrambling for an identity so badly that he's muddying his own character to the point of incomprehension. Did he really need to add an anti hardcore element when he already has all this other stuff (10, Chairman, Tully) going on?
  3. Sucks, they really lost momentum when they stopped doing the weekly shows on youtube and Trevor Lee (Cameron Grimes) left.
  4. I was irrationally bothered that Christopher Daniels had the same microphone thing as Emi Sakura. I think he had it first but it fits her better.
  5. I guess the good thing about the Order is that they can easily add parts into the Creepers and if someone stands out, they can transition them out just as easily with a month or two break in between.
  6. How there is not a physical WWE museum/Hall of Fame is baffling.
  7. This was SHOCKINGLY easy to make work... A Merry Christmas Match Hallmark Christmas Movies 2019 - A Merry Christmas Match THE NINTH HOUSE/TINA THORPE Friday, October 25 at 9 p.m. on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries For Corey (played by Ashley Newbrough), everything's fine and well until a visitor (played by Kyle Dean Massey Brock Lesnar ) shows up at her mom's antique shop. Their interaction causes Corey to ask one major question: Why didn't she follow her dream of becoming a theater director WWE Superstar and more importantly, is it too late?
  8. I kind of like Uno specifically because he's a fat weasel cheater who throws all his goons (including Grayson really) in his opponents' way to avoid directly fighting someone. They don't really have that elsewhere on the roster and it makes for a good visual when Luchasaurus knocks them all away. I don't think they should be in the main event, but they make a decent undercard heel team for the Jurassic Express to beat on their way up the card. They can also bounce back easily and build heat again just because they have a mob who can mug Private Party the week after the first feud ends.
  9. I've personally preferred star ratings as a recommendation system rather than a measure of objective quality just so you don't get caught in the 'this **** match is better than that **** match so I guess its really ****1/8 because its not as good as this ****1/2 from three years ago' trap. EDIT: Also the '**** matches are now the average trap' My version ***** - Highly Recommended for everyone, a game changer for people who hate the style/participants. The match you show people to sell them on a wrestler. **** - Recommended for everyone except the absolute haters of the style/participants, fans would likely love it but it won't change hearts and minds. *** - Recommended for fans of the style/participants, people who don't like the style should stay away, fans would like it ** - Recommended only for super fans of the style/participants, most normal fans of the style would say its below average * - Not Recommended for anyone. The match you show people to drive them away from a wrestler.
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