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  1. My interpretation was that Butcher and Blade were (are?) mercenaries with a butcher shop being the 'front' business where you go to contact them. So while they do actual butcher work, its the way they launder the money from the illicit business. The characters are a little muddy in that they have added in S&M apparel (especially Blade and Bunny) and the association with the Hardy Family which its unclear if Matt is paying them or vice versa like how he is explicitly taking money from Private Party.
  2. I wanted to address this 'prestige' television concept as it came up later in the next few pages. I think one of the issues with treating wrestling in that format is that wrestling as a story is always ongoing. Television shows like Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad have a season of new episodes, stop and then start up again. This gives us a chance to go back and study the limited content in whole as there is nothing new to engage the audience. I think its much more rare for someone to go back and watch a whole wrestling television show although I certainly think people go back to segments or matches. This ala cart veiwing may actually hurt my argument, I'm not sure as there are so many narratives going at the same time so I could possibly examine "Cameron Grimes being rich" in depth much more quickly than I could watch a whole season of Breaking Bad (but it might take more time to find all of those individual segments and order them correctly). But I think in general, wrestling is a nesesarily disposable from of entertainment where you watch the show once and never watch the whole show ever again. Because there's another show coming on in less than a week and then another every week forever. A hardcore AEW fan has 4 shows of wrestling a week plus Sammy Vlogs plus BTE plus whatever else content. How are they going to go back to study nuances when its a marathon just to keep up with the current output?
  3. Honestly for all of WWE being terrible, one thing you cannot deny is that their roster is highly representative both racialy and nationally. Finding a WWE star who looks like you or is from your home country has never been more easy. Just to illustrate the point, there are 13 main roster champions and 3 are white Americans (Charlotte, Randy, Riddle) and 2 are white Internationals (Nattie and Becky) if you add in the NXT Champions it only helps the ratio in terms of representation.
  4. I love that it's open to interpretation that he wants more Good Brothers on AEW or that he never wants to see Good Brothers again even on Impact.
  5. Brian Cage is the definition of a big guy who doesn't know how to work as a big guy. Vince would hate his work.
  6. Griff seems like such a longer term project that they don't really trust yet. Pillman usually is tasked with the majority of the ring time as well as the finishes for the Varsity Blondes. Garrison is pretty much locked into the hot tag run but not a whole lot else. I'd personally be totally fine with them changing up the Blondes formula personally every so often as both have upside but Pillman seems to eat a lot of the pins.
  7. To be fair, a match where Hobbs gets his bell rung is likely not going to be his best opportunity to showcase his talents but let’s not ignore @Greggulators criticism that Hobbs does a lot of sneering in between his moves. I would argue that the wider issue I have with the stereotypical “indy worker” is that they place a high value on athletics and ignore the more nuanced stuff like facials. And while Hobbs does lean on two main facial expressions (his sneer and his big toothy grin) I would say his pacing is far more productive than going move to move. I don’t often feel like they are misplaced in a match’s context but I could see how someone could look at it as spamming. One of the things I love about Hobbs is that he makes his stuff matter and let’s it settle after he nails someone. He’s not typically in a rush and he also doesn’t go in for overkill. He’s got his spots he does super well and doesn’t reach to do stuff he can’t do. Honestly lot of my admiration for Hobbs comes from him being smart in that he knew how to get other people over when he was Dark enhancement talent, get himself over when he started working those types of matches and is now really solid as Team Tazz’s muscle. One thing that separates him from someone like Brian Cage is that Hobbs is able to develop a chemistry with Hook and Starks that solidifies their team structure.
  8. This was the type of person I was talking about catering to by the way.
  9. Just a poor showing featuring multiple injuries, hard way bleeding and blown spots. I think the only match that was clean was the Dark Order vs. Spears/FTR match and even that didn't feel like FTR was really giving it their all. Everything else felt really off pace and sloppy. Hopefully Soho and Hobbs didn't get dinged too badly. I'm not sure who put the pirate curse on Brian Pillman Jr. but I have no doubt that he's going to get humiliated some more before he gets shoved back to his tag team just like every other time they put him on TV. Best parts of the shows were the Lucha Brothers and The Best, The Best, The Best insert videos.
  10. Capturing the bump of audience you are going to get from the PPV should be job one. Any of this talk about this being a bullshit talking point ignores what's happened every other time AEW got a bump and didn't hold it. I can't believe I'm the asshole for advocating that they should fire some big guns tonight with their new signees and biggest stars.
  11. AEW has an audience that is super tied into the wrestling bubble that will love them some Moxley/Suzuki. Those are the people that turn in every week already. You are trying to capture the people that heard about all the awesome stars that turned up at All Out and keep them hooked on your product going forward. Those people that turned into Rampage for CM Punk and didn't come back the following week. Those people will not know who Karl Gotch is or have any idea Pancrase exists. Now, they might see Suzuki and see an awesome bastard and be happy about that but the likely thing is that they are turning in to see all these cool people that they already know and love. I say feed that and convert them to regular viewers.
  12. Everyone, when they have matches, gets time. I would expect it to go through a commercial. This doesn't feel like a particularly strong follow up to a strong show. If they wanted to capitalize on the momentum of the PPV, they would make sure they have matched announced in order to highlight new talent and deal with the fallout. Moxley v Susuki and Soho v Jamie do that to some extent but I would think they need to break out big guns for the purpose of keeping eyes on the product.
  13. Based on their mouths in that match? I'm guessing we are in store for dumb jock dialogue to make the heart sing.
  14. I've decided to enlist a new "No Elite Wrestling" policy in that I skip anything involving Kenny, The Bucks and The Good Brothers. It makes the shows much better for me and fits my "I don't watch stuff I don't like" principles. Please respect my new religion. Eddie vs Miro was a nice slobber fight and did well setting the stage as Miro being an stoppable monster if you put the pieces puzzle pieces together correctly. Eddie is a great, great seller and manages to be simultaneously both sympathetic and intimidating. That's a notoriously hard line to walk. I would guess Mick Foley would be the closest but he tended to hop back and forth over the line easily rather than be on the line at the same time. I am ready for a rematch for this one. My one note would be that they put the heat on the referee at the end when Eddie got a visual three count but Bryce was distracted. We don't want to create a feeling that the faces have their greatest issues overcoming bad calls rather than overcoming bad people. Mox vs Kojima - This match featured very respectful but not particularly engaged fans who are willing to give AEW the benefit of the doubt in terms of giving Kojima a chance but not so well informed that they know him well enough to have automatic buy in. For example, you got a lot of chanting for Kojima but no one in the live audience bit on the hook that he has a super devastating lariat. They would have likely needed to put together packages earlier in order to establish Kojima and what he does more effectively. Susuki has a more interesting look and demeanor so he's more likely to catch on more quickly with less build. JR really hammered Susuki over and did a great job selling him. Excalibur seemed to be stepping on the moment more, he needs to be aware that it takes the sting out of surprises when he has his wrestling encyclopedia open to their page immediately and starts rattling off bullet points. Statlander vs Britt - This was well placed on the card, putting it before the top contender battle royal as it may have spoiled the winner of this match was a good idea (although I don't think the battle royal actually did that). I think AEW has now as a whole brought up a bad trope of people laying unmoving for 9 seconds to tease a count out before popping up to beat the count. It happened three times on this card and that's too many especially as AEW has never had a count out in a non elimination match that I can recall outside of a double count out during the Avalon-Cutler series. I found the finishing stretch where Britt put together a bunch of stomps (really effective ones), the sunrise, the curb stomp and the lock jaw to be effective even though I don't normally go in for multiple near falls going into a finish. Not sure exactly why, but this didn't feel as flat. Orange Cassidy firing up might have been better spent as something more impactful to really pay off. Battle Royal - The card suit thing is just a failed format at this point. It ruins the run in pop as they are stacked on top of each other. The card suit reveal is pointless as no one knows who is in what suit. It may be more impactful and give us some more television if they revealed the suits and ran something to determine the entrance order. Some of the action was really off putting like Riho's elimination that wasn't, Shida's obvious demotion and too many elimination chains where one person would eliminate someone and then get eliminated because they were looking outside the ring. There were nuggets of good ideas and Ruby Soho was over immediately but the meat wasn't there. Jericho vs MJF - One of Jericho's better recent showings where he stepped up his game. MJF's back selling was on point if a little too on the nose for the finish. They almost put the heat on the referees again here for the restart and I think it would work better if MJF did something shitty and got caught rather than the foot on the ropes deal. They need to separate these two finally and move them on to something else as it has worn out its welcome. I'm not sure where else either guy can go as AEW sometimes locks people into working only with certain people for extended periods and I'm not sure what else you can do with two 6 man factions (assuming they still exist). CM Punk vs Darby - Punk's slower style helped punctuate Darby's acceleration and CM really did capture a Bret Hart sense of veteran presence here. I'm not sure I would have had the first Go 2 Sleep send Darby out of the ring because its Punk's first match but it was such a great spot, I understand why they would have done it. Watching what I watched of this show, the typical AEW pace feels much slower and more my speed where it's not 100 mph and more palatable for me. Paul Wight vs QT - Breather match to give people a chance to catch up for the main event I didn't watch. Paul looked physically bad and the new gear didn't help. Not sure why you'd turn the Gunn Club on Wight last week and have them not show up for the PPV.
  15. My tell for that was calling a reverse atomic drop a Manhatten drop.
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