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  1. I'm actually excited about the AEW awards since it should feed into the Kenny Omega character any way it slices. Either he wins everything and it feeds his ego or he doesn't and he goes insane. Both are good, the second is better.
  2. I kind of like the idea that Peter Avalon would rather tap out then get slapped in the face but it sort of devalues the figure four as a finish as they've promoted it for Cody. Poor JR is putting it over on commentary only to have Avalon virtually no sell it. Comoroto's a keeper and I would repackage him like they did with Hobbs. He's got presence but is raw as hell. He could probably use a different name. He's got good backbreakers and a nice Irish whip. His punches and elbows need work. I like the Private Party match. It was important to show why working with/for Matt is beneficial
  3. Oh shit, my bad. Next week is the awards show.
  4. Also on tap! Cody Rhodes vs. Peter Avalon Chris Jericho & MJF vs Sammy Guevara & Jake Hager vs Santana & Ortiz Sting The AEW Dynamite Awards!
  5. Those of you that have paid attention to me over the course of my time here probably have a pretty good idea what's coming next... You guessed it! Bunkhouse Buck (WCW 1994) According to Wikipedia, Jimmy Golden started wrestling in 1969, making him a 25 year veteran at the time he followed long term partner and cousin Robert Fuller to WCW. And coming into WCW at the time, Buck took on the gimmick as a ranch hand who had personal enmity against the Rhodes Family. According to the Apter mags, pancakes were involved but I don't think that ever really became cannon. Regardless, Buck took
  6. Right. Cody punching through glass to get at the Inner Circle... good! Miro feuding with Best Friends over broken arcade cabinet... bad.
  7. Count outs and disqualifications should be used for the express purpose of continuing your narratives. AEW actually didn't do a terrible job of doing that in the Avalon-Cutler angle.
  8. Okay, but they blew out The Bucks-FTR feud for one match when careful booking could have them have an actual drawing feud for months of programming instead of doing a one and done. Kingston-Moxley was ready to end so that was fine. Cody-Darby was promoted in two weeks due to questions we don't need answers to. Sometimes clean as a sheet finishes aren't the best thing.
  9. Agreed on the first point. I think you could add to your announced main event through an opening promo (make it a gimmick or add participants to a holla holla tag match). Or run an angle that replaces an existing match with a worked injury or something. The idea that management is scrambling to put together a main event is not a terrible one and certainly not something that never happens in real sports as MMA guys get replaced in the days up to the card and players are 'questionable' up to game time all the time. On your second point, boxing is full of instances of tomato cans getting sho
  10. Cody Rhodes (WWE 2007-2016) Before he became one of the principle faces of AEW, Cody was in WWE for nearly a decade before moving on to greener pastures pretty much everywhere else before settling into a promotion he helps run and operate. Much is made of WWE not using Cody properly with Stardust being the most glaring example being brought to the fore. I however think Cody suffered from overexposure rather than misuse. Let me explain... Cody's WWE run was basically defined by the radical shifts in his character and presentation. Looking at his developmental cycle, you can point to n
  11. WWE has an advantage because they've been established for so long that they've become synonymous with the industry. I'm guessing that most people think WWE is wrestling and vice versa. People here tend to think that's by accident and that's a mistake. WWE is a machine and if AEW wants to grow, they'd be stupid not to analyze and study the most successful wrestling promotion in history. This doesn't mean they need to become WWE, but AEW has decades of Vince's successes and failures to study. We've seen what works and draws for the market. WWE just doesn't provide that anymore in its desire to c
  12. TL Hopper (WWF 1996) The evil wrestling plumber sounds like a bad idea almost entirely because it is. This didn't work for a whole number of reasons divorced from Tony Anthony (best known as Dirty White Boy in Smokey Mountain) who honestly just didn't look like he belonged on super bright WWF television. If there was ever a wrestler made for dim lighting and a harder atmosphere, is was Tony Anthony. Just a really solid brawler who honestly look like he trained though heavy drinking, Anthony just didn't fit into the WWF machine and I've got no issues with him (although his performance was
  13. I'm pretty sure they could make Best Bout Machine and GMSI work if they stopped trying to be meta with both concepts and just leaned into the motives behind the motives. Them just going 50-50 with lower people on the card lessens their star power in the process. In regard to Kenny, they should lean into his need for validation without him needing to go back and forth with everyone on the roster. Have him demand star ratings from Callis with an every expanding need to increase the ratings. "Only five stars!?!" sounds like something a complete jerk hole would say. Have him run from challen
  14. Figure it will either go through a commercial break or it will go less than 60 seconds.
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