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  1. Conti and Jay looked like a pair that could build some chemistry if they were given some time. Might as well fold Conti into the Dark Order because that group can’t get any worse. Whoever put that match together is a charlatan and a fake though. Who decides to build heat on Nyla Rose of all people? Rose and the former Cameron played de facto face and I think they were about as sympathetic as my tool shed. They aren’t the team to build up your heels on. Brandi and Allie are a terrible team and Brandi’s pointy stick finisher is just the worst. This seemed like a waste of Penelope Ford and Mel... no one cares about Mel.
  2. The thing with Cardonna is a double edged sword and they really should have let him wander the indys for a while and build up some good will. If they push him immediately, it feeds the narrative that ex-WWE guys go to the head of the line and they can't make their own stars. If they don't push him, AEW is not the land of opportunity its commonly portrayed as. It's really the same issue they have with Shawn Spears who got his one real shot with Cody and then slid right back to the lower midcard picking up new gimmicks like I pick up snacks at 7-11. They'd have been better off avoiding the issue.
  3. Hobbs should get the Big Bubba Rogers treatment, get pulled from TV for a month and repackaged as a heavy for someone with more experience so he can stand around looking menacing (one of his best skills) and learning the craft. He could fit in with maybe Private Party as the guy manning the rope if you heeled them up or with Sabian and Ford as their stoic third. Abadon is the type of character that stirs the imagination of creative people and would get the 'I'm going to find all sorts of fucked up things for you to do' from a Kevin Sullivan. I would change her gear some so its more ramshackle and less pro wrestling and change her entrance so its a larger production than her crawling from the back. I kind of want her to emerge from a trunk or something rather than coming from the same place everyone else does. She should go right on the attack immediately every time she gets to the ring and never, ever lock up. The Widow's Peak is a good finisher for her and I'm glad to see that move come back.
  4. I should probably jump off. I just don't have the drive right now with my limited time.
  5. Yeah, the finish to Darby-Cody was a bad finish. Darby certainly wasn't selling some sort of exhaustion at that point as he went to the top pretty quickly to do the Coffin Drop and it would have at least helped for Cody to do something to hook his shoulders. Darby is locked into the Jobber to the Real Stars role where he beats Sammy Guevara and loses to Cody, Mox and Jericho every time he crosses their paths. If you wanted to save his big win for a crowd as some have suggested, there were tons of ways to get around having this match again and give Darby some booking protection. I watched the finish to Dustin v Archer and I get working a match and not wanting to fight 2 other guys right after. The faces have way too many running buddies in my eyes on this show. Archer obviously has a match now scheduled with Cody so I guess he's not in a hurry? Marko Stunt getting the shit knocked out of him is the proper use of Marko Stunt. Sabian and Havoc don't belong together as a unit. That's a terrible paring.
  6. Hey Gordi, Thanks for the picks. Can you give me someone you'd be interested in watching? I will hunt for a match based on that if it's okay with you. Thanks! EDIT: Or you will get squash match jamboree
  7. This is a tale of two wrestlers with, from what I have seen, two opposing reasons to watch their matches. Dusty is big and loud in his way whereas Nick has a well earned reputation for a more nuanced blend of wrestling. And while both guys get to show off what they do in truncated fashion, I'm not sure they gelled as well as their theoretical selves did in my imagination. That's not to say there is nothing to see here. Nick is tons of fun and could probably be favorably compared to William Regal in terms of doing little things to tell the larger story. In this match, there is an exceptionally interesting hammerlock segment as Bock has the hold and puts his head behind Dusty's left shoulder to avoid the counter back elbow. Dusty looks for it a couple of times but Nick's guarding against it. Bock then feeds his head knowing the elbow is coming and ducks it. Now this all sounds very simply but it's missing in a lot of the empty calories you'd get from most modern workers. Nick also gets to show this off on a series of lateral presses where he is not hooking the legs but instead extending Dusty's far arm. While he's doing that, Nick gets up on his toes to while on the cover to increase his leverage. Dusty for his part throws his strikes with his normal electricity but I'm pretty sure he knocked himself loopy on a headbutt and it may have cut the match short? I'm guessing anyway as they transitioned to Bockwinkle having a momentary advantage immediately afterward and went right into the finish with Dusty having a figure-four. You can see a trail of blood on his shoulder at one moment before there is a run in and what looks like another blade job. I actually like the idea of blading for the finish as it really would put an exclamation on the interference. All in all, this was interesting but I don't think I would recommend it to anyone other than a Bockwinkle or Dusty completionist. It really didn't show off either guy at their best although it certainly wasn't a waste of time by any stretch. Nick tends to do better in longer, slower paced things in my estimation which is really telling for me to say as I'm usually arguing for matches to be shorter. Dusty is great with bumping heels and selling which he didn't get to do a lot of here. **
  8. Nah I'm a dope. Here, enjoy Windham v Rotunda. I regard The Varsity Club as the best stuff of Rotunda's career and (spoiler) this is abdominal stretch free.
  9. The issue with Sabian is that he gets overshadowed by Penelope and her highspots because the act is overly dependent on her. He on his own merits is good in that boring kind of way.
  10. Látigo vs Atomick Star I don't know, I'm just coming to the place in my life where I won't ever get lucha and I'm tired of trying. This was okay in that there are some good moments that require closer inspection. I really like that at one point Látigo pulls the referee down in a pinning combination because he's gotten beaten down for a while. I like Látigo's selling of blood loss where it feels like he's on roller skates while trying to fight back. Látigo's plancha into the rudos at his first rally was insane when he knocked them over the guardrail. The finish was slickly executed. But the lucha tropes get in the way. Our participants could be labeled Technico and Rudo and you'd know everything to expect from them as they become ciphers in the roles. The structure is court mandated rudo beats up the technico to no resistance for the first half and it is marred by a second rudo helping the whole time. This guy starts out in a skeleton mask and then removes it to show that he's actually luchador Shrek which ... okay? He then evaporates after the previously mentioned plancha to be replaced by another guy who beats up Látigo. That guy gets dragged off and ANOTHER third guy shows up to second Atomik Star. They do some more brawling at this point and this is the strongest segment of the match and Star seems to be bleeding from everywhere at once from assorted stuff bouncing off his head. I'm not opposed to blood but I want it to serve a purpose. In this match, it does in some instances like Látigo's selling but some of it feels gratuitous like when the referee blades very late in the match. I just don't get the purpose of a referee bump so, I guess, we can do the tombstone and low blow because those are super illegal in a match where there's been interference and weapon shots all match long. I could see a lucha head liking this but it's lost on a non fan like me who doesn't like the rigidity of the style. This is a match for someone who likes lucha brawls specifically but I don't see it converting anyone to the style or making someone a follower of the participants as they fail to distinguish themselves from the typical luchador roles. **
  11. @Curt McGirt Have some Buddy Rose in WWF against Bob Backlund
  12. This is my selection for this coming week. Because I've never seen a Ron Fuller match...
  13. Let's get some things out of the way in terms of ground rules. Rule 1: I have no idea who these people are and I do not care. I have no background. I didn't look for background. Background be damned. You don't need it. I will refer to the participants as Baldy, Robin, Uncle Heel and Shadow. You will know exactly who is who by watching. Rule 2: The mechanical work SUCKS. They are all terrible. The offense sucks. The bumping sucks. They fucking suck. Rule 3: I give it ***** Absolutely a match everyone should watch. And that's not bullshit. I'm not being cute. You should watch this. I've gone away from doing play-by-play as a review style and it wouldn't do this match justice but I feel like I have to tell you everything that happens because the story needs to be told. It's like a fever dream you owe it to yourself to experience. It's absurd in the best most totally pro wrestling ways that you can imagine. And I emphasize ways. In that in I mean EVERY way. The ring announcer is in a sequined jacket and he's the most normal thing going to be in the ring tonight. Baldy wears a pimp short robe to ringside to get a trophy for probably owning the promotion, who cares. The heels come out with a MARCHING BAND, a banner and a sidekick who looks like ... I don't even know. He's awesome. The heels join hands and dance a waltz. I legitimately don't think the Shadow can see shit in his outfit. He's wrestling in sensory deprivation. Uncle Heel has to walk him up the steps. They also have ring girls with thongs up to their necks. And the referee... When I tell you the referee is my favorite thing I have ever seen, I'm not kidding. Mother fucker is pimping white pants, a red shirt open to the navel, a skimmer hat like he's running for president in a Bugs Bunny Cartoon and a cane. Have I mentioned that they wrestle in a rounds system? Cause they fucking do! Have I mentioned every move is a flying headbutt? Because it fucking is! Have I mentioned Robin gets thrown over the top rope by a man in sensory deprivation and they carry his ass away from the ring? And they show it as it happens in slow mo? Because it fucking happens! Have I mentioned the riot? So with Baldy alone facing two heels, they cheat for a bit as you might expect. And Baldy comes back as you might expect culminating with kicking both the heels in the balls. That's when the WORLD EXPLODES. You've seen the ECW thing where Public Enemy gets covered in chairs? This is that but these people ain't playing. How that poor bastard who was legally blind survived is a miracle. The referee says the good guys win so everyone will survive until morning and they carry Baldy through the crowd (which I sure as shit wouldn't do) and he's Elvis, the Pope and Micheal Jackson all wrapped up in one. Watch this. Now.
  14. I think the Brodie thing is hurt by (and this kills me) his being unable to perform the role. He doesn't have the mannerisms or acting chops to get over what he's trying to get over. This role requires a switch were he goes from benevolent, charismatic leader to harsh lunatic who is taking small affronts too far. But there is no switch there where you get why people would be following him in the first place. Where is the upside to being in the Dark Order if the boss is a unrepentant jerk ass? They need to make him positive as well as negative and he's not pulling that off. I like Shida's new gear since its less busy than what she was wearing with all the ruffles and white and blue and red. I also liked Jayy's gear especially the cuff links which may be something that could be lifted for Private Party in a couple weeks and would fit if you don't think Jayy doesn't belong on the roster. I think she's ... below average. Her lock ups are really awkward and fake. I don't know what that backslide was but it was no good. I liked Shida finishing with the falcon arrow instead of the running knee but wish they didn't go right to Chuck Taylor for the inside joke. Archer squashing Marko was the right choice although I'm sad they missed whatever knocked out the ringside guy since that was an important shot to get. I think this is the right roll for Marko and what they should have done with him from the start. Crush him so when he gets into a spot where a big upset win would mean more. I thought I saw Orange Cassidy smiling super broadly after Marko got choke slammed onto him and please let me be wrong.
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