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  1. I've got free time tonight if you couldn't tell. Like, the very point of the Dark Order is that there are a hundred of them. The heat comes from them swarming people with numbers. And when Cody (ha ha) "finally" gets his hands on their leader in his first match back, his wife takes out 60% of the goons on her own instead of getting individual revenge on Ana Jay. Can't you just picture Jay standing in Cody's way or low blowing him or something and having Brandi run her off or choke her out or something?
  2. The issue with Adam is that they dialed down his heat for no reason. They were better off when he was a walking tall babyface who drank with the fans and was an overall badass. Then they made him a sad drunk who didn't get along with his pals The Bucks and Kenny. Then he tried being friends with FTR but they were setting him up so he got sadder. And then all his buddies turned heel for reasons I don't think they really adequately explained AND they didn't turn on him. So now he's needs to turn a corner and get back to where he already was at the start of this development. The Page-Omega-Bucks
  3. But it’s a self inflicted wound that tells the audience that he’s not a big deal, he’s just another guy and that they don’t need to pay attention to him. Why do that rather than make him this looming shadow that hangs over the promotion?
  4. Why did they turn the Bucks heel in order to have FTR be their first feud including a back stabbing injury angle? Please someone explain this to me.
  5. I think Miro and Trent will do okay together because Trent is actually really good at projecting anger when he wrestles. I just don’t see the point, there is a glut of tag teams in the promotion. They didn’t need to put Miro in one with a guy with little upside and no heat to speak of. Kip also seems to be one of the few humans on earth who doesn’t have any chemistry with Miro which is amazing considering they have a 95% chance of finding someone randomly off the street. if they had a mid card, Miro could be wreaking the AEW equivalent of Koko B Ware to start his warm up for Mox.
  6. Why? Were they worried they were going to run out of 160 pound white guys pretending to be luchadores? Let's discus Miro for a second. If he's not a giant warning sign that AEW is not this land of milk and awesome I don't know what is. He's been on the show a month and is already an afterthought. He's been devalued immediately being saddled with jobber to the jobber to the stars Kip Sabian now feuding with The Best Friends over an arcade cabinet. Which is right there with shampoo and coffee for dumb feud reasons. And why is his gimmick that he likes video games? He's a heel. People like
  7. Brandi's value is her connection to Cody. They have chemistry together and she provides Cody with something to fight for and something to protect. She plays well into that and can generate actually sympathy in that instance. We saw that in the whipping angle and the Dark Order attack. Her without Cody has been universally terrible and nonsensical. The Nightmare Collective was never cool. Awesome Kong was obviously broken down and the scalping gimmick never went anywhere. She was in Andre the Giant territory not being able to get up or down. Mel never even got a little over and still isn'
  8. Spears has actually put together a string of good, productive matches on dark lately. He’s wrestling with a lot more confidence and is working within himself. By not trying to do too much, he’s been enjoyable. He still has too many gimmicks. Knox might be the worst referee in all the land. The embarrassing prat fall finish to the FTR match last week and being totally oblivious this week is just a bad look. AEW really should look at its referees and try to get them more consistent and less attention seeking.
  9. Thinking Brandi's storylines were anything more than abominations now joins looking forward to Luther vs. Jericho as a sign you're way too far in the tank for AEW.
  10. They also did the same pinning combination in the Cody-Cassidy match which is an agent issue. They need to not go to that well multiple times in the same show, that's just good sense.
  11. If that is the destination, why make this detour into the Dark Order feud? Why bother?
  12. I would go so far as to say Cody wrapping the MJF scarf around his fist to punch out a window to get to the Inner Circle is the highlight of AEW television as a whole. To me, it was such a radical departure from WWE standards and teased a move towards something unique and compelling. It really didn't pan out that way as being this turning point in the promotion, but if I was putting together the AEW highlight reel, it would be 1A. I don't understand why they would go to Cassidy right after strapping Cody again. Why would you not just go from Brody to Cassidy with Cody costing Lee to conti
  13. Don't know how you can decide who the most over person is when there haven't been crowds for months. Twitter followers?
  14. Okay, I'll bite. What do Muslims have to do with Antifa one way or the other?
  15. It's so dumb. There is no one to cheer for in this mess. FTR doesn't give a shit about Tony or they'd do something about it rather than standing there. They aren't the babyfaces. Imagine someone attacking Gordon Sollie during an interview and Dusty just standing there. It wouldn't happen. The Bucks (or the one that was there) don't give a fuck about FTR because they'd attack them rather than the random announcers for no purpose. If they actually wanted the belts they'd go after FTR. If they were actually upset they'd go after Page since he was the one who cost them a match that spur
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