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  1. Here's the reality of the situation as I see it. There's a ton of talented people in WWE and they cannot push all of them at once. It is my contention that some people should be the top guys in the place and they need to be the most protected. As much as everyone got on the Kofi Kingston bandwagon, not every midcarder should be elevated to the top of the company at some point or it isn't special anymore. Not everyone should have multiple title reigns and not everyone who does not has not wasted their career. I have much fonder memories of guys who never won titles in the 80s then guys like Dolph or Johnny Lastname who held belt after belt after belt. The world needs Bushwackers and part of the reason you have acts like them is so your midcard isn't a boring "my turn for a push" slush. Could WWE being doing more with INSERT NAME HERE (INH)? Sure. But your INH and my INH and Vince's INH are different and they all can't be the focus all the time.
  2. Wait, who are the top 2-3 people? Because Roman and Braun get weird depushes all the time where they aren't in feuds or winning titles when they should be. Brock isn't on the show enough to be the top guy. Charlotte, who everyone bitched about for a year for the sins of being pushed and being blond, has won one match since the Becky turn that wasn't. Who ARE these people?
  3. My issues with AEW are as follows: a) I find the Bucks and Kenny specifically embody stuff I don't like about wrestling in that they believe more is better and their excesses are a poison to the business. b) Bookers always put themselves in key in ring positions for the very simple reason that they can control the talent much more easily when they are the talent. I see no reason to believe this will be different. So while AEW casts itself as a place for the talent to rise to prominence (see Cody ear cupping gif here), I am doubtful of that claim. c) AEW likes to cast itself as all things to all people, its family friendly, its inclusive, its got penis spots, its got death match workers. It can't be all of these things at the same time. It comes off as pandering. d) WWE is the lead heel in the AEW universe which makes me wince.
  4. Sasha and Bayley obviously needed to be pushed down the card for the Becky-Charlotte-Rhonda stuff and I'm not sure why you would argue for their inclusion considering what we got.
  5. WWE wrote themselves into a corner by having a billion legitimate face women on the roster and no heels. The last thing you wanted to do post Mania was muddy Becky's waters by putting her against another face and split the crowd. She needs a victory lap if you are going to make her the face of the company. Lacey is a heel they haven't had to roll over and over like The Riotts (who have had to do this due a lack of depth) and has a gimmick that obviously works well with Becky's character. That it won't be the 'best match' possible is missing the point.
  6. Stokely will need to be careful in WWE not to be too funny or let them bump him too early which has been the WWE flaw to managerial success since the heyday of Heenan and the rest. It will require WWE to exhibit self control here to make it work which isn't their forte. But if its me, Stokely should be making No Way Jose his personal Jimmy Valiant for the next 1-2 years because I have a weird nostalgia boner for that.
  7. I watched the Doering match and started the Zeus match before deciding it wasn't worth sticking out after 10-15 minutes of bland action. Miyahara seems so pedestrian to me in that he didn't blow anything I saw but he never rose above competency. Like he's a Cody Rhodes to me in that I could see him being a main feature in a promotion with a talent deficit but he would get pushed aside if there were any other better options. He got easily overshadowed by the Big Lots version of Stan Hansen from what I saw and that's not the place to be. Like, what's the draw here? The elevator pitch? A wrestler should be able to tell you who they are without having to say a word in under 10 minutes and Miyahara seems to fail that test.
  8. The Russian Legsweep I would give to Brad Armstrong because I'm a mark for floatovers. In replacement, let's look at his piledriver.
  9. What audience? The ones sitting down? SEEMS SMART TO ME. These indy wrestlers need to learn these crowds are burned out on these super dangerous spots and do not give a single damn about them. And if that is the case, why bother doing them? So Rob Naylor and Brian the Guppie can tweet them and not even mention their names?
  10. Tried watching the Riddle match and their were two Canadian Destroyers in the first 3 minutes so .... no I won’t be watching that please and thank you. Thank you Indy wrestling for being stupid enough to run that stupid move into the fucking dirt and forgetting that the piledriver actually exists so it still has a little value.
  11. Watched the MYC matches to start because they are really designed to introduce you to wrestlers quickly and see if they can hook you. And in this case, they really succeed. You can tell from the introductions in the Evers match that no one knew who Matsumoto was when she walked out there but in two matches, she had built herself up to put over Storm really well. I think the messaging from Michael Cole was a little off point by giving her the 'loves to have fun' face like character which could have been adjusted with another line about what Matsumoto finds to be fun is beating people up. Notice the slight difference between the two matches in that Evers doesn't really counter anything Matsumoto tries that could be considered a trademark spot. This is the right thing to do for an introduction match and something I've seen screwed up by match lay out a number of times. Storm then counters a move or two in the second match and it makes narrative sense. We then throw in the wrinkle from counter to the powerbomb leading to the pick up spot going to a Boston crab this time to make sure we aren't too tied to the formula. I could see certain things Matsumoto does being too choreographed such as her crisscross clothesline but I obviously haven't seen the matches to make that case. Matsumoto has great facial expressions and allows you to know how she is feeling as the matches progress from the joy she gets from pummeling someone to the pain of the loss to Storm. I'm interested in watching more.
  12. Turned on the sound for MJF and Gresham because the heel was doing heel work to be delighted to hear chants of 'Pee Pee Sucker" which... yeah. MJF does the bit where he gets the announcer to give him a bit of arrogant shine for Gresham to follow up the bit to call himself the best technical wrestler in the world and that he will make MJF cry like a little bitch. Which gets a pop but is a misstep for me because you've a) now overrated yourself more than the heel did and b) fed into the homophobia kind of sort of. They kind of dick around at that point with missing and dodging Three Stooges eye pokes which Roddy Piper could pull off but these guys cannot. Some hammerlock jockeying gets us into a dumb tie yourself into a ball spot that sucks because MJF is forced to make himself look stupid to get the match to move along. The idiocy continues as MJF puts himself into the same dumb position and gets slapped for it. We have a moment immediately afterward where MJF spits on Johnathan but the referee literally gets in the way so we cannot possibly have any real emotion because its his job to make sure THE WRESTLERS DON'T FIGHT. Thanks referee! They go immediately into more hah hah which is just what you want to do after a guy spits on you and fail at executing it. I'm done. This sucks. Gresham to me seems to be someone who may know holds but doesn't know how to use them and doesn't have any way of drawing on emotion to move his matches forward from a narrative standpoint. He's too passive when he should be righteously angry and is too self assured to be cast as the underdog. He's another technically proficient indy guy in a sea of them so I'm left with no reason to care about him.
  13. Watched the Jay White match and its let down by a lack of character work and neither figure being compelling. I thought when Jay put Gresham on the middle rope and patted him on the head that the match was going to go somewhere but they didn't have the range to have one of the guys actually demonstrate an emotion or a facial expression. There is no emotional core to the match as the story seems to be that Gresham works the arm one spot at a time (because White never lets him roll or sell in a meaningful way) and White has him 'well scouted' which can work only if you have a super well defined and known moveset. The finishing stretch if you want to call it that depended on White staying still after Gresham flipped out of a German suplex and it fails because there's no reason for White to be hurt there. All in all, watching this match on mute which how I tend to scout, there is no one to cheer for here and the match is a failure as a result.
  14. Isn't having a time traveler going to make story telling pretty rough?
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