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  1. @Matt Dshould enjoy this. EDIT: Looking at the bridge away from the camera, it looks like she double captures the legs not only with the bridge but with her arms as well which is slick as shit.
  2. Also in regards to the Breaking Bad comparison, there are no season breaks and no down time to catch up on the things going on. Most people are just going to watch the live content as it happens. Kev is correct that you can do obscene amounts of recaps, but it would be helpful for the commentators to relay the story up to now instead of just calling the action.
  3. The most obvious thing was when he promoted himself as "Mr. Wrestlemania" when he was sub .500 on the stage. It was obviously in reference to him stealing the show and having good matches. I would say Michaels was a lot more careful about it in his day and people are not careful now but that's true of everything. Wrestling is a follow the leader business where the lower lights try to copy the frontiersmen and usually fail at understanding why it worked originally.
  4. I think they need to come to realize that not all of their fans watch all of their product so Dynamite needs to be self contained to the point even first time watchers can follow what’s happening.
  5. While I understand the point that you don’t want to over expose your talent, you also make it very hard for anyone to build momentum week to week if it is a month between appearances. Has Thunder Rosa shown up since her star making match with Baker? No and it’s been three weeks so is her momentum up or down as a result? Is Scorpio Sky better off now that he turned heel, disappeared (again) and now is back with Ethan Page? Yes, you need to cycle talent so we are excited to see them again but why employ Will Hobbs if he hasn’t worked on television in 2021? Doesn’t that tell you the roster is to
  6. Hulk Hogan is a far better wrestler than Kenny Omega. He has undeniably better punches, storytelling, facials, bumps, promos, and look. Kenny does more stuff and has longer matches. Shawn Michaels damaged the wrestling scene more than any other wrestler alive, promoting the good match narrative to the point no one cares about winning their matches anymore. Hardcore matches (and any premutation of them such as death matches) all suck and have sucked since hardcore wrestling became a thing. They were fine when they had a purpose and served to blow things off. Now you are more likely
  7. Hold onto me John! We will get through this together! I HATE EVERYTHING AND WON'T EVEN BOTHER TO WATCH THE SHOW LATER SO I CAN CONTINUE TO HATE THINGS FOREVER – Jurassic Express vs. Bear Country I like Bear Country and I like Jurassic Express as long as Marko stays out of the way. He never stays out of the way. He's the worst. The story here is that two face teams don't like each other... for reasons... so they will fight. Because if AEW lacks anything, it's whole lot of tag teams so they don't have to blow through matches like this for no reason other than I guess tying to a
  8. I can carry the ball coach! Put me in! – MJF’s Gift to “The Pinnacle” One of the big issues many people had with MJF's tenure in AEW was that he devolved with great frequency into WWE style 'skits' which were met with extremely mixed reactions and typically involved filling time instead of moving anything forward. Having another skit set up so soon in the Pinnacle's life span is a bad sign if its devolves into more of the same. Promos are fine. Trying to put on a talent show in a waste of television time. – Jon Moxley vs Cezar Bononi (w/ Peter Avalon) As much as I enjoy
  9. This is the second time that something "looked really good in practice" and stunk out the joint when it mattered with the other being the great throne debacle. Could it be...
  10. Not taking Covid seriously by playing at Sturgis and donating to the Trump campaign is my understanding.
  11. Rey Fenix has most athletic guy wrapped up in a bow and in his closet ready for Christmas.
  12. Your AEW Dark thoughts... - Evil Uno, Stu Grayson & Colt Cabana vs. Carlie Bravo, Brick Aldridge & Dean Alexander I was watching his and thinking just how much the post-Brodie Dark Order era has significantly lowered the importance of Uno and Stu. They were once the top team in the Dark Order and reasonable challengers to the tag team titles. They are now seriously irrelevant to the tag team title scene and to the show in general. They are now a side show when they could have used the Dark Order as a significant force. AEW just doesn't seem interested. - Adam Priest, Jak
  13. AEW World Championship Eliminator: Kenny Omega (w/ Don Callis) Vs. Matt Sydal (w/ Mike Sydal) Not sure why they bother with the Eliminator stuff when it could just be a non title match? This felt long to me like they could have ended it with the weird corner spot and a quick finish rather than teasing out the match another couple of back-and-forth. The poison rana being the go-to counter to the One Winged Angel has now gotten old with this being the third one in television matches since the heel turn. Sometimes, you can just beat the low card guy. Adam Page Vs. Cezar Quick an
  14. Look Brian is a hell of a guy and I'm sure he'll make a great accounting for Dungeon Masters everywhere...
  15. You needed to add "I expect a run in after the match" to every match to really capture it. Also no mention of Canadian Destroyers. Or Sting being interrupted before a promo. You need to drink some more haterade. I give your post ******, my lowest rating ever.
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