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  1. Goodear

    All Elite Wrestling 2019

    He's the one getting ripped off by the workers. Honestly how people think that making the boys also management isn't going to lead to issues down the line when its time to shift the focus of the company away from Kenny, Cody and the Bucks escapes me. Because when the going gets tough, the workers with power put the focus on what they can control the most, themselves. I think that's proven to be universal.
  2. Goodear


    And why is the chicken the only one taking the move rather than delivering? This picture of animals doing wrestling holds is unacceptably inconsistant.
  3. She's a witch! BURN HER!
  4. I don't think there was a better wrestling moment from Takeover than when Belair didn't know where to go when she had Shayna down and the referee was bumped. It was a great moment where the less experienced wrestler is stymied and unable to make a decision when choosing either one would have been a better choice than freaking out until the run in. I loved how the focus lost felt organic and real. Belair failed attempts to break the second choke was also super duper. I would love to see Gargano just blow someone out in 5 minutes one time. Is there any time when he would not try for 'the good match'? I feel like he's been doing that for years straight. Stop screaming Mauro, you joke. You cannot put every single moment of the show over like its the greatest Nitro of all time. If everything is important, nothing is.
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    And ever... until we die... of dysentery.
  6. Dear indy wrestlers. Consider the amount of scorn and mockery you get from the hardcore fans for blowing spots. Then consider the fans in the building saw this blown spot barely responded. Then consider this is the 3rd crazy stupid spot that has made the rounds recently (the 450 splash through the table on the outside and the basketball hoop spot) and no one knows who you are. There is something wrong here boys. Do you want to end up in the hospital for a couple hundred bucks at best?
  7. Goodear

    Pages, Panels, Pin-ups... Covers

    Action! Mystery! Thrills! And nothing else! Nothing else at all.