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  1. I really just wanted to spring board off some of the prior Danielson-Suzuki discussion regarding character goals and the meta narrative. The two goals I wanted to talk about were "I want a match with you because you're only here a short time" and "I want to have a good match". I feel as though the first goal makes sense but the second does not unless you put a whole lot of qualifiers on top of it. Granted the details are what make a story actually worth watching and no story is on its face good or bad just from a conceptual level. The first motivation makes sense especially if your character making the challenge is portrayed as hyper competitive and wanting to challenge themselves. I think it also helps if they develop a sense of exclusivity to the challenge and demonstrate that not everyone is getting a chance to have the match in question. Ideally our outsider would overcome some of the challengers in order to show exactly why people are lining up to knock them off. I feel as though this would both harken back to the old touring model which really only AEW can do right now with their working relationships and would be used best for someone with either a high physical presence (like WALTER who obviously wouldn't be available) or a unique set of physical skills like a Zack Sabre Jr. But I think it would require some promotion to make work correctly with the hype before the arrival being something that includes the fact that this person is going to be on a set amount of shows. I think this works into the meta as beating the outsider becomes an achievement someone can reach for and you could eventually turn it on its face if one of the homegrown people knocks off the invaders multiple times and people come in just to get at the homesteader. The I want to have a good match motivation is harder to work with as it normally runs into an issue with the competitive meta of the matchup. For example, if your build is to having a good match and one of the wrestlers knocks the other one out in the opening moments, has the competitor who won actually failed in their mission? I'm perfectly okay with someone like RVD or Omega trying to put on the best show possible because they are so arrogant and it becomes a fault of theirs for storytelling, but that's really got limited utility. I don't think you can have more than one of them in a promotion and I think you need to agent them very particularly manner and control the number of victory attempts they make. They can't do covers after a shoulder block for example.
  2. I think King's finish would work better if she slowed down her set up so she got her opponent up like Bob Backlund would for an atomic drop. Got them as high as possible with their legs 90 degrees up in the air, hold them a moment and then fling them down. I think that would help show off her height and power which is what she should be working to showcase. I agree about Greene, I think he's going to do well against someone like Spears who has a similar bent towards a more traditional structure.
  3. Dean vs. Lockhart suffered from an assumed knowledge of the watcher in my mind as the weird elbow thing was evidently a Sean Dean thing that I've never been exposed to previously. This coupled with Excalibur bemoaning that Dean didn't do the 'salute' as his finish felt like I was missing out on the context (which, you know, I was). I feel as though sometimes Taz and Excalibur's conversational tone sometimes deflates the action as they don't take anything seriously. I feel as though it was their job to get over that Lockhart was mocking Dean instead of just being a spaz. I personally have a rule about counters that they shouldn't happen until a move is really established. I would extend that to mocking things as well. King's finish typically comes from a basic belly-to-back set up so all the jostling here was extraneous movement that she doesn't normally do. King works best as a bruiser in my opinion so I would agree that doing a bunch of counter wrestling doesn't work as well. If she wanted to do it out of some sort of deadlift, I think that could work but this was too much. Wardlow squash was interesting until the botch as Wardlow's selling went from ignoring the leg kicks, to being annoyed by them, to actually taking damage. Greene seems like a natural face to me which makes 2 out of the 3 matches I've seen him in suffer from casting issues. The one where he actually got to play face against FTR was obviously good, both the 6 man teaming with Bear Country against 3 big faces and this were worse off because he can only work underneath a babyface so much. Commentary again focused on their in joke and while I think it was admittedly funny, it never transitions to actually caring about what they are watching. I agree about the big offensive moves being goofy. I really love Greene's step out cross body thing though.
  4. Where do we fall on weight belt vs. comically large belt buckle?
  5. Agreed, I would be cool with a less standard counter like a drop toe hold into a La Magistral.
  6. You can also make the loss a demonstration of a weakness of Cargill's character and provide her with a Achilles Heel like a weak ankle or being susceptible to a certain pinning combination. This is really just a continuation of Miro being weak to the DDT and you can build a psychology around that weakness.
  7. Apropos of nothing, can the three initial name thing be left as just a MJF thing? There have been a number of guys coming through Dark and Elevation with that naming convention and its really bad at telling us anything about any of them.
  8. You are exactly right in terms of FTR modernizing tropes. My favorite here was the illegal switch from the really boss half crab that they got called out on. But when the referee enforces them to switch back, Dax takes the time to argue and draw the referee's attention so Cash can rake the eyes behind the referee's back. It comes across as the actual plan of the whole switch to start with but could be seen as a no lose situation for FTR who get to cheat no matter what happens. And that's great because despite the fact that they are good wrestlers, they are going to cut corners regardless. It's the Brainbuster/Midnight Express formula with all of the participants (including the referees) having seen those matches and understanding the workarounds.
  9. Honestly, I've somewhat divorced from the main shows at this point and am not really engaging with Rampage and Dynamite except in bite sized chunks. I probably wouldn't be watching any Dark or Dynamite if it wasn't for you writing up your thoughts as I feel like your content is worth discussion and a back-and-forth. AEW for the most point doesn't provide enough narrative for me to really invest in so I'm finding watching matches for matches sake like I would WCW B Shows to be an adjustment. I'm right with you in terms of rule enforcement and the importance of wrestling mores. I'm enjoying FTR much more in this internet environment where they can play with ring positioning and coming from different angles. I would agree that S&O would be better off for my perspective of enjoyment if they went the direction you are advocating. I'm just more understanding of why they don't seem to be going that direction.
  10. 1. I'd agree that they spend too much time double teaming in a traditional wrestling setting. But I'm not sure if I can really fault them when the most pushed tag team in the promotion The Young Bucks and the tag team champions The Lucha Brothers are notoriously worse when it comes to not recognizing traditional tag team match structure. I would concede 2point0 is better at getting in and out but they (much like FTR) aren't at the tippy top of the promotion. I'm guessing that S&O have read the room and realized that the room doesn't care if people are out of the ring at a count of 5. Now, from the perspective that you and I care much more deeply about structure, I can see your point. If I'm S&O I would adopt a smash mouth style while still holding onto traditional rules. 2. I would agree that head dropping is sort of silly. The DVD/DDT combination is more cool looking than dangerous (if that was really what you were referring to) with it really looking more like a controlled back bump than a head drop. Anyway, if I were to summarize my vision of S&O it would have significantly less frills and more substance built around aggression rather than constant double teaming and working in unnecessary movement. 3. Understood. I personally have a different takeaway having seen more of a evolution in S&O which (to me) has been generally positive. Personally, that it was only 2 minutes is a positive considering that most matches where out their welcome doing too much and taking too long. Hobbs is also good at getting in and out and making a point rather than hanging out doing longer matches that don't help him. S&O primarily need to up their aggression and put on an ass kicking. That they still need to cut more out of their presentation is probably true, but I think they are moving in a positive direction.
  11. I don't think its all that strange. Santana & Ortiz should be ruthless ass kickers especially as babyfaces akin to The Road Warriors or The Steiner Brothers and a lot less like the Rock 'n' Roll Express. FTR on the other hand seem to a paradigm where they try to have better matches on these Youtube shows where they likely have the ability to play around with the standard tag formula. This can happen more on the internet than it can on the television shows where their heat often gets eaten by commercial breaks. I wanted to touch on @Matt D's commentary regarding S&O's squash matches. Watching this week, it seemed to me as though they had deviated from their previous structure which if anything was even more convoluted and required even more movement based tag work. I actually appreciated that they seemed more direct here than I've seen them in the past. I would agree the flippy finisher is a bit underwhelming or odd or whatever you would want to call it. S&O are one of those teams where they've never locked into a finisher for whatever reason with at least four of them being in play. I don't think any of them really have gotten over other than the street sweeper which is the one they probably use the least. If I were them, I would focus on their DVD/DDT combination.
  12. Watched all of Squid Game yesterday while puttering around the house doing chores. I would recommend giving it a watch. It is eminently watchable with lots of good to great characters whose names I will not remember or bother to look up. The games themselves are visual treats and serve as highlights to the series. They do a fairly good job of making some of the early games moral choices that are interesting and conflicting. There are also some good derivations on the side of the people running the game not being total faceless monsters except when they are. There are issues with the plot conceptually that cause it to fall apart upon reflection. Show wrecking Spoilers ahead.
  13. I think with Britt they really don't have to worry about that math since she's so very over regardless and people enjoy seeing her win.
  14. The TNT title has evolved into a random open challenge title where anyone whether they have ever won a match in their life or not can get title shots just by asking. I would agree absolutely that the IC and US titles have evolved into being of very little worth from their prior histories. The IC title's former identity evolved from "B Show" main event title to "will be a World Champion in a few years" title while the US Title was nominally the Number One contender to the World Title and led to direct title shots before it became more of a belt for belt's sake. Which is really what both of them are now.
  15. If I were Spears, I'd have a super hot wife but that's besides the point. ANYWAY, if I were Spears I'd maybe lean into some Larry Zbyszko for my influence as a lower level heel in a faction with bigger stars. Larry could do all the things Spears needs to do in draw heat as an illegitimate threat to the top stars while being cruel to the Marcus Alexander Bagwells of the world. He needs to walk a tightrope of not being a killer while not being a complete joke and the way Shawn does that is too inconsistent.
  16. Honestly I watch most everything on mute on my phone anymore so I cannot speak to commentary choices. I think there is a way to play unhinged and mean and it's not really to do comedy spots as the butt of the joke. I brought up Rick Steiner a while ago in relation to Ortiz and I think it holds true that characters can 'play around' and still be a dangerous threat because what they find funny is terrible for the other person. Spears in general has such a bad case of booking schizophrenia in that he's going in so many directions at one time that he lacks focus.
  17. I think this is the ideal use for Stunt as a punching bag to gain sympathy and it really wasn't how they've used him historically. They really gave his first win away as he went over in a meaningless tag match on Dark rather than milking the moment for something with more punch like the way WWF used 1-2-3 Kid going over Razor Ramon and used it for meaningful development for both characters. Taking this match in a vacuum and placing it earlier in his run, this sort of rag dolling would allow him to give others big offensive moments while building to his triumph. Unfortunately, he has already been built beyond that moment as a person we were meant to take more seriously being the third in Jurassic Express. So we have AEW having to tear down his development in order to get back to a starting point from which he can build. I found the rolling away from Spears to be a bit hacky and it undercuts Spears' general character who typically does small things well such as stomps and knees. Wardlow was better in this particular outing as he only 'played the fool' in short bursts that didn't make him look anything more than off balance. As a whole picture, Spears and Wardlow actually form a pretty good unit who could do something in the tag ranks operating in a under a hammer and tongs structure which AEW doesn't have with it's other teams.
  18. Just a random shower thought I had the other day, Miro's kryptonite being the DDT should totally run into someone being tutored by Jake in order to finally put him down.
  19. Lots of interesting stuff here with a high percentage of matches where the winner isn't readily obvious. I'll give percentages here just for giggles. CM Punk Interview - Probably time to move away from "I love you all" material and have Punk cut something on Team Taz that both has the CM Punk trademark bite without burying them too hard considering Hobbs and Stark really haven't gotten the push behind them at this point to make them invulnerable to calling them losers. Snarky but not smarty. FTR vs Sting & Darby - Darby should be really good in selling for FTR if they want to do a traditional heat build with Sting coming in for the hot tag. I'd expect FTR to also be able to safely handle Sting so I wouldn't be terribly surprised if he actually took a move or two. Moving from Spears to FTR makes it seem like the logical next step would be to start a Darby-MJF feud which would be fine with me. I don't think they really need to sacrifice FTR to do that and could screw the babyfaces out here to continue the FTR rebuild. "Bigger Stars win" makes me call Sting and Darby 65% favorites. Britt Baker vs. Ruby Soho - Baker is unlikely to drop the belt here in my opinion as she (like Miro) still feels fresh with the strap regardless of the amount of time they've actually had them. I don't think they should move Soho away from her yet so I would give her an out but AEW typically doesn't book that way. One of the problems with AEW's women division is that they've slowly built up some babyfaces (Soho, Rosa, Statlander, Anna, Tay) but they don't have good heels to work with outside of Baker as Bunny, Penelope and Rose don't have any rubs to give. I suspect the division is going to continue to revolve around Britt for a while. Baker 85% MJF vs Pillman - AEW does have a habit of putting babyfaces over sometimes to end angles, but they also have a habit of beating Pillman to death over and over again. I'd be shocked if he went over especially considering they need to reheat MJF now that he's away from Jericho. MJF 98% Cody vs Malakai - Conventional wisdom would be that Cody loves to come back from short breaks and beat his current rival. I'm thinking they might buck the trend this time though as Black has more upside than some of the people that Cody has done that to like QT Marshall. I want to think that Cody is bright enough that there is more money to be made from a longer feud with Black than to just blow through him in a routine manner. Although on the other hand... people are dumb. Black 55% Kenny vs Danielson - Bringing Danielson in just to have him lose first match out seems really kind of silly. Also, AEW is really, really adverse to non definitive finishes so I'm guessing they won't bust out their first disqualification finish ever here. I want to say they'll just put over Bryan here but it seems odd to have Kenny dropping even two falls on television in the last few months. Bryan 70%
  20. My interpretation was that Butcher and Blade were (are?) mercenaries with a butcher shop being the 'front' business where you go to contact them. So while they do actual butcher work, its the way they launder the money from the illicit business. The characters are a little muddy in that they have added in S&M apparel (especially Blade and Bunny) and the association with the Hardy Family which its unclear if Matt is paying them or vice versa like how he is explicitly taking money from Private Party.
  21. I wanted to address this 'prestige' television concept as it came up later in the next few pages. I think one of the issues with treating wrestling in that format is that wrestling as a story is always ongoing. Television shows like Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad have a season of new episodes, stop and then start up again. This gives us a chance to go back and study the limited content in whole as there is nothing new to engage the audience. I think its much more rare for someone to go back and watch a whole wrestling television show although I certainly think people go back to segments or matches. This ala cart veiwing may actually hurt my argument, I'm not sure as there are so many narratives going at the same time so I could possibly examine "Cameron Grimes being rich" in depth much more quickly than I could watch a whole season of Breaking Bad (but it might take more time to find all of those individual segments and order them correctly). But I think in general, wrestling is a nesesarily disposable from of entertainment where you watch the show once and never watch the whole show ever again. Because there's another show coming on in less than a week and then another every week forever. A hardcore AEW fan has 4 shows of wrestling a week plus Sammy Vlogs plus BTE plus whatever else content. How are they going to go back to study nuances when its a marathon just to keep up with the current output?
  22. Honestly for all of WWE being terrible, one thing you cannot deny is that their roster is highly representative both racialy and nationally. Finding a WWE star who looks like you or is from your home country has never been more easy. Just to illustrate the point, there are 13 main roster champions and 3 are white Americans (Charlotte, Randy, Riddle) and 2 are white Internationals (Nattie and Becky) if you add in the NXT Champions it only helps the ratio in terms of representation.
  23. I love that it's open to interpretation that he wants more Good Brothers on AEW or that he never wants to see Good Brothers again even on Impact.
  24. Brian Cage is the definition of a big guy who doesn't know how to work as a big guy. Vince would hate his work.
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