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  1. Reynolds has struck me as a neo Christian before Christian figured out his formula. Solid but lacking a physical or emotional superlative to provide a hook for the audience. I totally agree he needs something to stand out since he is currently the most average wrestler alive. Honestly he is super deep in the AEW shuffle and will stay there unless something changes.
  2. Is she not? I thought they quietly folded her in while Anna was out hurt.
  3. I think the argument on the board has usually been that Matt sells things between moves but it doesn't effect the moves he does typically speaking. If you were going to put him up against Chris Masters during his most popular run on this board, you'd see Chris hurt one arm in a match and then do Irish whips one handed afterwards, that kind of thing. Matt is more like 95% of the wrestling world now where he'll sell, do his thing normally and then sell again. The selling is done between spots rather than as a continuous spectrum. The Bucks are a victim of their time frame where selling is not seen as important as long control segments are out of fashion with lots of back-and-forth swings being the norm. In conclusion, I don't think Matt is a terrible seller but its not one of his superlatives either. I would place Eddie Kingston above him if you needed me to pick someone current.
  4. You could just do a tag and save the Britt v Rosa interaction for something more meaningful.
  5. Trying to create common ground. If we can all agree Jimmy is a shit bag, we don't have to go over that again. What in your mind is the optimal response for us to take against Cornette as people who don't give him any money?
  6. Here's where I am. I am willing to stipulate that Cornette is a giant piece of shit. Is anyone taking the other side here?
  7. I support Cornette like I support WWE. Sometimes I might listen to a snippet but I’m not cutting anyone any checks.
  8. Terrible people aren’t all morons and all morons aren’t terrible people.
  9. I'm not sure if there is a particular starting reason for this round of "Did you all realize that Cornette is a piece of garbage?" but he is. This doesn't change that he sometimes has good insight into wrestling production (although his reviews have been worse lately with a bunch of fast forwarding through stuff). You can probably get more nuggets from his podcasts than from other shows but you will have to run it all through your Cornette filter where you can toss large swathes of it in the trash. It's such a mixed bag that I would love a long formed podcast with a similar format without all the garbage but I don't know that it exists.
  10. Yeah but before that all he did was put over MJF, Brodie Lee and Darby Allin to the point where they could all main event TV.
  11. Ogogo hasn't wrestled since so I think putting him over Cody would have been the error.
  12. I can't really think of any other submission that would plant someone's face on the mat and drive it completely downward. Stuff like the Boston Crab or Ankle lock allow the person taking it to look up. Stuff like the Muta lock pries their head up. If you want to toss in the Crossface, you get a good visual of the person doing the move and at least part of the other person's face. Which also leads to the note that you can't really see Danielson's face either so there is also that.
  13. AEW DARK 2point0 (Matt Lee & Jeff Parker), Daniel Garcia, and Serpentico vs. Dark Order’s Stu Grayson, Colt Cabana, Alan “5” Angels, & 10 Fun match with a concept I hate in "we have a partner we don't want to work with" on the heel side of the fence. I just think having a partner you refuse to work with effectively is pretty dumb as you probably shouldn't have signed up for a 8 man tag match then. I just cannot rationally figure why it would happen in the meta. 2point0 were really good here but I really wouldn't like it if they fall in the pecking order behind the lower members of The Dark Order. I was willing to look at them doing jobs to the upper card as them finding a place on the card, but this makes them look closer to being at the bottom of the card instead of being in the mix. Colt Cabana really feels lifeless at this point just going through comedy spot motions. Angels without the mask is even more boring than him with it because now he's the third guy in his faction who is bald with a goatee. Serpentico seems to be the 'never does anything right' character and its a character I don't have a lot of time for. I'll post more later.
  14. AEW ELEVATION DARK Still on the D show train from last week. Not a whole lot of anything to really recommend watching. Gustavo vs. Dustin Rhodes Dustin comes out with new finisher dubbed the Backlund Driver. I'm not sure why he would bother at this point in his career other than he's bored with his other 15 finishes. He ran the ropes pretty well in this. Dustin sort of suffers in this era of smaller workers as he's really good at working sympathetic but it's really hard when he's a head taller than the people he's working with. Will Austin vs. Wardlow More of the same from Wardlow with the typical spots. The knee finish was better this week because, as noted, it is driven by the guy taking the move. I don't care for how they do the knock out check as the referee goes to the check super quickly and calls for the bell just as fast. I'm fine with KOs being a thing but it is so clearly only used for this one move in the promotion. In other words, if they were so quick to call for the bell here, why didn't the referee even look at Bryan Danielson when Suzuki caved in his face with a forearm. Jaka & Sean Maluta vs. Santana & Ortiz No reason for @Matt Dto lay off his fast forward button here. Jaka and Maluta looked like they had a little bit of chemistry but Santana and Ortiz continued to do the things that make them less interesting with lots of superfluous movement and lots of double teaming for the full five seconds. Ryo Mizunami & KiLynn King & Red Velvet vs. Nyla Rose & Emi Sakura & Diamanté I think we may have been going somewhere more interesting if Red Velvet didn't try to paralyze herself (again). This really feels like a grab names out of a hat match with no through lines and nothing to really sink your teeth into. Finish came out of nowhere and wasn't great.
  15. I really just wanted to spring board off some of the prior Danielson-Suzuki discussion regarding character goals and the meta narrative. The two goals I wanted to talk about were "I want a match with you because you're only here a short time" and "I want to have a good match". I feel as though the first goal makes sense but the second does not unless you put a whole lot of qualifiers on top of it. Granted the details are what make a story actually worth watching and no story is on its face good or bad just from a conceptual level. The first motivation makes sense especially if your character making the challenge is portrayed as hyper competitive and wanting to challenge themselves. I think it also helps if they develop a sense of exclusivity to the challenge and demonstrate that not everyone is getting a chance to have the match in question. Ideally our outsider would overcome some of the challengers in order to show exactly why people are lining up to knock them off. I feel as though this would both harken back to the old touring model which really only AEW can do right now with their working relationships and would be used best for someone with either a high physical presence (like WALTER who obviously wouldn't be available) or a unique set of physical skills like a Zack Sabre Jr. But I think it would require some promotion to make work correctly with the hype before the arrival being something that includes the fact that this person is going to be on a set amount of shows. I think this works into the meta as beating the outsider becomes an achievement someone can reach for and you could eventually turn it on its face if one of the homegrown people knocks off the invaders multiple times and people come in just to get at the homesteader. The I want to have a good match motivation is harder to work with as it normally runs into an issue with the competitive meta of the matchup. For example, if your build is to having a good match and one of the wrestlers knocks the other one out in the opening moments, has the competitor who won actually failed in their mission? I'm perfectly okay with someone like RVD or Omega trying to put on the best show possible because they are so arrogant and it becomes a fault of theirs for storytelling, but that's really got limited utility. I don't think you can have more than one of them in a promotion and I think you need to agent them very particularly manner and control the number of victory attempts they make. They can't do covers after a shoulder block for example.
  16. I think King's finish would work better if she slowed down her set up so she got her opponent up like Bob Backlund would for an atomic drop. Got them as high as possible with their legs 90 degrees up in the air, hold them a moment and then fling them down. I think that would help show off her height and power which is what she should be working to showcase. I agree about Greene, I think he's going to do well against someone like Spears who has a similar bent towards a more traditional structure.
  17. Dean vs. Lockhart suffered from an assumed knowledge of the watcher in my mind as the weird elbow thing was evidently a Sean Dean thing that I've never been exposed to previously. This coupled with Excalibur bemoaning that Dean didn't do the 'salute' as his finish felt like I was missing out on the context (which, you know, I was). I feel as though sometimes Taz and Excalibur's conversational tone sometimes deflates the action as they don't take anything seriously. I feel as though it was their job to get over that Lockhart was mocking Dean instead of just being a spaz. I personally have a rule about counters that they shouldn't happen until a move is really established. I would extend that to mocking things as well. King's finish typically comes from a basic belly-to-back set up so all the jostling here was extraneous movement that she doesn't normally do. King works best as a bruiser in my opinion so I would agree that doing a bunch of counter wrestling doesn't work as well. If she wanted to do it out of some sort of deadlift, I think that could work but this was too much. Wardlow squash was interesting until the botch as Wardlow's selling went from ignoring the leg kicks, to being annoyed by them, to actually taking damage. Greene seems like a natural face to me which makes 2 out of the 3 matches I've seen him in suffer from casting issues. The one where he actually got to play face against FTR was obviously good, both the 6 man teaming with Bear Country against 3 big faces and this were worse off because he can only work underneath a babyface so much. Commentary again focused on their in joke and while I think it was admittedly funny, it never transitions to actually caring about what they are watching. I agree about the big offensive moves being goofy. I really love Greene's step out cross body thing though.
  18. Where do we fall on weight belt vs. comically large belt buckle?
  19. Agreed, I would be cool with a less standard counter like a drop toe hold into a La Magistral.
  20. You can also make the loss a demonstration of a weakness of Cargill's character and provide her with a Achilles Heel like a weak ankle or being susceptible to a certain pinning combination. This is really just a continuation of Miro being weak to the DDT and you can build a psychology around that weakness.
  21. Apropos of nothing, can the three initial name thing be left as just a MJF thing? There have been a number of guys coming through Dark and Elevation with that naming convention and its really bad at telling us anything about any of them.
  22. You are exactly right in terms of FTR modernizing tropes. My favorite here was the illegal switch from the really boss half crab that they got called out on. But when the referee enforces them to switch back, Dax takes the time to argue and draw the referee's attention so Cash can rake the eyes behind the referee's back. It comes across as the actual plan of the whole switch to start with but could be seen as a no lose situation for FTR who get to cheat no matter what happens. And that's great because despite the fact that they are good wrestlers, they are going to cut corners regardless. It's the Brainbuster/Midnight Express formula with all of the participants (including the referees) having seen those matches and understanding the workarounds.
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