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    St. Louis Rams. Balls of Steel. EDIT: Multiposting raining balls everywhere.
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    One Man Gang at SICW tonight:
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    They just announced that Gary Wolfe is going to do the halftime show for the Cowboys on Thanksgiving.
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    No. You do not get sympathy when the fucking Lombardi Trophy is held by your team. No no no no no.
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    Davy Richards on a pole inside of a steel Davy Richards where if Davy Richards loses Davy Richards has to leave town for 30 days while Davy Richards wears a tuxedo and Davy Richards has to get a Davy Richards miner glove and Davy Richards has to wear a blindfold.
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    How quickly we forget Trent Dilfer has a ring.
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    I think this post is pretty spot on, but I'm not sure we can refer to Lawler's commentary as 'borderline' racist, unless borderline now means 'totally and completely'.
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    You sons of bitches get your head out of you fucking ass and tackle somebody. Play with a sense of fucking urgency. You're making Aaron Rodgers look like the fucking GOAT (he may very well be that anyway but shut up). I hate all of you. Try not fucking up for five seconds you assholes
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    Put Tracy Smothers in a ring with 8 sheep
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    I know that there are technically better WWE matches, but I fucking loved Big E v Rusev.
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    Yeah, someone threw 40 TDs during the 1920s. Peyton and Luck each will throw 40 TDs this season.
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    Anyone else read that shirt as KING OF PANCAKES?
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    I don't mind 'The Raft', and don't really care for 'The Hitchhiker', but the problem for me lies in the fact that I love 'Old Chief Wood'nhead' so much that there's no way the other two can be anything other than a letdown when they follow it. I can't exactly explain why I love it so much, but I always have. And I've always liked the weird animation of the Venus Flytrap story.
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    They really should've turned Nash heel when they turned Shawn face. Razor, Michaels and Bret could've given us some decent matches with Nash.
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    Junior is complicated. There's an uncomfortable amount of overlap on the diagrams of Ethel/Junior and Pamela/Jason that need to be unpacked. It's more a topic for an international scholarly symposium than a message board.
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    I hate football and its stupid face
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    I love how Hayes is looking up at our last few posts.
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    Nah, the face is her daddy. Which strangely enough is also her her brother and cousin. The heel is her uncle-granddaddy.
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    I just won Survival Tobita so that will help ease the pain if the Giants get curb stomped
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    Fowler's house now officially a pants-free zone.
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    It's like 1985 again. WOO.
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    Call me when you Lion Cubs can manage their kicker. *neener* I was actually talking about Kirk Cousins, not Trent Richardson. But, since you brought it up... TRENT RICHARDSON Hmph. I don't believe you. You need more people. Especially Megatron. And a kicker.
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    *Stares blankly in your general direction
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    I don't know why no one's mentioned Tom Seaver yet. He borrow Chico Escuela's soap. No give back!
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    I have no fucking clue what just happened on that punt return but clearly neither did the Seahawks and the cameraman
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    I'm about to start a liquor fund for Jen. Send your donations to PayPal, if you would. Together, we can get Jen drunk enough to forget this game.
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    20 Clown Over-The-Top-Rope Doink-al Rumble!
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    Last two episodes have also shown how getting new writers into the rotation is a good thing. I like Gatiss, but we dont need him and Steven Thompson and Phil Ford writing all the non-Moffat episodes.
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    I was front row for this, and it's always nice when some Doug Williams work turns up on YouTube. Really fun match, with Doug working as a wily, cheating veteran, paid off to weaken Pete Dunne before taking on Eddie Dennis in a title match. Good heel commentary from Eddie too, managing to put over both guys.
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    For all the praise that Cena/Cesaro got, I'm afraid it's overshadowing the Cesaro/Orton match the Friday prior, and I felt that was the superior match. I need to rewatch Shield/Wyatts. While I enjoyed it and thought it was fun, I never came away from it thinking it was an all-time classic.
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    Cena/Cesaro from 2/17 RAW is one that still stands out to me as one of my top favorites of the year. That and the Usos/Wyatts, so good.
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    Belushi and Farley both make me laugh. Jon Stewart doesn't. He's pretty much the poster boy for the smugness I hate about 21st century humor.
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    I had to throw ebbie a like just for finding some enjoyment in something Some quality mentions so far. Here's another. Bray Wyatt vs. John Cena [Last Man Standing Match] @ Payback. It's probably not the best match of the year but it was such an entertaining car wreck and would definitely crack my top 15-20 somewhere.
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    Kobe marks are weird dudes.
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    We're gonna get a damn Orton Main Event push now because of this meme now. I blame the internet. It's our own damn fault this time.
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    This won't make you happy, maybe (from Tiger Hattori's Twitter):
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    Well for one thing because he has 60 chances. Refer any other questions to the blank, Super Dave Osbourne look of dumb paralyzed persistence below: = And since = than by the transitive property, Mike Matheny is all about PEOPLE POWER!
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    I'd like to take this opportunity to show my support for fat Chris Hero. Wrestling needs more fat guys who stiff the shit out of other guys with elbows.
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    And what exactly will the TW/Comcast guys have to hold at HBO. HBO: Its our content and cable is dying TW/Comcast: Fine we'll pull your stations HBO: Thanks that means the people paying YOU for it will pay us! ComWarner: oh, that's a nice service you have- shame if something happened to your bandwidth.
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    It's Ambrose, so those dirty deeds have to be done dirt cheap.
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    It resonates that Joss & his fans always try to make it about him? Seems about right.
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    Okay, instead of dialing back to Frankenstein or Poe, I'm going to start and the end of the 1890s, using The Lost Stradivarius by John Meade Falkner as our first "modern horror" novel. This was 1895, two years before Dracula. I just re-read this a year or so back and it holds up wonderfully well. 1897: Dracula - Bram Stoker (There are reasons why this book was a smash hit for thirty years before anyone had heard of Bela Lugosi.) 1898: The Beetle - Richard Marsh (The yin to Stoker's yang. Fast-paced to the point of leaving the reader gasping for breath.) Where Dracula is slow-moving and atmospheric, The Beetle is manic chaos and a great deal of fun. There are tons of cheap reprints out there. Buy one! 1907 - The Sorcerer's Apprentice - Hanns Heinz Ewers (The Frank Braun Trilogy spans four decades, so I wasn't entirely sure where to put it as it is basically one story broken into three books). Anyway, this is where it begins, if this one doesn't do it for you, don't bother with the sequels. On the other hand, if you like this, you'll want to read the rest of the story immediately. 1907-1912: The Boats of the Glen Carrig, The Ghost Pirates, The Night Land and The House on the Borderland - all by William Hope Hodgson. Included in this group of four you have H.P. Lovecraft's favorite novel (House) and Caitlin R. Kiernan and John Pelan's favorite novel (The Night Land) and there's a bunch of folk who would call The Ghost Pirates the best supernatural horror novel ever written. The Boats of the Glen Carrig is sort of the Jun Akiyama of the group, and that's not really a bad thing. The phrase "cosmic terror" begins (and some would say ends) with The Night Land. The highly stylized language might grate on modern readers a bit, in which case James Stoddard (he of The High House and The False House fame) has done a masterful retelling of the tale in more modern prose. There are also a lot of people who would side with Lovecraft and proclaim The House on the Borderland to be the better book. It's much, much shorter and more accessible, so if you haven't read Hodgson at all, that might be the place to start. He was also a hell of a short story writer. Okay, we had this nasty thing called WWI interrupt everything for a few years... When we return, it's the Roaring Twenties! 1925 - Invaders from the Dark - Greya La Spina (Until the publication of Tessier's The Night Walker some fifty years later this was the gold standard of lycanthropy novels. 1926 - Fettered - Greya La Spina (Sadly, this appeared as a serial in Weird Tales and has never been reprinted. I'm fixing to do something about that in the very near future.) 1925-1928 The Werewolf of Ponkert, The Return of the Master, The Werewolf's Daughter (All three ran in Weird Tales, later all three were published in book form by Donald M. Grant). Only the first novel has been published in paperback. An excellent period piece, but didn't get to shine very long with La Spina's novel appearing the same year. 1927 - The Devil of Pei-Ling - Herbert Asbury (Yep, it's the Gangs of New York guy. Before he started writing more-or-less true crime stuff, Asbury wrote this amazing novel of Asian menace with huge rats and toads, bloody ropes dripping from the ceiling, etc. etc. Recently reprinted and an absolute blast. 1927 - The Dark Chamber - Leonard Cline (Pretty much Altered States sixty years earlier and better written.) 1929 - The Fire Spirits - Paul Busson (A period piece that seamlessly mixes fact and fiction to the point where you're left wondering whether this was fiction or not. Absolutely chilling for that reason.) Sort of a summary, marketing categories were much broader then, all of these and many more disparate books were simply called "thrillers". A "thriller" could be a non-supernatural horror yarn, a police procedural, a supernatural or science fictional tale or any combination thereof. "Horror" was a reaction to something, not a marketing buzzword. We do see some real diversity, from the traditional (La Spina, Munn, Stoker) to the wildly experimental (Cline, Hodgson, Ewers). All in all this is just a hint of what's to come when the floodgates open in the 1930s. As I'm on a deadline, as much fun as this is, I'm going to have to rein it in until I'm done with the task at hand, probably have to pick this up tomorrow...
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    Making chocolate bars at Chocolate World in Hershey, Pa.
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