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    CMLL's Los Ingobernables (Rush, La Sombra & La Mascara) rocking an awesome look for their entrance the other day:
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    St. Louis Rams. Balls of Steel. EDIT: Multiposting raining balls everywhere.
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    One Man Gang at SICW tonight:
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    They just announced that Gary Wolfe is going to do the halftime show for the Cowboys on Thanksgiving.
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    No. You do not get sympathy when the fucking Lombardi Trophy is held by your team. No no no no no.
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    I've always said If he didn't die young he would be looked at like we look at Pauly Shore. You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become Pauly Shore.
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    Davy Richards on a pole inside of a steel Davy Richards where if Davy Richards loses Davy Richards has to leave town for 30 days while Davy Richards wears a tuxedo and Davy Richards has to get a Davy Richards miner glove and Davy Richards has to wear a blindfold.
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    We've really been blessed this year with a ridiculous amount of great matches. Shield/Wyatts I is the MOTY and one of the greatest matches in WWE history. The Shield were amazing for a lot of reasons, but the best part was them bringing the WWE/Dragon Gate hybrid style into our lives. These matches really evolved WWE storytelling. The great Daniel Bryan push began not at SummerSlam when he beat Cena, but when he became the first person to get a pinfall victory over The Shield. This match was the best WWE Dragon Gate match and the peak of a style. I broke this match down for my friend's blog here. One of the amazing things about this match is how these units weren't around for very long. The Shield were around for two years or so. The Wyatts were in the WWE for about six months at this point and didn't have too many six-man's in NXT. The feud also didn't have too much meat to it other than, "YOU COST US A MATCH, WYATTS!" I've watched this match maybe 10 times at this point. They do so many little thing in this match to make it special. It starts right from the beginning, when all six guys are in the ring. Dean (who has been having issues with Reigns) shows some of his inferiority complex by needing to jaw-jack with Bray. And Bray starts screaming "LOOK AT HOW THEY TREAT YOU BOY!" at Dean. This naturally sets The Lunatic Fringe off more, while Reigns and Seth scream at him to hold him back (for whatever strategy they have). And then it ends with Dean being the first to jump, creating the first brawl. There are so many awesome little things in this -- little fish-hooks and beard pulls and the like. But the structure is great. It's a three-part story. The first is about the evenness between the two teams. All six guys have great segments (with Seth Rollins stealing the show with his insane dives). The final part of this sequence is amazing with all these great dives -- with Harper doing his awesome tope for I believe the first time, too. Right after the dive sequence, Reigns almost pins Rowan with a roll-up. It's a great near fall. If the match ended right there, I think it still might be the MOTY. That's how great the first sequence (and the bulk of the match) is. They also wisely give the crowd and awesome break here with all six guys laid out. I love little segments like that. It's such an awesome breather. The WWE has really toned down the table sports lately, which makes them, when they happen feel Sabu-in-ECW level special. In lesser matches, they get to the table right away. But in this, they WORK towards it. It's teased a few times, most notably when Dean comes running in off-screen to take Harper and Bray out before they powerbomb Rollins through the table. Dean and Bray then end up in the crowd (which is the great whodunnit that led to the next plot point in The Dissent Of The Shield stuff) before Bray returns. Right when this happens, Rowan hits a fallaway slam on Reigns, who has to roll out onto the floor. People wanted to bag on Rowan when he first came in because he's a big dude without indie cred. He's been a good clobbering beast from the jump and was REALLY great here. His main purpose in all The Wyatt stuff is to be the workhorse who takes the punishment while Harper is the equalizer and Bray is the killer. But Rowan finally -- FINALLY -- wins a segment, and does so against Roman f'n Reigns. They then put Rollins through the table, which ends the second act. Even the table bump is artistically impressive. In the history of table bumps, it's nothing. I'd imagine Rollins went through more insane stuff in the third match of the night in some dumpy indie show. It's like 1/1000000th the insanity of Foley's bump, and a fraction of early Sabu. I don't even know if it's as crazy as the table bump in Flair/Funk. It's a basic (and I'm not dismissing it -- it's still a huge bump) back pump. But Harper and Rowan really use their size to make it look bigger, and everything in this match has been so amazing and brutal looking that the crowd just eats it up like it's the most insane move of all-time. I think after the second act, if they were to figure out a way to end it right here, it's definitely the MOTY. The third arc, though is so amazing. They spent the past two years making Roman Reigns near unbeatable. They played up that the first time he was pinned was in an 11-on-3 match on Raw. He singlehandedly won a Survivor Series match. He set the record at The Royale Rumble for most eliminations. He won countless matches with last-second spears for The Shield. And now he's in a 3-on-1. Can he do this one more time? They put all of that narrative capital into Roman for a pay-off at some moment in time, and this is it. (In a way, this reminds me of the Art Barr/Eddie vs. El Hijo/Octogon match from When World's Collide (which might be the greatest match of all-time in wrestling history). El Gringos won the first fall. In the second, they eliminated Santo early, so Octogon had to somehow miraculously keep the match alive in order to save the lineage of Mexico's most beloved icon.) The best in this is when Bray has Roman set up for Sister Abigail. This might be the best facial expressions in WWE history. Bray's near arrogant when he's about to hit the move. Roman powers out and has an awesome Ultimate Warrior kinda face as the crowd rallies behind him. Bray has this perfect look that's shock/fear and amazement at the same time. He's downright in awe that Roman can do this and blinks for a second before he headbutts Roman. And THAT's awesome, and maybe the most brutal in the tiny executions of violence they pepper in this thing. In most matches, Roman powers out. But even in this, he has to fight. It's one of my all-time favorite wrestling segments. This is legitimately just a fantastic performance from six amazing workers. A+. I really would love to have a "Behind The Music" type thing with whoever put this match together. I really think it might be my favorite wrestling match of all-time.
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    How quickly we forget Trent Dilfer has a ring.
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    I think this post is pretty spot on, but I'm not sure we can refer to Lawler's commentary as 'borderline' racist, unless borderline now means 'totally and completely'.
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    I'm here. I have no idea what happened to my Panthers, because ye gods, that was ugly no matter how you looked at it.
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    Patera and Sheiky waiting outside the principal's office? Sheik is there to audition for Hüsker Dü.
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    Brian - you do realize that not all Dolphins fans look alike right?
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    I've always said If he didn't die young he would be looked at like we look at Pauly Shore. You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become Pauly Shore. "What was that name you and the boys had for me back at the Comedy Store, Gordon?" "I...I don't know, Pauly." "Say it. SAY IT." "Wheez...zel. Pauly Weasel."
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    You sons of bitches get your head out of you fucking ass and tackle somebody. Play with a sense of fucking urgency. You're making Aaron Rodgers look like the fucking GOAT (he may very well be that anyway but shut up). I hate all of you. Try not fucking up for five seconds you assholes
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    I hate football. I hate this. I just yelled out "FUCK ME" in my house, where my mother is. Fuck this.,
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    So sorry, DVDVR Panthers Fan Club. I'm sure you feel like this right now.
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    Put Tracy Smothers in a ring with 8 sheep
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    ConAir has Colm Meaney so it wins. And this line Guard Falzon: It smells like someone shit in your mouth. Pinball: He told me he loved me.
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    I am 39, overweight, and not as pretty as I used to be. However, I am still alive, which is saying something.
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    or, alternatively, don't ever, ever, ever, ever (this continues for an hour) tell someone you'll wait for them, even if you would.
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    the best part of the Randy Orton RKO thing is whenever they show "him" running like a DOOM enemy.
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    I know that there are technically better WWE matches, but I fucking loved Big E v Rusev.
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    "Hello everybody, Jim Ross here with Missy Hyatt...."
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    Dewar - just wait until you lay eyes on the guy. Because he'll look exactly like you.
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    The Great Muta has been promising a surprise for The Rock whenever he shows up in Japan to promote Hercules — looks like Muta dressed as Hercules crashed Rocky’s speech. Awesome. Also, here's a photo of Roddy Piper with Doyle from The Misfits from this weekend's Rock and Shock con in Boston:
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    Yeah well it was more about Vince having to wave his dick around. Though the couple of times when ECW guys stood up to Austin (RVD and Tazz) the arena went nuts. If they weren't so intent on destroying DDP, DDP being tired of Austin's shit and hitting him with a Diamond Cutter probably would have been one of the most awesome things ever.
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    Nah, the face is her daddy. Which strangely enough is also her her brother and cousin. The heel is her uncle-granddaddy.
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    *Stares blankly in your general direction
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    I don't know why no one's mentioned Tom Seaver yet. He borrow Chico Escuela's soap. No give back!
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    I'm about to start a liquor fund for Jen. Send your donations to PayPal, if you would. Together, we can get Jen drunk enough to forget this game.
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    The driving mocs make the picture, IMO.
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    Shocker worked TNA back in... 05? Right around the time he had that McDonald's commercial
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    So I have friends that are absolutely convinced that Gotham is some kind of amazing television show. I need new friends.
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    If Jarrett can't find anyone better than Tenay then fuck his stupid vanity promotion. And this coming from one of the few people who was willing to give that a chance.
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    A guy I ran through the Nightfall with this morning got 9 ascendent shards after we finished. The other guy got some exotic gauntlets. And I got a legendary rocket launcher that I already had lol. So I broke it down for energy. Oh well. At this point I have a legendary rocket launcher for each element so that's pretty good. I bought the Titan chest piece from Xur because I love the perks it has. I use the shit out of grenades and I'm using a hand cannon loadout mostly now. I just need to find a good legendary helmet that I like so I can replace this exotic one I have leveled up before I can equip my new exotic chest piece. I also spent my motes on the chest piece engram with full intention of breaking it down for shards. It also levels the shit out of the cryptarch when he decrypts an exotic. It decrypted into a warlock piece anyway. For one, that's just you. I'm at level 28 and have yet to receive one exotic bounty. But personally I wouldn't get that rocket launcher anyway. The Gjallerhorn on the other hand...
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    It's Ambrose, so those dirty deeds have to be done dirt cheap.
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