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  1. It's either doctored footage or the date is wrong.
  2. No. This is that stealing fraud Kawada doing a Ganso bomb that was not at all how you describe.
  3. When someone gives me video evidence of Lou Thesz doing the same move that Jimmy Golden is doing AND NOT A POWERBOMB then I'll change my stance. But considering all the "look man Thesz did it first!!" people keep showing me Thesz doing powerbombs I think it's clear for a 100% fact that Jimmy Golden invented the Golden Bomb (which is still incorrectly called the Ganso Bomb because people stupidly think All Japan > Alabama)
  4. I can't believe this thread slandered the good name of Wendell Cooley a man who gave us this great Wildcat jacket
  5. That's a nice powerbomb. Not at all the same thing as Jimmy Golden, the One True Originator of the GoldenBomb is doing in my gif though.
  6. Just a reminder to vote Jimmy Golden for the One True Originator of the Golden (NOT GANSO) Bomb when you go the polls next Tuesday. If you vote for the lying stinking fraud Kawada then you are just part of the global wrestling media's bias towards Japanese wrestling and I hope someone punches you in the face and you don't even have enough Fighting Spirit to pretend it doesn't hurt.
  7. They can claim she's never lost a title match on PPV meaning she's someone who always delivers when the bright lights are on and it matters most. Fairly simple really.
  8. People who cheer that stupid Owens/Rollins bullshit don't deserve to be made happy and I'm glad Sasha lost and wish every single one of them was left crying like that pic some creeper took of the little girl.
  9. Fighting spirit bullshit belongs in Japan not WWE. I miss the good ol' days when WWE had a developmental territory where guys like Danny Davis and Rip Rogers would teach the "you're not in Japan" lesson that apparently the HHH vanity promotion of NXT can't teach.
  10. Imagine complaining about Roman's selling on a night where this happened
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