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  1. I think you could point to a combination of AEW having spoilers out pre-show, which takes away any mystery from the show, and NXT having a well-advertised Keith Lee title match in the main event.
  2. Hayter and Havoc broke up and she's now with Karl Fredericks from the NJPW dojo, so that's probably why she's not on the shows anymore
  3. Cabana Man Dan doesn't wrestle in the flip flops, but he does use them as a weapon for flip flop chops. Also, he's a very short man wearing a very large belt in that photo
  4. I'm pretty sure Beckett has retired, but I've no idea why Kimber Lee or Kelly aren't already signed up, esp when you consider Kelly's husband already works there. For that matter, I don't understand how the likes of Solo Darling or Lady Frost haven't been signed up by anyone yet, not even Impact
  5. Have they done anything with the Kip Sabian/Penelope Ford pairing since they appeared at the last PPV?
  6. At least they can be given an easy ride in the elimination matches. You suspect Ciampa won't be seeing a ton of ring time. Her run in the last MYC was really good. The Catanzaro match was a fun bully vs underdog match, and the Io match in the semi final was great. It's a real coming out party for her, especially as the common belief was she wasn't expecting it, as Tegan was the likely winner of the whole thing before her leg went vs Rhea.
  7. I'm also very into Pete Dunne feasting on the remains of Cole at Survivor Series, and bringing the NXT title back to the Best Midlands
  8. What I loved is that Regal is a rare authority figure that is feared by everyone, the one guy everyone listens to and doesn't threaten to assault. So when Kai laid hands on him, even though it wasn't a big blow or something that put him down, it got a huge pop and made her look even crazier. If they keep Nox off TV for a month or two, her return to kick Dakota's teeth in is going to be a huge moment
  9. Gareth Bale celebrating qualifying for the Euros behind a flag stating "Wales. Golf. Madrid. In that order" is a beautiful sight to see.
  10. IPW were the guys who flew half their roster to America in April to hold a show in front of 10 people. They also stopped running the immensely popular Tuesday Night Graps shows (that have basically been the template for the even more popular Schadenfreude & Friends shows) because they didn't "fit the brand". What I'm trying to say is that they may not have been the smartest business people.
  11. I mean, Shazza would definitely be a top 3 worker in their women's division, and she's certainly got a bit of thiccness to her.
  12. CHIKARA's season finale last night was a really great show. Mike Quackenbush and Thomas Santell had a super fun opener worked for 95% of it in a knucklelock, there was a really fun angle/match revolving around the Crucible attacking The Whisper before his title match with Dasher Hatfield causing him to work the match barely surviving, and best of all was the tag title match of Solo Darling and Willow Nightingale vs Tony Deppen and Travis Huckabee. Really great 2/3 tag match, worked perfectly to formula and with a really hot ending run.
  13. It's hard not to respect Moxley for getting PPV money for having, essentially, a decent Tournament of Death match, so fair play to him for that. Though he needed a Jeff Cannonball or Conor Claxton in there with him to say "Maybe we don't need to go 40 minutes in this match"
  14. Rhea was in the ring with Nox when her knee exploded, and Nox continued to try and attack her, so I guess that would prove her toughness to Rhea. Also, Dakota cries a lot more than Teagan.
  15. Yeah, even as someone who always thought Seth sucked, it's easy to see why this annoyed him. You're at your coldest reaction-wise since debuting, people already talk about you on line being a big uncool corporate suck-up, and now you get an untrue report that you gave a big pro company speech (not just any speech, a badly received "rah-rah" speech that makes him sound like the head girl trying to boost up a load of sixth-formers), I can fully see why he'd be fucked off with that. People already think he's lame, he doesn't need fake fuel added to the fire.
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