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  1. NXT TAKEOVER - Brooklyn III

    I think the NXT commentary team of Graves and Phillips was legitimately very good, which makes the current hotch-potch team look even weaker by comparison. Having two matches back-to-back with a "special guest" creating a four man team was overkill. Thankfully, the show was strong enough to survive that. Incidentally, I learned this weekend that Tom Phillips became only the 5th person to work as lead commentator at a WrestleMania this year. That felt like a slightly odd stat.
  2. NXT TAKEOVER - Brooklyn III

    Also, thought the commentary was unbearable tonight. Mauro saying "McIntyre calls this the Celtic Cross" must have come as news to Sheamus, and throwing constant references to bad Jay-Z songs and Don Frye made me remember why I hadn't missed him. The worst was when JR came out for the Black match and I mistakenly thought "Well at least this means Mauro will fuck off"...
  3. NXT TAKEOVER - Brooklyn III

    Really enjoyed Takeover, but a future scene based around Kyle O'Reilly and Adam Cole gives me no real interest in the TV going forward. O'Reilly looks like the love child of Davey Richards and an orangutan, and pretty much wrestles like one too. Opener felt like MotN to me, really great stuff from both guys, really tense nearfalls towards the end, and the interference ending was actually really smart. Both guys looked good because of this match. Tag title match was really fun. Nikki Cross as unlikely face manager heating up the crowd worked far better than expected. Wolfe has been overlooked for a while now, good to see him get a chance to shine. Black/Itami was fine, I guess. Asuka/Moon was the best Moon match to date, another match tonight where the loss did no harm to the loser. Didn't buy the Eclipse as a nearfall as it didn't feel like they'd built up to it, but the superkick sure did and the actual end was excellent. Really enjoyed the main too. Drew finding fun ways to throw Roode around early on was great, and that tope was nuts. Crowd being so flat hurt it a bit, but the work was really good.
  4. Smackdown is I'VE MADE A HUGE MISTAKE 8/15

    I know opinions are like arseholes - everyone has one - but I'd take Becky vs Charlotte from last year's Rumble over their respective Sasha matches. As far as the Fashion Files goes, does anyone actually have any ideas who the team that attacked them are going to be? Can't think of any NXT teams due a call up, and I get the impression that even the writers aren't sure who it's going to be. Which means it'll be Rowan and Harper

    I just like the idea that Kurt has never considered trying to get Braun's autograph for his kid
  6. SDL is AJ The Thief - 7/25/2017

    Problem is, they already feel like a cut-price Miz and Maryse, without giving them a knock-off Miztourage.
  7. Raw Is Emma's Dating Habits - 7/24/2017

    That somersault senton by Nia is the first of her finishers that looks like a guaranteed match ender. Hope she's keeping that long term

    She's been wrestling in UK promotions for the last year or two. Not seen her wrestle, but she's supposed to be decent and she's in her first Stardom tour at the moment
  9. Was there anything in particular that got the crowd so pro-Alpha Female, or did they just naturally take to her? Impressive first round match or something like that?

    First awkward JR moment of the MYC has to be during the parade of entrants, saying "(Niven) is quite a load...in a good way"
  11. WWE Mae Young Classic - Summer 2017

    I'm guessing the two spoilers from the previous page
  12. WWE Mae Young Classic - Summer 2017

  13. WWE Mae Young Classic - Summer 2017

    You would run the risk of fans chanting "We want Blue Pants" at the expense of other matches though. Best to just leave her out
  14. WWE Mae Young Classic - Summer 2017

    On the other hand, Blue Pants is a bit shit at wrestling
  15. WWE Mae Young Classic - Summer 2017

    That list seems to exclude the previously-announced Viper