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  1. Sky Blue Sam


    As someone slowly working their way through 2014 episodes of Main Event, Rybaxel were a really great team to watch, lots of fun as two dumb meatheads. Should have been given a tag title run.
  2. Sky Blue Sam


    1PW in the UK booked a Dustin Rhodes vs Christopher Daniels match, but on the day of the show announced both men had food poisoning and two replacements had been sourced. At which point, Curry Man and Goldust came out for a match
  3. Sky Blue Sam

    SOCCER - SPRING 2018

    Thanks man. What a day. The last 14 months under Mark Robins have been tremendous. Big Checkatrade Trophy win, built a really great squad, got promoted with a big Wembley day out at first time of asking. He's a national (well, Coventrian) treasure.
  4. Sky Blue Sam


    Nixon feels like a lock to do well in this. You've got the whole "injury redemption" angle, which they've already played up on WWE.com, and they've already got her working the bulk of the recent house shows
  5. I'm down for them to repeat the simultaneous low blow, both fall to the floor, and have the MitB holder run in, cash their briefcase in and stand there proudly as the ref counted both men to 10, giving him the title
  6. Sky Blue Sam


    The best choice for Nakamura's manager would be to find where Jamison is nowadays, and have him each week whining to Paige about how Nak should be champion. "You aren't using him correctly. Have you not seen his New Japan stuff? Of course he isn't putting in much effort when he's stuck facing the likes of Jinder every week"
  7. Sky Blue Sam


    Danny Burch has signed a full time NXT contract, announced it at his farewell Beyond show last night. Hopefully this means they'll do something more with the Lorcan team that I don't think has won a match yet
  8. Sky Blue Sam

    The Greatest Royal Rumble - 4/27/18

    Given that this is a rare PPV airing at a sensible time in the UK, I would watch this...if I wasn't going to be watching Jeff Cobb take on Chris Ridgeway at a show in Coventry at the same time.
  9. Sky Blue Sam


    His first week on 205 Live saw him booked as a heel, citing people judging him due to his skin colour, before they thankfully wised up and made him a face the next week.
  10. Sky Blue Sam

    RAW IS BRAINS STROWMAN~~ - 4/2/2018

    To be fair, Nia/Alexa has a year of back story to it, and at some point you have to give the overpowering force of the division a featured match. I'm assuming/hoping that Bayley/Sasha spend most of the battle royal fighting, and end up being eliminated at the same time as the final elimination by the eventual winner
  11. Dar/Alexander on the third episode is really great, and it's driven more by Dar than Cedric
  12. Sky Blue Sam


    There is nothing non-Goldust related in Cody's career as good as the saga of Disco's complicated submission hold
  13. Sky Blue Sam


    This was my first thought too. Best friends vs best friends (you can run the footage of Bryan comforting Kendrick during the CWC), don't lose any aura when the crowd totally ignores them for Bryan, can be FIP to build to the huge Bryan hot tag, plus it's a nice "thank you" for Itami smashing his face in.
  14. Sky Blue Sam


    Bull was the NYWC champion for most of last year, had a surprisingly fun defence against Scott Norton in that run. Sadly, also had a painful comedy match with Joey Ryan that's one of the worst matches I've ever seen
  15. Sky Blue Sam

    The Return - SDL - 3/20/2018

    I think you'd run the risk of the crowd realising "Oh shit, he's bumping. They're going to let him wrestle again" and not reacting as viscerally to the heels. This way, you get the rollercoaster of emotions, where the fact the audience were so happy only intensifies their rage