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  1. Is that Boycie? Incredible photo.
  2. Mandrews/Flash vs GYV was really great, just a good fun TV match.
  3. While I dont disagree with that, I don't think that's the case with the current injured list. Almost all of those women have a long wrestling background- Nox, Riott, Q, Ellering, Shirai and Gabert pre-WWE, Mickie and Tamina both being 10+ year WWE veterans. Feels like those would all be in part due to accumulating wear and tear along the way. If anything, health is more likely to be with your likes of Lacey Evans or Dana Brooke, with less miles on the clock and who haven't taken some of the bigger bumps women will take on the indies (I was at one of Nox's last indie matches vs Chris Brookes where she took tack bumps, dived off a doorway and took a few hardcore shots, i remember hoping she wouldn't get injured just before going to the WWE)
  4. I don't think the Fulham fans would want anything on their shirts to remind them of Tony Khan's involvement with their club TBH
  5. Your mileage may vary, but for me Jarrett gave both Michaels and Angle their career best matches,.
  6. Posted a photo of himself and Fujiwara yesterday, pretty badass.
  7. All is explained
  8. I think the deal with Danny Burch was that he got released in April 14 (in the great BritWres purge with Oliver Grey and Mason Ryan), but he decided to stay in Florida and got himself into really good shape. Being local, they brought him in occasionally as enhancement talent (the KO match was the first example of this), but he still worked indies as Martin Stone (including a TNA One Night Only show for unsigned talent where he beat Jesse Godderz). He got a few more appearances, then formed his team with Oney Lorcan while still unsigned, eventually getting a new contract after they'd been teaming for a while. I think he was a guy they always liked- Arn Anderson praised his ringwork and JBL said he was one of the best promos in NXT before his release- and his dedication to getting in shape and permanently moving to America paid off in the end
  9. Late to the party, but Eugene was Dinsmore's idea that he suggested to Vince so he could make TV
  10. I was with you on Rampage, but hiring Visage when you've already got Sonny Kiss would be a bad move. Not only would it make Sonny less unique, but Sonny is better than Visage on every level - more glamorous, more graceful, a substantially better wrestler (because Visage is pretty terrible) and probably costs less to fly in. It'd like the WWE forming a new Shield with Kona Reeves, Caleb Konley and Ian Rotten's kid.
  11. He's great with smaller wrestlers, but he also has that terrific LMS match with Big Show, the best ever WM main event at 31 (bar the last two minutes) vs Brock and he's pretty much the reason Braun got over. Maybe he's just great at size extremes
  12. Mauro is the only commentator who has actively driven me to listen to the commentary in a different language before
  13. “She is The Joshi Judas, Io Shirai. She idolizes WWE Masked Icon Rey Mysterio, but these days she has more in common with Comic Book Villain Mysterio, who treated Spider-Man like Shirai has treated Candice LeRae.” Indefensible
  14. Only watched the two women's matches so far, but Shirai and Baszler impressed massively by managing to have good matches with middling opponents who were never likely to win. LeRae's selling manner of "getting to her feet and hitting crappy looking offence" was galling, but Io had some real oomph to her offence and that finishing submission was nasty. Baszler sold the arm beautifully, almost on the verge of tears as she couldn't quite lock in that top rope gut wrench suplex. Loved her switching to a leg-based submission, using her good arm to find added leverage to get the win.
  15. For all the bad we can say about Vince, often rightly so, this is a really classy thing to do.
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