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  1. I think the line from the Mike Levy incident was that the lump he gave Mickie on the head might affect her new role in TNA. Which ended a week or so later when she broke her leg at an IWA MS show
  2. Timo had been a big part of the PC based show Breaking Ground, so he had a following based on that
  3. I assume you're thinking of Kenneth Johnson, who was in the CWC. Kenneth Crawford has been with WWE since 2015 and (based on Cagematch showing no Pre-WWE history) seems to be a Performance Centre creation. I won't say his current name in case of spoilers.
  4. Normally I stay up and watch Takeover live, but being in the UK and having to work today, I'll be watching it later. The good thing about this is being able to look at the scroller bar and see how long the Adam Cole match I'm expected to endure lasts for, before making my decision to watch.
  5. Rollins's new t-shirt very much frames him as a Christ-like figure. It's not been explicitly stated that the group is a cult, but they've certainly hinted at it
  6. I don't love it, but if they're going with Rollins leading his group as the Monday Night Messiah, it makes Murphy fit in with Akam and Rezar as one-named followers. I'm guessing that it's for that reason
  7. Cuerno injured his knee the week he signed and has apparently only just returned to training, so not much else they could have done with him
  8. Fun episode of NXT UK last night. The Hunt vs Burch & Lorcan was a really fun tag match, Ridge Holland and T-Bone had a neat scrap and the main of Imperium vs SWSC & Dave Mastiff was very good stuff. It looks like we're getting WALTER vs the Bomber in the coming weeks, which I'm all in on
  9. With this Kip/Joey Janela feud, do either of them actually have any wins on Dynamite? I know they've both won matches on Dark, but it feels odd to build to a PPV match between two guys who never win on the show people watch.
  10. Naomi looked cool as fuck. That big hair will look awesome on any big bumps or any high flying she does.
  11. The rumour was Shayna and Dakota. Using your parameters, I count 7 - Graves/Carmella, Uso/Naomi, Andrade/Charlotte, Becky/Rollins, Vega/Black, Yim/Lee and Edge/Phoenix.
  12. The strap match felt like the result of a bet, where someone went up to Daniel Bryan and said "OK, to prove you're the best wrestler on the planet, I want you to wrestle a limited opponent to a **** match. Plus it's a strap match. Plus he's allowed to shrug off 90% of your offense. Think you can do it?" And then he did.
  13. Sasha hasn't wrestled since Jan 3rd, so the Twitter buzz is that she's injured
  14. Going into the event, I had Shayna as my prediction to win and I don't think that would have been a massive surprise to anyone.
  15. I actually thought this was the best one they've run so far. Great runs by Bianca, Naomi and Beth, really fun spot with Mandy and Otis, it had just the right number of nostalgia entries (as opposed to the first which was full of them), the winner wasnt entirely obvious (unlike last year) and it flew by in a really entertaining way.
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