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  1. DVDVR 1 OFF: Survivor Series 1996

    The Sid fist bump gif was hypnotic
  2. #205LIVE

    The thing is, if you're openly telling about planning a new show in an international territory, it doesn't make any sense to have that shows lead babyface cleanly lose to kayfabe the worst wrestler in the company, the guy who gets beaten up doing run ins. Especially when you're in that babyface's home country where you're hoping he'll be a draw. I appreciate Enzo needed a win going into the PPV, but why not use Mandrews or Tucker, guys you aren't hoping to make money with in the future?

    The really fun thing to note is that just 12 months ago, that would be a really underwhelming line up with a lot of unknown names, and now that reads like a real all star show. The speed that people like Aussie Open, Devlin, Omari and Millie have been able to make a name for themselves this year is testament to how healthy the scene is.

    It was actually Keith reviewing a Schneider comp that helped me discover this site in the first place, so that's at least one positive thing his writing did for me. I think when you first get on line, and there's this guy who has basically reviewed every big three PPV, and other stuff besides, he does end up being your go-to for finding out about shows you've not got round to watching. Even at the time, I disagreed with his opinion on wrestlers (he was always down on Regal, calling every match a style clash, and even early on I knew Regal was terrific), but he was a useful resource

    Gallows and Anderson would need a lot of work before that didn't feel like a mismatch on the scale of the Shield vs the Miztourage.
  6. NXT Takeover: WARGAMES~~~!!!

    Lars needs to debut and win the Andre battle royal at Mania. Everything left that he needs to learn in ring can be picked up on the road (just look what happened to Braun), he's already got the most important stuff like character and sheer presence down
  7. NXT Takeover: WARGAMES~~~!!!

    Undecided how I felt about the show. Lars/KO was really fun with both guys coming out looking like beasts. Black/Dream was decent, but had at least two moments where a guy with a striking gimmick kicked his opponent in the head and had it no-sold. Women's match was fine, but Ember was the worst choice of winner. Nigel highlighting all the times she'd come up short previously just screamed "our champion only has the belt because Asuka went to the big league" Drew/Almas was MotN. Really great showing from both guys. Really convincing nearfall. Loved the spot where Vega failed to down Drew with a rana, he puts her on the apron like a gentleman then catches an Almas tope with a big forearm to the face. Really excited to see where they go with Almas as champion. Main Event was really fun. So many nutso spots. Thought the 3 Sanity members were the stars of the show, real Dain showcase, but everyone in the match played their role. Cole was the least impressive, but I'm not sure if that was because they were playing up that he was an opportunistic coward or because he's just not very interesting

    Pretty sure the Roman Reigns protest guy is a parody. His name is Peter from Petersfield and loads of his tweets referenced paying for his trip to Survivor Series with his mum's credit card. Plus look how ridiculous his flyer is - esp the bit about how he could take Roman in a fight.
  9. Survivor Series XXX

  10. Jason Jordan getting to be as great as Mark Henry is unlikely, but that doesn't mean his run is doomed to failure. That his presence led to the most stale worthless character on Raw getting "Thank you Wyatt" chants means there is something there to work with. Beating up Jordan gathered Wyatt more reaction than he has in years, they'd be nuts not to make something of that.
  11. Jordan will end up fine. If he was getting no reaction, that'd be an issue, but the fact he's getting booed out of the building means he can very easily be given a quick heel turn (which everyone has been expecting since day one anyway). This isn't a Reigns situation where they won't turn him because he's a big merch seller and the face of the company, Jordan is lower midcard, and can easily be turned.
  12. Survivor Series XXX

    Given that Kane is almost certainly going to cause Braun to get eliminated, and that Orton/Cena once beat most of the Raw roster by themselves in a handicap match, I wouldn't be so sure
  13. #205LIVE

    Can totally understand why Enzo has to get the win, but did it have to be over Bate? Tyler is the second biggest start in the fledgling UK division, a win over Mandrews would have made more sense. Even stylistically, Mandrews wrestles more like Kalisto than Bate does

    Kenny King was a Tough Enough alumni, and you could argue that a near 4 year main roster run puts Cameron ahead of Cross and Ivelisse
  15. Survivor Series XXX

    Orton is still somehow the youngest member of his team, I was amused to discover