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  1. Sad news as former Progress tag champ Kid Lykos announced his retirement last night. It's a shame, he was always a super fun worker, and CCK were a supremely fun act, but he had terrible luck with injuries. Heard he hurt himself again at Riptide on Monday, must have been the final straw
  2. He's not THE answer, but Ambrose feels like the runner up to Bray's title run, an utterly unmemorable run
  3. If I had to guess, Wolfe going to NXT UK to join the EU faction would be likely, think Dain has a bigger upside on Smackdown than Wolfe.
  4. I started an EWR save at the weekend, and I couldn't be bothered to think of a team name for my midcard Angelico/Extreme Tiger tandem, so I just lazily called them the Lucha Boyz, so I can emphasize with Vince's "rename the War Raiders" problem.
  5. That's really the Joseph Conners effect. Jack Starz is pretty great though
  6. I didn't get Briggs until a Limitless show where he did a fucking mad dive over the turnbuckles to the floor, which won me over. He also had a legit great match with Trent Gibson for Beyond that I thoroughly enjoyed
  7. Thanks, yeah always good to go away to a club that hate us and win
  8. I'd not heard Madden commentate in years until I decided to watch Mayhem 2000 on a whim this weekend, and the guy was truly wretched. Amusingly, I tweeted out how bad I thought his commentary was (without @-ing anyone BTW), and was surprised when a few hours later Madden quoted the tweet to call me a mark and that I was just jealous. Which felt like an odd flex, to tell your 100k followers that you vanity searched yourself and got upset because someone thought you were a bad commentator 19 years ago.
  9. Has there ever been a better worked boxing match in wrestling than Johnny B Badd vs Scotty Flamingo at Clash XXI? It's so much fun, goes less than two rounds, the boxing doesn't look terrible and ends with some hilarious heel chicanery? The whole "One Punch Bingo" Flamingo bit is great
  10. Sheamus did an interview this weekend, where he expressed a wish to see Cesaro win a world title, and said he'd like to see the fans start campaigning for that ala Becky or Kofi. This felt like an attempt to nip that in the bud
  11. Low key respect to Drake Maverick for grabbing the mic and getting the crowds attention back on Bret and Nattie, while they were still looking at the twat getting kicked out.
  12. Really fun Takeover Opening tag was just what I needed at that point. For context, by the time Takeover had started, I'd watched 8 hours of wrestling in a row (the Chikara and Black Label Pro shows, plus catching up on the ISW show in the gaps), so an insane spectacle like that was perfect to pep me up. The missed 630 by Ricochet felt like the hurtiest missed move I'd seen in a long time. Dream/Riddle was neat, and really worked with their characters. I dug how the Dream mind games didn't affect the laidback Riddle, but his resilience drove Riddle mad until he was able to capitalize on one moment to win. Great stuff. I've seen people on Twitter calling Walter/Peter the best match in Takeover history, which feels daft in a world where Almas/Gargano exists, and it probably wasn't as good as Pete/Tyler, but it was still excellent. Started slowly, but built to a crescendo where Walter needed a super version of his finish AND a top rope splash to win. Women's four way was really good. Glad Shayna won, her title reign has been too dominant and too long for her to lose it in a multi-person match, she needs to lose 1-on-1. This way, she won clean whilst still leaving a match with Io on the table. I didn't watch the main, because 2/3 falls of Adam Cole sounds like my idea of torture.
  13. The Black Label Pro show was really fun. Gresham/Irie was a really great main event, Page/Durst was a good plunder match, maybe the best Page match I've seen, whilst Sadkampf vs Tank/Fernandez was a neat fight. Gage/Swoggle was probably the weakest match, and even that had it's moments
  14. The Chikara show was really fun, and Touchdown/Dasher had a really great ladder match main event. Really well worked, they built to the big spots, didn't do anything illogical and they ended clean on the biggest spot. Really worth watching
  15. Aaron Sollow turning up unadvertised to work a tag match in a Mansfield WMC was one of the more confusing "why has my local indie booked THIS guy?" moments I've had in recent years. If I was Tyson, I'd be horrified at my wife suckling a lolly from Adam Rose - who knows what you'll catch from that guy?
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