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  1. It's also a bit more impressive to beat someone who's picked up a few wins rather than "Here's Corey Hollis with a record of 0-14"
  2. Dark ended up OK this week with 2 decent Dark Order tags and the fun Hollis/Sky match, but the one-two punch of that Janela tag and the Abadon match was the worst sequence of back-to-back matches I've seen this year. Both utterly abysmal
  3. Part of me will believe it when I see it, but the fact the university is on board gives it some credibility. Apparently the land falls on the Warwickshire side of the university campus, so we wouldn't have to deal so much with Coventry council, which is a bonus. Have to say, as someone who used to live in Swansea and went to the Vetch in the L2 days, I'm delighted to see them beat the odds and get into the play offs. Even more so as I currently live in Nottingham and Forest's bottling gives me an easy to attend away game next season, Covid allowing
  4. I was once wearing a Nixon Newell shirt in Spoons, when a guy in a Cody American Nightmare shirt stopped me to say he liked my shirt. I said thanks, and then there was then an awkward pause where I think he wanted me to return the favour, which didn't happen, before we both went off in opposite directions
  5. The more Jimmy Havoc news that comes out, the grosser it gets
  6. It's since been revealed that it was Candyfloss, who was 17, that Starr asked out for a drink. Not only creepy, but obviously she wasn't legally allowed to drink at the time either.
  7. I had The Bird and The Bee (Solo and Willow) vs FIST as one of my matches of the year in 2019, she's been pretty reliable on the indies in the past 18 months
  8. The correct answer is Solo Darling and Willow Nightingale
  9. League One and League Two have both officially voted to end the season and finalise the league on a PPG basis. Real shame the season couldn't be finished, but with circumstances as they are, its understandable. On the bright side...
  10. Last time i heard of Val, he was ranting about Nyla Rose winning the AEW Women's title for transphobic reasons, so best leave him to the scrapheap of history.
  11. This was absolutely the first person I thought of. Mr Perfect loved a daft bump too
  12. Just before I went to sleep last night, I saw a series of tweets where people were commenting on a bunch of tweets from her that had since been deleted, but I didn't expect to wake up to this. She had so much potential and so many people are tweeting about what a nice person she was. Really tragic. Kairi Sane's tweet is heartbreaking I was able to notice her tweet right away because it was afternoon in the United States by the time difference (midnight in Japan time) and I called Jungle Screamer and Rossi Ogawa with Io immediately. Kyona went with all her might. However… I didn't make it in time
  13. Flair as Black Scorpion only had one match, but it was a character that had a main event storyline. Danny Davis wrestled as Mr X on WWF TV at the same time as being a referee, wearing the mask so fans didn't know he was doing both.
  14. The thing about Larry was he combined quantity with quality. He reviewed just about every show, even Xplosion and Main Event, and he gave each show just as much attention. Very sad news.
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