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  1. Looks like this guy has Michaels beat on superkicks and overselling.
  2. I'm surprised no one posted this here...
  3. This is San Antonio, every year is championship or bust. Not really. I don't know how many years I've heard "No one talks about the Spurs" and "The media ignores the Spurs" from their fanbase during the season. That's not going to be a talking point this year. They lost in the 1st round of the playoffs, but it seem disappointing, but not the end of the world. They had already won their redemption title the year before anyway. Next season, losing in the first round is a much bigger story. People have been waiting for the Spurs to slip for for awhile now with their age catching up with them, but the talent there now means more media attention and pressure. Of course, talent level > pressure/media attention, all day everyday. See the Heat and the KG/Allen/Pierce Celtics. I'm pretty much just saying as a fan, that we expect a run every year regardless of who we got. The media is always going to flip/flop on us. I'm certainly going to miss Bill Land's MAMMA MIA's after a clutch Belinelli 3.
  4. I believe these three jabroni's are on the OKC roster
  5. This is San Antonio, every year is championship or bust.
  6. Speaking of cameras, could we do without the whole zoom in on every move's impact? One of the many reasons I cannot watch WWE/TNA, cause that shit is nauseating.
  7. I'm not knocking em, and I still believe they would win the championship regardless, but it's just the cards they were dealt.
  8. What happens in the regular season and all that ELO ratings stuff is dookie, it's all about da playoff run. Had they thumped the Spurs or Clippers, and dominated the Cavs, then you might have something.
  9. Warriors earned it. At first I wanted GS to win, but when Irving went down, that's when the Cavs became the underdog in my eyes. However when they went up 2-1, I saw the LeBron suckfest saying he would be the GOAT if he wins, and at that point I didn't give a shit about either team. Oh, and I'll take what my Spurs did last year as the most impressive run than any Warriors, Lakers, Bulls, Celtics team has done EVAH.
  10. I want a GS win, but I think the Cavs make quick work of them. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they won in 5.
  11. You mean 4-0. Also, I think GS closes out the series in G5, sorry bud.
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