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  1. I think Silo Sam lasted longer than Shera did.
  2. Boy, I sure hope the Hart Foundation win them because I just can't get enough Teddy Hart. Yeah. Incidentally, I'm sure this has been covered here before, but how is MLW able to use that name?
  3. Uh oh, this is going to piss Cornette off. Posing with babyfaces! EXPOSING THE BUSINESS!!!
  4. I've never quite understood the uproar over these. Hell, Curt Hennig took much sillier bumps in the 80's.
  5. Just as an aside here, Monsoon's real name was Robert Marella, right? So whence "Gino?"
  6. Not like it's happening anyway.
  7. If Rob Terry were somehow to sign with AEW, Mason Ryan would absolutely have to be next.
  8. Wouldn't Gaby Garcia be much better off in pro wrestling than MMA?
  9. Has anyone else ever done the Northern Lights correctly? (That is to say, with the trapped arms.)
  10. "Bario Galento?" Did he have a cold, or was he trying out a Hispanic ghetto gimmick?
  11. In the immortal words of Homey the Clown: "Dignity is the opposite of that."
  12. I was going to say something about getting color but then I decided not to.
  13. Went to wrestlingdata.com to check that out, and apparently his last wrestling match prior to this year was in 2004. But here's the thing: it was in TNA. (7/14/04, to be precise: Shamrock/Jarrett/Onyx/Hernandez/Chad Collyer lost to Dusty/Zbyszko/Konnan/Road Dogg/R-Truth in a guitar on a pole match. Because Russo.) Also ran across another odd match he had in '04: against Sylvester Terkay on UPW's 5th anniversary show in Anaheim, which also had the Outsiders putting over Christopher Daniel and Tom Howard. God damn, I love wrestling.
  14. ROH signed Brody King. OK, please disregard my previous post.
  15. PCO rules and knows all. Having said that, the future of ROH looks pretty fucking bleak. And I say this as someone who's bored to tears by Cody and the Bucks.
  16. I'm impressed that a man who' is apparently two-dimensional is even allowed to fight professionally.
  17. Um... I was under the impression that particular sort of GIF was a no-no these days.
  18. So very much suck in such a short time. Amazing.
  19. Just for the record, it was Kevin Sullivan and Dick Murdoch. Sheik of course turned on Dusty, so Murdoch made the save, leading to a brief babyface run for the Outlaws.
  20. That fucking Janela show sounded like a trainwreck going in, and somehow it ended up being even worse.
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