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  1. Did Benoit really say he wants his ring name to be Chris Benoit Jr.? That seems like a really REALLY bad idea.
  2. Ending with Bret dropping a (silent) F-bomb.
  3. I really hope Tessa wins, not because I'm woke or anything, I just fucking detest Callahan.
  4. Anybody who needs help with NNN, go back to the first page of this thread and gaze upon the horror that is Abdullah in an enormous banana hammock.
  5. And he doesn't have to have that stupid expression on his face when his picture is taken.
  6. I suppose, but come on. I admit Curtis Thompson was fine. Todd Champion was absolutely not.
  7. Which team was clumsier and less coordinated: Harlem Heat 2000 or the WCW Patriots?
  8. Come to think of it, Cornette's line about Ahmed's day job as a UN interpreter was pretty great.
  9. I don't remember Ahmed getting heat so much for hurting other guys as hurting himself, but that was all a long time ago and who wants to remember Ahmed Johnson anyway?
  10. I was going to post Orson Welles clapping here. Use your imagination.
  11. Is that Billy Black? No idea he'd worked for ECW.
  12. Is anyone else really interested in Taven? And if so, why?
  13. That would be a fucking awesome finisher. Too bad "Go To Sleep" is already being used.
  14. Is it just me, or was Ventura's physique really never anything special for a guy who called himself "The Body?"
  15. Because of course Vince owns a cape. Probably several.
  16. Phil Hickerson as faux Asian >>>>>>>>>>> Matt Taven in any context
  17. There was a guy in Onita Pro back around the turn of the century who did a Drunken Master gimmick -- I think his name might've been Jackie Lin or something along those lines -- and I always wondered when someone would do it "in United States" ( ™ and ® Dave Meltzer).
  18. I wouldn't say I "love" it, but what exactly is supposed to be wrong with it?
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