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  1. Is that Billy Black? No idea he'd worked for ECW.
  2. Is anyone else really interested in Taven? And if so, why?
  3. That would be a fucking awesome finisher. Too bad "Go To Sleep" is already being used.
  4. Is it just me, or was Ventura's physique really never anything special for a guy who called himself "The Body?"
  5. Because of course Vince owns a cape. Probably several.
  6. Phil Hickerson as faux Asian >>>>>>>>>>> Matt Taven in any context
  7. There was a guy in Onita Pro back around the turn of the century who did a Drunken Master gimmick -- I think his name might've been Jackie Lin or something along those lines -- and I always wondered when someone would do it "in United States" ( ™ and ® Dave Meltzer).
  8. I wouldn't say I "love" it, but what exactly is supposed to be wrong with it?
  9. I think Lita could well the worst "flying" wrestler ever. I mean, how many times did her forehead almost scrape the mat with every single moonsault?
  10. Pink Floyd Mk. 1, with original guitarist Rado "Bob" Klose second from right, being silly. Is it just me or does Waters look a bit Gumby-ish here? (I refer of course to Monty Python rather than Art Clokey.)
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