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  1. I liked the show as a whole, but that Bailey/Trey match was on another level compared to everything else on the show. Definitely one of my favorite singles matches, from any company, this year. I absolutely loved how they managed to do a bunch of cool spots while continuing to sell the leg work done previously at every step. That was awesome and something that we sadly don't see enough of these days, I feel. Kudos to both guys for delivering a truly great match.
  2. The card for next week's Multiverse of Matches show is looking real good:
  3. "Aspiring wrestlers, do you fantasize about becoming the next great champion of the squared circle like the legendary Gorgeous George... or her boyfriend the Macho Man?" Swinger's just the best. LOVED that line above. Also love how Swinger's new "Swinger's Dungeon" wrestling school seems to be attracting only "intergender tag teams and Demolition marks". Zicky Dice joining the Dungeon should be a blast. Also, they're kind of turning Morrissey into a 2022 version of Sid Vicious and I'm liking that too. Arrive, powerbomb a dude, fist bump some fans, leave.
  4. ^ July 14 is when her 90-day non-compete clause is up and she'll officially be a free agent.
  5. Great little teaser there. The hoodie makes me think it's EC3, but I could see a few of the teased names ending up in IMPACT. Also, July 18 is a Saturday. I don't think TNA/IMPACT have ever done a PPV on a Saturday before. Interesting to see them finally doing so. I love Swinger. I can't help but smile when he's talking. The Finesse and Bench Press Express! Brother. Brother? Brother! Rascalz vs. TJP/Fallah and the main event were pretty fun matches. I'm liking the Deonna videos too. Really looking forward to her debut next week. Overall, a pretty good show. IMPACT continues to be a very enjoyable show week in and week out.
  6. Okay, so this has to be the best video IMPACT have done in some time. Outstanding stuff. Moose "hijacks" this week's show opening:
  7. Just some interesting numbers. The 2019 IMPACT clips with the most views online: So, based on this it's easy to see why they're headlining the next PPV with Sami vs. Tessa for the title.
  8. It was indeed KM. He was working backstage as a producer at the NY tapings so I guess they just decided to use him in the segment as well.
  9. He may not be 100%, but Cage is already back wrestling on the indies. He just worked in wXw.
  10. You don't need to subscribe/pay to be able to watch the weekly shows on the app. You just need to have an account, which is free to set up and you don't even get asked for any card details.
  11. The interesting thing about Jordynne is that last year she herself was saying in interviews she was signed to IMPACT for two years. A true worker.
  12. Elgin vs. Swann was fantastic. Really enjoyed that match. I love how Elgin keeps hitting dudes like he's still in Japan. His clotheslines in particular look brutal.
  13. The OWE crew were recently on a "China's Got Talent" type of show and did a pro wrestling demonstration. The finish: The full video is here: https://m.weibo.cn/status/4371250858222212?#&video I thought the whole thing was pretty cool. Very slick in presentation and the audience, which had probably never seen pro wrestling before, seemed to really enjoy it.
  14. The story going around when she quit ROH was that originally it was Madison who had pitched bringing in Velvet and Angelina to re-form the Beautiful People, but Delirious insisted on putting Mandy in the group instead of Madison and wanted Madison to feud with them.
  15. ^ Friday's episode now gets uploaded to GWN on Tuesday.
  16. Melissa Santos is the new backstage interviewer for Impact.
  17. Loved that Raven cameo. Makes total sense that Raven of all people would be in the insane asylum.
  18. It wasn't a tryout. Reportedly, she's signed a two-year deal with them. I'm quite looking forward to seeing her mix it up with Taya and especially with Tessa. Those two matches should be quite fun.
  19. The card for IMPACT's show in the UK next Sunday. The show will air live on IMPACT's Twitch channel.
  20. My favorite moment from Triplemania, by far. I enjoyed the show as a whole, but Fantasma's kid threatening to slash LA Park's throat was just on another level of greatness.
  21. Ospreay vs. Bulldog Jr. was a fun sprint. Good little Ospreay showcase. Enjoyed the main event as well. Rampage as champ would make for good tv. Tag match was okay, with Hendry coming off well. The opener I thought was kind of bad - lame DQ, a botch and a non-finish. That's not the way to make a good first impression. Overall though, it was a decent show. I like a lot of the guys on the roster so I'll be tuning in next week as well.
  22. Quick reminder. The first episode airs today.
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