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    Thanks Reverend (and everyone else for the continued discussion); the possible origins in Apter mags of the gland theory feels right to my recollection. I would've been perusing them on the floor of my buddy's rec room, surrounded by Fangoria, Starlog, and Cinemagic as well, and thus I think the gland explanation resonated with me for its Cronenberg-ian body-horror elements. But I agree that thankfully the origins were not delved into too deeply on TV beyond the color typology that you cataloged in CLAW HOLD! and that others here and elsewhere have noted. And Luger's "Dick Cheney Hunting Buddy" bump is by far his finest selling...
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    Good Reverend, can you (or anyone else for that matter) recall or direct me to who first posited the glandular explanation of the dread Poison Mist? I was talking about it with a friend, but couldn't recall where I'd heard it first... Gary Hart on a Funk's Grill, perhaps? Or earlier, with Kabuki? Thanks in advance to any/all that can help... clear away the fog.
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    They need to bring Harper into The Fashion Police as their Adrian Pimento; went undercover too long trying to infiltrate the uggo Wyatt Family to bring them to fashion justice...
  4. " a Quinn Martin production..."
  5. Lee Scott died for our sins.