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  1. Blood and sweat fly in a Sekimoto vs Okabayashi hoss fight
  2. The Professor bloodies Dusty in his signature chain match
  3. Blood, blondes, and bells The drive-in meets the squared circle
  4. Heading to Denny's to smoke cloves, drink coffee, and not leave a tip
  5. Great shot of the Chihiro Hashimoto suplex posted earlier
  6. Okabayashi with the grace and the impact (also the beauty of the long take; Dunn would've had like 4 edits and lost all the power)
  7. Butch cuts a screaming promo on Buddy Rose as Luke bleeds
  8. Baby Sekimoto with the timing on Tanaka
  9. Either a) Scott was an underrated, world class seller or b) Michael Hayes punched him directly in the jaw
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