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  1. I was so glad this place is still around! God, I must have started coming here in about '99.. I remember having a summer office job in high school, and and I spent most of the time reading DVDVRs and studying the Big Big Book of Wrestling Moves. I even used to print out reviews and kept them in the john for reading I totally forgot Punk posted here back in the day!
  2. Resurgence was a hell of a good time. Ishii/Moose was really ridiculous, they pulled out all the stops. It wasn't a ginormous crowd but you could tell there were a lot of true NJPW fans and I think that added a lot. There were really significant, meaningful moments, like GOD who just flew over to come punk out Gun/Doc, and the young lion asking Shibata for a spot at the dojo. Even Ospreay actually kind of won me over with that promo. And just all the interpromotional shit with Impact/AEW guys, it's a pretty magical time right now.
  3. I kind of enjoyed the battle royale show, especially Cesar's promo to open it. "Who the fuck are you" popped me big time. The crowd was super hot for the whole thing, you love to see it. I feel like the Sentai Death Squad are those two giant dudes they had in CHIKARA back in the day, but it's really hard to find any info about them. Blaster McMaster and another name like that, I've smoked way too much weed to remember.
  4. This card is so stacked. I wonder how they'll pace it. What do you think about the tag title match? In my heart I want to see another Bucks vs. Lucha Bros, but they do seem to be heading towards a Jurassic Express title win. That's the thing though, I truly have no idea. I love that about this company.
  5. I'm such a sucker for the animatronics. Stan Winston designed them if I recall correctly. I actually saw the original Lost World from 1925 this week. It's a silent movie and takes a lot of adjusting to sit through, but the really cool thing is that they used stop motion to film all the dinosaurs, and to moviegoers in 1925, it was just the most mindblowing thing. It's cool to try and imagine how people's perception functioned before all the advanced animatronics and even contemporary CGI, it just took a lot less to impress them!
  6. I'm watching Reminiscence right now. It's kind of a noir detective story with a fairly interesting gimmick about a machine that lets people relive memories, but the setting is so original. It's basically Miami at some point in the future, where it's half flooded, and temperatures are so high that people have become nocturnal. And it's Hugh Jackman as a gritty older dude searching for a nightclub singer he had an affair with. Just fun.
  7. To announce that match right after maybe the biggest pop in history, with STING standing next to Darby in the rafters, that was one of the most awesome things I've ever seen.
  8. Tony Khan said "Bix" in the media scrum and I was like dude I wonder how DVDVR is doing The TV numbers up to All Out and the PPV number are gonna be completely ridiculous
  9. Tyson looks like he just came out of a fast, ol' chicken legs
  10. Eddie's loose style was nice but I also like the classic crisp interview promo style with Dave by the podium, Aldis gave an amazing Flair promo hyping EVERYTHING and I liked Eli Drake's Tommy Rich promo
  11. how wild to have Claudio Castagnoli vs. Tommy End as one of the top things in Vinceland right now, wXw thangs
  12. JRV

    NJPW G1 2019

    Yo I only just finished night 4 and Taichi/Naito just literally recreated the ganso bomb, how cool was that. I popped like a little kid when Naito busted out the Emerald Flowsion too, it was such a nice deep little reference in response to the Dangerous T subplot
  13. JRV

    NJPW G1 2019

    He knows a lot but his voice always is a bit underwhelming next to Kelly and Rocky. The shows where he did seem to be allowed to talk, it just kind of stood out that you had these two natural-sounding announcers and one -no offense- smarky indy commentator softly interjecting the occasional comment I can see why a TV company would prefer a totally polished product But I don't know shit about him, how did he get on the team?
  14. JRV

    NJPW G1 2019

    Almost done watching day 4 and it's been so nice, I haven't watched this much wrestling in ages. I'm kind of feeling the G-1 fatigue and find myself looking at my phone more and more, but that's part of the grind of the tournament. I'm loving all the fresh match-ups like KENTA vs everyone (looking so good after all that time basically gone, I popped for the first time he did that fake kneedrop into a heelish face kick) and Mox has been really putting in the work, showing he can hang with all sorts of different people/styles. How sweet was Mox/Cobb? Yano is awesome for the comic relief between all the long, grueling beef on beef violence, I wish he was in both blocks I'm feeling Goto more than ever, and I'm especially into Sanada and his stoic charisma. The English announce team can get a little giggly (ohh the turnbuckle is called Mary today hihi) but their storytelling and pbp is generally super on point and I like how a lot of workers interact with them. Lance Archer is looking fucking amazing, he's so agile and explosively quick for a what, 9 foot guy, and he is such a perfect fit for Suzukigun. I'm really amazed New Japan has a million stables, and each of them is just a perfect unit with their own unique character and totally fitting rosters.This booking is so deep and solid, maybe it's not necessarily the best individual workers ever assembled on a roster but as a whole I feel like this is the zenith of what pro-wrestling can be. One sad thing is that I wanted to take a little break from the G-1 and I put on Fight for the Fallen, and MAN that more choreographed stuff really does not hold up after watching so much amazing, dynamic, interesting work. It just doesn't do it for me. And the commentary, yeesh.
  15. lol I just wrote an entire G-1 post and put it in this very not G-1 thread plsdelete
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