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  1. Charlotte looks a bit fazed because of the fans' heckling sometimes. I remember that from announcing. Sometimes it can really throw you off.
  2. loved the little footnote about the "bygone era" not being so kind to black people "the club" reminded me of when TNA had "the band", and not in a good way
  3. You don't have a guy come into your organisation and let him go over at THE SHOW. He came out of that feud looking super strong, without actually really damaging Jericho. Sometimes it's like some fans just want their dude to win like every big match they're in, which is not how wrestling has ever worked. I am actually really surprised AJ is getting the push he is, right out of the gate.
  4. I'm sorry but was QC Money just on Smackdown? Man that show was a blast. These four guys (+ Sami & Mox) in the main event scene is dope as hell. Even though I have no interest in Roman's work, I like how they made him into a cocksure kind of face who is kind of an arrogant prick, it works so perfectly with the response he gets. I don't know if they canned the crowd audio but AJ seems over as FUQUE. It's nice he got the closing fall of the show but that rollup is not at all a fitting way for super faces to go over, in any situation. I guess anything more would have made it less believable KO got back up so fast to brawl with Sami. OK wait, that rollup was pretty perfect. On the KO/Sami tip - how perfect is that feud? It works so well it transitioned flawlessly to WWE. They don't need shit. They don't need a title to feud over. They just hate the shit out of each other. ps. Loved Mauro calling shit like ushi koroshi (lol poor Tenzan) and la quebrada, even though AJ was going for the Asai DDT.
  5. Man jesus did I ever hate the constant stoppages. I zoned out after that. I know I should get over it and accept that this is a big corporation with a lot of PG type sponsors, but interrupting the flow of your main event like that.. And it's even more bitter for me when you realize it's Drake mfing Younger enforcing that. I mean, isn't that surreal as fuck? I'm happy for all those guys they get WWE paydays, but that match reminded me you're never really gonna see some undiluted greatness in WWE like you would anywhere where workers have freedom to work.
  6. Man fwiw I loved Jericho/AJ. Their series is just nice to me. Every match built on the previous ones in ways the announcers don't even always catch, and it makes me feel like they are just having fun with it. Nothing too complex or anything, but just nice, thought out, generally pleasing matches with a little progression from each one to the next. And they put AJ over huge the next day. I also expected him to win at Mania, but it makes sense to me that they're not gonna put the new guy over at their top event right after he comes in and it's just weird to see people outraged about that, like you're still after all of this time getting angry when WWE doesn't follow your fantasy booking. Like the Ryder win, which turned out just to be a gateway to Maryse returning, Miz getting the belt and Sami/Owens moving up. Not that it wouldn't have been a NUCLEAR pop if Sami had won, but you can't deny Ryder deserved that brief moment of big glory. I don't know.
  7. That's me on live commentary, I miss those days
  8. oh man that hurts to lay eyes upon.. I rented mine to a dutch wrestler who ended up never even playing it and losing it in some box in some storage facility after changing houses - had all the names and outfits changed, too..
  9. I just realized Muscle Sakai really looks like Mr. Satan duhh duh duhhhhhh
  10. the fergall devitt docu has some stuff about his dojo time I mean watch it anyway you know
  11. oh yeah I spotted KUSHIDA from the future at Wrestle Kingdom, maybe he came back to relive his title match I mean ain't that some shit??
  12. Is this how people are coping? There's always these fantasy scenarios when a good worker sells out but how can you remotely entertain anything remotely like this to happen?
  13. yeah I can't wait to see what these guys can do in 7 minute NXT matches!!!!!! how oddly idealistic.. did you expect the same matches as outside WWE?
  14. Striker will talk through a big spot to rectify something he said about 2000s JAPW half an hour ago also I couldn't watch Styles/Nak, I could not bring myself to watch it - just fucking go
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