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  1. I explained a point in a style that bothers and specifically why it bothers me. It it doesn't resonate with you I'd rather move in in the discussion than rewatch matches pointing to moments and specifically explaining why I think a transition is good or bad if it includes running, I don't think I'm ready to go that far, you'd need to respond a little more dastardly. Let's put it this way. Kenny Omega has some running moves. I'm sure I could think of some, he's got the, urgh, the running knee and he's got the bulldog where he jumps over the opponent. The bulldog requieres his opponent t
  2. There's a pretty big fanbase out there that agrees with his view of New Japan. People like what they like. There's no huge anti-Meltzer/contrarian agenda making people check out different types of wrestling. Maybe, just maybe, people check out CMLL, Black Terry matches, Puerto Rico tags, Otto Wanz matches, French Catch and whatnot because they like wrestling and not because they need to prove to anyone there are two million styles of wrestling that are better than the style a notorious critic is proclaiming to be so good. No one's stopping you from reviewing CMLL, Black Terry and
  3. I don't care much about Io's last big match or non-Sendai Girls joshi in general. This thread isn't Io Shirai vs John Cena. Maybe slight hyperbole, I don't actually count the number of transitions to come up with exact percentages but there has absolutely been a significant number of matches where they amounted for at least half of the transitions. It sucks elsewhere too. So now we've gone from contrarians to a backlash? What does that have to do with anything? What are the tangible results of this backlash? Results in polls done by wrestling media are the same, the peo
  4. -actual knowledge of how to execute basic offence like low kicks, punches, bodyslams etc. that Omega, Okada, Tanahashi etc. don't execute any better than wrestlers in backyard promotions -transitions that varied more than just "run the ropes and and get hit by a move" which is how 90% of transitions occur in New Japan -actually good matwork -selling that isn't limited to "moves only hurt unless you reverse them, that frees you of all damage you've taken. unless of course you've countered with a finisher, then both wrestlers must miraculously fall down because we can't do a finis
  5. Wasn't your gimmick that you hated Japan and loved PWG? What did I miss?
  6. He complained about someone "stealing" a Blue Thunder Driver from him to which I replied "you got all your moves from Fire Pro".
  7. I love Dragon Lee but this year he took a little detour with the injury and his style has been a little exposed, he is one of the best in the world at doing a bunch of high spots but I much prefer how much LA Park gets out of basic brawling and hitting people over the head with chairs making it look like he's Benoiting them without actually doing so and this year we got a lot of high end Park matches due to Elite's more focused booking, his stuff vs Rush, Rey Escorpion, Caristico etc. ruled.
  8. Voted for Miz because he's the one that had actually good matches and also didn't block me on twitter. If great wrestling is a lot of moves immediately followed by no selling pop-ups sure.
  9. Kiyoshi Tamura vs Yoshihisa Yamamoto-RINGS 24.6.1999. is the one.
  10. Obvious answer here is the Hashimoto/Nagata vs. Misawa/Akiyama tag which is similar to the match you choose except better in every aspect. Bigger stars, more heat, more satisying finish followed by a way better post-match with a great chaotic brawl. Ohtani/Murakami brawls are also amazing, especially the first one (3/2 so it might be from the same/first Zero-1 show)
  11. I'm not sure how related the two incidents are (not that anyone would care about it). The one you mention may have been just my countrymen making fools of themselves (thought it also could have been a sabotage like this one was) but this particular incident was carefully orchestrated and planned for months in advance. There is a portion of folks with a lot of free time and no life that are very bothered about how things are run in the Croatian Football Federation (it's about as shady and illegal as anywhere else) and always try and make a ruckus when the national team plays to get our national
  12. It's kind of like that song you liked as a kid that was about colours and stuff and then you grow up and realize the guy who wrote it was just high as hell. That's Jeff Hardy.
  13. https://twitter.com/SURVIVALTOBITAA Yes-that's exactly what it is. Survival Tobita's twitter.
  14. Something inbetween but more the latter.
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