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  1. Cyanide


    The coordinated wrestle tee boom is coming. Invest now.
  2. Cyanide

    NJPW 2018 MOTY.

    Oh, for sure. It's flat-out amazing to see two guys go that hard for that long without either just killing clock, dragging spots out forever, or blowing up. And I am definitely looking forward to those; Ishii in the ring with either man has always been a treat!
  3. Cyanide

    NJPW 2018 MOTY.

    Oh, I'll be ready.
  4. Cyanide

    NJPW 2018 MOTY.

    More Decapitator Elbow, much less Essex Destroyer plz. Potentially unpopular opinion: Okada/Omega IV is undoubtedly a Great Match(TM), and I might call it objectively the best I've seen thus far, but I've always had issues with matches in the ballpark of an hour just in terms of attention span and, as a result, investment in the eventual outcome. I'm just getting into the cream of the G1* crop, but I'm sure there will be something in there that wins out in terms of a "favorite" MOTY or something I really wanna revisit in the future. On that score, one of Hiromu (RIP)'s bouts might actually be ahead of the Dominion main in terms of pure enjoyment for me. (Regarding match length, the G1 has been a joy for me the last few years in keeping a hard time limit ceiling on compelling matches, even while the norm for NJPW headliners has gotten longer and longer. For reference, the Okada/Ishii match a few years back is still probably the high water mark for me in terms of pacing/time/etc.)
  5. Cyanide

    NJPW G1 Climax 28, LIVE AT THE BUDOKAN! 7/14-8/12

    This all but torpedoes my hopes for a Jerry Krause/Michael Jordan dynamic where Gedo's view of himself as The Rainmaker...maker leads him on a quixotic quest to reinvent YOSHI-HASHI as Rainmaker v2. Boo. Also I'm probably going to mainline so much Block B action in the next few days I may come out the other side with vicarious CTE.
  6. Cyanide


    I don't begrudge anyone taking Vince's money in an industry where careers and livelihoods are so volatile and precarious, but it just plain ole sucks that the most likely endgame of the indie/overseas boom of the last few years is WWE-- now with unlimited TV deal cash reserves and still exactly zero intention of doing anything novel with so much talent--just continuously warehousing the cream as it rises to the top and throttling competition forever.
  7. Cyanide


    The Melrose show was top-to-bottom one of my favorite live experiences ever. A good part of that is probably owing to Jim Smallman and co. really making it feel like a proper Progress experience and not just a Northeast indie show with Progress regulars. On that note, one of the best crowds I've ever been a part of, and it seemed like most everyone took the "don't be a dick" ethos to heart. Weakest match of the show might have been Eddie Dennis/RSP, but even that was a fun, beefy brawl. TK Cooper/Kid Lykos was a great opener, if a little nearfall heavy so early on. Lykos' whole deal has traditionally been pretty eyeroll-inducing to me, but this is my first time seeing him at all post-injury and he's a ton of fun to get behind live. (And double-checking something I just saw he suffered another injury. Brutal.) Grizzled Young Vets/LAX was amazing, and LAX were over huge. They're pure energy, and played off the heels like a dream. (Also, my girlfriend made sure to inform me that James Drake is extremely physically attractive. Several times. So, that.) Trent and Pete vs Brookes and Gresham was also fantastic closing out the first half, blending equal parts comedy and BSS/CCK strong style strikes and grappling. Gresham got put over huge by Trent post-match in one of the most touching displays I've been present for, and he absolutely deserves a showcase in a BOSJ/CWC-style setting as voiced by Seven. (Sidebar: Trent is a sneaky pick for one of my favorite guys going right now; just a dude in his mid-30s with a dad bod, effortlessly tying together tremendous physical charisma and comedic aptitude with Best of King's Road tribute offense. It just works for me.) Haskins/Andrews definitely checked the box for the "traditional Progress showcase" bout coming out of the break. Good match, if exactly as expected. Jordynne Grace/Solo Darling was legit one of my favorite matches of the night. Great job making a one-off pairing of American talents feel important on this show, especially with the likes of Jinny and Toni Storm absent on the women's front. Both Havoc/Flash and Bate/Riddle felt like they were a little rushed to close the show, perhaps due to an earlier delay after the second match and into intermission caused by an issue with the ring. Regardless, the former was a lot of fun and gave the crowd every reason to pop for Havoc like they clearly wanted to (I wasn't even aware of how the Flash/Haskins/Havoc story had fallen out lately), and the latter was the indie big match epic you'd expect. Insane stuff dished out and taken by both Bate and Riddle, and it was good to catch presumably one of Matt's last handful of indie dates.
  8. Cyanide


    Oh, for sure. I dig the hell out of Fenix. The Grave Consequences match vs Mil Muertes is a masterpiece and exactly the kind of thing you could still work as a major WWE story. I just don't think we live in a world where that happens unless they're already coming in with a major rub from elsewhere, a la Rey.
  9. Cyanide


    Not that I think it ends well for anyone, but Penta always seemed like a merch goldmine with his look and WWE's enthusiasm for marketing catchphrases/symbols/etc. Was surprised there never seemed to be more interest there post-AAA, beyond whatever LU entanglements they still had. Fenix's ceiling would be Kalisto Negro or some shit, outside of like him and Dorada waging a TRUE LUCHA INSURRECTION~ against the House Party Americans.
  10. Cyanide


    Boston line-up finalized. Five matches I'm really into in Bate/Riddle, Haskins/Andrews, BSS/Brookes & ???, Grizzled Young Vets/LAX, and Flash/Havoc, and everything should be at least fun. Definitely looking forward to Sunday.
  11. Cyanide


    My girlfriend has wanted to go to Boston forever. I suggested going this upcoming weekend for our anniversary. When Progress happened to be touring the US. What a coincidence... Bate/Riddle should be awesome. Curious what Dunne ends up doing, though I imagine he's teaming with Trent against someone, given the Tyler singles bout, and Grizzled Young Vets main eventing vs LAX/EYFBO. Bummed that WALTER and Toni Storm won't be on those cards, but still pumped to see Haskins, Andrews, Flash, and whatever surprises are in store.
  12. Cyanide


    It might be better if they went full kanji. Never go half kanji.
  13. Cyanide


    I dig this, but it's solidly in the category of "would be great without words" for me.
  14. Cyanide

    CEO card Daytona Beach 6/29

    All of this. Basically every crowd nowadays. I don't care about the obnoxious chant you thought of specifically to get yourself over. I don't care that you need to let everyone else know you know someone's prior gimmick name. I don't care about your conversation on what happened on Being The Elite this week. I don't know if things have really gotten worse or I'm just getting older and have less tolerance, but it really feels like the IWC has spilled over and crowds nowadays are just another forum for people to hold court (with a captive audience) on the same shit they'd be spouting on reddit and twitter, as if it's a sideshow unto itself during the actual show you paid money for. Knock it off, and also get off my lawn.
  15. Cyanide


    Not being privy to the interaction, I'd offer the caveats that he has to be diplomatic to some extent, and he might have been caught flat-footed and been a bit dismissive in the moment, and it might be a concern he's getting annoyed with having to field on a not-irregular basis with varying degrees of civility. But it still seems like a profoundly dissatisfying response to a really shitty situation with regard to who ROH has gotten so far in bed with. Tangent, but germane to being down on ROH in general: I was talking with a friend that boy does it seem like they are well and truly fucked right now when it comes to being anything more than a showcase for Japanese talent. I had a lot of fun at the show last night, but outside of the Briscoes everyone I'm most interested in on the roster or a given card is imported from or doing more exciting shit elsewhere. This has been true for a long time, but the confluence of NXT and the WWE routinely raiding the indies, the general indy boom (obviously in the US but also the excitement over the UK scene and even Australia now), Gabe growing out DGUSA/EVOLVE/WWN (and that relationship with the first point), the TV deal and the exclusive contracts/talent restrictions that come with it, reliance on the crutch of NJPW (and NOAH before that) to sell the product... does ROH have anything really unique or engaging to offer years post-monopoly on the "super indy" label? And if NJPW finally bites the bullet on international expansion under their own banner?