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    Billie Kay rebranded as Paige confirmed.

    Final four: Jinder, Tian Bing, Mustafa Ali... and Roman Reigns. Reigns goes out, and then Ali. Jinder and Bing are eliminated simultaneously. Sets up a showdown in a one million seat floating stadium suspended over Tibet. Winner crowned WWE Pan-Asiatic Champion and feuds with Khali for the next year.

    https://twitter.com/SexyChuckieT/status/968675856330747909?s=20 Embed not working for me: Chuck Taylor @SexyChuckieT SECRET TO WRESTLING SUCCESS Do the same bullshit for 16 years and eventually everyone will get signed to WWF and other promotions will have no choice but to use you

    When I was at the NXT Bel Air show back in December there was a kid in a pot leaf hoodie and a hat with WEED emblazoned on it. So he's probably pumped right now.

    Ishii is way the hell up there. I don't know if the older guys would wanna take the beating, but Suzuki and even a surly-ass-G1-mode Nagata would be great too. Marufuji bringing his junior death chops and then bumping like a psycho would be great too. Add Ibushi for that reason, too. And Nakajima. Going all in on dream matches: from WWE (among those I don't think have had a real bout with), sign me up for Cesaro, Joe, Sheamus, Harper, Nakamura, and Ciampa. Styles too on general principle, and I'd say Reigns... but he's gotta ditch the chest protector.

    Finished up Chapter 63 today. My god, the crimes committed by WALTER against Mark Davis' chest. If the Ring General showed up in New Japan and killed Okada in eight minutes I wouldn't bat an eye. Bate vs ZSJ and Dunne/Seven vs Riddle/David Starr are also insanely hot. Definitely recommend.
  7. [NXT] Feb 21, 2018 TV SHOW

    Needs an obligatory exit interview: "In your time with the organization, is there anything that hindered you, or you think should be improved moving forward?" "Well, I, individually, thought I was performing to the best of my ability, but I felt management lent a deaf ear to how my productivity and success ultimately suffered from a co-worker repeatedly blasting me a crutch..." "Sure, we hear that a lot."

    Stunner. Wonder if he pops in ROH now, or just floats around at the David Starr-tier for a while.

    That's truly abhorrent behavior in any case... but there's a special circle in hell for anyone who would heckle Kairi.

    Huh! I haven't checked any of their shows out (literally remembered they were the ones with the Amazon hook-up while writing my initial post), but boy that sounds awful.

    Anyone able to pimp some non-Killshot Shane Strickland? He's a guy that's been a bit of a blind spot for me outside of LU that I've been thinking about lately - and not not because of this dope tee design: I already have his Progress bouts to get to in the backlog, and I have access to the AAW and Defy (I got a match vs Lio Rush in my Youtube watch later list from there already) catalogs through Demand Progress, and PCW through Amazon Prime.

    Holy shit, that sounds like an amazing gig, haha. Definitely jealous as well. I've never been one for meet and greets but after seeing him speak I regretted not taking the chance. Literally an ear to ear smile while hanging on his every word. Such a disarming and sweet presence in a business known for blowhards and clowns. He battled with his own demons, but on the whole he's basically everything I want from wrestling, inside the ring and out.

    I generally think the WorkHorsemen are a fine enough team, if pretty unexceptional. Definitely agree that Henry has more than a little Davey Richards gene in him. The last Evolve show I went to opened with him vs Matt Riddle, and it turned into a full-blown NOAH-style overkill/Northern Lights Bombs for nothing near-falls affair. Actually, I've been catching up on a lot of recent Progress the last few months, and it's hard not to compare them as a team (to their detriment) to Aussie Open as a contemporary indy pairing with a similar size disparity and style. On that note, I think James Drake could definitely use some more Mark Davis in his game when it comes to balancing the cutesy athletic big man stuff with some good solid size and power work. (Sidebar: I can't wait for Chapter 63 to hit. I dig Aussie Open a lot, but from the first chop I saw Mark Davis land, I needed an Atlas division bout with him and WALTER in my life. I am so ready.) On the Darby front, I think a lot of indy promos are undercut by just generally shitty, snarky crowd reactions and one-sided call-and-response, but he really does have an insanely magnetic presence as a face. He's a dude who you completely buy as the lifelong runt and loner and outcast who is putting everything on the line to prove himself and show he can hang with the kind of people who would have never given him a second thought. To me that's so much more compelling than just having him be a self-destructive weirdo. Co-sign on Theory's (dammit) evolution as well. Like Darby, he's a guy I like so much more than the last time I saw him, when he was a super vanilla athletic prospect who nearly killed himself on a guardrail on a springboard moonsault. So much better as the anti-Tyler Bate. Postscript on streaming services: I did a free month of WWN Club when it launched and signed up for Demand Progress near the end of last year; caught up on some Evolve shows with the former for a bit, but in general Progress' service, presentation, venues, roster, aesthetic, crowds, ethos, and just about everything are so much better to me for a very similar overall product that (time and money being finite) I ditched WWN before it ever re-upped. I'll probably be back here and there to catch up on the good stuff (like you said, WALTER vs Darby at Evolve 103 should be bananas), but overall I find the UK indies are smoking the US right now.

    Evolve 101 live thoughts: Fan of the prelim matches. Quick, competent work from just about everybody involved, and like the format as a showcase for guys who aren't doing anything else or can come back or move up down the line. Opening tag match kind of got away from me. This sounds like a dumb quibble as I think through it, but The End's music kept going for what felt like the first third of the match, which is a minor technical screw-up but was really weird and disorienting live (disclaimer: I'm currently half-deaf in one ear from an upper respiratory virus, so YMMV) and everything after just felt like a brawl stretched out into a slapdash match. Yehi/Mercer I dug. Fred Yehi is still the best and now he's out here throwing snap half-nelson whips. First time seeing Mercer and I liked what he brought to the table. ZSJ/Dickinson was great. Dickinson continues to straddle that line between being a convincing big, dumb, violent lug and an actual big, dumb, violent lug. Sabre is maybe pound-for-pound the best wrestler in the world in making every match feel like a fight for every blow and every hold. Keith/Tracy no holds barred was actually a bit of a bummer. Keith Lee was awesome as always, but Hot Sauce was basically made to look like a geek, getting pasted with power shots over and over, and only really able to get any offense off cheap shots to the knee, outside interference, and chair and ladder attacks. Just kind of a plodding and sloppy bout in general I don't think I've seen any of their one-on-one matches previously; curious how they match-up in a more standard affair. Really liked the four-way elimination main event. Riddle was amazing as always. Jaka is still great. You can keep Johnny Gargano; Darby Allin has come on from basically just being a one-note heel the last time I saw him live to a complete wrestler and maybe my favorite never-say-die underdog babyface in the business going into 2018. Even Austin Theory was very sharp here and looks like he's really thriving in his cocky Evolution/Next Big Thing gimmick under Priscilla Kelly.

    Horrifying: https://www.prowrestlingtees.com/babyface Minimized samples: