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    When I think of missed opportunities in wrestling, WWE denying us the chance to see The Rock sell the 619 is way up there.
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    Juice is the absolute poster child for getting out of the system if they aren't really behind you.
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    This isn't the Halloween episode of ride along we deserve. It's the episode of ride along we need.
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    After all the crap he has gone through I am soooooo happy for Cormier. He absolutely deserves this.
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    Man, I miss bounty angles. Way too pro rasslin for WWE.
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    Good to see Act Yasukawa doing wrestling shit while drinking alcohol, even if she'll never actually wrestle again.
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    I actually do subscribe to this viewpoint. I completely believe that the main reason baseball players back then were doing coke and other amphetamines was to keep them getting out of bed, and keep going through the long-ass baseball season. I don't know whether it's "better" or "worse" than more recent PED use; but I completely think that they were using illegal drugs to gain a competitive edge.
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    I have long thought that the rampant amphetamine use in baseball should be taken into account when talking about PEDs, but writers back then were so allegiant to the team that they would turn a blind eye to anything they saw so as not to besmirch the good name of the franchise and also fuck up the gravy train they had going with covering the club. A lot of these dudes that crucify guys on the gas have no issue with Mantle ripping through a handful of greenies to pick him up off the floor after a late night of boozing. If you take issue with one, you should probably be pissed about the other. Cooperstown is a place full of guys that don't belong for one reason or another, a number of them just for being friends with Frankie Frisch. Who gives a shit if some drug users are in there? I respect the hell out of the HOF as a museum, but who gets enshrined there hasn't mattered to me for a real long time.
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    Chris Charlton on Twitter said the attendance was 6333. The crowd was great except for some of the annoying chants. When they showed the heavyweight title montage Lesnar got big boos and AJ got big cheers.
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    Not surprised it was HHH doing it.
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    @MORELOCK should be ashamed that this wasn't his answer. He is not a true Tennessean, obviously.
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    We're definitely due for another!
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    Here is the Fandango update And the Cappotelli's death was posted in both RIP thread and the general discussion thread (though it might have been the end of June so that is a different thread)
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    I found it. I finally have found the most compelling argument in favor of bringing back Inokiism.
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    Move. Protect your knees. Generally don't sit in an area where 200-pound dudes might potentially land on you at high speeds, especially with bits of metal sandwiched in between you.
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    That’s one of his signature moves, but he usually holds onto it and bridges into a pinning combination. The few times I’ve seen released versions of that move, it was either off the second rope or the guy was bigger than Lee, so there was more airspace for the other guy to clear his neck from the landing zone.
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    I’m Lawful Metal. I’ve been here since forever, minus all the times I’ve been banned. Thank god the forum completely crashed and forgot I was banned or I wouldn’t even be here. I’m a criminal defense lawyer in Houston. If anybody gets arrested in Texas I’ll help you out.
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    That conversation is unrealistic because no one has ever asked if Coke was OK. It just fucking is.
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    Especially if Juventus get Ronaldo.
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    Lesnar's not losing the belt. He's just going to vacate it if he loses his fight and put no one over.
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    Glad for DC but that eyepoking nonsense was bad. I do adore big bellied, adjusting his trunks DC on top of the world tho. Didn't see the rest of the show but the heavy hands guys called Lewis vs. Ngannou being dog shit. They get a lot wrong but they fucking nailed this one with 100% accuracy from what it sounds like.
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    So who do they bring in to face HAKU in a solo match? You know NJPW wants it to happen.
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    It's super strange to see that type of knockout in MMA but seeing how Cormier is the smaller guy, it totally makes sense. Cormier's arm didn't have to travel far to land on the jawline.
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    That angle really needed Fale to sell it. I'm really not buying fucking GOD and Old Man Haku steamrolling 8 dudes by themselves. God, saves us all from the Tama singles push.
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    Semi restrained Mike Perry is a massive upgrade over Look for one killshot and stalk your opponent until it happens Mike Perry. I am more confident he can fight at a consistent pace against better fighters.
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    I don't understand how a video game that desperately wanted to be a John Woo movie got a film adaptation that apparently had never heard of John Woo movies.
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    Now it makes me wonder if things would've turned out different materially if they had run Booker vs DDP the first WCW match. Booker was solid and Page was one of the smartest workers on the planet, I'm pretty sure they could've delivered a good main event caliber match.
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    I'm still waiting for this space sequel.
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    Manos! I was also just wondering about you! I've been here since 1998, although you may remember me as Zundian, and also a dude. Things change! I'm pretty much out of watching wrestling, but hang around the media forums for giggles.
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    How many people I had talked with about the show, how I talked to them (in person, social media, etc), if they had seen the show or not, stuff like that. Then a bunch of general questions about what I liked about the show and my demographics and shit. But they seemed primarily interested in figuring out how strong the word of mouth is for GLOW. I love it, so of course, I was like, I TOLD 30 PEOPLE TO WATCH IT.
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    Oh hey Manos! I am Jennifer "JL" Sigman, been around here since the mid 1990's. Currently 42, single, never married, no dependents other than the cats. I take care of my 72 year old mother, who is disabled and mostly bed bound from childhood polio. I live in a house I bought almost 20 years ago when the neighborhood was cheap, and try to keep the inside as best I can considering my own stew of health problems. Mom and I share a love of reading, and she just allowed herself to get streaming NetFlix to watch all the British dramas she can take while I play video games. It's a life. It's not always easy, but it's OK.
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    After the last sale debacle with B&N I've decided I'm never buying from there again. So I opted to buy the following, sight unseen, from the DeepDiscount sale: 1. YOUR VICE IS A LOCKED ROOM AND ONLY I HAVE THE KEY Another Giallo from Arrow. Google Synopsis: Oliviero is a drunk, burned-out writer who amuses himself by hosting orgies and humiliating his wife. When a number of women are murdered in grisly fashion, Oliviero becomes a prime suspect. If this is half as good as its title, then it will be well worth the money. I've been digging into giallo over just the last three or so years and I find it grotesque and highly enjoyable. My current favorite is probably What Have You Done To Solange? 2. THE GREEN SLIME From 1968. According to the Trailer From Hell I saw, this one is an American production that was filmed totally in Japan, and it has that aesthetic, especially in the SFX. Guys in rubber suits, model sets, etc. It looks bonkers and has it's own theme song with a Tom Jones vocalist howling "GREEEN SLIIIIIIIIIIME". I think what's more amazing is that while this film was being made with its special effects, 2001 A Space Odyssey was also being made with its amazing space effects. 3. THE COLOSSUS OF RHODES This is, I think, Sergio Leone's credited directorial debut. It looks fucking bonkers, with a cool set and lots of stunts. Love those old school epics where the fights weren't protected by a lot of closeups and edits. No that guy falls down the goddamn stairs FOR REAL. I also think I got this so I can copy and paste some of it into a Dungeons and Dragons game I'm running.
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    Maybe I have an immature sense of humour, but Arnet at the Closet Conversion place made me howl. I worry about how bloated and red he is given his history though. I should really let that be his business, but it’s there. Hope he’s alrignt.
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    It looks like Kane is carrying Bryan in a baby carrier.
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    Is that like how Dragon Lee used to say Kaimantachi was part of a ninja plot against him?
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    There are two people in my office that were like, "The dude that sang Stepping Out is dead?" Then I just shook my head. Breaking Us In Two really is a pretty song, though.
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    Despite the World Cup, there's been a ton of transfer movement in Serie A. Nainggolan to Inter Jorginho to Man City Santon to Roma Kluivert to Roma Perin to Juve Can to Juve Cancelo to Juve Buffon to PSG
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    I posted this the other day on my personal FB, after watching my youngest daughter (in Grade 5), at her music recital... School music recitals are set up a lot like indie Wrestling shows: First act was the Grade Twos on the ukuleles. These greenhorns aren’t the best but they delivered a solid opener and their fans are always vocal and supportive. Up next was one of the Grade Five classes doing Green Day’s “Boulevard Of Broken Dreams,” and it stole the show. Included two amazing solos that popped the crowd, huge. Definite MOTN. Up next was the gimmick match: the ol’ Blacklights routine this booker loves so much. Always looks good but the gimmick has been done bigger and better on past shows. Time to introduce a new gimmick for this venue. Semi-Main was a solid tag match (it had guitars, drums, bars and the piano going), that had some good solos but didn’t quite reach the level of Match Two. But my kid was in it so it was my fave, obviously. Main Event was...who knows? This isn’t a Wrestling Road Report! I hugged my kid on her way off the stage, told her I loved her, and I left like any other parent. In true indie fashion, the show ran late and half the crowd was gone before the main. It was probably the promoter or his belt-mark champ doing some BS that involved a nonsensical run-in or meaningless heel-turn, anyway. EDIT: turns out the Main Event was a bunch of kids on the spoons. THE. FUCKING. SPOONS. So indie.
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