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  1. Chikayo Nagashima is having her 25th anniversary show in April. Fuck, I'm an old sack of shit.
  2. I read somewhere that Stardom is also going to announce that they'll start having men's matches. Don't remember where it was and now i can't find it again.
  3. Considering that Bushiroad didn't buy Stardom because they wanted to and instead to stop WWE from buying it, I'm not surprised by anything that happens. And its not like Rossy has ever been my favorite either. Combined together and this can either be a great success or terrible failure.
  4. As well as Kagetsu, HIRO'e will be retiring next year as well. By this time next year, WAVE will have nobody left to wrestle.
  5. Manami Toyota and Jumping Bomb Angels, a true power trio.
  6. I went to the WAVE show yesterday and my big takeaway was that there has never been a wrestler more injured entering the ring than Tommy Ran. She's the Sakuraba of referees.
  7. She needs elbow ligament surgery. She should be able to get back on the pitching mound by the start of the season.
  8. Well, that didn't last long. Mio is out another 3 months or so.
  9. She already took one year off before already, I'm not going to rule out another return. This is wrestling anyway. Maybe she's on the Yoko Bito plan. Man, they're way behind Netflix. I think I've seen 4 Hana episodes so far. She started heeling it up in the most recent episode.
  10. They playing some bullshit. Everybody had their faces blurred. You can see me but I'm in a black t-shirt in the shadows with a blurred face. They showed Hana beating up Azumi among her new roommates and the finishing run where Azumi beat Hana.
  11. Two things that slipped by me this week. Ryo MIzunami is leaving WAVE and going freelance. Also, Mio Momono had her return match yesterday after a year out because of injury. I wish I had known that since I could have gone.
  12. Ok, so I watched Hana's first Terrace House episode. I've never watched this show but it is real just as much as the Real World was real. They plopped Hana into the house right on her birthday and she comes in and stirs up some shit, about as much as a Japanese person will do. They then decide to all go watch her next show, which is interesting because I was at that show and I don't remember seeing anything that resembled a film crew following people around. I guess I'll find out if I'm in the damn show next week. EDIT: Forgot to mention that if I was the Japanese pro-wrestling version of an English football journalist during transfer season, I would say that Hana issued a "Come get me plea" to WWE.
  13. I've never watched Terrace House but do they have 40 something upper management types that work out 5 days a week?
  14. I assume Bushiroad bought out Stardom before WWE did.
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