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  1. In non-Stardom news, Yuki Miyazaki has tested positive for COVID-19. She is asymptomatic apart from losing her sense of taste. (that absolutely sucks) All WAVE shows have been cancelled/postponed, including Hiro'e's already rescheduled retirement show and WAVE wrestlers are being dropped from their independent bookings for the next few weeks.
  2. Hana Kimura has been posting some disturbing tweets on Twitter. If you follow her, go give her positive messages.
  3. The Tokyo governor suggested staying inside last week for the next two weeks but the rumblings are that Tokyo will go into lockdown mode this week for 3 or 4 weeks. I already loaded up on water and noodles just in case.
  4. https://japantoday.com/category/national/guy-deliberately-bumping-into-women-regrets-it-when-he-tries-it-on-pro-wrestler
  5. WAVE announced that their upcoming shows will go on as scheduled. They are suggesting that people that attend wear masks and make generous use of the hand sanitizer that they'll provide. They also say that anybody that appears to be sick will be asked to leave. Due to the fact that the Japanese government is up to their dawdling bureaucratic best, I fully expect this thing to kick off here in the next few weeks and at some point we might see mandated closings of events where lots of people gather.
  6. The worst kept secret was confirmed today.
  7. Stardom is cancelling or postponing a bunch of shows/events in the next month due to the coronavirus. The 3/8 Korakuen Hall show will go on but without spectators. Instead, the show will be broadcast on Youtube.
  8. I wonder if this will be like One Night Stand 2005 or One Night Stand 2006. Why is Marlon Brando at this announcement?
  9. Chikayo Nagashima is having her 25th anniversary show in April. Fuck, I'm an old sack of shit.
  10. I read somewhere that Stardom is also going to announce that they'll start having men's matches. Don't remember where it was and now i can't find it again.
  11. Considering that Bushiroad didn't buy Stardom because they wanted to and instead to stop WWE from buying it, I'm not surprised by anything that happens. And its not like Rossy has ever been my favorite either. Combined together and this can either be a great success or terrible failure.
  12. As well as Kagetsu, HIRO'e will be retiring next year as well. By this time next year, WAVE will have nobody left to wrestle.
  13. I went to the WAVE show yesterday and my big takeaway was that there has never been a wrestler more injured entering the ring than Tommy Ran. She's the Sakuraba of referees.
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