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  1. I've never watched Terrace House but do they have 40 something upper management types that work out 5 days a week?
  2. I assume Bushiroad bought out Stardom before WWE did.
  3. I guess that's who came out beforehand to apologize for getting hurt and changing the card around.
  4. Went to the Stardom show at Shin-Kiba today. They rushed thru the show because of the tourney matches and the typhoon incoming. Some interesting tourney results: Azumi beat HANA (who then beat the hell outta Daichi), Hazuki beat Iwatani and Jungle Kyona beat Kagetsu. The Kagetsu/Jungle match was possibly newsworthy. Jungle hit Kagetsu with a Rainmaker-->Tombstone-->Powerbomb combo that should have been the finish. (Not the least reason being it looked like a deadly combo) But she ended up hitting Kagetsu with a Muscle Buster type move, had the Muscle Buster set-up, but dropped straight down on her ass for like a neckbreaker type move. I'm sure there's a name for it but I'm not sure what it is. Anyway, it looked like Kagetsu slipped out of Jungle's grip and fell right on her head. She got tended to, rolled out of the ring and walked to the back but looked to be in pain. Have to watch the replay to see if it was as bad as it seemed. It's been a while since I've seen any Stardom but it's good to know they still have so many titles that half the wrestlers don't even bother to bring them to the ring. BTW, Is Bea Priestley's name really pronounced press-lee? If not, she better tell Rossy.
  5. "Hey Lioness Asuka, what do you want to do for your birthday?"
  6. Act Yasukawa was on hand to make the save for Kris Wolf at her retirement show tonight.
  7. Here's the bracket for the Stardom Cinderella tourney next week.
  8. Don't want to leave out Momoe's daughter, either.
  9. Momoe Nakanishi's son looking to become the next, er..., Momoe Nakanishi.
  10. Kris Wolf announced her retirement due to complications from concussions. She'll have another US tour and then a retirement show.
  11. Congrats to Kris Wolf who got married. (in sneakers)
  12. Wave had a press conference to announce their roster for the restart in April.
  13. This looks 100% legit. (What up, Takako?)
  14. Because I love fuckin around with Excel, I decided to download all the Stardom attendance figures and check it out. Unfortunately, my automated system didn't work properly and I'm missing about 60 shows worth of data. One thing I did notice is that Stardom has increased the number of shows they run every year. Also, outside of a show they ran at Sumo Hall, their top attended event was this year at Korakuen Hall for Io Shirai's last appearance. (Kairi Hojo's last appearance was at a Shin-Kiba show) NOTE: There is no telling if Wrestledata's numbers are correct. Or even whatever is reported by Stardom, for that matter.
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