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    In 1972, a crack fashion unit was sent to K-Mart by an off-the-rack court for a liesure suit they didn't wear. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security Caldor into the basement of a vintage clothing and lunchbox Emporium. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as trend-makers of fortune. If you have no sense of patterning, if the queer eye guys are on hiatus, and if you can find his office in front of that one brick wall, then maybe you can hire... BATIBATIBTIBATITBTAIBTAITBTAIBTAITBATISTA FASHIOSHIOSHIOSHIOSHIOSHIOSHISOHSIOHSIOSHISION WA WA WA WA WA WA WA WA WA WA WA WA WA WA WA WA TCH TONIGHT:
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    Good to see they're finding something for Paige to do.
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    Went to the Wheeling house show last night. Decent show with a Main of Elias vs. Kofi. I know he gets shit on a lot here for his work(and I'm not saying it's right or wrong) but had the chance to meet Corbin last night and he couldn't have been any nicer. There were 5 or 6 of us having some beers outside about an hour before the show adjacent to where everyone parks. Baron pulls in, gets out and spends 5-10 minutes just bullshitting with us. Joking about how we have to keep booing him inside so he can stay employed and encouraging us to give him the finger instead if anyone loses their voice. Talked video games and colleges too(one of the girls in our group brought her daughter who is graduating from high school in a couple of months). Came back out after the show and spent 10 more minutes talking with us, thanked us for the middle fingers(we all had aisle seats) and some more bullshitting before he hit the road. Couldn't possibly have been any friendlier or more down-to-earth. Charlotte also walked over and took some pics with us(she had a social media guy filming everything involving her all night. Thinking probably an upcoming Network special on her?) and Big E and Kofi came over as well. All super cool. A few pics in the spoilers.
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    Fans getting pissed at wrestlers for losing their minds in an environment that is known to be fucking mental to work in is some of the saddest shit I've ever seen. I go crazy watching the shit, can't imagine if I was actually working in a place where Michael Cole will yell at me like a child over some shorts, or Vince McMahon will fire me because Bret Hart said Vince McMahon in a speech. If anything I'm more suspicious of the people who do well there for years than the ones who snap.
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    In case you wondering, what is SUPPOSED to be in Ronda Rousey's hand is a pen from a contract signing. I am not sure they got that right
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    Sasha's situation is a mixed bag. She has legitimate gripes, IMO. 5 titles reigns and only 1 successful title defense is inexcusable. To push for women's tag titles and get them, only to lose them before you can live up to the touring champion moniker is rough. She and Bayley should have several great matches where they beat the stuffing out of each other instead of in a holding pattern for the longest. Those are fair concerns. I also think she's been the victim of sexism and misogynoir, much like Naomi. Notice how they get abused by fans for voicing their opinions, while The Revival were applauded for standing up for themselves. But at the same time, Sasha may be the most petulant person on the roster. She gets in her feelings whenever she has to lose, and help us all if it's to Alexa. She seems to think she's the standard bearer for women's wrestling and if you don't meet her standards, you're worthless. Working with someone like that has to be tough, even if you like them. I think something both Sasha and Bayley need to see is that everything and everyone evolves. There's no doubt Vince and Hunter would have favored someone like Charlotte, even if she wasn't Ric Flair's daughter. She's their concept of what makes for a good-looking woman. It's narrow-minded, as we all know. But where I think S & B lose the plot is that they haven't improved as much as they think they have. Someone like Charlotte could coast, but has continually gotten better, both with her in-ring ability and character. I don't think Charlotte should be a 8-time champion at this point. But she's becoming a complete package. Sasha and Bayley haven't. Sasha and Bayley haven't added any depth to their characters. They still can barely cut a promo. There's no excuse for that at this point. Especially when you get mad at Alexa for supposedly cutting the line and you know her promo skills are why she's been able to do so. They can take speech classes, study acting tapes, all sorts of tools are available to them. Maybe they're doing all that, I don't know. But if they are, it hasn't shown itself in their work. Sasha is a very talented wrestler and I don't fault her for trying to maintain her value in a business that chews you up at a moment's notice. She does what she can to get a match over, to where she's taking too many risks IMO. I agree her ambition outweighs her athleticism, but that makes her unique. I enjoy her go for broke style, to a point. I wish she'd tone it down a bit, but that wouldn't be her, and I realize that. I think she ultimately stays in WWE. It's where she'll make the most money and if I recall, she helps provide for her brother, so that's something to keep in mind. But she has to come to terms with a lot being out of her control. It's not fair and she deserves better. But so do a lot of other people in wrestling. TL; DR: Sasha has legitimate gripes, but she also needs to look within and be honest with herself. Take a breath, calm down, and find a happier approach to her career.
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    Wasn't the match with Booker T Bret's best match outside of the Benoit one? Been forever since I watched it. If people needed to watch a WCW match and can't stomach watching Benoit do anything - Booker is probably a good replacement. ******** Bret Hart was my guy when my wrestling passion deepened from the kids perspective of "oh the spectacle!" to "hey this is emotional storytelling" I know the exact moment it happened which was Bret Hart vs. Mr. Perfect at Summerslam. I was I guess 10 or 11, and I finished that match and I thought "Man, maybe wrestling is real." Like I kinda always knew it wasn't but I played a long because it was more fun that way. I still do. But something about how Bret and Hennig worked just made it feel like an actual fight. I was already in way deep, but that match was when I know for certain there was no going back and I was going to keep watching this crazy shit for the rest of my life. My son was reccently looking for cage matches on the Network, and he was looking at some garbage from the early 2000s. Like Cena vs. Big Show or something. I said "Bro, why?" He said "I want to see a good cage match." I said "BRO. I got you." and put on Bret vs. Owen. He was mezmerized. Halfway through I realized my son was the same age I was when I watched it originally. Got a little dusty. I'm probably going to review individual matches for this thread, because I'm so passionate about him.
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    I knew Sasha and Bayley were gonna lose when the inflatables were pouting along with them.
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    MVP and Shad Gaspard with the feels.
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    The other news coming out so far is when Hogan came out - New Day who was sitting front row directly behind the podium, didn't stand and didn't clap for Hogan
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    Damn some people are really into "jobs are supposed to suck my dude" mentality.
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    How I imagine the conversation went: "Luke.... how would you like to be the 3rd member of THE VIKING EXPERIENCE?!" "I officially request my release"
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    I'm not even a fan. I just like that it bothers you.
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    My favorite moment from all night.
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    I feel that all of us complaining about "what this board is turning into" fits very much with the "grumpy old men of wrestling" gimmick this board fosters. WE DID IT!
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    Yakety Sax makes everything better.
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    Those were easily the funniest cops they've ever had on the show. But what most people didn't grasp was how the whole thing was a reference to the old logic riddle: "You have three insane monsters: A red-capped Irish screech owl, a long-necked rage peacock, and a literal re-animated garbage pile. The screech owl will peck the garbage pile to death, the rage peacock will make the screech owl cry, and the garbage pile will cause either of the other two to kill themselves rather than hear about "Dr. Peterson's gender truths." You have to get all three of them across town to the cages where they rightfully belong, but you only have two police cars and can only make one trip with each. How do you get these things locked up without fucking up Wrestlemania?"
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    We need this after WM...or any time really.
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    I would say the tenets of heel announcing are as follows: It's the referee's job to enforce the rules, not the Wrestler's job to follow them. Cheating in pursuit of victory is justifiable if you get away with it. The babyface wrestles within the rules not because they have an overarching belief in fair play and honesty, but because they're an insecure egomaniac trying to curry favour with the fans. If the babyface eventually breaks the rules, it just proves they are a hypocrite who doesn't actually believe in fair play and honesty like they claim. However, the heel commentator is not a hypocrite for condemning one wrestler for cheating (whilst praising the other), because he says he isn't. Babyface commentators are just corporate puppets who unquestioningly accept things they're told, and need to be educated out of that mindset. If the heel wins through any means, it's a clean win. If the bayface wins, he obviously cheated somehow (even if he didn't). Just follow those, and you're within the Ventura/ Heenan playbook. People who think that being the heel announcer is as simple as just being a dick and nothing else don't get it.
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    Well, no one expects them to lay on the floor for seven hours.
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    There are just as many risks This man is 29 years old.
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    It's really sad to me that people are saying the only way WWE should offer insurance is if smaller companies like your local indie has to as well. If you don't have an exclusive contract, you're an independent contractor and can work wherever you want and when you want. If you're signed to an exclusive contract anywhere, not just WWE, that requires you to only work for that company, you should get health insurance and be considered an actual employee. It's not that difficult to understand.
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    I feel like the HBO label on all the clips should be a clue to where he's from (watch the clips dude they're really good!)- he's a pretty big deal as a result. LOTS of people watch the show. It's a pretty gigantic ratings draw and a lot of new eyes are going to be on this as a result. They just might not give a shit. Still though, I saw that 20/20 shit. He needs to not go to Mania. "Here's our friend Haku to show you around and teach you the business." "Hey Tonga, did you see the special? He totally called wrestling fake and said that the Islanders were a shitty tag team."
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    Probably my favorite WM entrance WWE fucking up the Wyatt Family multiple times makes me sad.
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    He's got a face made for radio and a voice made for smoke signals.
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    Still my favorite wrestling game. I have an acquaintance who has one. I remembering winning the Royal Rumble with Demolition Smash. It would have been better if the game came out a few years earlier when Ax was still around.
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    In a tag team called Religious Experience.
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    Yeah, thats pretty odd. And before someone comes screaming at me and calling me a clueless fornicator, no, I am not defending Louis CK, but imagine if we had to do a background check on every single person featured in every single random Google search gif we post on here... Also, if we were to limit the content we posted on here to folks who weren't scumbags, we'd just be limited to posting about Molly Holly and I'm sure there's only so many photos of Molly Holly DZ could post and there's only a limited amount of times The Natural could post "I liked Nora Kristina Benshoof/Greenwald, Molly Holly vs. Lisa Marie Varon/Sole, Victoria at WrestleMania XX on March 14, 2004!"
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    To be fair - I posted the names before you did and acknowledged it And their names are far too shitty to mock just in that thread So
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    Your daily reminder that Vince is a fucking lunatic.
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    Based on a couple of other threads on this board - I now have theories on which accounts Becky is using as a sock puppet around here
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    Bubba Ray: "OK, so we're bringing in Enzo and Big Cass tonight as a worked shoot. We want to put it over by having someone really lay in some shots on Enzo. Any volunteers?"
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    What are we talking about? My monitor went out.
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    The issue to me is not weather or not WWE or anybody else should or shouldn't do whatever. The issue is, they are illegally classified as independent contractors and not a small business. They should be held to the same laws as everybody else in that vein. If ROH or whoever falls into that category, they should too. And no, people that write reviews for the observer or do 720 flips at the armory on Friday do not fall into that category.
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    On the idea that it isn't fair for WWE to be held to a higher standard than other wrestling companies: Shouldn't being a billion-dollar publicly-traded company automatically mean the WWE should be held to a different standard than other wrestling companies? I mean, it legally puts them into a completely different class of business entity, than any other company, right?
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