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  1. A different youtube link that worked came up when I Googled it an hour ago. Hell of a match.
  2. They paint over it every few years. So the W*ING graffiti is recent. W*ING fans are forever.
  3. What's bith-ness? I just know Bid-neth.
  4. Didn't Gorilla Monsoon say that he didn't know who Flair was and that he had a fake belt that Heenan gave him? Not quite the red carpet.
  5. First time Riho's last name has ever been given.
  6. Hideki Suzuki is now a chair swinging heel working for boss Abdullah Kobayashi, which I find hilarious. Black tights young boys Kato and Hyodo bring some fire and clubbering. Okabayashi has been on fire on his run to the title. The death side has been down. Takahashi's kind of boring, and Isami is too scrawny to be world champion. Nomura's cool.
  7. The egg was impregnated by Muta's mist, Kabuki was Muta's father, so Kabuki is Akebono's grandfather. I actually spoke about this with Kabuki and he started laughing.
  8. Planted drugs from Mexico actually happened to Nosawa and Io. Plus it was another wrestler who did it.
  9. Marvelous 600 yen/month https://freshlive.tv/marvelous
  10. Is the 5 year contract one way, where you can't leave for 5 years, but you can be fired at any time with 90 days pay.
  11. Sometimes you get a "hanarete kudasai" too. Means split, make way.
  12. I stopped watching WWE when Vince killed WCW and ECW, finally killing the territories. Fuck him. I never stopped watching Japan and Mexico. I watch whatever comes up on my cable, but some stuff is junk and really just background noise while I do something else.
  13. I remember Chet Coppock as the announcer of the Midwest Pioneers in the International Roller Derby League.
  14. ka-to

    G1 Supercard

    You must have been on the train with me. I don't know who Enzo is, so I thought that the fans were chanting Endo sucks about some Japanese guy. Tomorrow will be tough. Probably get beered up and eat meat in the parking lot and nap during the show.
  15. Stardom was like a super hot Shin Kiba show. Huge line for merch. SRO.
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