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  1. Season 4 started today on Samurai TV. New episodes will air on the first and third Friday each month. Funny to see English and Japanese subtitles at the same time when Spanish is being spoken.
  2. I think that it says that TV starts in January on BS Nitele (NOAH channel) and Tokyo MX (real TV in Tokyo). Not sure if they are referring to Bushi Road or Stardom. Long sentences are confusing to me. No mention of Asahi.
  3. It's probably to hurt the AAA show at MSG on the 15th. Vince is in war mode now.
  4. Searching for "Lucha" brings up 200 shows with lucha in the description. Well worth scrolling through to find one more program. Huge pop from me when that happens.
  5. I'm sure that I get more Spanish channels in New Jersey. All of the wrestling TV was listed as Lucha Libre in the newspapers when I was a kid in the 70's, including WWWF and Florida in English on Spanish UHF. Me and my friends call everything Lucha to this day.
  6. Just channel guide, not on demand. There surely are 100 dumb programs with wrestling in the title or description.
  7. I'm so old time that I don't own a smartphone, but I go on my cable box, search "wrestling" and come up with WWC, CMLL, Championship Wrestling from Hollywood and Arizona, MLW, Smash, plus old stuff from New Japan, AAA, and TNA. There is more than WWE on television.
  8. Whoever came up with Hollywood Hogan was a genius. Marvel got no cut from all of the merch.
  9. That title is needed somewhere.
  10. I can go on runs of homebrewing or playing golf. Pulling out VHS from the boxes in my basement can get me back into wrestling. Something labeled as Mexico #87 or GAEA 2001 where I don't know what it is.
  11. Louie went to the hospital. His head looks horrible. Lots of stitches on top of a lump.
  12. She was good well before her adult work. Although its too bad she didn't get much bigger. She would be top if she could do power moves.
  13. He was also calling a rolling savate a rolling sole butt. I'm sure that you were trying to say that everyone but Riho is pretty good but Riho is great.
  14. Gene kayfabed being drunk. I somehow walked into Gene doing a WCW promo on the streets of Toronto. He ended the promo by saying that he needed some adult beverages and walked into a bar. I was so disillusioned when he walked back out right after the camera stopped.
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