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  1. NJPW WrestleKingdom 12 in Tokyo Dome 1/4/2018

    Has anyone purchased tickets from overseas? When and where is the pick up spot for them? I'd like to do it , but don't want to miss going to Shinkiba for Dai Nihon at noon.
  2. General Lucha Libre Comments

    Any info on locations?
  3. UFC cut ticket prices by 50% or so today. I just picked up a 2nd row 200 level for $106.
  4. Purotopia General Discussion: 2017!

    Abdullah or Hansen creating chaos and sometimes guys with heat from the earlier matches continuing to fight.
  5. Purotopia General Discussion: 2017!

  6. Purotopia General Discussion: 2017!

    Empty beer bottle filled with water.
  7. Joshi Puroresu Discussion Thread

    I know that Sareee is friends with Natsuki. Speaking of people leaving Diana, did anyone ever find out what Meiko Tanaka did to get kicked out and disappear?
  8. Bruno's Italian, so you can find many real and gimmick foreigners that opposed him.
  9. Purotopia General Discussion: 2017!

    https://www.facebook.com/Underground-wrestling-地下プロレス-EXIT-171181176260852/ https://www.facebook.com/FUGOFUGOYUMEJI/
  10. Joshi Puroresu Discussion Thread

    How did you make payment? Are credit cards from gaikoku land OK?
  11. Purotopia General Discussion: 2017!

    Underground (chika) Puroresu is submission/KO/TKO finish. No 3 count. Opposed to the above video, they usually have a short ring, but the ropes are always chain. No running the ropes or jumping off of the ropes. Intermission has a barely clothed pole dancer and/or a rapper in the ring. Every show that I have been to has been literally underground in a basement dojo or club. I saw Yoshihiro Takayama wrestle there once. They usually have an after party that is semi open to the public. At the party in the dojo, they took down the chain ropes, everyone sat on the mat and shared food and drink like a picnic. It is a pretty fun and unique promotion. The title belt is not gold or silver or any metal. It is a wood carving.
  12. Joshi Puroresu Discussion Thread

    Ice Ribbon has had the press conference full of apologies, but did not name Tsukushi because she is a minor, her parents need to be consulted with and such. I came here to find out more. I had not heard Meltzer's story. Shit. Two of the best right now.
  13. Every MSG show should be on MSG Network just like the Rangers and Knicks are. Every fourth Monday with Pedro, Bruno or Backlund. Wrestlers in front of fans for the belt.
  14. To combine the two topics being discussed, whoever came up with Hollywood Hogan was genius. Marvel was getting a cut of any merch that had Hulk on it and Hollywood cut them out.