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  1. Japan used to have beer vending machines everywhere. They automatically turned off late at night. They were in every train station and at random places with the rest of the vending machines. They have been mostly pulled in Tokyo. I think that they are only in front of liquor stores and in hotels now. I remember buying a half gallon jug of beer out of a machine. I guess that the old answer to the question of "can't underage kids buy beer from them?" of "they're not allowed to" really wasn't true.
  2. N-1 Victory from 9/23/20 will be on Fight Network next Thursday, the 29th.
  3. No Strong Zero in the USA. $10 and up to get from Japan on ebay. That is a huge mark up from under $1.50. Sangaria brand 6% Chuhai is the only one available in the US as far as I know. There is one other that is labeled as chuhai, but is actually a flavored malt beverage.
  4. No. They are a sponsor. That was the only alcohol available at New Year Dash. Japanese don't like it too. I brought two beers in to the show in my camera bag. A bunch of people asked me where the beer was being sold, pissed off at the only Zima situation.
  5. It is a hall located in the area known as Tokyo Dome City. Mostly used for music. The Dome, Kourakuen, TDC Hall, the amusement park, and the La Qua shopping mall are all in Tokyo Dome City.
  6. Vince may also just like Haystacks Calhoun, Scufflin Hillbillies, from when he was a kid and think that it works.
  7. Goes by Chikara, the kanji means power and is the Riki of Rikidozan. He tries, but not so good.
  8. I think it was more the Mexicans pissed at Pena because he didn't pay them.
  9. He also wrestled in his IV costume without his mask as jobber Tony Pena in WCW.
  10. HDNet era TV is now on Fight Network as ROH Classics. So now the amount of TNA repeats on Fight Network must be infinity minus one.
  11. Good God. I was at that show and don't remember that match.
  12. Sandman started out as a babyface surfer. Sheik was brought in as a secret weapon by Pat Tanaka in ECW against Kevin Sullivan and Taz. I think that Dusty might have done the same. I also think that he was face at some point in the dying days of Detroit out of desperation.
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