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  1. Yes. Tokyo Sports and Osaka Sports are like the same papers with a different name. This online stuff from them looks good.
  2. Does Tokyo Sports still publish? I expected to see a new cover layout from your post, I'm old and still buy a newspaper at my local conbini every day.
  3. The bein Sports TV show is still on, but it is repeats recently. Waiting for that new broadcast deal that has been teased for most of the year for new content.
  4. Feltman's were. Feltman's vs. Nathans for the oldest hot dog conflict is like McSorley's vs. Fraunces Tavern for the oldest bar in NY. https://www.6sqft.com/before-nathans-there-was-feltmans-the-history-of-the-coney-island-hot-dog/
  5. I would love a good Dory Book, but True Stories makes me think that these are the Gunslinger Rap stories off of his old web page.
  6. Signs and the towels are fine in Japan where the fans are seated and hold them up below their own eye level. I'll never go to an AEW show because of all of the goofs standing in front of me with signs. I actually came to this thread to ask if anyone else is loving The Great John Hawking My Man in IWA PR.
  7. He was The Lugar for the first few weeks in Florida, soon changed to Lex Luger. Someone that I traded tapes with back then used The Lugar on his match listings forever. I always got a kick out of that.
  8. I just watched the Flair match. My thoughts were what did all of these people expect? This match is enjoyable. Then Flair couldn't get up for the last five minutes. OK, now I understand what everyone was saying. Hey, I still enjoy Great Kojika matches. He does basic wrestling in slow motion and will cut his head if it is hardcore. I feel that I must add to this by letting you all know that I went to Lollapalooza to see the Butthole Surfers, Body Count, and Rollins Band.
  9. Cherry is teenager forever!
  10. Violento Jack has to be the most under appreciated wrestler out there. He has been having great main events for years.
  11. I don't like this trend of something of something names for teams.
  12. Warren Cromartie was in Hustle for one match. Babe Ruth was a ref.
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