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  1. I remember Chet Coppock as the announcer of the Midwest Pioneers in the International Roller Derby League.
  2. ka-to

    G1 Supercard

    You must have been on the train with me. I don't know who Enzo is, so I thought that the fans were chanting Endo sucks about some Japanese guy. Tomorrow will be tough. Probably get beered up and eat meat in the parking lot and nap during the show.
  3. Stardom was like a super hot Shin Kiba show. Huge line for merch. SRO.
  4. I am going to Wrestlemania with my friend that I go to the Giants games with as much for off season tailgateing and nostalgia as any other reason. I checked out a little about the show to find out that Baron Corbin has no cape and is not a Baron. Too bad.
  5. Yesterday's BJW is on the streaming service I guess. There is no schedule for it to be on Samurai TV. It might split the TV with the 3/25 show that will be first shown on 3/31. The piercing through Ueki's cheeks caused a fan to faint.
  6. I give you Peter the Bad Romance as the worst wrestler name. He recently started a tag team with Gilbert. They did a promo where Gilbert asked him what his real name is (Pedro Portillo), and told him that he will use that now because Peter the Bad Romance is stupid.
  7. Itsuki Yamazaki would have made sense for New York. When they started that crap about the first women's tag team champions, I knew that wouldn't happen.
  8. Park will be tired after his match with Rush at MSG that night (I hope).
  9. I could not find the free tier. I had to sign up for the free 30 day trial of the $7.99. My cc will be charged after 30 days. I will need to figure out how to move to the free tier before the 30 days are finished.
  10. I drove past him on the NJ Turnpike once.
  11. GCW and lucha libre shows in NY/NJ often have the not quite reserved seating thing. I would have gone to Rahway and paid $20 to sit in the bleachers, but the prices for this and so many other WM week shows are more than I will pay.
  12. Double fuck that.
  13. The lines for the bathrooms behind home plate and down left field were so big that they met in the middle during this match.
  14. My access code stopped working, and now they are trying to trace the call.
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