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  1. I was responsible for scheduling and documenting required training at work. The corporate lawyer had online training every other year from Law.com. Sounded very official to me.
  2. That movie showed up on my cable when I searched the program guide for lucha a year or two ago. Dark, dirty and hopeless atmosphere was captured in the movie.
  3. The article does mention that it was previously a Yamashita Book Store. Hopefully a new book store takes over the location as before.
  4. I'm retired and can watch wrestling all day (at night I watch home team sports). I DVR WWC Puerto Rico, Lucha Azteca CMLL, MLW, Impact Xplosion, NXT, AEW, IWS, and ROH Classics every week. I stream most of the full cards shown on Samurai TV and GAORA Sports excluding Dragon Gate, DDT related and am a year behind on NOAH. Sometimes online current stuff from AAA and CMLL. I will admit to much of it as background while I am online, reading or have music on. I go to GCW shows in NJ and Lucha shows in NYC. I see 20+ shows in Japan in around New Years and Golden Week. I'm enough of a regular at
  5. I think that I remember when 1* was average and 2* was good in his ratings. Now it seems like average gets 3* and it goes up from there. Beer reviews are also on the zero to five scale. There are so many beer reviews where the description is of a bad beer yet the rating is like a 3.2. The purpose of modern wrestling is to keep you from changing the channel when there is a commercial break. I grew up when the purpose of TV was to get you to buy a ticket to the real wrestling card at your local venue. I still have a hard time with TV drawing more fans than regular house shows. TV is f
  6. I remember when Battle Royal matches were pushed as the most dangerous match of the year because you had to be thrown over the top rope to the floor to be eliminated. At that time throwing someone of the top rope was an instant DQ. Then the "his momentum carried him over" started. Now the bump means nothing and Battle Royals kind of suck.
  7. Are current NOAH shows still on G+? The NOAH website has no link to G+ that I can find now.
  8. I always see this and don't know what is meant. Both are solid. Cable is woven from wire and rope is woven from string, yet when I get close to a ring the ropes are rubber hose, possibly wire reinforced.
  9. DQs and count outs are fine and should be used to show that there are rules. Double DQ and count out finishes are horrible.
  10. 70's - 80's WWF prelim wrestler Sylvano Sousa passed away from Corona.
  11. Dewey Donovan. He was Gage's manager from the CZW early days. Shows up with him sometimes. My guess would be only on shows that are driving distance from South Jersey.
  12. I was at Kyoko's old bar one night when Takako randomly showed up with her tiny 5 lb. dog in her arms. Takako was very friendly yet chill. Kyoko is always super genki, never chill. Of course it was a fun night. At the time I think that the NEO girls were kept alive by all of the drinks being bought for them at that place. Wrestlers drinks were 1000 yen and I'm sure that Kyoko gave them a cut.
  13. Vince Jr., he wrestled so I can pick him. Killed the territories and now most every English language TV show is patterned off of his crap. Hogan for being the face of bad cartoon wrestling. Buh Buh Ray Dudley for being a dick. I left murderers and criminals out of this (kind of).
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