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  1. Put these two posts together and the result is the GAEA High Spurt 600 (seconds) tournament matches. 2.9 started immediately, but the matches couldn't drag. Plus Meiko and Aja!
  2. It is actually very clean and modern. The seats, bleachers, and folding chairs have all been replaced. The 4th floor press area has been renovated and has a video monitor of the hall. It has an enclosed cancer box with proper HVAC for the smokers. It closes for a week every year for maintenance/improvements.
  3. 4 million views for this beauty of a match!
  4. I've been here since I had internet in my office at work. Searching for Japanese wrestling content brought me here. Japanese wrestling content still brings me here. I contributed to the sleaze thread. In re-reading it recently, I was restrained from naming names in most cases. I wouldn't know anything about WWE without the monthly threads here. One more thing, I'm loving the blood sucking freaks thread. Bye.
  5. ka-to

    NJPW 2020 NJ Cup

    Jingu Stadium, Yokohama Stadium, or back to the Seibu Dome (whatever the current sponsor name is) could work with social distancing. Baseball is allowing 5000 fans right now and are looking to increase in August. 15,000+ would be half full.
  6. DTU recently had a cinematic match on a ranch. It included a pail of sheep stool. It is my favorite so far. Half of a pick up truck on site added to the ambiance. It starts at 1:05 in.
  7. I was at an IWA Japan show and confirmed to Gypsy Joe that Billy Joe Travis died. The next question was "drugs?", and I confirmed that too. Billy Joe was good Gypsy Joe was good, I still watch WWC on TV, and would watch any PR lucha that would show up on my cable.
  8. The Elite lucha promotion TV had every combination of Bobby, Boby, Booby, Lashley, and Lashey in his name in about a month of shows.
  9. Riho is live from Japan in 9 minutes. Making a return to Gato Move while she is stuck in Japan. LIve on Youtube. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fyoutu.be%2FX6Cewr1N_4E%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR2_qcyMbqpSueArGOT-MGRed4SxNeJP1evVfOFfIdsjz90lkFnMjtah3Dg&h=AT1nq21mxwTzA-lJFL9j1C2gnrYtGnV5P8dlzK6XyvJE_itH7haqZY7aw02qj7lk3aVNVncOpedhn_aynZBigRBAR6YbAj2ogZDYIkR-W5zGBAAwRk_OlrAL1VSxBjnPLokW2SWCllGLWgE5-sqpO0EuAWLO9MMUs_2VZcq5jsUUJJnI3zR86jfQLdvyZv799E98cF5psuaCFMX8jvVXFefl2-fQ_4OwCCyqx8DBdvw6tk9GO4C3-43k6Y864IN3Gd0rESsBjyemNw6oP-cH1-lnbSq5ZEbpjHdlTt1cRkGABQGWPlHl3CdENp1mR1r_QtvffHOT-r_WtNo1i6HmK4qg8_hgyMRPUp0m8qiB4NxZntNiMpeiu3cQZtq1RIB3Tb3_LGMfjjPfU85PXm74SHegI-02UbYjhYjJ8mbNpxiAVx6LaaUcSVfu2raqUeTptsUKYZxee8FdXzyoO6suB3-_wZjEk9P-RM9xbBL9w0BAXW0XzofYAtS8jmG8_-SgUrWZejKzknRM-SuJ_M8b4724S9wMpnC2Cw23rttkGw41lZsl9E6Zwk7KBdocL9QBO0X8xeKDuwQDxjFpyE-VFRgRd9b_FUGg1cruvzRwLesz8Ph7VcBkFqOin-iyvhy-jEiGJqqe-F258yUn0sUxLd31V9jLFaIwN-0OHA
  10. ka-to

    NJPW 2020 NJ Cup

    I hate the look of it with the bleachers pushed up and the curtains. I don't like it when companies run there with the entrance and stage instead of the north bleachers. They should curtain of those horrid seats on the south side that are tough to fit into if you are over 5'6" 160 lbs..
  11. Blue Chono could go, Black Chono had the charisma. I have a couple of Japanese friends connected to wrestling who have the opinion of why is Chono with Muto and Hashimoto, he is lover level. I love him. I still enjoy when he does nostalgia stuff now.
  12. Found the video online at https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1tA411i72D?from=search&seid=6791425564918110303 The match starts at 88 minutes in, the blood drinking at 106 minutes
  13. I can't find any video online, but anyone that can get SamuraiTV can check out the 6/21 BJW. The post match features Sakuda pulling down his arm pad leading to a gusher of blood streaming from his arm which he then directs the stream into his own mouth.
  14. Showa is Dory, Heisei is Terry?
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