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  1. Lack of goofballs is proportional to lack of foreigners in Bullet Club/Elite gear in my observation this year. Other people have noted this too.
  2. The dome is booked for The Rice Bowl American Football game on the 3rd every year.
  3. Ribbonmania on 31st. Big Japan on 2nd.
  4. The old timers that would have gotten the pops in the rumble are all in the Liger match this year.
  5. Baron Corbin should be getting over now that he is wearing the mandatory Baron cape. You can't take a Baron seriously without one.
  6. I like live wrestling to be like a broadcast of a sporting event. I watched the Destroyer memorial today. They opened up with listing the matches on the show, then had the matches. Short post match locker room interviews. They did have ceremonial stuff with old people and family talking about Destroyer. I liked the old monthly MSG shows way more even though the wrestling was half nothing. AEW is getting away from a wrestling card and moving towards being a TV show. I'm just old and crotchety now.
  7. 20 minutes of talking BS in the ring to start is just like RAW. What happened to the alternative to that kind of crap? Gone already.
  8. Sometimes in Japan there is still the little towel on the apron right in front of the ring steps.
  9. Hazuki might be leaving for marriage and making baby too. Other news, A Stardom commercial ran on New Japan's weekly TV yesterday. Other, other news, 12/3 is the start of Hana's episodes of Terrace House on Fuji broadcast TV.
  10. It was Showtime Eric Young time. My favorite was Don't Fire Eric time.
  11. I'm watching a random TNA PPV on my DVR from Fight Network. Eric Young won a 10 man elimination match over Doug Williams, Petey Williams, Hiroshi Tanahash, Volador Jr., Jay Lethal, Homicide, Consequences Creed, Jimmy Rave and Sonjay Dutt. It was a good action match. I'm just sad how deep Eric Young is buried now. He can do anything from face to heel and serious to comedy. I never even see his name mentioned recently.
  12. Way too much talking, beat downs , brawls, entrance ramp, and run ins. Half of the wrestling was during commercial. The show felt like Monday Night Raw, not like a pro wrestling card being broadcast.
  13. Season 4 started today on Samurai TV. New episodes will air on the first and third Friday each month. Funny to see English and Japanese subtitles at the same time when Spanish is being spoken.
  14. I think that it says that TV starts in January on BS Nitele (NOAH channel) and Tokyo MX (real TV in Tokyo). Not sure if they are referring to Bushi Road or Stardom. Long sentences are confusing to me. No mention of Asahi.
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