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  1. I often think that when wrestlers go free that means that they want to show up to wrestle, but no longer want to go to the dojo every day. Yukihi is on every OZ Academy show. I imagine that she will still have that. Does anyone know if OZ is in trouble? Only 2 or 3 shows were on GAORA this year. Do they make more with streaming?
  2. Do you have a date and time? Thanks.
  3. I went to a lucha show in Queens NY recently with a tag main event that had Fantasma Sr - 60, Solar - 65, Fuerza Guerrera - 68 and Mascara Ano 2000 - 63.
  4. Her gimmick is being tall. Rossy is old, so thinks tall = Baba! Me too.
  5. Favorites. Kenta Kobashi Cactus Jack Manami Toyota Don Muraco Abdullah the Butcher Momoe Nakanishi Dusty Rhodes Shawn Michaels Valiant Brothers John Tolos Bull Nakano Heel manager Lou Albano gets special recognition Oh that's 11
  6. Dory Jr.? Does anyone else like Dory more than Terry, or at least consider him better as NWA Champion?
  7. Thanks for reminding me. I will watch it now. Bobby is a 55 year old Nigerian comedian. His gimmick was a gaikokujin making funny mistakes speaking Japanese. I'm not sure who I'm rooting for in that one.
  8. If it continues as an entertainment company, some of them could probably stay on doing idol stuff.
  9. The flaming barbed wire board is what started Tremont on fire. He was rolling around flaming right before the finish.
  10. He's the best babyface because it is all the truth.
  11. I was at that show. I don't remember 1 and 2. From where I was sitting, I wasn't even sure who was doing the run in. That was the last ROH show that I went to. I went to a bunch of TV at the ECW Arena on comps, saw a few shows with Japanese guest wrestlers. I always watched the TV when possible. I currently watch the "Classics" show on Fight Network. But it still kind of sucks that I might never see them again. Is the place with the final PPV the FKA Baltimore Arena? Every place has become "Some Corporate Name Arena". It is hard to keep up.
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