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  1. Oh yeah. I know they are a step down , but I have great memories of going to the Eddie Gilbert series and the wars in school gyms from Staten Island to New Jersey against Sunny Beach. I rode with Cactus and John Arezzi to the Gilbert match where Cactus did the same move that later lost his ear in a barbed wire rope match with Gilbert. He at least had a bunch of bandannas around his neck for protection. I also rode with them to a match with Morgus the Maniac that Mick apologized for on the way back.
  2. Tarzan Tyler and Luke Graham showed up as the first WWWF tag champions.
  3. Everyone should read the Sheik book. Even if you are not so interested in him, it has 40 years plus of wrestling history.
  4. Can you bet on Sumo? I haven't found a way to do it online from New Jersey.
  5. I remember 70's jackets, shirts, etc. that had PRO. WRES. on them because the period was because it was an abbreviation. How did the west start to use sole butt for a savate kick? Was that from a video game too? The damn AEW announcer says that all the time. That one really bugs me. Meltzer continually calling Jordans, Lebrons, and other sneakerhead kicks tennis shoes makes me go nuts too.
  6. I thought that it was Riho chokeslamming Yuka at first. Yuka took the back bump. Those kind of moves easily confuse me.
  7. Willie Mack must continue wrestling in Mexico using Super Porky's music and dance moves. It would be a waste for him to stop that to come to AEW.
  8. The shows on GAORA have been 30 minutes so far. Not the full shows like W-1 had. OZ Academy is on about twice a year now. They seem to have cut back a lot. Now they are showing repeats of various old shows to replace what they are no longer airing.
  9. I want Eric Young to come in as a comedy heel, get kicked out of his heel group for loosing, turn comedy face, do Don't Fire Eric, become main event face, turn evil heel and say that it was the plan from the start.
  10. The Snuka phrases "the truthness in my heart bruddah" and "American Square Garden" are still used by me and my friends.
  11. Wrestling has totally reversed since then. The Clashes were a chance to see a house show on TV. Now the house shows have no meaning and the fans pay big ticket prices to attend the TV tapings (or live TV). I wouldn't enjoy paying for a ticket for half of the show to be on stage, skits on the video screen, and the worst thing ever, showing some damn limo while a match is going on.
  12. They blew their chance when Abdullah got electrocuted. He should have returned the next week wearing a suit and speaking English.
  13. Ha ha. I've had my share of pink bellies. I usually give in, but it can be fun for all to fight back.
  14. Joe looked as pink as Caster's trunks.
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