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  1. When someone points out some of the absurdly great matches he hasn't give the five asterisks to, he'll reply that those matches are from different eras, and ought to not be compared to today's matches.
  2. The last few days have been unseasonably cold (for New Mexico, probably not the rest of the country), so when the wife was making a starbucks run I passed on my usual cold brew coffee with salted cold foam in favor of the carmel apple spice, since I was in the mood for hot apple cider. And I'm pretty much addicted at this point. The wife tried it and loved it too, so she got herself one today only she subbed the apple for peach juice and says it tastes peach cobbler.
  3. Someone I considered a good friend, is no longer my coworker. She was a good friend, but a real shitty coworker. She was always late and calling out. Because she and the boss were friends, she'd basically be joined at her hip and do as little as possible. Her and I once almost got into it on the phone because I was calling to find out where she was since she was 20 minutes late and she kept insisting that she was off that day. The end came when the company was looking for a mid managment level person to work the night shift. She put it for it and flat out told everyone that she was quitting i
  4. Archer winning the battle royal all but cemented that Mox was winning the title match. I'm fine with Mox winning, if it leads to something decent for MJF. Such as him taking a couple of weeks off to lick his wounds, and coming back with an even bigger mean streak. Both tag matches were excellent, and while the big match is Bucks vs. FTR, I can't help but think that FTR and Jurrasic Express are going to tear things up on TV sooner rather than later. Shida vs. Thunder Rosa was damn fine wrestling as well. If AEW doesn't make her an offer, or tries to lowball her, then Tony Khan is an even bigger
  5. I completely agree. I wish the regular announce team could be Tony, Taz, and Veda Scott.
  6. I feel like FTR winning makes the most sense, so I'm somewhat nervous that it won't happen. Kenny's newfound mean streak combined with Page being pissed about being dumped by the Bucks will bring them closer together or some other such bullshit. The ideal finish in my head is the champs trying the Last Call, but Dax holds Kenny back, and Cash ducks so that Page lariats Kenny. Page gets tossed to the floor and into the rail. Spike piledriver to Kenny. 1-2-3 new champions.
  7. I'm guessing Death Triangle are done as a stable, since Pac is out until further notice, and Lucha Bros have been put with the Butcher and Blade. But, it's a bad ass logo, and DT was a bad ass name.
  8. I recently saw an ad for a novel called "Thicker Than Blood" by Mike Omer which is apparently the third in a series. I picked up the first two books "A Killer's Mind" and "In the Darkness" and enjoyed both of them immensely. I'm holding off for a bit on reading the third one though, because after the first I was dying to get into the second, and had the same feeling after finishing the second. And if I have it again, I'll have to wait who knows how long this time around. The books revolve an FBI profiler, an FBI agent, and them trying to track down serial killers. So, if that sort
  9. No, that’s what my crazy girlfriend is going to do.
  10. Also, he and Dakota were something like the tenth pair to do that drill, so Kenny should have known it by the time they got in, and it prompted Harley to yell at him for not paying attention.
  11. Because two dogs, a hamster, and a bunch of fish weren’t enough animals in the house. My kids decided they needed a bunny too. His name if Roger, because my wife has no imagination or originality. I call him Cadbury.
  12. Cornette's interview with FTR on his podcast was fan-fucking-tastic. Anyone, whether they're in the business or not, interested in the artform or technical side of tag team wrestling ought to give it a listen. He also reads an email from someone who was a trainer at Harley Race's school at the time Omega was down there, and gives some details as to why Omega isn't a huge fan of Harley.
  13. One of the cool things about working for the county is that you'll get a pay raise for having a degree. It took me a good three months to get my transcripts, because of the pandemic, but I finally got them. I dropped them off at HR, and on Tuesday I signed the paperwork to officially get my raise. Not only that, but I'll have been with the county for one year next week. Which will mean my yearly evaluation, and another pay raise.
  14. At the moment, I'm not reading anything. In the last week, I got a bootleg eBook of the out of print "Rage" by Richard Bachman. And, after reading it, I can fully understand why Stephen King felt the need to have it taken out of print. I followed that up with the SK essay "Guns" since he goes into details about writing Rage, and his reasonings for having it taken OOP. I'm not sure what my next book is going to be, perhaps another of the Parnell Hall "Stanley Hastings" series. After hearing about it on a Joe Rogan podcast, I'm getting my father "Nights of the Witch" for Father's Day. He's alwa
  15. Tony: AEW has the best tag teams in the world. Cash: .... now. That cracked me up! I really dug the TNT TItle match. The blood wasn't necessary, but at least it was made to mean something, with JB showing how aggressive he's willing to be. I'm bummed about Tony's slip of the tongue where he said Fenix was going to be challenging next week, since I'd rather see that, than Marq Quen.
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