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  1. I felt the need to watch Psycho last weekend, after I'd finished reading the book. My ten year old asks if she can watch with me, and I tell her sure. She made a few . . . interesting observatations as we were watching it. After the first scene in the parlor with Marion and Norman: "Dad, that guy seems pretty sus" She didn't catch on that we were supposed to think that it was Mrs. Bates, she thought it was just some creeper at the motel a la Friday the 13th. We get to the end and she says to me "Dad, I have so many questions about this." I just replied "That's why it's called suspense!"
  2. I finished it up yesterday, and I can totally see why you were annoyed at the ending.
  3. That's always the general feeling - until the idiot mouthing off goes through with it.
  4. I'm seriously annoyed with my mother. Short version: There was a funeral in NY yesterday that I couldn't make it to, so she promised to set up a zoom link so that my wife and I could be there in some form. I verify the time with her on Thursday, and we sit around for over an hour on yesterday waiting for a call, text, or email with it. I call her, I text her, I text my stepfather. Nothing. I give up and facetime my sister who tells me that it's already over and they're headed out to lunch now. She goes to hand Mom the phone and she just waves it off. She calls me three hours later and leaves a voicemail telling me that she found out on Wednesday that the link couldn't be set up and that my aunt had an idea to facetime with out of state relatives but that "didn't work" (despite my sister and I doing it just fine). No mention of the fact that I made a point of asking her the time the night before and her only giving me the time and negelcting to mention that there wasn't anything happening. It's just one more reminder of why I'm so much closer with my dad's side of the family.
  5. The other day I started the audible version of "Darkly Dreaming Dexter" by Jeff Lindsay. The first in his "Dexter" series, which was the basis for the Showtime TV show.
  6. I've been reading "Psycho" by Robert Bloch (yes, the same story as the movie) and really enjoying it. There's a lot more background given to Mary (not Marion) Crane, including an anecdote that Cassidy one offered her $100 (in 1959 money) to take off with him for the weekend, which at least partially explains why she chose to rip off the $40,000.
  7. From what I’ve seen from the 2/23 show (just finished the GHC Jr. Tag match) not a fucking thing.
  8. I'm thinking along the same lines. ROH can be where some of the roster members who need more seasoning, or those who are just lost in the shuffle right now, can go get some more experience with some new opponents, or just get a fresh start.
  9. My best friend thinks that it's gonna be Cody Rhodes running it, in basically the ultimate Brian Pillman esque 'work everybody' swerve. Cody legit leaves and takes a meeting with Vince, or Nick Khan, leading to the Miz teasing him being his partner. Then, it turns out that Cody is actually the guy in charge over at ROH. It also occurred to me that TK can sell All Out (or maybe All In now) as AEW Champ vs ROH Champ. And Cody can win the ROH Title to loophole his way into the match, and claim he's not going back on his word because he's not challenging for the AEW Title, he's defending the ROH Title.
  10. Between the booking alone and what was posted on twitter, regarding Mutoh, Fujita, Funaki, and others refusing to do various jobs, I almost want to watch this show, just because it sounds like such a train wreck.
  11. Thanks a lot everyone. I'm doing my best. I got through Thursday thanks to my work buddies, and I had to babysit my niece yesterday, so I've been keeping distracted. But, it started hitting me last night. An old memory just popped into my head and I was simultaneously laughing and crying. I'm about to head in to work for my PT gig, and I'm honestly afriad that it's going to hit me in the middle of my shift when we're slammed. In addtion I've also slept like absolute shit the last two nights, and I realized at about 6 PM last night that all I'd eaten for the entire day were two cups of coffee that morning. Just for the hell of it, I stepped on the scale. I typically walk around in the 240-250 range, and I'm trying to get down to 225. Apparently, grief agrees with my weight loss, I tipped the scales at 227!
  12. My Aunt, who I was very close with, passed away very unexpectedly on Wednesday at the ripe old age of 56. As you can imagine, we're all taking it really hard, although I'm not trying to pretend that it's impacting me the same way as it is her husband and children. For me, it hasn't really sunk in yet. I can honestly say I have a great support system, even being across the country. My wife and sister in law both are checking in with me, and my buddies at work made it their goal yesterday to keep me smiling and laughing as much as possible.
  13. My wife, who doesn't give two flying shits about football, was even getting into things as two games were winding down. My bro in law in a SF fan, and during the third quarter last night, we had to find out whether or not he was teaching our six month old niece any new colorful words (he was!).
  14. If Suh gets another shot at him, Stafford is getting dropped.
  15. George Kittle is admitted fan of Chicago Bears. Jimmy G. is from Arlington, IL. Robbie Gould is a Bears legend. Moral of the story is Chicago owns Rodgers.
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