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  1. I'm wishing that next week's episode becomes available, to see Ray Candy team up with Steven Little Bear!
  2. Leroy seemed to have a think for jacked up bald men as canon fodder heels. I was about to joke about Johnny K-9 being a perfect fit, and then remembered his runs in Tennesee and Texas as Tarus Bulba. Leroy also used such creative names for his heels as "The Turk" from Instanbul, and "El Mongol" from Mongolia.
  3. I went to work on Tuesday, and was greeted by an email from the ops manager yelling at me for not working a heldesk ticket from the night before. Unfortunately, had she actually bothered to read the details, she'd have seen that it wasn't an urgent matter that require the person being called at 11:00 PM. I emailed her back and pointed this out. I also spoke with the three managers I deal with on a daily basis, and they call agreed that I was right. Two days later, and she still hasn't returend my email. Curious............
  4. That's the vibe I got from the end of the season. With Issac in the desert creating a new army, and Hector being enslaved to Carmilla. I enjoyed the first season, but the second season blew it out of the water. I loved the choice of 'Bloody Tears' for the music during the first battle scene. Like I said above, the only thing I really didn't care for was the storyline of Carmilla being out for herself. Mostly because it was Carmilla, who has been something of a recurring character in the games. If it was Godbrand or one of the other nameless generals who wound up being killed in the final battle scene, and I probably wouldn't have thought anything of it.
  5. She's made some statements over the years that illustrate that she knows what her father was: Dany: Tyrion tells me that your father was a terrible King. Yara: You and I have that in common. Dany: We do. Our fathers were evil men.
  6. "You want a whore, buy one. You want a Queen, earn her." - My social media is blowing up with memes of this.
  7. I just finished episode #4, and that's my only real complaint. It almost feels little too Game of Thrones-esque, with Godbrand being disgruntled and Carmilla seemingly plotting against Dracula. But, as a longtime fan of the series, I'm really enjoying it. I've always liked the character of Alucard, and I think the portrayal of him in the series has nailed it. And, I love the inclusion of the Hector and Issac characters (although Issac looks a little different than he did in Curse of Darkness).
  8. Wednesday and Thursday were rough day for the family, but yesterday and today have seen impovements. Wed: The wife finds out that the kids are being excluded from the Science Expo next month, on the basis that they're in 3rd and 1st Grade and there won't be any activities for kids that age. The expo is suppose to be for grades K-12, and the head of the school's Science Dept has said that the effort they've put into their project equals that of high school kids (although obviously not as advanced). Thur: I get an email that the job I was *definitely* going to get at the county detention center, isn't happening. On the basis that my father in law was recently promoted to Captain and it's against policy to have someone he's related to under him. My bro in law already works there, and will probably be let go. Fri: Turns out that the people in charge of the Center *AND* HR are fighting on the issue of my bro in law and me working there, because they're so desperate for people. I have a fucking degree and my bro in law already has a year and a half there. So, its in the hands of the lawyers, the big issue is that they're afraid that if either of us were to get promoted, they'd be sued on the basis of showing favortisim. I wasn't supposed to get that email, because they're fighting this out. So, the HR person who sent it got chewed out for it. Sat: The head of the science dept told one of her collegues about my girls being shut out of the expo. She made a few calls and someone from NASA wants to do a skype session with them about their project. This is in addition to them still fighting the people putting on the Expo.
  9. I've a bottle of Ommegang's GOT "Hand of the Queen" in my fridge for months, which was supposed to be our "Mike got a new job!" celebration drink. But, with GOT's new season starting tomorrow, we're openin it to celebrate. And, I dropped (far too much) money to order a bottle of GOT "For the Throne" to hopefully celebrate me getting a new job.
  10. I'm attempting to read "Shantaram" by Gregory David Roberts. I say "attempting to" because, it's so long-winded, that reading it feels like a challenge. I can usually knock out a 400-500 page novel in a few days. But, after forty five minutes last night, I couldn't beleive I'd only read ten pages.
  11. We had to petsit for my older kid's class pet. A brown Hamster that was named "Snowball Fluffkins" - I told her that I refused to call her that. So, she spent the weekend being called "Dirtbag Fluffkins." She's a great Hamster though, she let the wife hold her, and was cool with the kids petting her.
  12. Nothing like interviewing for a job that you were more or less told that you'd get, and then getting an email that you weren't getting it. Even worse, is applying again nine months later, and once again being told that you're a shoe in, and then getting the same email. Fool me once........
  13. I would have gone apeshit on whatever manager had to deliver the message. That's total horseshit.
  14. The last day of my ten-hour workday stretch. I wish I knew when I turned into an old man. I used to work 10 -11 hour shifts nightly without batting an eyelash. But, this feels like it's draining the life out of me. Even worse is that I'm out of coffee and the wife denied my requests to either go to the store for more or to go to the coffee hut and get me a cup after school (she's a teacher). So, I guess I"m getting though today with coke (I meant the soda ).
  15. I need to find 21st Amendment Back in Black. It was my first experience with the Dark IPA, and I was really put off by it. But, that was at least three years ago.
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