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  1. Texas didn't even really get into the game until after halftime, when it seemed like every offensive play from Texas ended with an LSU defender down and being helped to the sideline.
  2. Aaron Rodgers had one good drive last night. Unfortunately, it was one more than Trubisky had. But, without all the pentalties and Gabriel's PI, Chicago could have won that game. It's definitely not the not-so-old days when Green Bay mopped the floor with them.
  3. I'm not even really that upset that GB is going to win. I'm more disappointed because it's been such a boring game, and Chicago's offense can't get out of their own way.
  4. The wife and I are fighting with her father over our car situaton, which is at least partically his fault (although I'm smart enough to keep that deduction to myself). Last year at Christmas time, he decided that we needed to cut down our own trees instead of buying one from the lot. We all spend way too much time driving in the middle of nowhere. We hit a bump and our radio shorts out. After getting a new car, he tells her to bring the older one over so he can fix the short. He wound up frying the whole wiring harness so the thing won't even start up now. Our insurance advised us that this isn't being covered, so we're looking at a couple of grand to get this this resolved. When we refused to take out ridiculously huge loans, or just push off a few bills for a few months, he started yelling at her that she needs to figure something out instead of "just give up." I told her to suggest that he (he's the captain at the local detention center) start shaking down inmates and take up a collection for us. If nothing else, we'll just get it towed back to the house and let it sit in our driveway for a few months until we get our tax refund and have the spare cash on hand to get it fixed. We were a one-car family for years on end, so this isn't a new concept for us. But yeah, all this horseshit because he decided that we all needed to go to the fucking woods and cut down trees for christmas!
  5. Green Chili season is upon us! The family went shopping yesterday and the roasting was going on, which made the parking lot smell like heaven. I instantly grabbed a pack of muffins, which were still warm. I already decided that I'm getting the pie next time!
  6. Am I the only person excited that Tool is finally putting out a new album at the end of August, and that they're current library is finally getting released digitally?
  7. I can definitley second you on that OSJ. About a month or so ago, my partner at work and I were on patrol as we call is (aka just driving around) and we pass by one of my favorite restaraunts, so I ask if he's ever been there. He tells me he hasn't and then asks me if I've ever been to a place called "The Adobe Rose" which I haven't. I tell him that and he tells me that it's the only place that he knows of where someone can get lamb chops.
  8. The wife and kids are back east visiting her family. She already grabbed me a four pack of Southern Tier (my favorite NY brewery) Nitro S'Mores stout from their Blackwater series. I also asked her to get me some Great Lakes beer too. Preferably the Moses variety pack, because their Midnight Moses looks really good, and is only available in that pack.
  9. When Bea Arthur passed, my father in law insisted that all four of the Golden Girls had died. My wife and I kept telling him that Betty White was still alive, but he kept arguing that she was dead. And, Wikipedia wasn't an accurate source, accoridng to him. Like a week later, she was on some talk show and the wife called and told him that she was on the show and "she looks great for a dead woman!"
  10. I had a Delirum Teremns last night while the family was out for dinner, and this is my new favorite glass. The bartender brought it over, and made a point of telling me that it was his favorite glass, probably to discourage me from even attempting to have my wife sneak it in her purse.
  11. The annoucement of the new Ghost Recon coming out in October has kicked me in the ass to finally try to finish up GR: Wildlands. I orignally tapped out abouta year ago when I finished a mission, and had no idea how to start another because the whole map was blank. I fired it up in December to see if I could somehow find how to keep going and only found the bonus mission, which I was hopelessly stuck on. But after tooling around a bit last night, I was finally able to keep the campaign going.
  12. I've been offically offered the job! And, because my life always has impeccable timing. I got the phone call while I was waiting to be seen at another job interview. Honestly, I only took the interview as a matter of politeness, since I'd already been told that I was getting this job after I passed the drug test and physical. I don't think I'd have gotten that job anyway, but this one is more money, better hours, and much better insurance!
  13. I had my drug test and physical yesterday. I'm not really worried about either of them. I know damn well I'm passing the drug test. And my brother in law is in far worse shape than I am, and his job has more physical demands than the one I'm getting, and he passed his just fine. Everything the doc asked me to do, his comment was "Good." But, the hearing test honest to goodness scared the shit out of me. I'm shut in this tiny chamber wearing giant headphones and I have to press a button when I hear a beep. It sounds simple, but they alternate ears and levels of faintness, so you're never quite sure if you heard one or not. Plus, the cord attached to my button was swinging and hitting the wall, which made a noise that I thought could be a beep. It probably only took 5-7 minutes, but it felt like an hour. I had to ask the nurse how it went, because of the ear ringing and the cord issues, and she said that it was good.
  14. After a year of defeat and disappointment, it looks like I'm finally getting a new job! I interviewed on Wednesday, and I heard the HR person tell one of the other people in the office "We have five interviews today" so that told me that there were five applicants. I get a call later that day telling me that I've been selected for a position, pending a drug test. I don't do any of that stuff, and I don't like poppy seeds, so I'll definitley pass it.
  15. I was just getting over Viscerion, and now they kill Rhagal! Or did they? My wife pointed out that Dany's quote was "Did you see my child fall?" rather than "Did you see my child die?" Perhaps that surprised look on Euron's face in the preview is because he looked up and saw Rahgal. We don't know how much time actually passed between the ambush on the sea and the meeting at the gates. He could have been badly wounded and then healed up, and stayed at Dragonstone.
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