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  1. In addition to Montgomery, Jaylon Johnson is also ruled out. Velus Jones Jr. (25 year old rookie WR) traved to NY so it looks like he'll finally get a chance to play, and maybe help get the passing game going for Chicago.
  2. Because he’d just gotten hurt, was limited in practice and was coming off a short week. I can’t imagine any coach seeing those circumstances and thinking that he should go in.
  3. According to one of CM Punk’s shoot interviews (for whatever that might be worth), the change in pressurization can be very painful. When Punk cracked his skull and wanted to fly home, the doctor warned him that he could be in a lot of pain.
  4. Heads are gonna roll in Miami. I won’t be shocked if Mike McDaniel gets shown the door.
  5. The Bears have put Byron Pringle on IR.
  6. And now a questionable flag shuts down the Giants momentum.
  7. How in the blue hell was that not a PI call?
  8. Chase Daniel’s MO is a good win, and then going into a game that his team should easily win and getting completely shut down.
  9. To be fair, he was probably in so much pain that he didn’t even realize he was a yard out with room to spare…
  10. Adam Schefter says that it's unlikely that either David Bahktiari or Elgton Jenkins will be ready to go for the Packers vs. Bears game Sunday night.
  11. To be fair, Seattle's defense was exceptional last night. But yeah, that shouldn't exactly be a tough decision. Scrolling Twitter this morning, I saw a tweet to the effect of "The Bears passed on Bruce Arians to hire Matt Trestman and now they've passed on Nathaniel Hackett to hire Matt Eberflus, is this supposed to be progress?" Which I'm assuming was made before the fourth quarter of last night's game.
  12. What stuck out to was how well the SF defense kept Mooney covered, and how Fields found other targets to make plays. How many times have we seen Rodgers try to force the ball to Adams because thats who he wants to pass it to?
  13. My sister and I have been talking about dishware for the last couple of days. Our grandmother passed away in February. By some stroke of luck, my sister found a woman on Facebook Marketplace selling a bunch of pfaltzgraff yorktowne dishes, which is what grandma always had. She picked up a whole bunch of stuff for $70 (and the woman has called her twice now about coming back because she found more stuff that she'd like her to have). According to my mom, my grandmother probably spent at least a few grand cumultively (in 1970's and 80's money!) for all that stuff. So we've been reminiscing for a few days about our childhood memories and all of that stuff. I also happen to be a chronic coffee mug collector, so naturally I've decided I want a pfaltzgraff yorktowne mug, which I was able to find relatively cheaply.
  14. I've mentioned my wife on here a time or two. She's currently back in school at the tender age of 40 (or as she puts it 27) to get her bachelors and then her masters in literature in order to get her teaching and librarian license. She's presently taking advanced creative writing and her end of the semester project is a 40 page manuscript to be submitted for publication. Well, she's 30 pages in and, IMHO, she's actually got something with it. Her professor agrees and has told her that she hopes that after the semester ends, that she continues with it and makes the necessary revisions to attempt to get it published. I've already asked (and received) permission from her to share it with a few friends/acquintences who are already published or just people's who's writing/opinions I have a lot of respect for. She's undecided if she's actually going to take that step, however.
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